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Got Raccoon Problems?

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, May 16th, 2007 at 7:10 am in Raccoons.

Did you wake up this morning and find your back lawn had been removed?
Are you having trouble getting along with your raccoon neighbors because they’re tearing big holes in your lawn as they search for tasty earthworms … or tossing all your lawn furniture in your swimming pool … or entering your house through the cat door and going through your kitchen cabinets looking for breakfast cereals and other tasty things to eat?

Living in the urban and suburban wilderness isn’t always easy. To help you deal with some of Life’s furry little surprises, I’ve put together a 7-page “Raccoon Fact Sheet” that’s filled with handy and humane tips for dealing with these 4-legged bandits. We ARE smarter than they are, you know. (I think.)

If you’d like me to e-mail you an electronic copy of my “Raccoon Fact Sheet,” please click on “Comments” at the bottom of this entry and leave your name and e-mail address. If you’d prefer to communicate with me directly, I can be reached at

It would also help if you can also leave me a brief description of your raccoon problem in case it isn’t covered in my fact sheet, so I can send you a “custom” response.

If you’ve come up with your own humane and hopefully friendly way of dealing with these beautiful creatures, please let me know so I can add it to my collection the next time I update my fact sheet.

You never know what will work with these intelligent and clever animals and it’s best to have a lot of ideas in your wild bag of tricks.

** Before you leave, did you know: According to a BizRate Research survey conducted in 2005, 56 percent of female pet owners surveyed said their pets are more affectionate than their romantic partners.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we spent an estimated $41 BILLION on our pets last year.

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725 Responses to “Got Raccoon Problems?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Betty Inzerillo

  2. Valerie Says:

    Our raccoon problems have ended since I stopped feeding my dog & cat outside. But the raccoon still sleeps under the deck, because my dog goes crazy sniffing between the boards. I know he’s saying, “Lemme attem, Mom!”

    However, my friend Jeanette in Martinez is plagued with raccoons tearing up her yard. Please send your raccoon document – I hope we can help her solve this problem without harming the animals.


  3. Jesse Golden Says:

    please send raccoon fact sheet – thanks!

  4. Gary Says:

    Hey Valerie & Jesse Golden:
    I can’s e-mail you copies of my Raccoon Fact Sheet if you don’t leave me an e-mail address to send them to! /Gary

  5. Janice Porter Says:

    If the raccoon is in an enclosed space (approx 3-4 ft by 3-4ft area) you can drop an old t-shirt soaked with a 1/2 cup bleach into that space & the wildlife will leave and take their babies with them. It is also baby season and raccoons will rip open the roof to get into the attic to have their babies. They will not go into a trap at this point because of being protective of her babies, so I use my wildlife audio repellants. I’m a HUMANE TRAPPER for Orange County, California. You can email me for info.

  6. Kaycee Kennedy Says:

    Please send your fact sheet!
    Thank you.

  7. jj harris Says:

    Please send the Raccoon Fact Sheet a.s.a.p.! I read your column in the CC Times when I’m visiting my mother in El Cerrito. Thank you, JJ

  8. Phillip McQueen Says:

    Hi Gary,
    I went on the web (ask Jeeves) to try and find help with my problem and your site came up which I am thankful for. Sounds like I have found the right person to help solve my problem.
    I have put in a new lawn and something is tearing it to pieces after dark. I assumed that it was coons because I have live trapped 3 of them (and 1 possum). But, it’s still going on. Have they gotten trap wise? I live in the middle of 15 acres of woods (little wonder that I have critter problems, huh. Is there help for me, or do I grin and bear it?
    I would like to get your email news letter.

  9. Bill Says:

    I have something getting into my patio room 2 to 3 times a week. It only happens at night, and they never “close” the door when they leave. I figure it’s either a raccoon or a very stupid peeping tom. There is always a bowl of cat food in the room, and it has only been “empty” on one of the occasions. Please email me your “fact sheet”, I am most interested in reading it.

  10. David Colker Says:


    I woke up to see five raccoons this morning on the fence outside my kitchen windows.

    I’m worried they will hurt my small dog when he is in the back yard.

    Please send your fact sheet.


  11. Cindy Says:

    I have had raccoons eating with my cats – they don’t seem to care what time of day it is, and the cats are outdoors. I have also lost numerous cats and wondered if the raccoons could be preying on them. Please send your fact sheet – I don’t want to make them move if they are not hurting my cats.

  12. Diana Torres Says:

    Gary, I thoroughly enjoy your column and am looking forward to tales from Alaska.
    I have recently put in a new lawn and would appreciate your tips for raccoons sheet. Even though I seranade them nightly with a country western music station (from one of your tips my sister remembered, who also reads your column), every morning is a different result on the patchwork the raccoons do. The lawn has been in place for almost a month and the number of rolled back sections is more than several hundred. The worms are fat and juicy and the prime attraction for the raccoons. I enjoy wild life; have a great garden, a riot of beautiful flowers and, lots of birds plus a resident toad, but I would also like to keep a lawn. I am looking forward to the fact sheet. Many Thanks,
    Diana Torres

  13. j molina Says:

    We just moved and had new sod put in. We wake up to our yard dug up every morning. :( what can we doto stop that. We want to deter them.

  14. Kathy Says:

    Please send raccoon fact sheet
    Thank you

  15. Donald Says:


    The last couple of mornings I have woke up to find a section of our front yard ripped up. A neighbor thought it may be raccoons and suggested your site. Please send me your Raccoon fact sheet.



  16. frank e ellis Says:

    racoons are destroying my recent planted ground cover

  17. Eva Whitmore Says:

    Please send raccoon factsheet – we have ornamental stones under our trees and they have started a ‘raccoon latrine’.

  18. Henriette Klein Says:

    Could you send me the raccoon fact sheet?

    Just the usual problems–they come in the house through the cat door and eat the cat food, also, at my mother’s house, they are destroying her lawn.

    I kind of like these raccoons but I worry about my cats–I had an elderly, irritable cat who was probably killed by a raccoon that she may have tried to attack on my front porch instead of just running away—the raccoons were likely a bit disoriented also because the city was re-doing the neighborhood storm drains which they use to travel from the local creek.

    Thanks in advance for the fact sheet.


  19. Tricia Says:

    We have a cabin in Lake Tahoe.
    We put new sod in and every time we are there the little monster has flipped it over so its not rooting


    I love animals but I love my sod too

    Thank you

  20. Melissa Says:

    For about a year now we have had about 3 or 4 raccoons that come up and eat with our outside cats. They seemed to get along fine with the cats and vise versa. But latley they are fighting with the cats over the food and I believe they have killed two of my cats and would have killed a third if I wasn’t there to get them apart with a broom. I believe the raccoons are nursing, maybe thats why they are so aggressive. Please help! I don’t want any more dead cats and I don’t want to kill the raccoons! What can I do?

    Thanks for any help!

  21. bhf Says:

    The best thing is to keep your pets safe indoors and leave your urban wildlife friends outdoors. They do not know about our boundaries where our fences lie or where our cat/dog doors are installed. To them, everything is wild and they are free to roam.
    I enjoy watching the urban wildlife and sometimes go out at 2 or 3am searching for them. I have seen many wonderful and playful animals, at a distance. They don’t stop to look for NO TRESPASSING signs.
    Also, I am sure that they will treat any pet the same as a wild animal. The difference is that your pet doesn’t know the rules to the game that wildlife plays.

  22. L Carter Says:

    Please send info about raccoons to :

    THANK YOU!!!!

  23. Ken & Darlene Says:

    Same problem as many others with racoons entering our outdoor cats’ shelter through the cat door and eating all their food.We have tried moving the food dispenser to various locations, but the racoons find it every time. Looking forward to your “raccoon fact sheet”

  24. Alice Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I stumbled on your site while looking for information about raccoons. Could you please send your brochure to me? We have a raccoon nesting on a tree in our front yard and they killed 2 of my guinea pigs. I am trying to protect the remaining 3. We live in Shoreline, WA. Thanks is advance.

  25. Sid Says:

    Racoons re flipping my newly planted sod and tossing my garbage. Please send me your sheet and thanks.

  26. jess Says:

    there’s a raccoon under my house scratching up a storm. it might want to have babies. i’ve opened a lil door that leads under the house but how do i make it want to get out in the first place?

  27. Lisa Says:


    What appears to be a nursing mother Raccoon has started to visit my 1st floor apartment in order to dine on dry cat food. I do not want animal control to take this creature away, abandoning her babies, but I also don’t want my cats to catch any disease. I’m hoping you can help me!

    Thank you, Lisa

  28. Maggie Says:

    It’s hard to believe that someone would lose cats to a raccoon and yet continue to let the cats outdoors…the best way to protect your cats is to keep them indoors – especially at night. Also, some of these cats may have been lost to coyotes. If any readers live in Marin and have these sorts of wildlife conflicts, contact Wildcare at 415-456-SAVE for humane help.

    I would like the raccoon fact sheet, please.


  29. Kara Says:

    We have a mama raccoon and come to find out her still young babies living in our attic. I have seen her on the roof and I saw her leave last night so we set a trap to catch and relocate her and ended up with a smaller raccoon than what I saw last night. We were going to relocate this one and set the trap again tonight. I was curious at what age they stop nursing? This one ate everything we put in the trap and looks about 6 pounds or so. Very cute!

  30. Jennifer Says:

    I would love to get a copy of your fact sheet and any other suggestions you may have. I have something that recently starting to come into my backyard and chew on all my new raspberry plants. This pest has not bothered the older bushes that have begun to flower and fruit, but I am sure that it is only a matter of time. Its frustrating since the bushes and leaves are not even being eaten and used as food, just chewed up causing all my new bushes to die. This animal has been coming back for about 10 days now on an off and uses the same area in the yard as a bathroom spot. I am not sure what to do or what it is. I have no pets, so no cat or dog food, and I dont and have never kept bird seed in the feeders as we have lots of neighborhood cats. I do have some water cans in the yard as decorations in my garden that fill up with water due to the sprinklers, and have seen that 2 have been knocked over a few times in the morning when I have gone out to dump the water out to prevent misquitos, but that is all that could be thought of as “food or water” in my yeard. Any thoughts ? I am getting desperate and will have to get a professional out there to catch and put the animal down if I cant figure something out.

  31. Molly Robbins Says:


    I live in San Rafael and have a mama raccoon who made a den under our house and had 2 babies. My husband found them and put moth balls in the area they were in to scare them OUT of the house. Well , the moved but instead they came further into the house in a crawl space that is still under the house but much harder to get to. What do we do now? We would love your tip sheet. We thought of trapping them but what happens if we only get the mama? Do have to go in after the babies.They won’t come out on their own wil they??? I also don’t want to release Mama without the babies.They shoudl stay together…
    They are a nuisance; they scratch alot at night and the thought of all the poop and pee going on frankly grosses me out and I read there is such a thing as raccoon worms that are contagious to humans and other pets. Also, how do we keep from having OTHER raccoons come back to make a den. I read they DO come back; sort like the word spreads in raccoon world…we dont have food etc out; they simply like the dark cozy space we seem to have.


    Also is it tru you can get traps from the humane soceity and then return them?

  32. Kirby Froese Says:

    Help, I need your sheet!

  33. julie ivanich Says:

    please send raccoon fact sheet

  34. Randy Borg Says:

    We have a raccoon problem in our back yard…please send us the fact sheet. Thanks

  35. Sarah Patten Says:

    Please send the racoon fact sheet. Thank you.

  36. Mel Says:

    We have racoons pooping on a roof-help! Please send us your fact sheet. Thank you!

  37. Sophia Omania Says:

    We have 5 raccoons in the neighborhood. They are tearing up our lawn and digging up my newly planted plants. I need help in getting rid of these raccoons.
    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. Thanks

  38. Bobbi Says:

    I live in the Poet’s Corner section of Pleasant Hill. There is one raccoon who digs up my beautiful garden every night looking for juicy worms. I replant the plants and the next night they’re dug up again!
    Please send me your fact sheet. I am desperate!

  39. Sandy Says:

    We have 2 raccoons nesting on our backyard pergola for the last week & going up on the roof at night. Please send your “Raccoon Fact Sheet”. Thank you.

  40. Steve Says:

    Help! We have 5 raccoons (4 babies) who made a den in our palm tree in the back yard. They are making large amounts of poop in front of the tree and are are tearing up our lawn. I need help in getting rid of these raccoons as we have small children and cats. Its not safe to have these guys crapping in my yard possibly entering our house through the cat door.

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. Thanks!

  41. Mary Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. Thanks!

  42. Rhonda Says:

    Please send the raccoon fact sheet. Thank you.

  43. Tim Says:

    I have raccoons pooping on my patio, particularly around and in one of the basement window wells that meets up to the patio surface. I have never had this problem in the past, and nothing has changed on my patio to my knowledge. No pets or pet food around. My garbage can is at the opposite end of the patio and they never touch it, but they are making an absolute mess out of my basement window well not to mention the smell. Any suggestions?

  44. myrna Says:

    We have a raccoon coming thur our pet door at nite. Does keepiing a light on or radio help with the problem.
    Please send me you raccoon fact sheet

  45. shannon Says:

    Hi, we have a raccoon problem at my church. They’re digging up the lawns and gardens. We’d really rather not hurt them, but would like to help them find somewhere else to dig up food. Ideas are welcome, and I’d appreciate a copy of the fact sheet. Thanks!

