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What’s really in Pet Food

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, April 4th, 2007 at 6:58 am in Pet food.

Pet food recalls spur consumer demand for information and alternatives
I received the information below from the Animal Protection Institute in Sacramento on Tuesday and used part of it in my Wednesday Times’ column to refer my readers to the “What’s Really in Pet Food” report. Because this is such an important and informative report, I’m also posting this information here in my blog today so as many pet owners as possible can access it.

You definitely need to read this report. I think you’ll find it very interesting.

“Sacramento, CA — In response to overwhelming demand, the Animal Protection Institute (API), a national non-profit animal advocacy organization, has made its newly updated and popular ‘What’s Really in Pet Food’ report available on its web site:

“The report examines the commercial pet food industry, pet food labels, ingredients, marketing terms, industry standards and regulations, the manufacturing process, contaminants, alternatives to mass-market pet foods, and more. The report has been accessed by more than 35,000 people since the recall of Menu Foods brand pet foods in March.

“‘While it is unfortunate that this recall sickened and took the lives of so many animals, it has also brought to light some of the secrets of the mass market commercial pet food industry,’ says Nicole G. Paquette, Esq., Director of Legal & Government Affairs for API. ‘Like us, our companion animals are what they eat, and this report is meant to help people make informed, confident decisions about what they’re really feeding their animals.’

“API originally published the report in 2004 and to this day it remains the most complete report of its kind available to the public. Hundreds of thousands of people have used the report to familiarize themselves with pet food ingredients and it has proven to be a valuable tool when crises such as pet food recalls occur.

“‘This is a golden opportunity for consumers to educate themselves about what they are feeding their animals,’ says Dr. Jean Hofve, a veterinarian and author of API’s report. ‘People must use this knowledge and their purchasing power to demand change in this industry.’

“Sacramento-based API is a national non-profit animal advocacy organization working to end animal cruelty and exploitation through legislation, litigation, and public education. For more information, visit”

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2 Responses to “What’s really in Pet Food”

  1. Pat in Antioch Says:

    I’m not sure that “interesting” is the right word for that article Gary!
    Gross is more like it! I’ve always known that “animal by- products” wasn’t a good thing, but this REALLY tells it all.

    Can I ask what you feed your guys?

    Pat in Antioch

  2. Gary Says:

    I feed Tut & Newman Royal Canin dry food.

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