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Dueling frog jump contests will kill more frogs

By Gary Bogue
Friday, March 30th, 2007 at 8:29 am in Amphibians.

This year, it is anticipated that over 2,000 participants will jump their frogs in the annual Jumping Frog Jubilee at the Calaveras County Fair in Angels Camp. And if you don’t have a frog, one will be provided to you by the fair if you want to enter the contest.

That means 2000+ frogs will be removed from the wild so they can be manhandled and terrified so that humans can try to win some money from their discomfort.

And now, even more frogs may die:

Associated Press, March 29:
ANGELS CAMP, AP — A quarrel between organizers of the Jumping Frog Jubilee at the Calaveras County Fair has led to plans for dueling frog-hopping contests this year.

The Angels Camp Boosters Club began the Jumping Frog Jubilee in 1928 but were cut out of the competition this year after fair organizers cut the $2,300 stipend to the club and told the boosters their judging services were no longer needed.

The stipend was cut because the fair lost money due to rain and low turnout last year … Boosters were invited to volunteer this year but they decided to plan a separate event after fair officials formed their own committee.

Thousands attend the five-day fair every year, which culminates in the competition featuring frogs entered from around the country. The boosters club is planning its own frog-jump to be held about the same time as the county fair. -30-

So now there will be TWO jumping frog contests. Does this mean 4,000+ amphibians will now be removed from the environment? That’s a HUGE number of frogs to be taken from a local ecosystem.

These are hard times for frogs and toads. The environment continues to be polluted more and more every day. Pollution, disease, fertilizer runoff in streams, and other unknown causes are contributing to the deaths of frogs and toads in the U.S. and around the world.

What we don’t need is for HUGE numbers of these sensitive amphibians to be removed from the wild just so they can die at a couple of silly jumping frog contests.

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