  46. teery Says:

    raccons tearing up lawn and gardens
    please send facts sheet

  47. Malyssa Says:

    Please send your fact sheet. I heard a very loud noise on our deck tonight and when I turned on the light I discovered 4 very large raccoons! I suspected that there may be ine in the yard but I had no idea that there were 4 and they were that large!!!! I have to get rid of them and soon.

  48. Rick Horndasch Says:

    Please send your fact sheet. Raccoons are tearing my front lawn to shreds.

  49. carol leibowitz Says:


    I am having trouble with racoons eating my tomatoes. Please send me you fact sheet.
    Thank you

  50. chris Says:

    I have a raccoon constantly grabbing in the same spot – near my window wells. Please tell me how i can get them/him/her from doing this.

  51. Jungle J Says:

    Racoons crawl onto our pool cover at night and leave lots of droppings.
    Please help and send me the fact sheet.


    Jungle J

  52. Sharon Says:

    We just have a few racoons visiting off and on. But would like to get your fact sheet so the visits don’t become more frequent or turn into residency.

  53. charles farrell Says:

    Please email your raccoon fact sheet. They are digging up the edges of my newly laid sod.

  54. Tara Says:

    Please send your fact sheet!!!

    We are on the 2nd floor flat of an old house in the city and we can’t enjoy our porch any longer — the raccoons are using it as their bathroom and playpen! We have two cats, but they’re indoor animals (though they can see through the screen door), we do not keep food on the balcony, either. We’ve tried leaving the cat’s litter (in bags) on the porch to mark their “territory” and try to deter the ‘coons, but to no avail — they tear the bags open and play with the litter! We’ve also tried using a spray that’s supposed to keep animals away, but it only works on the cats!

    I was thinking about putting chicken wire floor to ceiling around the porch to keep them out, but i’m not sure how I would handle the entrance — it’s our only way out of the house from the second story (our apartment) and it may be dangerous to have a door. Any suggestions? Thank you!!!

  55. Bill Morris Says:

    Please send me a copy of your raccoon fact sheet.

  56. Milana V Says:

    Can you please e-mail me your fact sheet. Thank You,

  57. Brad Says:

    I would appreciate a raccoon fact sheet. I think it is Raccon’s eating my tomatoes. first the ripe ones, so I started picking them half ripe, now he is eating the green ones. BTW we live in Virginia I hope they act the same on both coasts. It defianltelu is not deer as we ahve a 6 ft high fence around the property. Not rats because some of these have been eaten off a place higher up the plant than a rat could stand up and eat. Could be a fox because we do have a red one who lives nearby and we see him crossing the front lawn sometimes. But, I would say unlikely because we ahve a cat and two big dogs and I think they might be more likely to keep a fox at bay, so to speak.
    Thansk for the info

  58. Deb K Says:

    Please send copy of fact sheet. They are feasting on my tomatoes! Thanks.

  59. Michael K. Says:

    Help ! Every morning more lawn is dug-up. Please send your Raccoon Fact Sheet ! I’m getting real tired of the trap & release routine.


  60. Denise C. Says:

    Please send a copy of the fact sheet for the raccoons. They are leaving giant piles of cherry pit ridden poop in the same place in the center of my lawn every night! Even removing the poop with a shovel every day doesn’t work, it’s in the same spot each morning no matter what. Now that it’s finally getting hot out here in NW WA the stench is coming in through the windows to boot. Lovely.

  61. Hokwang Mao Says:


    Please send a copy of your raccoons fact sheet to me.

    Dave Mao

  62. Trevor Widick Says:

    Please send raccoon fact sheet. Thanks

  63. Bob Niemack Says:

    Please send your raccoon fact sheet.
    Thank you.

  64. Grace Says:

    I’m in Costa Mesa. I am afraid of the Racoon in the backyard. It is begining to own the place.

    If I trap him, will the Animal Control kill the rodent.

    Is there a safe way to capture him?

    Terrified from the lil critter,

  65. George Says:

    Please send your fact sheet. We have a family of 8, yes eight, raccoons that tear up our lawn and flower beds each night and move boards and bricks placed on top of our fountain to drink. They’re costing us a fortune. Placing cayenne pepper around grass and flower beds hasn’t help much at all. We do not leave out any pet food. What can we do so they don’t want to come back? Advise please.

  66. Myles Dennis Says:

    Please send me your 7 page raccoon fact sheet, thanks

  67. Sandra Carlo Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet, this family of raccoons aren’t even afraid of the dog and keep destroying our garbage. We changed garbage cans and they still won’t give up…

  68. masha frederick Says:

    We 1 small pond and 1 fountain which we do not use any longer and raccoons poop in them continually. We have not food source (except grass which harbors bugs I suppose). We clean out the poop, wash the area and the next day they have returned. The fountain is off the ground and they just climb on up and poop. The pond has a large rock formation which was a waterfall years ago and they climb onto the rocks and poop. It is a challenge to clean these rocks and we can’t sit out there without first cleaning up there mess. Thank you.

  69. Claudia Says:

    I have a problem with racoons eating my cat’s dry food outside. I’ve eliminated the food outdoors but now I have my cats pounding on the screen door at night to get inside to eat. I guess it is a battle of the wills, but I end up letting them in to eat and then of course they want out right after eating!

    Please send me your racoon fact sheet.

  70. Phuoc Says:

    Please help. Raccoons dumping over my trash cans and pooping on my lawn. I have two small kids and don’t want them to get worms.


  71. paul Says:

    please send me the racoon factsheet.

    My cat faught with one last night and I want to keep them out of my property.


  72. margaret Says:

    I would like to get your racoon fact sheet.

  73. Dana Adams Says:

    We have a rock waterfall fountain on our patio in the backyard.After a month ago we discovered Raccoon poop in the fountain water. We cleaned the fountain and placed new water in it, it stayed clean for three weeks and now the Raccoon has decided to make this his or their pooping grounds. I am talking about loads of poop, not just a little it can not possibly be only one Raccoon. We cleaned it and place bleach inside the fountain and ran the fountain thinking this would remedy the problem. Well I got up last night around 1:00 a.m. and looked out onto the patio and there was water everywhere so I new they had been their, went out in the morning and lots, and lots, of poop! We empitied our bird baths and no longer have any water in them. They have not poop there since. We miss the birds coming daily and bathing and drinking the water. Can you help us we really do not want to empty the fountain, our elderly Mother watches it all day since she is bed ridden and enjoys listing to the water. Help Us Please!

    Please e-mail me the raccoon fact sheet! Thank you

  74. dianne Says:

    could you please send me a copy of your racoon fact sheet.

    Our two main problems- 1. going the bathroom EVERY night on our lawn and 2. going thru our trash every night. We cannot bring our trash inside and we have tried keeping it closed tightly but they just tear the trash cans apart to get in them. Any help would be very appreciated.

  75. mehreen wain Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet.I had has what i thought was one racoon come in thru the doggie door and eat all the cat food.I started putting a bowl of food outside thinking that would solve the problem.Now i have three baby coons coming with the mom and im beggining to think it was not such a great idea to leave food outside.How do i solve this?

  76. howard Says:

    please send fact sheet to:


  77. mike Says:

    Raccoons are flipping over my 1 month old newly layed sod !!

  78. Dan Lewitt Says:

    Dear Gary,
    Could you please send me your fact sheet.
    We have a new problem of raccoons coming in the cat door and maybe raccoons in the attic crawl space.
    I’m a veteran of 2 live baby raccoons stuck in our old homes basement furnace exhaust pipe.(summer time and the furnace was off.) That was a great story left for another time.


  79. Julie Says:

    Please send Raccoon fact sheet. Thanks

  80. Shari Says:

    We love “our” racoons, but they keep rolling back our new sod lawn. Please send me your fact sheet so we can all live happily together!

    Thank you,


  81. Jeanette Says:

    I’d like a copy of your raccoon fact sheet. I think they are guilty of tomato robbery & destruction!


  82. Sarah Says:

    Hi there,

    I would very much appreciate a copy of the racoon fact sheet. Racoons are invading our back elevated deck every night, knocking over our plants and generally disturbing the peace. We have a bbq up there and I’m sure they’re attracted to that…

    Thank you!

  83. John Says:

    I would appreciate a copy of your raoon fact sheet. Came home from vacation to find our recently sodded lawn, which we had enjoyed for a couple of months, completely torn up.

  84. Stacy Giffin Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Can I get a free email fact sheet on raccoons?

    I lived in a rural section of San Diego county and a racoon and mama have been coming down the oak tree for visits. Then- the mama seems to have left junior with the keys to the car, and he’s a wild driver! I love animals and want to co-exist peacefully. I let them eat the leftover peanuts that the Bluejays don’t eat, but they get feisty when the peanuts are all gone. I have a domestic house rabbit and am afraid the racoons may come inside and try and eat him! We live in a mobile home with a California Room, which could be an “in” if they choose.

    thanks for any info!

  85. Nicol Says:

    Hi Gary, can you send me your raccoon fact sheet please.

  86. Susan Says:

    Hi Gary,

    We have a mother raccoon and 2 baby raccoons in the crawl space under our house in San Ramon. They are tearing up the heating/air conditioning ducts and insulation. Please send me a copy of your raccoon fact sheet as soon as possible.


  87. Roslyn Weinstein Says:

    Dear Mr. Bogue,
    It seems that raccoons have made their way into the underside of my parents house thru a vent that it looks like they bent to get in. My parents (who are 83) don’t want to do anything…I think we need to move them out of the house..Your thoughts..will they do damage?
    thank you for your advice.

    roslyn weinstein

  88. Victor Hymes Says:

    Dear Gary,

    The raccoons are back as of yesterday and beginning where they left off last year on my lawn. I used beneficial nematodes two years ago, followed all the directions and here they came again. And yes, I did follow all the instructions and put down the BNs during the suggested months.

    I need help or a copy of your 7-page answer piece ASAP. Today is August 30, 2008 and I really can’t go through last year again. Thanks.

  89. Carol Says:

    Hi Gary, can you send me your raccoon fact sheet please. We live in the country and the raccoons are using a corner of our house and fence as a latrine.

    Hope you can help.


  90. Sal Riccobono Says:

    Please send me your Racoon Fact Sheet. I thank you kindly.

  91. Petra Says:

    Hello I have three raccoons swimming and partying every night in my swimming pool. can you please send me your Racoon Fact Sheet? I really need it.
    thank you Petra

  92. Jim Says:

    Most mornings I wake up to find racoon shit on the deck. How can I get them to do it on the neighbours deck instead? Please send me the fact sheet.

    Thank you,


  93. Amy Says:

    Please send me the fact sheet. We just built a new home next to the woods and we wake up to our sod thrown everywhere along the tree line. We thought it was moles, until I have been reading this. Now I think it might be racoons.



  94. Colin Says:

    Hi there. Raccoons pooping on our back deck, stone patio and gravel areas. Was lots of weeds and tall plants back there. Pulled them all, but raccoons still coming nightly. Please send fact sheet. Thanks!

  95. Margaret Says:


    I am desperate to rid our deck/porch of raccoons. Please send me your raccoon fact sheet.

    Thank you,

  96. Karine Says:

    Please send me a fact sheet! Racoons are out in the broad day light eating cat food. Afraid to go in my own yard.

  97. DJ Duronslet Says:

    Hi There!

    Please send me a copy of your fact sheet! A family of five has moved in, and I’d really like to understand what all I’m in for… I do not know much about raccoons – so any information would be much appreciated… Thanks!

  98. Phil Says:

    Please send me a fact sheet! We moved in our house about a month ago. I counted 8 raccoons of various sizes washing up on the first step of the pool. We have a deck at the corner of our lot that protects the roots of a large oak tree (probably 3 feet of clearance under it). My neighbor has a similar deck doing the same thing since the Oak tree sits on the corner of their lot. I am sure they live under that deck. In Danville, are there any companies that will trap them and take them away?

  99. Janet Davis Says:

    I believe racoons are digging up our lawn nightly. We have a small yard with high fences…but many racoons in the area. I need a humane way to discourage them. In searching for info I saw a posting of a woman complaining that her farm dog, a middle aged submissive Golden Retriever, is digging up her lawn at night. She has begun to tie him up at night. She said she has never actually seen him do it and that he has a whole farm to run on but only digs the lawn and at night! Poor dog is being blamed for the racoon work…hee hee! Please send me the electronic info…thank you!!!

  100. Scott Says:


    Recently, a good-sized section of my back lawn has been turned up. I’ve heard of raccoons being the culprit, and found your site in my search to find possible preventative measures I can take to reduce the likelihood that they’ll return to tear up my repaired or replaced lawn. I’d appreciate your fact sheet. Thank you!!

  101. Elsie Cube Says:

    Pls send me your fact sheet, they’re digging up my front lawn every morning. Thank you!

  102. amy Says:

    please send fact sheet. thanks you

  103. Art Bischofberger Says:

    I would like a copy of your Racoon Fact Sheet. We are unindated with them by nightly destroying our lawn. Thank you.

  104. Julie French Says:

    Hi Gary, I’ve emailed you already, but trying to cover my bases all around, since I have the nightly raccoon rocking and rolling going on! I’ve dropped 100 bucks at the garden store already with products that did NOT work . . . hoping the grub control I put all over the lawn will work (but gee, nothing else I bought worked, so will this work too?) in the meantime, I need repellent info asap. My lawn is looking like a bomb went off, nothing new, I suppose.
    thanks, and I do love everything you write, faithful reader for many many years!

