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Your cat or dog can now use YouTube!

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, May 8th, 2007 at 7:06 am in Pets.

Pets911 is harnessing the YouTube craze to help find homes for lost and abandoned pets

Here’s my vote for Press Release of the Week from Pets911:

Local animal shelters across the country are taking advantage of the latest Internet trend by posting video of pets available for adoption on Pets911 has updated its site to allow any shelter or rescue organization that has a pet available for adoption to include video of that pet, using YouTube technology.

Shelters and rescues hoping to find homes for their animals can build a pet profile on the Pets911 Web site that includes the option for video upload for no charge. The profile can be easily found by potential adopters or pet owners searching for their lost animal according to US zip code. YouTube allows people to easily upload and share video clips across the Internet for no cost.

Keep in mind there is no formal agreement between YouTube and Pets911, so we’ll see how far this goes before somebody gets, ahem, upset.

To see more on how YouTube technology is being used on Pets911, check out:

In addition to Pets911’s lost and found pet network, it also allows pet owners and pet seekers to access community-specific pet-related information (local animals available for adoption, a national lost and found pet database, spay/neuter facilities, licensing information, emergency and non-emergency veterinary offices, and tips on pet behavior, health and grooming). Individuals and organizations around the country feed regular updates into the Pets911 database, keeping listings of pets available for adoption, contact info for vets, and lost and found info current. Lots more info at

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