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California Animal Legislation as of April 1, 2007

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007 at 7:14 am in Animal protection legislation.

Here are a few of the latest animal-related bills that are trying to become laws in Sacramento. Do you want them to become laws? Got a problem with one of them? Here’s your chance to let your Assemblyperson or Senator know how you feel. Address for all legislators is: State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814. Phone Directory: 916-322-9900.

** To express support/opposition to a bill: write or call the bill’s author, Committee Chair and members, and your own Assembly Member and Senator.

** Many thanks to Virginia Handley of PawPAC* for compiling this information.

*PawPAC is California’s Political Action Committee for Animals. You can reach PawPAC at 415-646-0622;;

** You can obtain official legislative information by going to this web site: By entering the number of the bill, you can access the bill text, status, committee analysis and roll call votes.

** Your non tax deductible donation to Paw PAC, PO Box 475012, San Francisco, California 94147 helps makes these alerts possible.

AB 594 by Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally re: Farm Animals (Support).
Mandates farm animals must be able to stand, lie down, get up, move their heads freely, rest, turn around, and extend all limbs and wings by 2013. Exempts farm animals in transportation, research, rodeos, fairs, 4-H, slaughter, vet care, and 7 days prior to pigs giving birth.
Hearing: Assembly Agriculture. April 10. Tell them all animals deserve the basic right to move freely even when confined.

AB 777 by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine re: Elephants.
Prohibits bullhooks, chaining unless for medical treatment, and mandates enrichments, seven feet deep pools, soft flooring, and the ability to walk five miles a day. Requirements on enrichments, pools, flooring, and space do not apply to existing facilities unless they expend capital funds.
Hearing: Assembly Public Safety. No date set. Also, Assembly Arts and Entertainment. Tell them elephants deserve a quality of life with enrichments (with or without expending capital funds) and freedom from cruel bullhooks and chains.

AB 821 by Assemblyman Pedro Nava re: Hunting with Lead Shot (Support).
Enacts the Condor Preservation Act to prohibit lead shot within condor habitat and, as funding is available, provide hunters with free non-lead ammunition.
Hearing: Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife. No date set. Tell them condors cannot survive against lead shot. It is banned for waterfowl hunting and should be banned from all hunting.

AB 828 by Assemblyman Ira Ruskin re: Wildlife Corridors (Support).
Requires the Wildlife Conservation Board to determine what areas are most essential as wildlife corridors and utilize the California Comprehensive Wildlife Action Plan to protect those corridors.
Hearing: Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife. April 24. Tell them wildlife corridors are needed to allow migrations and prevent isolated populations.

AB 923 by Assemblywoman Lois Wolk re: Wildlife Action Plan (Support).
Requires the Department of Fish and Game to create an advisory committee to implement the California Wildlife Action Plan to protect and conserve nongame species not covered under the Endangered Species Act.
Hearing: Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife. April 10. Tell them the Wildlife Action Plan needs implementation and guidance from environmentalists.

AB 1634 by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine re: Spay/Neuter (Support).
Requires any four month old dog or cat to be spayed or neutered unless he/she is a purebred registered with a purebred organization or a service dog. Expect amendments.
Hearing: Assembly Business and Professions. April 10. Tell them pet overpopulation costs hundreds of thousands of lives and millions of dollars. But being a purebred is no assurance of health, mental or physical.

SB 695 by Senator Pat Wiggins re: Game Wardens (Support).
Makes pay to Fish and Game wardens equal to other law enforcement.
Hearing: Senate Public Employment. No date set. Tell them our wildlife depend on wardens for
protection from poaching and our underpaid wardens risk their lives to do their jobs.

SB 880 by Senator Ron Calderon re: Kangaroos (Oppose).
Removes the prohibition on the importation of kangaroo products unless they are endangered.
Hearing: Senate Natural Resources. May 8. Tell them kangaroos need California’s continued
protection from cruel killing and importation for sports shoes.

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