  105. Julie French Says:

    I forgot to add: I need your Raccoon Fact sheet! (duh!)

  106. Greg Roberts Says:

    My brother is having issues with raccoons digging up his lawn. He is a bit cheap and doesn’t not want to pay a whole lot, but he is getting frustrated.


  107. chris lau Says:

    Hi Please send your raccoon fact sheet. Thanks.

  108. Tanya Says:

    Help I am desperate to get rid of the racoons in my roof. I have used a friendly trap and have caught over 15 racoons over the last 5 yrs. Everytime we think we are rid of them they come back. They dug a hole in our roof and is hard to access.

  109. Cathy Says:

    Please send us your fact sheet.
    Thank you.

  110. Jen Says:

    Please send your fact sheet. Raccoons have just recently started pulling back the new portions of my lawn in search of bug delights.

  111. Gordon Walton Says:

    please e-mail your facts sheet on racoons they keep digging up our lawn.

  112. Rosy Says:

    A raccoon keeps pooping on my stone patio, i have poured bleach and even put obstructions such as lawn mower and snow blower in the area and it still finds space around the garden stone patio to poop. how can I make this area unflavorable for this raccoon?

  113. terry Says:

    hi please send me the fact sheet.



  114. shari Says:

    please send a fact sheet on raccoons- are there any herbs that will persuade the coons to stop pooping- I was wondering about lavendar


  115. Derek Says:

    Please send your information about raccoons. They have torn up my lawn to the point where it is bare.
    Thank you.

  116. Steve Says:

    Hi- please send the factsheet. We have them tearing up our lawn and then going for a swim in the pool each night. thanks

  117. Ed B Says:

    I’d love some help. I tried black pepper…maybe I didn’t use enough…but it only seemed to encourage them digging up the lawn. Please send the fact sheet. Thanks!

  118. Mike Says:

    Hi Gary

    Every year around this time, I wake up in the morning and there is raccoon poop right outside my sliding door on the deck.

    Im getting sick and tired of cleaning this up, can you please send me the fact sheet also please.

    Also i do hear them sometimes late at night running across my roof, help please


  119. Angelique Says:

    Hi Gary, please send the fact sheet. My mom has a problem with raccoons pooping in the pool. Every time, she drains the whole things, cleans it and fills it up again. She doesn’t want to spend the money to get a cover but it’s such a waste to keep draining the pool. Thanks.

  120. Tom McCauley Says:

    Gary, Please send me your Raccoon fact sheet.
    Thanks, Tom McCauley
    PS I sent you an email to another address earlier today, and then found your article later.

  121. Nikki Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. Thanks. Nikki

  122. Fred Federle Says:

    They are crapping on my deck (4th Floor) every night
    Cincinnati Ohio

  123. Nancy Says:

    We have had a raccoon latrine on our roof for over 10 years…probably longer than that as we purchased it then.
    Can you help get rid of the latrine? We can remove it as we did before but they come right back. No animals or food left out here.

  124. Richard Says:

    Please send the Racoon Fact sheet. Thanks.

  125. Cathy Says:

    Please send racoon sheet ASAP…they are tearing up yard looking for grubs. Thanks.

  126. Darlene Gagnon Says:

    Please send the Racoon Fact sheet. Thanks. They are using our stair landing as a toilet.

  127. Brenda Says:

    we put in new sod and the raccoons are rolling back the sod nightly. we are going crazy! we have now someone coming mout daily with traps but they are going to cost a fortune. we would like to take care of this ourselves. help!

  128. tom Says:

    I have raccoons under my deck. Instead of paying a trapper, i was hoping you would have a better idea, a deterrent to not want to return….any ideas would be great. The fact sheet would be great.

  129. Debbie Norman Says:

    please send me a copy of your fact sheet.

    The raccoons tear up my sod every night. We have trapped three but they just keep on comming. What do I do. They are not afraid in fact they will follow me around the yard. Please help!

  130. Lynn D Says:

    Hi Gary – Thank you for offering this information. We would appreciate receiving your fact sheet. Our story is similar to so many I’ve read here, except that our’s seems to involve just one baby (that’s not so little anymore). He/She is out often during the daytime and when we saw it chasing down a cat along the top of our fence yesterday, that was the last straw. It has gotten so that our kids and other family members look over their shoulder when going out to the garage or outside. We live in Walnut Creek and adjacent to open space, so we are marveling at the fact that we’ve closed off our deck, cleared all fruits from the yard, treated the lawns for grubs, have no cat food available and he just won’t move on!

  131. adam Says:

    please send me your fact sheet

  132. Raj Says:

    Hi Gary
    Please send me the raccoon fact sheet. Our new sod is constantly upturned by raccoons. We are in Fremont.
    Some suggestions I have received:
    Treat lawn for scrubs – Done, did not work
    Spray Coyote Urine – Yet to try
    Sprinkle chili powder – Yet to try

  133. Bob Steffensen Says:

    Please send racoon fact sheet

    Thank You

  134. Ann Says:

    Will moth balls keep the racoons from tearing up my grass — if not what will work? Please send your racoon bulletin. Thanks

  135. Ann Says:

    Will moth balls keep racoon from tearing up my grass — if not what will? Please send racoon bulletin – thanks

  136. Rakesh Birla Says:

    Racoon is tearing up all the grass in the backyard. Please help

  137. Dan Says:

    Hi Gary, I see that many people are having the same problem as me: racoons are tearing up the backyard in search of food. I am hoping your fact sheet can help.

  138. gary ray Says:

    Our lawn is being ripped to shreds each night! We’re not sure if it might be deer or racoons. Please send your fact sheet. Thanks!!

  139. Marge Says:

    Please send your fact sheet.

  140. Dennis Finn Says:

    My lawn is a wreck. Everything points to Raccoons. Please send your Raccoon fact sheet. Thanks…

  141. Haughn,Jim Says:

    Racoon is tearing up my yard . please help

  142. gail Says:

    We have 3 caged rabbits, along with a family of 5 kitties and their ma and pa in our backyard. The past couple of weeks the two raccoons have been climbing the trees and walking along the fence back there. What do you think is attracting the coons to our yard? Someone mentioned it could be the feces of the animals? Is there anything we can do to prevent the coons feasting on the other furry friends?

    Please send your fact sheet. Many Thanks.

  143. paul Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet. I’ve had my lawn pulled up 4 times in the last 8 days and I’ve found raccoon prints in the mud under the torn up lawn. Also, why are they attacking my lawn as opposed to the scores of other lawns in the neighborhood?

  144. bob trebino Says:


    We live in Alhambra Valley near one of the major creeks which flow from Briones Park. Needless to say, raccoons are prevalent and are doing their yearly dance on our backyard lawn. Your suggestions and fact sheet would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks – Bob Trebino

  145. anthony Says:

    My backyard has a pear trees and a cherry tree. I tried to get the harvest before the critters do. This year the pears are flourishing and trees to tall to pick all of them. I have problems with Raccoon shiting at teh deck a few years ago and suddenly it vanished for another few years. And this year, It keeps on shiting on the same spot. I tried to remove all fruits on the ground bitten. The next morning, the shit on the same spot gets bigger and bigger. It seems to be the raccoon wants to claim its property right and assume it is owner of the yard and protested my picking away the fruits. How do I tackle this problem.

    Thanking for your reply

  146. Art Niemann Says:


    Please email a copy of your “Raccoon Fact Sheet.” In the past we would occasionally have a raccoon use our roof as a toilet, but now we seem to have one that has made this the spot to go every night. I hope you have something that will stop this behavior.

    Thank you for your help.


  147. Joyce Says:

    Please send the racoon fact sheet if you still have any! We love our racoons, but they have recently taken to competitive pooping on our wooden deck stairs.

  148. Ray Says:

    Can you please send me the raccoon fact sheet. I have a few raccoons that have been tearing up the landscaping in my yard. Thanks.

  149. Scott Says:

    Please send me you fact sheet. Our racoon tears up our lawn every night.
    The dog almost caught him last night. They were growling at each other, but I managed to call my dog off before she got hurt

  150. Brenda Says:

    Please send me your factsheet. Thanks!

  151. Doris McManus Says:

    Dear Gary, I had a racoon roll up my precious peppermint thyme.I am trying to save what is left of it. Please send me your racoon fact sheet. Thank you. Doris

  152. Doris McManus Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. Thank you. Doris

  153. Michael Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. Thanks.

  154. Laura Says:

    Pls send me your raccoon sheet asap. THe little critters (raccoon or skunk) are tearing up what is left of my backyard.
    Thank you

  155. Kevin McDonald Says:

    I live in the suburbs of Arlington, TX and I noticed that both my front yard and back yard has numerous small holes. The back yard is fenced in. I suspect racoons as I saw a large one in the street the other night but I don’t know what to do to get rid of them. Please send me your fact sheet:

  156. Roy Neal Says:

    Could you please send me a copy of your raccoon fact sheet. My newly sodded back yard needs your help.

  157. judy brown Says:

    please send fax sheet

  158. Jane Says:

    We have a second story deck off our city home and the racoons like to sleep in one corner and poop in the other. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Pls send fact sheet.

  159. tina Says:

    Pls send the fact sheet, thanks a bunch!

  160. Paul Meyer Says:

    Please e-mail me a copy of your racoon advice.

  161. NANCY L Says:


  162. Carol Brady Says:

    I would really like a copy of your 7-page pamphlet on how to get rid of raccoons.

    Thanks a lot.


  163. Johanna Aradi Says:

    Please send your racoon fact sheet, thank you very much.

    Every morning we wake up to racoon droppings in our lawn and we are not sure how they are getting into our back yard.

  164. Gary Collins Says:

    I would love for you to email me your fact sheet. I have something, presumably racoons, tearing up or making puzzles to put back together as my wife and I say every morning, in my front lawn. I have loaded the lawn twice with grub and insect killer that lasts a few weeks and they come back.
    Thank You,
    Gary Collins

  165. Joanne Says:

    Please send me a raccoon fact sheet.

  166. R G Says:

    I’d appreciate a copy of your raccoon fact sheet.

  167. William Hennig Says:

    Please send fact sheet. Thanks in advance.

  168. Marc Carrasco Says:

    Please send the fact sheet. We currently have raccoons ripping up our lawns (first the back, now the front) – a little more each day.


  169. Leon Donat Says:

    Please email me a copy of your Raccoon Fact Sheet.
    Thanks, Leon

  170. Susana Williams Says:

    We’ve lived here (Antioch, CA) for 9 years and this is the first time we’ve had this problem. I believe it is raccoons digging up our back yard – they are digging in one specific area and really making a mess of it – we put the sod back and then the next morning it’s torn up even worse. It’s not new sod at all either – this lawn has been there for a number of years. We have a cat and lots of cats/dogs in the neighborhood so anything that would harm them is out. Also, I don’t want to hurt the little guys – they are just hungry, but they need to move elsewhere. Thanks for the help!

  171. Allen James Says:

    I like a copy of your raccoon fact sheet.


  172. Sandy Says:

    Please send the raccoon fact sheet..thank-you!

  173. elmon Says:

    please send me the racoon fact sheet

  174. Jaynie Says:

    Please send the fact sheet. Raccoons are tearing up our back lawn every night.

  175. Karen Says:

    Please send fact sheet ASAP!

  176. Belle Beazer Says:

    My friend heard that there is a virus that one can catch just from the racoons presence?Please send me your fact sheet.Belle

  177. dave Says:

    please send me your raccoon fact sheet.


  178. Roberta Lehde Says:

    I feed the raccoons because their habitat is growing so much smaller.I take out my cat door at nite so they can’t enter the house.I would love to get your raccoon fact sheet if possible.

  179. brenda Says:


    Over the last three nights raccoons have been entering my home. They come in the cat door and have found where we keep the cat food. They have not been able to get into the container but they are trying. The first night it was just one raccoon but he/she brought a buddy the next night. We have five cats and it scares me that this could become an issue for the humans and felines.

    Can you send me your fact sheet?

  180. Betty Says:

    I need your fact sheet!!!!!

  181. Alice Brown Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet as the racoons have figured out how to lift up the little electric fence and crawl under and into the fish pond. The beautiful fish are gone and the lilies are trashed.

  182. Tracy Murray Says:

    Hello. Can you please email me your raccoon sheet? P.S. I love your column.

    Best regards,

    Tracy Murray

  183. Michael Baugh Says:

    Please email me a copy of your 7 page raccoon fact sheet..
    Thank you,
    Mike Baugh

  184. Jennifer Says:

    Please send me a racoon fact sheet my poor lawn is being torn up by them but I dont want animal control to euthanize them either

  185. Chaya Says:

    Please send a racoon fact sheet. I have a large area under a fig tree filled with nasty looking poop. I think the raccoons have turned it into their bathroom :0(. Thanks for your help!

  186. Barbara Sunshine Says:

    Please send a racoon fact sheet.

  187. Jim Coari Says:

    I sent you an email regarding our flipped over sod. Please send your racoon fact sheet…FAST! Thanks.

  188. Julia Sevier Says:

    Help! My roof is a racoon bathroom and my husband is at his wits end. It’s flat and we live in a village where the racoons are plentyful.

