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By Gary Bogue
Friday, April 13th, 2007 at 11:15 am in Puppy Mills.

Paying $$ to rescue puppy mill dogs is the wrong way to go because it makes this sleazy business profitable

We ran a story Friday by Douglas Fischer of the MediaNews staff, about a Fremont veterinarian who is flying back to Arkansas with $9,000 in donations and savings to “buy what dogs she can from a kennel liquidation auction in Arkansas on Saturday.”

She will not be buying puppies, “She’ll be buying breeding stock (adult dogs) … in an effort to break the chain.”

I know her heart is in the right place, but her head isn’t.

Puppy mills are a nasty business. They mass produce animals by the box full, generally under disgusting conditions, and then sell the puppies at inflated prices through the internet and pet stores. While the puppies are being sold, their parents “are kept in wire cages and forced to breed litter after litter until they’re too worn or weak to continue.”

A lot of work is being down by humane organizations to put an end to this scummy business. Work is bring done to get legislation passed in states where puppy mills are thriving.

What we should NOT be doing is rewarding these puppy mill breeders by buying up their “products,” no matter how much we feel in our hearts for the plight of these poor dogs.

As Fischer says in his story, this is a market-driven industry. A Fremont veterinarian flying to Arkansas with $9,000 to buy dogs from puppy mills is not the best way to put an end to puppy mills. It fact, she is rewarding them.

This was a legitimate story for us to run. We should all be aware these things are going on. However, I think it’s important for us to also know the downside of this veterinarian’s actions.

I was particularly bothered by the little box we printed in the middle of the story, “HOW TO HELP,” telling you how you can make donations to this veterinarian’s cause.

If you were thinking about doing that, please at least give it a second thought.

The story says the veterinarian hopes to buy as many as 90 dogs. As the story also says, “For every breeder rescued, one or more will fill her place.”

You can read the whole story here:

Do you really want to help put an end to puppy mills?
The Humane Society of the United States just send me a press release entitled: “Consumer Scam: Internet Puppy Sales.”

“The Humane Society of the United States reports an increase in puppy sale Web sites and a rise in complaints from heartbroken consumers scammed by these virtual pet stores. Similar to reports from people who unknowingly purchase sick and dying dogs from pet stores, puppies sold over the internet are likely to be from puppy mills. The HSUS is determined to stop on-line puppy sales.

“Puppy mills are factory-like facilities, churning out large numbers of purebreds who are then sold to the public via pet stores and over the internet by people claiming to be reputable breeders.”

For more information on finding a reputable breeder, buying or adopting a dog, and about puppy mills, visit … or …

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One Response to “STOP PUPPY MILLS”

  1. Lisa Stine Says:

    Gary: I think perhaps you jumped to some conclusions. The main goal of our trip out to Arkansas was not to ‘rescue’ mill dogs, that was a means to our goal. Our goal was to educate the public, especialy the internet shopping puppy buying public, on the reality of puppy mills. Dr. Hamilton was in no way shape or form ‘misguided’. We knew the critisism we would garner from using this approach. We also knew the media coverage we would get. If we stop someone, anyone, from purchasing a dog off of the internet, then we have accomplished our goal. The only way to stop these scum is to dry up their market. The only way to do that is by catching the public’s attention. This venture did exactly that. If putting 10,000 into the pocket of a backwoods dog breeder will get the attention of the puppy buying public, and in effect stop them from spending 10 times that much in the industry, then our mission is sucessful. It hurt to give that money to that woman, please believe me, but it hurts even more to do nothing.

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