  189. Mike Johnson Says:

    I have two 6 month old cats in my garage. I leave the garage door cracked open for them to go out when they want. I noticed the cat food has been going fast lately and today opened the door to find a racoon scarfing the cats dinner. Please send your fact sheet as soon as possible. Thank You

  190. Russ Robinson Says:

    Raccoons are tearing up part of my back lawn. Please send your fact sheet on how to deal with this problem.


  191. David Says:

    Hey, could I get a get a raccoon fact sheet? I appreciate it.


  192. jeff hopper Says:

    please send racoon fact sheet

  193. Donna Says:

    Please send your raccoon fact sheet — thanks!

  194. Gary Straub Says:

    Please send info on Racoons. Have a big racoon keeps coming into house from cellar through kitchen plumbing at kitchen cabinet. have 2 cats and worried that he will get them. tried barricades, boards, he just tears it up and comes in. Put all catfood in closet. this morning discovered he had pried the floor boarding off to get in the closet. Has no fear of me. He just came right up to me and put his paws on my legs while i was watching television. This dude is harder to get rid of than a crackhead.

  195. Missy Says:

    Please send helpful info. We feed a blind, stray cat outside, which (I know, I know) attracts raccoons. Now, the raccoons are pooping on one of the porch steps. I hate to let the poor blind kitty starve, but If I quit feeding her, will the raccoons go away and quit pooping on my porch? Is there something I can put out or spray that will keep the nasty critters away, but not deter the cat?

  196. Craig Says:

    Would love to get your raccoon fact sheet. I hear em on the roof and would love to get rid of em!

  197. Harry Says:

    Raccoons use a roof overhang as their latrine. There are multiple points of entry to my back yard, multiple access points to the roof, and different places on the roof for them to poop. I live in an urban area of connected townhouses. None of the powders, ammonia, sound detectors, etc. work. What can be done?

  198. Rand Says:

    I have 3 raccoons apparently living under my backyard deck. One entered the house and ate the cat’s food. I fixed the cat door so it locks. Tonight three of them fought for about half an hour. Seemed really vicious. Please send your info.

  199. Melanie Harrison Says:

    please send raccoon fact sheet.

    I’ve got problems with a raccoon(s) leaving their droppings on my hay in the barn, and on my front porch.

    My barn cats and their food are locked in at night but they still come around.

  200. Kusum Says:

    Racoon is tearing up our backyard. The grass is all very mushy. Pl. send me your fact sheet ASAP.


  201. Jennifer Says:

    Please send fact sheet – we have four raccons living under deck in a window well and we need help to get them out! It is absolutely freezing in Chicago right now and I’m sure it is nice and cozy under there for them – they don’t seem to be leaving for food – are they hibernating? Thanks for your time and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :)

  202. HA SHU Says:


  203. Ruth Says:

    Please send your fact sheet, as the beautiful racoon we have visting our deck leaves a pile of poo every single night. In the same place. It is growing. Very disturbing. Seems to be a trend here. Sure hope you have a solution – but doubt anyone knows why a racoon poops over & over & over in the same exact place. Do you???

    Thanks & hope you have a “cure”

  204. Paul Says:

    Im becoming neurotic about my lawn, never a good thing. I take it the City takes no responsibility??

    Give me the facts … im thinking fire cracker trip wires.


  205. kris Says:

    please send raccoon advice

  206. FRANK C COLLINS Says:

    Please email me a copy of your “Raccoon Fact Sheet”. I have an outdoor fish pond. This year raccoon have been raising havoc with the pond and dining on the fish. I live in the San Fernando Valley.


  207. Derby Says:

    I would love a copy of your “Raccoon Fact” sheet.

    I had a problem with droppings on my deck (no cat or other food in vicinity) over the summer – helped by leaving ammonia in a container with holes in lid. The last 2 (frigid cold) mornings i have found my CAR has been pooped on from above – the tree next to the driveway. Yup, it’s a raccoon.


  208. SMB Says:

    Tearing up my yard every night. Please send factsheet on how to get them to stop.

  209. Lisa Rodin Says:

    Raccoons are digging up my grandparents garden and breaking things around the property. They have tried trapping but the raccoons reached through the wire and grabbed the food without entering the trap. Please send your fact sheet. Thanks!

  210. Terri Kramer Says:

    Please send raccoon fact sheet…. PLEASE!

  211. Margaret Ellis Says:

    I have been having several weeks of annoying raccoons under my mobile home. I do not know how to get rid of them, they make such a racket at night they often keep me up at night. I do not see where they have gotten in and do not want to go under my house. Do you have any ideas?

  212. Kerry Beane Says:

    Please send the Raccoon Fact sheet to, as well as to me at I appreciate your help with this!
    Happy Groundhog Day.

  213. Ken Gribas Says:

    Hello – my raccoon problem is that one or more are entering my pool patio through the slots in the fence during the evening or night, then crapping on the first step in the pool; this step is underwater about 4 inches. We have no pets nor anything edible on the patio, but there are spaces under the patio where I know armadillos have been in the past. I don’t know if any other wildlife animals are presently under there.

    Please send me your Raccoon fact sheet that I may attempt to solve this problem, and thanks.

  214. Donna Says:

    Please send me racoon fact sheet

  215. Leslie Says:

    How large of a dog will be safe from a city neighborhood raccoon? Do they bother small dogs if there is no food around?

  216. Gary Bogue Says:

    Leslie: It really depends on the raccoon. While raccoons usually don’t attack dogs, there have occasionally been encounters when dogs rushed up and started barking at them. In such cases, I’ve heard of raccoons attacking a shepherd, as well as small dogs like a Dachshund. Small dogs would definitely be at a disadvantage if a raccoon decided to fight back. I’ve never known a raccoon to attack a dog if unprovoked. But it could happen. Best solution would be to keep your dog in at night if you think there might be a problem./Gary

  217. d. barnes Says:

    Please send me racoon fact sheet

  218. Roge Holman Says:

    Have a raccoon ripping up new roof. Large Evergreen trees surrounding home, provide easy access. Paid to have one trapped and removed a few years ago. Seems to be a birthing place, however I can not find access to attic or other sheltered area. Chimney may not be sealed off (covered, I’ll check this weekend). Neighbors have previously seen young on roof (prior to the last trapping) Please send your raccoon fact sheet.

  219. Alexis Says:

    Please send me a fact sheet.

    I have seen raccoons in my back yard. They come back year after year. I am pretty sure they have gotten in my chimney somehow because I hear scratching.

    I have heard raccoon carry diseases. Should I be worried about my sandbox my children play in… ??

  220. Kelly Mccord Says:

    Please send me your Raccoon fact sheet. We are going nuts with Raccoons tearing apart out outside trash cans every night. Please help!

  221. Kim Appleby Says:

    Please send fact sheet…I need a raccoon repellant?…the commercial ones are too small quantity for $$, and then I see my $$ wash away in rain….so I’m wonderinf if moth balls or chili peppers will help? and how to get either to last during spring rains (even if they don’t dissolve, they just wash off roof during rain)…I need to treat several roofs, and can’t climb up and re-treat after each rainfall.

  222. John Says:

    I have bird feeder mounted on top of a 4×4 (in the ground in the middle of the lawn) aprox. 7ft high. The critters apparently climb the 4×4, remove the bird feeder and have themselves a party while the birds go hungry. Any suggestions?

  223. John Says:

    Please send a fact sheet.

  224. Tom Hansen Says:

    I have a large palm tree that the raccoons seem to like. There was no problem until they started breaking off the ends of the old fronds, cut to make the “pineapple” shape under the crown. I remove the fruit and they still are climbing up there. I’ve read about putting a metal band (>18″) around the tree, but would rather not because of aesthetics and the tree is prominent in our yard. Any thoughts?! I’d appreciate your fact sheet as well.
    Thank you,
    Tom Hansen

  225. stella Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I live in southwest florida and have noticed twice 2 small racoons climbing my lanai pool cage to get to the roof of my house. Yikes. They are not bothered if I stand there and shout at them :) any recommendations? Quite bold they are. . .

  226. Gary Says:

    Hi, could you send me the email for raccoon problems.

  227. Gary Says:

    Please send me a fact sheet on racoons.

  228. ann benne Says:

    Hi, hope u can help, would like your fact sheet as this will probably be a fountain of info for. the coons are using our shed roof for their latrine purposes, not sure what would be the best method, heard they are clean freaks, like to lick their paws- would hot pepper flakes do the trick ?
    any help would certainly be welcomed

  229. Jeannine Says:

    Sorry, don’t have time to review all comments to see if our problem has been addressed. Racoons are using our pool as a toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … on the first step of the pool. (We live in the Ft. Lauderdale FL area.)

    They also have been having horse size bowel movements behind our shed.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  230. Jeannine Says:

    Also would appreciate your fact sheet. Thank you!

  231. Jeannine Says:

    PSS Have a dog so does that pose a problem with some of your remedies?

  232. Patty Baker Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet. I assume my lawn is being ripped up by raccoons. Thanks.

  233. Tesmus Says:


    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. Thanks!


  234. Daniel Says:

    Hello Gary,

    My front lawn is completely ripped and turned by raccoons, as I could see them coming out at nite from my neighbours’s backyard. Please send your solution.


  235. Doug Hill Says:

    A raccoon in my backyard & vegetable garden must have a Ph. D. I put some peanut butter on a piece of celery & placed it in a Havahart trap. The next day I could see that the peanut butter had been licked off but the celery was still in the trap. And there was no raccoon. Your fact sheet or ANY solution would be appreciated.

    Charlotte, NC

  236. katherine Says:

    I have coons pooping on my spa cover

  237. Paul Cavagnaro Says:

    Hi Gary,
    A raccoon attacked the hind end of our cat and the neighbors’ cat. We both have cat and dog food outside at night. The raccoon and/or raccoons are quite a threat to our neighborhood as of late, and it is illegal to trap them in city limits. I would appreciate any advice as to how to deter the raccoons in a humane way. Thank you.


  238. mj Says:

    coons are poopin on my upper deck under my natural gas grill. of course i can’t move it to clean. also on my patio rug. i’ve trapped a few and taken them to a safe place. but all winter when i can’t do this, they’ve been havin a poopin good time! help! ps. their poo grosses me out

  239. Barbara Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I would appreciate a copy of your fact sheet on raccoons. Last night I heard something chewing away on my fence and this morning I found it to be heavily damaged. My next door neighbor found three partially consumed squirrels on her roof. At night I hear movement in my bushes. This morning I found quite a few bird feathers near where the fence was damaged. I’d love to get to the bottom of this ASAP. I do have a toy poodle and now I’m concerned about letting her out at night. I’m also afraid to venture out at night in my own backyard.

    Thanks so much!

    Grosse Pointe, MI

  240. Gary Bogue Says:

    I’m guessing the squirrels damaged your fence. They are great chewers. And it sounds like a hawk maybe caught the squirrels and ate them on the roof. Same with the bird. There may also be raccoons involved making that noise at night. Or foxes or skunks. If you have a light in your back yard, you can leave it on at night and watch to see who’s visiting.
    Meanwhile, here’s my raccoon information. Good luck. If you figure all this out, please drop me a note and let me know. /Gary

  241. Bruce Hatcher Says:

    Gary, I have a coon that will not go into the trap and is coming up on my deck every night.

    Please send fact sheet you have.

    Will large rat traps help irritate or discourage them from coming back? If I screen my deck door will that prevent him from coming through spokes or will it just climb up over gate?

    Please let me know because we are at war.

  242. julie Says:

    Gary, I live in the north coastal area of San Diego county. The raccoons are tearing up my vegetable garden. They are digging up seedlings, tearing leaves and even dismantling my pvc drip pipes.

  243. Sally Nolan Says:

    I am having trouble with the racoons destroying my birdfeeders. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thank you.

  244. Gary Zalger Says:

    Please send me a fact sheet.we seem to have a raccon that thinks his latrine should be in front of our patio door on the beach stone .Any ideas on how to stop him?
    thanks Gary

  245. Kristi Says:

    We need a racoon fact sheet, please.

  246. Stefanie Says:

    Please send a fact sheet!
    I am one of the multitudes having a problem with raccoons pooping on the roof every night! Help!

  247. Juanita Says:

    Help. Racoons digging up my lawn. I have sprayed for pests but they keep coming back. Please send my your fact sheet.

  248. patti miller Says:

    Have had racoons empty my birdfeeder, and now are taking to using my window well as a toilet, help?

  249. Angela Says:

    Please send fact sheet. We have a latrine on our deck and I must stop it! Our 18 month old wants to explore the deck now that the weather is nice. Thanks!

  250. Randy Ginn Says:


    We have raccoons pooping in our pool. Please send the fact sheet!

    Can the pool water be sanitized? Lots and lots of chlorine?

    Thank you.

  251. Rita Hinton Says:

    Hi there! I live in the city just outside of the downtown core. We have racoons and they used to come in the cat door and eat the cat food in the kitchen until I baracarde the cat door. But now I see that they are pooing in the back yard and it’s gross. What can I do to stop this and also they do make holes in the lawn. Please send me the fact sheet.

  252. Lily Says:

    I have a problem with racoons pooping on my balcony deck. There is no food, garbage, compost or recycling out there at any time. I can’t understand what the attraction is. They seem to climb up from my side yard during the night and leave presents for me to clean up each morning. They definitely do not live in my attic or on my property. We have had one of them professionally trapped and now – a couple of weeks later I’m having the same problem.
    Please send me the fact sheet!

  253. Sigrid Dormann Says:

    Sir, I have a big problem with racoons pooping in my yard. Please send me the fact sheet asap. Thank you so much.

  254. John Says:

    Hi please send factsheet.


  255. n. begonia Says:

    please send me your fact sheet!!! i live in san francisco and i have two known raccoons coming around my house and clambering all over the roof at night. i used to leave food for my cat outside, but since encountering a giant raccoon on my porch, i’ve changed my ways. how can i discourage these raccoons now?

  256. Sherry Hood Says:

    Racoons are actually walking up my deck stairs and pooping on my door step. I don’t like this morning greeting. I am not an animal lover and I would shoot these $#@%$#$%&!!! in a heartbeat, except I don’t own a gun. Please send me your fact sheet.

  257. Urs Matejka Says:

    We too have a Racoon Problem. They have crossed thhe line though……They are comming ito the house thru the doggie door.They made an absolute mess of the kitchen. I had someone here yesterday to give me an estimate on a new roof and low and behold there must of been 50 Racoon “poops” up there.Very messy. Soooo they gotta go. Please send your fact sheet. Thank you

  258. Denise Says:

    I have a raccoon tearing up my newly planted pots of flowers. I know he doesn’t want the flowers. I’ve thought of offering him a nice pot of new dirt filled with worms that he wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of moving my new flowers out of the way!

    Please send a copy of your fact sheet. Thank you.

  259. Kathleen Says:

    I have a small fountain with empties into an small brick enclosed pond. If I put fish in the pond, the racoons eat them.

    Also, they are using my rooftop for a toilet.

    Please send me a copy of your fact sheet.
    Thank you.

  260. Karen Teagarden Says:

    I am noticing a lot of issues with racoons and pools. Unfortunately, we are having the same problem. We have not uncovered our pool yet since it looks as though racoons are going on top of our pool and defecating on the cover. I am afraid to uncover the pool for fear that they will climb in and tear the liner. What can we do? HELP!!!
    Thank you for your help :)

  261. Carolyn Kidd Says:


    Racoons have ravaged my garden. They eat all of the tomatoes before they become ripe. They also dug up my squash. I have captured 3 in the last 5 days ain my Havahart trap and have relocated them. Is there anything else that I can do?

    Send me your fact sheet. Thank you,

  262. Corinne Garrison Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Can you please send me the raccoon fact sheet. My son just moved into a new home and he has a raccoon leaving feces on his deck quite often. Wondering if previous owners fed the raccoon and its mad? Thanks you for your help.

  263. ron Says:

    i am having problems with something eating the tops of my flowers. i got one of the humane harts traps and i got a the next morning instead of a ground hog there was a large racoon, which i freed it/let it goe in my yard.

    then it dawned on me is it possible that racoon eat plants/flowers. i know groundhogs love flowers and plants and if you trap them you should et them go far from ones house or they will return and create the same problems with ones yard.
    can you please send me any facts that racoon do or donot eat plants/flowers.

  264. Allan Humphreys Says:

    Good morning.

    Writing from Port Hope, Ontario

    For the first time in 4 years of having our pool, racoons seemed to have taken a fancy to leave us a little present on the top step each morning. We’ve never had this problem before, and needless to say, would like for it to be resolved.

    Would appreciate you sending the fact sheet.


    Allan & Tina Humphreys

  265. Sandra K Says:


    We live in Los Angeles County.

    A racoon has made his or her home under our house. We know where it enters and can close off access but we wonder if the racoon is a female with babies she’s left under the house. We don’t want to harm the racoon or any babies that may be with her.

    Would you send us your fact sheet, please?

    Thank you.


  266. Brandon Says:

    Good evening? I’ve got a raccoon using my window well and the back side of my home as a toilet. What can I do to prevent it from happening in the future.


  267. Brandon Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet. Thanks!

  268. John Says:

    Please send me a raccoon fact sheet

  269. Jeff Says:

    I have a mama coon and her litter nesting in my 2nd story soffit. I can’t really get at the area even if I wanted to.
    Please send me a copy of your raccoon fact sheet and any other ideas you may have.

  270. Sylvia Florhinger Says:

    Could you sent me your brochure?

    Thank ou

  271. Gayla Says:

    I would like your raccoon fact sheet.

    Thank you!!!

  272. Bob Says:

    I have raccoons living in my eavesdrop, please send fact sheet.

    Thank You!

  273. john Says:

    I have a racoon problem ie leaving me presents on my deck please help

  274. phyllis langseth Says:

    I have a raccoon or raccoons under my cabin near the Chequamegon National Forest in Sawyer County Wisconsin. My cabin is on blocks and skirted with wood but no basement and they have taken up residence in my crawl space. We’ve set up a motion detector camera and have about 12 or 14 pictures of the critters going in or out. I desperately need your raccoon fact sheet.

  275. Mindy Says:

    Please email me your Raccoon Fact Sheet. Thank you.

  276. Marcia Lamkin Says:

    Please send the Raccoon Fact Sheet. Thanks much! Marcia

  277. Ashok Says:

    I have a water fountain in my backyard and lately I have been seeing some animal poop in the fountain. I clean it up and fill it up up with fresh water and the poops back the next day. I kept the fountain dry for a couple weeks and the poop wasn’t there and I recently filled it with water and the poop started showing up again. Do you think its a raccoon issue? I don’t have any pets. Thanks.

  278. laura Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet. They are leaving poop on my wood deck. Started in April and not every night. Put moth balls around deck but that didn’t matter. What can I do? No food left outside. I have indoor cats but no outdoor pets.


  279. Johanna Mueller Says:

    Please send fact sheet.

    My grass is destroyed and now my flowers are dug up; and rolled in.



  280. Johanna Mueller Says:

    Raccoons are destroying my lawn and roll in plants as well is digging them up to look for worms.

    I live by a creek in Santa Cruz, Ca

    Please send fact sheet.

    Thanks, Johanna

  281. Catherine Says:

    Please send us your raccoon fact sheet so that we can attempt to outsmart this critter ? Thanks !

  282. kathleen Says:

    need help driving me crazy in the roof

  283. John Holt Says:

    We have had planter boxes along the railing of our deck for three years. This year, raccoons have trashed them twice, so far. I look forward to receiving your fact sheet.

  284. Thomas Lill Says:


    My wife and I have a problem that may be raccoon-related. About two weeks ago some animal started urinating on our patio, about two feet from the back door. The smell is intense and ammonia-like. As soon as we clean the site it returns, sometimes twice in a 24 hour period. At first we though it was the neighborhood cat but last night I ran into a raccoon on the roof of the patio. Now we don’t know what to think. I have set out a trap but it is ignored so far.

    Any thoughts?

    I would also like a copy of your fact sheet.


    Tom Lill

  285. David Svikel Says:

    Help, raccoon poop in the backyard!

  286. Frederick Yrury Says:

    In the Summer and Fall of 2008, my family lost a kitten, it’s mom and my eighteen year old cat “Miss Mew”. I did not know these devils ate family pets so any fact sheet would be too late for us.
    I do know that shooting them, even here in the heart of Reseda CA is not only the best way to remove them but a source of gleeful delight following our great loss just six months ago. The police have shown up a couple of times but leave upon viewing the 30 pound plus carcasses. Shoot em!!

  287. Sue Says:

    Hi-Please, please send me your raccoon fact sheet. Live in San Antonio and just saw a new Momma Raccoon who’s decided to nest on top of my metal patio cover under the flashing from the roof. She climbs up and down using the metal support/post. Makes a racket in the morning. Saw blood and feathers on my front sidewalk and blamed it on a cat.

  288. Marianne Says:

    Help! Racoons are digging in my container pots on my deck. They climb two storries up to this little deck and are destroying the only bit of outside colorful flowers I have. And once they dig up the flowers they throw them over the side railing and leave piles of dirt on the the deck floor. Please send fact sheet ASAP!!

  289. joe cardone Says:

    Please send raccoon fact sheet

  290. ruth malin Says:

    hi gary,

    we recently trapped a racoon on the roof. it was in our chimney 12ft deep X 3ft at the bottom. we looked down the hole she had 3 babies very young and still snowing here. we felt we’d let her go back to the babies and they would leave when it got too crowded. but i don’t think she can get these big pups out such a deep hole, her back is bald, she wedges herself to climb in and out. i have a cat and a small dog. please send your pamphlet to my email
    thanks ruth malin

  291. Tom Says:

    We are having lots of racoon problems. They (5 of them) are constantly on the roof at night. They have established what they think is a bathroom up there (approx 5′ dia area) on our tile roof. They swim and bathe in the swimming pool and now have started using it for a bathroom.
    I would appreciate any advice you have that would discourage them from coming around. Please send your Racoon facts sheet.
    Thank you,

  292. Karen Holtkamp Says:

    Hi Gary,

    In spite of attempts to remove them, I’ve had raccoons in my barn for 15 years. I’ve closed up any spaces near the roof, dug around the perimeter and buried chicken wire, played music, burned lights all night, trapped and relocated them, to no avail. They always return. The loft gets loaded with droppings and items large and small are routinely knocked off the shelves. Opening the doors usually rewards you with an overwhelming wave of urine-and-feces smell.

    I’m ready to start putting out chemicals to kill them. Please help and send me your fact sheet!


  293. Steve Edgar Says:

    Raccoons crapping on my roof!! My neighbour won’t let me put an electric fence along our adjoining fence. I am desperate!

  294. Jim Wright Says:

    Please e-mail me a copy of your raccoon fact sheet. We have a family of 5 ransacking our neighborhhod in Costa Mesa. The yards involved have no children or pets.


  295. Larry Says:

    Please send your Raccoon Factsheet. The little critters (actually not so little) tear up my lawn, tear down a small royal poinciana tree (four times), and knock over and tearup any new potted plant I put outside.
    Thank you!

  296. Vicky Says:

    Hi there,
    My raccoon..since it’s now like a pet…has been destroying my hummingbird feeders and emptying my bird feeders. Critter Ridder did not work at all…Any ideas?
    Thank you so much!

  297. Kathy Says:

    Hi , We live in South Dakota just a few miles out of the city. When we bought the house it came with outdoor cats…The cats have an outdoor shed that holds their food, water and bedding.. The only access to the shed is to jump up through the window(over 6 feet). There is a ledge that allows the cats to gain access. Well the racoons think they need to come in and eat too…I still havnt figured out why the wash the cat food in the bowl…they must think the cat food is dirty..Ha Ha Anyways..this is the only shelter for our outdoor cats and I cant afford to feed all of the wildlife too…Please help and send a fact sheet!

  298. Sherry Says:


    Ww have a Raccoon pooing on the deck all the time. We have 17 month old baby who cannot be out in the yard for the summer due to this problem. Please send you Raccoon fact sheet.


  299. Robin Branham Says:

    please send me your fact sheet on raccoon’s they have carried off my mom’s birdfeeders and she loves feeding the birds but the raccoon’s not so much.

  300. Stephen Says:

    Having similar issues with a dug up newly sodded lawn. would take any help i can get right now and would appreciate the fact sheet. Thanks.

  301. zhao Yang Says:

    Please send me a electronic copy of “Raccoon Fact Sheet”

    Thank you!

  302. Martha Says:

    Please send me a copy of the fact sheet. We have a raccoon entering our home through the cat door, and also going through our outside garbage cans on a regular basis. Please help! Thank you.

  303. Cookie Friedman Says:

    Please send me a copy of the fact sheet. I have raccoons. eating my tomatoes off my plants. Thank you COOKIE

  304. Kevin Myers Says:

    I have a racoon pooping on my deck every night. Why do you think this is happening and how do I stop this.

    Thank you.

  305. Sammy Says:

    Saw a racoon for the first time last night in my backyard. I live in Brooklyn, NY and didn’t think they were a problem in that area. Appreciate a copy of the fact sheet please.


  306. Kimberly kersten Says:


    We live in the woods and have recently begun to have a problem with raccoons digging up our potted plants. This occurs in the middle of the day or the middle of the night. The pots are often turned over, all the dirt scraped out and plants strewn all over. The roots of the plants are never ALL gone but I think they are partially eaten. Would love a copy of your fact sheet. Thanks!

  307. Marlene English Says:

    Raccoon Fact Sheet

  308. Carolyn Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet. A raccoon or raccoons devoured a chipmunk on my deck and left pieces everywhere. They have also pooped and recently tore up a kids spongey baseball bat all over my yard.

  309. Linda Tincher Says:

    Live near woods and river. Raccoon coming in yard and in daughters play house.

  310. Debbie Kanaly Says:

    I live on a golf course, no fences, and a large pond. I am trying to save my new upholstered patio furniture. Our last set lasted about 10 years, but the cushions (Sunbrella Fabric) have been chewed and or clawed in lots of places. We have lots of racoons, squirrels and skunks all around. Will you send me your fact sheet. We were told to try the coyote urine spray! Thanks

  311. Roger Says:


  312. Ardene Nichols Says:

    May I please request a copy of your racoon fact sheet. Thanks

  313. Kristin Jackson Says:

    Please send the fact sheet – thanks!

  314. wendy Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet!! I am sick of cleaning up loads of raccoon poop from outside my patio doors every morning! Ugh.

  315. lyn cooper Says:

    Please send the fact sheet. I have tried to trap this racoon for 8 nights, but no luck, He comes in the cat door for food in my bedroom.And he can arrive anytime from 8pm to 6am.I cant lock my cat out or lock him in allnight. I thought of building a barricade acrpss the bedroom door of 34 inches high. Could a racoon scale that(my cat can jump it.)

  316. Frederick Drury Says:

    Shoot them. If you don’t have a firearm, use an axe or a shovel. Be prepared to strike repeatedly, protecting your pets can be hard work…

  317. Gary Bogue Says:

    Frederick: That’s silly. You’re not protecting your pets. Raccoons don’t bother them.

  318. Marianne Says:

    Hi Gary. Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. FYI I also sent an email requesting this to your email address that I found elsewhere on your site, so sorry if this is a duplicate request.

    Thanks again.

  319. Amber Says:

    Hi Gary,
    PLEASE send me your raccoon fact sheet! Our grass is being destroyed every night and my lawn has animal feces on it every morning.

  320. Kim Says:

    please send me raccoon fact sheet

  321. Eileen McKim Says:

    please send fact sheet

  322. butch Says:

    last year coons in my attic , trapped abot a dozen , now the suburb I live in does not have traps or removal of the coors from traps . digging up my sod taking bites out of my tomatoes please help ? Thanks gary

  323. John Kobzina Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet.

  324. Mercy Says:

    Could you please send me your fact sheet? I live in Seattle, and I just realized that we have a racoon latrine (not just a large cat latrine, as I previously thought). Thank you.

  325. Steve Idle Says:

    Hi Gary, Please send me your fact sheet on racoons. We have had 2 of them trapped. They were burrowing underneath the pool patio wooden deck and used the top step of the pool to use as their latrine area. Have not had any activity in the last 4 nights, but I am concerned about the poop in the pool and the possibility of roundworm. Any ideas to rid these things?
    Thanks in advance ,
    Steve 9/8/2009

  326. Marco Spadafora Says:

    Hi. Please srnd me the racoon fact sheet. Having poop problems on both of my decks. Thank you!

  327. Joan O'Sullivan Says:

    Please send raccoon fact sheet.

  328. Joan O'Sullivan Says:

    Please send raccoon fact sheet!!!

  329. Kate Lynch Says:

    Please send your raccoon fact sheet! I found a pile of poop on my back deck, my gas grill hose was chewed and tonight I found a walnut fruit right next to the knob that turns on my propane. Maybe my neighbor’s new chicken coop is attracting visitors???

  330. Dorothy Hall Says:

    Desparately need help. Raccoons have a nasty toilet situation under my house. They must be coming in from three counties!! How can I ‘sanitize’ the site?

  331. kathy guia Says:

    Hello. Would appreciate your tips on stopping the raccoons tearing up the lawn. Seems to happen in spring and fall, especially. Looking forward to your fact sheet – thanking you in advance.


  332. Yvonne Says:

    Have racoon(s) defecating on my back fence and just below it. Is a small yard (back of townhouse). Have no pets, no garbage out…etc. Just moving in in 2 weeks. Tired if cleaning up their poop! Also, there are young children next door and I know the feces carries a bad bactieria.
    Thank you. Please send your tips and any ideas to deter them.

  333. Ken Davis Says:

    I have raccoons pooping in my basement window wells. What can I do. Send me your e-mail tips on raccoons.


  334. Barbara Says:

    5 large racoons coming into backyard, please e mail your fact sheet! Sounds like this could be an unhealthy situation.

  335. DRubin Says:

    Please send fact sheet. Appreciate your help.

  336. Holly Says:

    I saw 6 raccoons bathing in my pool last night (Ft. Lauderdale, FL). Please send me your fact sheet. Thanks.

  337. Dede Says:

    Please send me a copy of your Raccoon fact sheet. Thanks.

  338. Jeroen de Groot Says:

    have a problem with a family of raccoons leaving their business in our yard every night. would love your fact sheet (Burnaby, BC) i have caught them in our cherry and plum trees as well. Thanks, Jeroen

  339. A Ship Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet


  340. david bacon Says:

    i would like your raccoon fact sheet as i have a raccoon living in my window well under the dack and would like to evict it.

  341. Bill Says:

    Please send raccoon fact sheet.

  342. Jen Says:

    Hi- Could you send the raccoon fact sheet? We’ve had a ball watching this little family grow up. Our back deck, though, has recently become the “poop deck.”

  343. Kevin Says:

    Hi Gary – Yes we have that problem… raccoon tearing big holes in our lawn every night for about 3 weeks now, they usually came about 3 days and were gone, but this year they are really persistent and keep coming back. We’ve tried a lot of different method, balloons on the lawn works for about 3 days, spread spicy water on the lawn worked but have to do that every night, please send us the raccoon fact sheet, thanks!

  344. debbie Says:

    Please send raccoon fact sheet.

  345. Denise Says:

    Hi there

    Raccoons are tearing up my lawn. I do not have any food or trash outside. I have no pets. I have a large fountain in the front yard. I have seen them bathing in and drinking the water from the fountain at night. They do not eat any of my plants – just dig up the lawn. They have only been here for 2 nights so far. Please send your fact sheet! Help!

  346. Jim from Moose Jaw, SK Says:

    Hi Gary,
    We have just learned that 3 raccoons are enjoying our back yard in the evenings and we’d like to make our yard as unfriendly as possible before they decide to stay.

    Please send a copy of your fact sheet and thank you for providing this service.

  347. Henry Says:

    Gary, have critters will travel. I would veru much like a copy of your Raccoon guide. I will be striving to recalim my lawn.

  348. Mung Riddle Says:

    Hi Gary, Can you send me a copy of your Raccoon Fact Sheet? Thank you!

  349. PJ Says:

    please send me your solutions to my raccoon “issue”. I live in foothills and they seem to have no fear! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  350. Carol Roberts Says:

    Please email your raccoon fact sheet. Thank you.

  351. mary Says:

    please email your raccoon fact sheet. thanks

  352. Elaine Freund Says:

    Please email me the raccoon fact sheet. My lawns have been dug up regularly. I have no pets or food outside.
    November 3 2009
    Thank you,
    Elaine Freund
    email is

  353. carolyn chandler Says:

    please email your raccoon fact sheet lawn dug up every night thanks carolyn

  354. Charlotte Says:

    Please send me a copy of the racoon fact sheet. I have coons using my barn loft for a toilet. thanks

  355. Jill Warren Says:

    Would like your raccoon fact sheet please, thanks.

  356. Borka Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet and any other suggestions you have.
    Raccoons have made a toilet out of my garden and moth balls didn’t work. They are digging my lawn up and every time i step into my back yard i have to be careful not to step into their.. you know what.
    I live in an urban area and this family of raccoons is been arround for a few years now.

    Thank you and i look forward to your reply.

  357. Peter Meyer Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. They have been digging up my front yard most nights for about two months now.

  358. Robert A Werbung Says:

    Please help us. They are ruining the backyard, turning over sod we just had put in this Spring and tearing everything up. There are 4 of them and they come nearly every night.

  359. carol Says:

    Please send your raccoon fact sheet. A raccoon had a great time digging in our back yard last night. Would like to stop him before he makes our home his home. Many Thanks.

  360. JoAnn T Says:

    Please rush me your raccoon fact sheet. That blasted critter is using the flower pots on my deck as a personal toilette. Thanks.

  361. James Wallace Says:

    Gary, I would like a copy of your raccoon facts. I have what appears to be more than one raccoon using my pool as their toliet as well as scat droppings around the overall patio area.

  362. Randall Cox Says:

    Like everyone else my new yard is peeled back around the edges every morning. I have seen Mom and her three little ones. Would like to know if theres something I could sprinkle on the lawn to keep them away so I don’t have to take drastic measures.Please e-mail me a fact sheet.
    Thanks RC

  363. Sharon Gibson Says:

    Please send your raccoon fact sheet. They are digging up my lawn every night–thank you

  364. Mo Quinn Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet. Last night was the last draw. Mom and two cubs were playing/bathing in my fountain and knocked it over approximately 150 lbs. I have to do something..

  365. Whitney Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Please send your Raccoon guide!!! My dad lives in Pasadena, Ca. (The Arroyo area, lots of wildlife!) and he just had a new lawn put in and every morning he comes out to find it rolled up…He was going to trap them but he’s been persuaded against that (after I read your info on the illegality of relocating plus I find it terribly inhumane)…He has just purchased the motion sensor sprinklers, but I was hoping to have some helpful tips for him if that fails to work!
    Thanks in advance, I find your site very educational!

  366. RW Says:

    We have raccoons using our ornamental fountain as their personal bathroom. What can we do to distract them. Thank you.

  367. Max Goldsmith Says:

    Please send fact sheet. I have poop on an otherwise empty deck.

  368. Paul Case Says:

    Please send raccoon fact sheet – thanks!

  369. Carolyn Says:

    Could you please send me the fact sheet.

    I have been taking care of a litter of kittens that was born in my garage last summer. Now I have 5 cats living in my garage and yard (our family is allergic, so they stay outside). For the last 8 months I’ve been feeding them from our porch or in the garage (which has a pet door) with no issues. Recently I noticed the cat food disappearing more quickly than usual and finally came face-to-face with a very brave raccoon.

    Is there any way to continue feeding these cats outside without attracting raccoons? Maybe if I had the food out only during the day?

    Thank you very much.

  370. Elisha Bruins Says:

    love it all day long

  371. Chris L. Says:

    Hi Gary, seems the racoons have decided to attack our outdoor cat so I could certainly use some idea how to help with them. I’d considered the purchase of a pellet gun, but I don’t know how effective or legal that would be so any ideas would be helpful.

  372. Ken Says:

    Please email raccoon fact sheet.

  373. Priscilla Says:

    send information.

  374. Pat Leonard Says:

    Please send me your “Racoon Fact Sheet”, as I need to know what to do to eliminate the latrine that has been established in a corner next to my house.

    Thanks, Pat Leonard

  375. Rebecca Says:

    Please send your fact sheet.


  376. M. Marion Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet on how to keep the Racoon’s out of our barn and cat food.


  377. D. J. Wilson Says:

    Unable to remove raccoon from garage–boarded up broken window and he pulls it open. Used loud music from radio–no luck. The poop is all over the place as well as the items he has knocked off the shelves and out of overhead storage. Please send your fact sheet. Thanks.

  378. Angela Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Can you please send me some information on how to get rid of raccoons?

    Thanks very much!

  379. Joe Says:

    Need Racoon Fact Sheet. They are tearing roofs.

  380. CrissieC Says:

    have had a racoon problem for a while but it is getting annoying now. They are ripping up all my lawn and now have taken to using the roof outside my babies window and their personal litterbox… how do I fix these problems?


  381. patricia duval Says:

    really need a copy of your help book re racoons they are becoming a problem. i live in n vancouver bc. thanks

  382. Valerie Says:

    Can you please send me teh raccoon sheet too??/ Have a family living under my porch – cute – but they have been trying to get into our house…!
    Valerie in NY

  383. Evelyn Denizard Says:

    I have a loud family of raccoons under my house. I’ve tried several replellents to no avail. Please send your fact sheet. Need help in Yonkers NY!

  384. Shawn Indrerd Says:

    please send me the raccoon fact sheet.
    i have recently started fining animal feces in my yard almost every morning. i can’t swear they are from a raccoon. but i have seen the coons around, and they are too big for cats and squirrels.

  385. ellyn Says:

    We get visited most nights by anywhere between 4-12 raccoons (more during hot, summer months). We have a pool and they like drink the water. Then they often hang out and play. It wakes us up at night and we have to go out and scare them away. I want to grow vegetables and am afraid I’ll just attract more and make it harder, let alone not having any tomatoes for myself! I tried putting bowls of ammonia out around the edges of the pool, but it evaporates pretty quickly and certainly isn’t a permanent solution. I’ve seen them walk around the bowls!

  386. ellyn Says:

    We get visited most nights by anywhere between 4-12 raccoons (more during hot, summer months). We have a pool and they like drink the water. Then they often hang out and play. It wakes us up at night and we have to go out and scare them away. I want to grow vegetables and am afraid I’ll just attract more and make it harder, let alone not having any tomatoes for myself! I tried putting bowls of ammonia out around the edges of the pool, but it evaporates pretty quickly and certainly isn’t a permanent solution. I’ve seen them walk around the bowls! Please send your fact sheet.

  387. eolus Says:

    Please send me the Racoon Fact Sheet.. Than you sooo much! to :

  388. Lynne Says:

    Please send me the raccoon fact sheet! Thank you

  389. Alan Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Out here in the East Bay, California.

    Please send Racoon Fact Sheet. Need help ASAP!


  390. premica Says:

    Racoons have destroyed my lawn. I repaired the lawn but they were back for a second time. what is the solution? I have no pets or fruit trees in my yard.

  391. Danielle Cadiou Says:

    Please send me raccoon fact sheet. thank you

  392. Cindy Hanson Says:

    I adore watching this 3rd generation family of racoons in my yard – 12 years now. But this past 2 years – pooping on our deck against the house windows is becoming horrible. No food, the bird feeders are removed nightly and there is no reason for them to come up…just seems it is one of their communal toilets now. I’ve tried the store bought granuals…etc. Help! I will not remove or kill them. They were here first.

  393. Frederick Drury Says:

    GARY: You sir, are predator ignorant if you think Raccoons do not present a direct threat to cats. A full grown Raccoon will kill and partially feed on a small pet, cat size and smaller. I lost three cats over a period of two months until I discovered a bear cub sized Raccoon had been killing my pets and dragging them behind a neighbors pool heater housing, partially eating them. A firearm is best but a heavy shovel will pass for effective area denial.

  394. Barbara Says:

    Interesting that owner ignorance doesn’t exist, even if it involves the death of more than one cat in a short timespan. Domesticated v. wild should take natural precedence. And, if it doesn’t, resolution comes by way of firearms or heavy shovels.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  395. Lisa Says:

    Please send raccoon fact sheet they are tearing up our yard. We have no pets.

  396. Joan Says:

    Need the racoon fact sheet fast.
    Raccoons have totally destroyed back yard sod and each year lift up roof shingles until roof leaks in kitchen. Appear to live in our pool shed and under our back porch

  397. Marek M Says:

    please send me your racoon fact sheet – I’ve been fighting them for 2-3 years now digging up one back lawn. They live next door in the neighbor’s yard.

  398. joyce lawrence Says:

    please send me your raccoon fact sheet
    i have a raccoon poop outside my front door every morning

  399. Kirsten Says:

    please send me your raccoon fact sheet and any recommendations you have for deterring raccoons from climbing onto our roof. We don’t have any pets or birdseed and for some strange reason, once or twice a year our neighbourhood raccoon decides our roof is a great place to climb onto at 3am!


  400. Nora McGuire Says:

    They are the nerviest creatures I’ve ever seen. I would shine a lite into the backyard and they just sit there looking at me and move closer to me. Then their friends pop up from the left direction. I also hear them attacking cats so I go to the screen door and scream … they stop then … but only for a bit.

    I would appreciate your raccoon fact sheet …

    Thank you.

  401. Vera Lo Says:


    I have a raccoon under my house. I’d like to get it out from under the house and put up some wire mess to keep them from going back under the house.

    Can you please send me your fact sheet?


  402. Patricia Cordell Says:

    In December, I moved into a suburban house that had been empty for two years. Neighbors tell me during that time raccoons tore the roof off and nested in the attic. They say our back yard was a raccoon playground day and night. The roof was replaced one year ago.
    Now spring is bringing warm weather and suddenly my old standard poodle will not go potty in the back yard. He just stands outside by the back door and will poop right at the back door on the deck or even in the house. He’s never done this in 12 years. In addition, my indoor tom cat has developed a fascination with the back door and has begun yowling at the same door from 11 pm to 1 am. Two nights ago our tom darted out the door as I was letting our dog back inside, running straight to under the deck as if chasing something. A split second later he was back at the door scratching and yowling to be let in. The following night he began peeing inside the house at the same back door and at about the same time of the night. He has never done this stuff in the seven years we have owned him.
    Our vet thinks something is stressing out my pets. We’ve installed a Feliway plugin near the door. The vet also suggests covering the lower part of our windows so the pets can’t see what is scaring them outside.
    Our backyard is small, completely fenced in, with 5 70-ft tall doug firs. I see a lot of squirrels running about, but never anything else. I do see large white splats on the cement and the deck at times but thought that was just BIG birds. What does raccoon poo look and smell like? We have no flowers, fruit, pet food, nor water….just pine needles and cones.
    Could I please have a copy of your raccoon fact sheet and some advice? I’m going nuts cleaning up all the poo inside my home. Thanks.

  403. Rich Poltorak Says:

    Hello, Please send fact sheet. Raccoon damage to garden in older inner-ring West suburban Chicago. Neighbors feed them! They zero in on different parts of the garden. I can no longer grow alliums or tomatoes or green peppers. They are digging up perennials, appear to be digging away at roots. On hot summer days they appear to be fighting (cat sounds) or maybe even having sex??? Hard to tell … Do they live under decks? Most of the damage takes place later in the summer when it gets hot. Not sure why …

    Thanks, Rich

  404. Angela Evans Says:

    Hi, If you could send the fact sheet it would be appreciated. I have young children, a kitten, and a small dog. I saw a raccoon pop its head out of the culvert at the end of my driveway when I went to get the mail. Then today, I had company come to my front porch and they said the raccoon was sitting in my flower bed staring at them. In the middle of the day! It explains some poop we have not identified on our driveway. We keep our trash in a bin in our garage which is not accessible. We do not have a crawl space, our deck is two story, so nowhere to hide there, nor do we have a cat/dog door. So I’m not too concerned about them getting in the house. I am concerned about my kids. Please any advice appreciated. Thankyou.

  405. dick Says:

    please send raccoon fact sheet.

  406. james hackler Says:

    I have a raccoon pooping on my front porch (wood) almost every night. How do I stop them from doing this and how do you clean it up, for it always leaves a stain on my wood. Thanks

  407. Kathy Says:

    Like others, I have a problem with raccoons pooping in our garden. We have no food sources anywhere in our yard or our neighbors yard. If your fact sheet has suggestions for how to deter them, please send it. Thanks.

  408. Esen Says:

    Hi there,
    There are raccoons under my house. They have torn the shingles/wood on the side of my house and made a huge hole. I’m afraid that they will start chewing on electrical wires or break the plumbing. Please send your raccoon fact sheet.

  409. kj Says:

    Hi there,
    I have raccoon establishing a latrine IN THE MIDDLE of my beautiful creeping phlox. I have cleaned it once and regrettably tore up the area (I have sm children and this bed is at their chest level). They have come back. How can I stop them from using this area.
    Also, please send me your fact sheet. Thank you.

  410. Carol Lohr Says:

    We have a small hill in our front yard. As of yet we have not gotten it landscaped, and it is mostly sugar sand. This morning a large portion of the hill was dug up with holes, basically torn up. We live in south cental Wisconsin. We so have Racoons here, but never have we had them do this. Please send me a copy of your Racoon facts sheet and also any input on whether or not you think this is actually a racoon, would be helpful
    Thank you

  411. Ruth Vandemark Says:

    I would like your fact sheet “How to get rid of racoons”
    i live in a three story aprtment and am directly across the street of the garbage can for 9 apartments. So for the last three years after the racoons eat the trash, they come and use my wooden porch as their bathroom. Last summer, I used anomina and that seems to work or so I thought. No more problem til about a month ago when they left a present for me and evrynight almost since.

  412. deedee lee Says:

    We have a racoon (I seen it finally last night) that keeps pooping outside of a certain window. It never deters from that window. I have cleaned the poo up and poured vinegar, amonia and it still keeps coming back… Help.

  413. Mary Lou Zilko Says:

    Help! I saw a raccoon running down my driveway about a week ago. Today I opened the shed & found that “something” had knocked stuff over, and there was poop in front of the fridge. Hubby went into the loft of the shed & saw a “small” raccoon! I never saw him move so fast! I’m calling the boro tomorrow, and going out now to put bleach soaked t shirts around—but would appreciate an other info you could share. I appreciate finding this site! Thanks.

    Mary Lou

  414. Roberta Stuart Says:

    Here it is spring and I would like to plant flowers in my deck planters but the raccoons have already dug at the dirt and last year they dug out the newly planted flowers. I live in the woods and do not have a garden so these planters are my only choice. They also dug out last years fall mums already so I need help with keeping them at bay. Send me the fact sheet and I hope there is an answer for me on it. I cannot “fence in” a planter.
    Thanks a lot

  415. kay Says:

    please send raccoon info, we live in a mobile home but we have a dog, we are not directly bothered by raccoons, b ut most of our neighbors on the other side of the court, which backs up to a creek, are being harrassed nightly, with the skirting torn and or pushed aside, etc. Please email facts, thank you.

  416. mark stephenitch Says:

    racoons living under storage shed in back yard away from house. no food or water in shed. how do i get them out? smoke bomb? i do not want them reproducing.


  417. alieb Says:

    Great info! Dealing with a raccoon in our attic. Already set a trap on the roof. Although, she’s not falling for it. We watched one evening, saw the raccoon jump right over the trap. Lovely, we got ourselves a smart one! Please send your fact sheets. Would be very helpful.
    Thank you,

  418. Kelli Says:

    Please email your fact sheet, I have a raccoon terrorizing me at night and I’m afraid to let my yorkie out after dark, its also peeing and pooping on my deck. There may be two, it sounds like a fight some evenings and fur all over. email

  419. kelli Says:

    please email fact sheet to

  420. Christine Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. We have raccoons pooping in our fountain!

    Thank you!

  421. roberto Says:

    Backyard looks like a warzone. Now they are going for the roof! Please send factsheet.

  422. Ken Jackson Says:

  423. Allison Sparrow Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet! Thanks!

  424. Mark L Says:

    Please send your raccoon fact sheet. Got mama and babies in the window well. Thanks!

  425. Robin Says:

    please send me your raccoon fact sheet, they are using our back steps as a toilet.

  426. Kelly Schmader Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. We live in a townhome and have had a raccoon trying to get our trash. I solved that problem, but now it keeps pooping in the same corner of the house by the trash can. I tried ammonia and mothballs (saw this tip on another site), but it keeps doing it in the same place. Thanks for the help.

  427. Cam Woolvett Says:

    Hi…We have had raccoons crapping on our back deck in the same place, on a window sill, over the last month or so. It’s always in the same place. Last year they were crapping on the lower back roof, once again on the window sill. Is there some way to stop them from doing this. Any suggestion would be appreciated…thanks, Cam

  428. Gary Wylie Says:

    Hello, just found a mother and what seem to be very young in out carriage house upstairs.Pls send your tip sheet.With thanks.

  429. Mary Says:

    Hi Gary. Please send racoon fact sheet. My dog just alerted us to a huge racoon up in a tree in our yard – mid morning.

  430. holly mccarthy Says:

    please send raccoon brochure–think I have poop on second story deck

    thank you

  431. Bill G Says:

    Please send me the racoon fact sheet

  432. Julie Says:

    Need the raccoon info. We have been invaded by a large mail who has claimed our fountain for his private privie. Makes me sad last year we had a cute family of 4 and no problems. Oh well, it’s time for them to move on… Thanks

  433. Beth Says:

    Raccoons are climbing up to my deck and emptying the contents of my flower pots. I have to bring all of my birdfeeders into the garage every night, or they will rip down the feeders and eat the contents.

  434. Marie Says:


    I read about your raccoon fact sheet in a California blog. What a kind service for you to provide! I’d really appreciate getting a copy of the fact sheet, as I have been getting nightly “toilet” visits from a raccoon on my back deck.

    Thank you!

  435. George Fink Says:

    Please send me information on Raccoon habits. We have one visit us each night and uses our deck as its latrine. Thank you.

  436. Francine Says:

    Pls send Raccoon fact sheet. Thank you

  437. Cynde Barker Says:

    Raccoons destroying my freshly planted flowers, hosta’s. May I please have your Fact Sheet? Thank You.

  438. Denise Says:

    Please send the fact sheet. These things are pooping on every step!

  439. Andrea Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Please e-mail me a copy of your raccoon fact sheet. I have a raccoon coming in through my cat door at night. Any details about deterring them (aside from the obvious — remove all food sources, etc) would be greatly appreciated. Is it true they are averse to orange oil?
    Thank you for your help!

  440. D yerxa Says:

    Raccoons keep pooping in my pool. They only do it @ night. They only go on the steps not the deep end. I have blocked the steps but as soon as I take the barricade down they’re @ it again. Please help!

  441. Tammy Dudley Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  442. Jennifer Smith Says:

    Hello Gary,

    Could you please send me your fact sheet on raccoons. We live on 8 acres surrounded by 80 acres of nature preserve and are having some problems with the raccoons. They’ve been getting into our bird feeders, although we’re working on some methods to keep them out. We recently got a couple kittens and I’m worried about hurting or killing them. Thanks in advance!

  443. Eva Says:

    Please send me your racoon fact sheet. A rAcoon has been digging up my plants I would like to find a way to keep it out of my yard, thank you very much .

  444. dallas Says:

    –Raccoons have been using my pool waterfall stones as a latrine all winter and spring when the cover was on.Cover is off now, and I’ve cleaned off the rocks, but am worried that the pool water might already be contaminated by the parasites/diseases in raccoon feces. One site I read said that chlorine only dissolved the outer membrane of the roundworm egg, but does not kill them. Is this true?
    –I’ve read about pepper based raccoon repellents that can be sprayed on things, but it needs to be reapplied after every rain. Plus, if I spray it on the waterfall, it would drain down the rocks into the pool, too!
    –Please send your fact sheet. Help!

  445. joan carr Says:

    please send your list thank you

  446. Emma Riebot Says:

    Hey Gary,
    PLEASE E-mail me a copy of your raccoon fact sheet.
    I have a mother raccoon and it’s young every night shitting on my back porch I have no idea why I just moved in there is no garbage on my porch or any food I don’t understand why they are targeting me! I am afraid that they are going to kill my kitten and maybe bit me
    What can I do???

  447. Claudia lesnick Says:

    This is the worst year ever for koi pond has a net and an electric fence so far so good. But. The pests are pooping on top of my aviary and also in my small fountain. Please send me your raccoon facts . I love your column. Thx claudia

  448. Janice Says:

    Please send raccoon fact sheet. We have a mother and three babies living under our deck. Thanks.

  449. Joyce Haskins Says:

    Help! I’ve lived in the same house for more than 15 years. This is the first year that raccoons have used our deck for their bathroom. It seems that they only use it after I clean up the poop, and they use a different spot almost every time. They have even pooped on the stairs. We don’t have any food sources for them or pet doors either (thank God- I couldn’t stand the thought of them coming into the house). Our house is at the top of a hill and the deck is high off the ground. There is a pond with woods on 3 sides at the bottom of the hill,so I don’t understand why they come all the way up the hill to poop on the deck. Please send the information so I can discourage them. Thank you in advance.

  450. Shirley Haulotte Says:

    I have a racoon pooping on my second floor balcony. I need a deterrent! Please send your fact sheet. Thank you!

  451. Cathi Says:

    Please send fact sheet on raccoons.
    We wake up every morning to new raccoon poop on our deck. I have no pets. I do have potted herbs on deck. There is an evergreen tree with red berries near deck and the poop contains what appears to be undigested berries. Are my herbs safe to use? How can I get this critter to leave?

  452. jackie weaver Says:

    please send me your raccoon fact sheet. we have been having raccoon problems for months.

  453. Lisa Clark Says:

    have terrible problem w/raccoons accessing attic – even after having roofer close their entrances. How to deter them entering. Please email your fact sheet!

  454. Mary Cardyn Says:

    We have a deck next to the roof of our porch. The raccoons have been pooping on the roof, and it’s become a huge problem. Raccoons have lived under our house for years, but this current bunch is bad news! How do we stop them from using the porch roof as a toilet??

  455. Edie Olson Says:

    I would love your raccoon fact sheet.
    Thank You

  456. Hanna Says:

    We live in the suburbs and the roof of my neighbour’s potting shed is about 2 feet away from my deck and outdoor dining set… and is usually covered in raccoon poop. Please send your fact sheet, I would love to know what to do! Thanks!

  457. Rose Farnham Says:

    We have a raccoon family living under our house and in our shed. They had destroyed some articles. What is the best way to get them out.

  458. Joyce T Says:

    I had two raccoons come in thru the doggie door. One left out the front door as we were shooing them, the other went into my office!!

    Well, I turned on the radio in the office to a hard rock station (punk rock/heavy metal) and played it as loud as it would go and left the front door open…didn’t take long. :0) Out he went….now they stay outside at least.

    Please send me your fact sheet on raccoons.

  459. Joyce T Says:

    I read your fact sheet and really like the idea of leaving on a radio at night and possibly lights..I do leave lights on in the back deck and haven’t had them return…haven’t tried the radio on the lower lawn yet…am going to try it tonight. :0)

  460. Joyce T Says:

    Re: Raccoons coming back in thru the doggie door…I have surrounded it with 4 ft. high removable fencing (sold at pet stores) and put paper down in case my dog needs to go potty and can’t wait until morning, when I remove the fencing. It works really well and lets me sleep at night. That’s also where I leave the light on at night. If they come back, will try adding a radio. :0)

  461. Joyce T Says:

    Last night my friend tried the ammonia-soaked cloths. They put them in buckets and threw them under her deck…no raccoons this morning. :0)

  462. Dianne Breslar Says:

    We live in rural area. Have a problem with racoons coming up onto the second story balcony and leaving scat everywhere. We are no longer feeding birds on that balcony, but they seem to be there all the time.

    Is there anything at all we can do? We would be trapping from now until forever to get all of the coons away from our home!


  463. Sue Beatty Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. A raccoon is pooping in my parent’s pool.


  464. Sandy D Says:

    Please send the raccoon fact sheet. Thanks!

  465. CA Says:

    please send me your raccoon fact sheet.

  466. Jack Says:

    Please send me a copy of you raccoon fact sheet. I have two feral cats living in the garage. I leave the window cracked open about 4 inches so they can come and go. Recently two raccoons have bee getting into the garage, eating the food and making a mess.

  467. Silvia Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet regarding Raccoon pooping in my pool.

  468. Karen Says:

    I am having the same issues with my pool. I feel like Wile E Coyote trying to catch the Roadrunner with everything I’ve tried to keep them out of my pool. I’ve tried lots of “Acme” suggestions but with no success. I’ve created a fort around the steps, put out mothballs, amonia, a tarp, but nothing is keeping them out. Please send me a fact sheet so I can hopefully get rid of these pests safely.

  469. Tafi Downing Says:

    I would love a fact sheet….I LOVE the raccoons I have by my home but there are two downsides that if you hve answers for I would appreciate it….1) I cannot get the discoloration of their feces out of my car’s white paint (berry juice maybe); they drop from a large Oak Tree above my driveway several nights a week and it is awful on the carwash bill and the paint alike……2) How can I get the feces off of my driveway; it is so hard after a short time that I almost need a spray pressure washer to do it….3) worst case scenario – what will make them live elsewhere???? I was feeding feral cats that are “fixed” and originally that’s why my place was a favorite hangout, but I’ve quit night-time feedings now; they’ve decided to stay anyways and I think they might even be eating in the daytime now too.

  470. Tommy Knudsen Says:

    Hello, your Racoon Fact Sheet sounds like it may be a great help. We have one or more racoons camping out at night in the front of our house among an area of furns.
    They are leaving us nightly droppings along with digging up the lawn, and i am hoping that there is a chemical or something that will make them decide to find another place to hang around
    Milwaukee Wisconsin

  471. JO Says:


  472. Jeff Says:

    Recently had a deck built on the back of our house and about a week later we had raccoon poop in three spots on the deck. There is nothing on the deck but furniture… There is no trash or food back there (we have an indoor cat) so I am not sure what is attracting them. I had a company come out and trap 2 and remove them that seemed to be living underneath and then cleaned up the deck and enclosed the bottom so they could no longer get under there but now 3 weeks later there is poop again… bummer!! I have used a product called critter ridder with limited results but I am not sure what to do next… Please send your fact sheet!!!!

  473. Susan Says:

    PLEASE email me the Racoon fact sheet!
    I can not get the ‘coons from pooping all over
    my deck!

  474. Allie Says:

    Please email the raccoon doc! Just tonight I went to let our outside cat in through our glass sunroom door…well i thought it was our outside cat until my opening the door scared the daylights out of what turned out to be a raccoon which ricocheted off of all the walls of our sunroom then went out the door! We are worried for our cat which is fed outside and need a humane way to scare off this raccoon but not our cat!
    please help asap!

  475. Jess Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. Looking for strategies to keep raccoons out of a cat door.

  476. Jossie Says:

    Please I would like to receive your raccoon fact sheet – Thank You!

  477. Claudia Bellevue Says:

    Please send me your fac t sheet. Thankd you

  478. Anthony Ramos Says:

    Please I would like to receive your raccoon fact sheet – Thank You!

  479. Bruce Vickroy Says:

    hi Gary, Can you please email us the raccoon booklet. We have a fenced in backyard 6 ft. high, that some kind of animal is pooping on the lawn. Big poop. The neighbor said that it could be raccoon. The lawn is not dug up. My wife went on google and read that we needed to get some raccoon repellent, so I got some some stuff called Critter Ridder at the feed store in Livermore, where we lived sent 08/13/10 2:35p.Thank you, hope to hear from soon…ps read your column in the Tri Valley Herald..

  480. Laurie Says:

    Racoons are constantly using our inground pool as their personal bathroom. Please send your fact sheet. We want to use our pool! Thank you!

  481. Kathie Bailey Says:

    Raccoons in the attic and crawl space. Please send your raccoon fact sheet. Thanks, Gary!

  482. Margaret Says:

    Please send your racoon fact sheet-thanks!

  483. Jennifer Goldbeck Says:

    Please send me a copy of your raccoon fact sheet and any suggestions you have about how to protect a three tier fountain from raccoon access

    Thank you so much!

  484. Lisa Says:

    Please send fact sheet. Thank you!

  485. Bernie Morris Says:

    I have Racoons pooping near my roof top heater/airconditioner. They are pooping at the base of the unit where the vent enters the house. I just found this tonight. I can’t keep them from getting on the roof because of fences. Any suggetions?

    I would like a copy of your “Racoon Fact Sheet”

    Thank You

  486. darel buchholzer Says:

    please send raccoon fact sheet

  487. Bob Says:

    We have raccoons pooping on our brandnew, expensive deck in the same spot as the old deck. How do I make them go away?
    Is the answer in your fact sheet?

  488. Kole Says:

    5 racoons living under my mobile home. would love ideas on how to get rid of them. They get up in the floor by the heat duct.

  489. barbara strad Says:

    Dear Gary, We have raccoons using our roof as a latrine. This has been going on for quite awhile. They have easy access because of an oak tree next to the house. I would like a copy of your “Raccoon Fact Sheet” Thank you very much, Barbara

  490. Sharon Bayley Says:

    We have a mansard roof (flat) and no attic. We discovered racoons getting up on the roof last night. What are they looking for in September? In my old house I had them in the attic in the spring, but never in the fall. Are they looking for a den?

    Please send the Racoon fact sheet! Thank you

  491. Susan Phillips Says:

    I have raccoons eating my fish out of my pond. Do motion detector sprinklers work? Or should I bite the bullet and pay to have the three raccoons (mom dad and baby) removed? I am afraid my dogs are going to get hurt. They keep treeing them .

  492. Susan Phillips Says:

    I would like your fact sheet please

  493. Krista Says:

    Help! We just got our first house and a raccoon has decided our deck and yard is it’s personal latrine. It’s becoming more frequent and preventing us from enjoying our outdoors.

    From reading the other posts we think the coon is also to blame for the small holes all over the front and backyard. We have no pets, no garbage or fruit sources in our yard. We’ve tried critter rider but everytime it rains we have to reapply ($$$) If you could send a copy or your “Raccoon Fact Sheet” we’d greatly appreciate any advice before spending money on a trapping service.

  494. Sue Says:

    There is one in our basement right now. Help! Please send your fact sheet!

  495. Barb Henderson Says:

    Thanks for your help! They are leaving their calling cards nightly on our deck!

  496. Karen Says:

    Hi, a raccoon has been using our deck and outdoor furniture covers as its bathroom. Its been driving the family crazy as our dog Sammy hears the raccoon outside and starts barking/whining in the middle of the night while hubby and I are trying to sleep. Last night, Sammy woke us up in a frenzy and when we looked out, the raccoon was on the fence between our house and the neighbors staring back at us. Please email me your fact sheet! Thank you in advance!

  497. Lynn Says:

    Looking forward to seeing how to stop raccoons from using the roof as a private toilette!

  498. Robin Says:

    Please send your fact sheet. I am trying to save my landscaping.

    Also, do you have any suggestions on how to deal with our neighbor down the street who has decided that he is a savior to the local urban raccoon population here in Berkeley? He misguidedly feeds them bags of dog food nightly. He rents. I don’t think he has considered what will happen if and when he moves. Hmm, maybe a discussion with his landlord?

  499. Bert Says:

    email Raccoon Fact Sheet

  500. john jancoski Says:

    Raccoon poop on the roof problems ! Is your info book still available ? If so would like the info .. Thanks ! keep up the good work .

  501. Steve Arnold Says:

    Please email me a copy of your fact sheet.

    Thank you

  502. Esther Law Says:

    We have raccoon poop in our deck 3 times a week. We tried putting a mouse trap, it stopped for a while, and this morning, the mouse trap is full of poop, and it did not even go off. HELP! Please e-mail us your Raccoon Fact Sheet. Thanks!

  503. Rick Says:

    I’d LOVE to get a copy of your Raccoon Fact Sheet – I have a big problem with these damn animals here – and one of my considerations in terms of what to do – is that I cannot do anything that will threaten or harm my out door cats. I REALLY want to do SOMETHING!


  504. Roberta Says:

    Please send your raccoon fact sheet. They have taken a few hunks out of my lawn. They spend time under my deck. They keep tearing a hole in the lattice work around the bottom. Thank you.

  505. Waseem Says:

    need a copy of ur fact sheet as well..thanks

  506. Waseem Says:

    It seems from my research that i read on interweb…that racoons dont like the smell of i will experiment to soak cotton cloth with ammonia and keep it where racoons sit or sleep and see if that gets then going??lol Ammonia from left over Hair dye pack.

  507. Linda Phebus Says:

    Lynn says,Please send me a copy of your racoon fact sheet. Thank you

  508. Frank Bruno Says:

    Hi Gary:
    Raccoon tearing up my back yard here in Franklin Square, Long Island, NY. Please send a copy of your fact sheet.
    Thanks so much.

  509. Karina Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Raccoons are digging up our yard–help! Could you please email me a copy of the fact sheet.


  510. eric Says:

    email me the raccoon fact sheet. thanks.

  511. lou siskind Says:

    Please e-mail me a fact sheet on racoons. I am about ready to go the Davey Crockett route and make a coonskin cap.

  512. Shawn Says:

    SOD flipping problems! Please send me a fact sheet. Thank you.

  513. Julie Alis Says:

    Raccoon Fact Sheet needed! Please help–we’ve tried everything out on the market to no avail.

    Thank you,

    Julie Alis

  514. Peggy Says:

    I would like a copy of your fact sheet. I have raccoons pooping in the exact same spot on my 2nd story deck…

  515. Connie Says:

    Please forward your fact sheet I have raccoons tearing up my front lawn. I just put in a new back lawn, but they haven’t hit that YET.


  516. Kathy Gilcrest Says:

    Gary —

    Please send me a copy of your Raccoon Help article. Thank you.


  517. jackie Says:

    We have three raccoons that visit our garden a few days a week (climbing over our side fence). They tear up the lawn, but other than that they’ve not been too invasive – until last week when we heard them fighting with another animal (and killing it). I want them gone now as this was really brutal and quite frightening.

  518. Twyla Carpenter Says:

    I have raccoons coming in my cat door in my shop. Do you have any secrets. I leave on a radio, spray that nasty smelling spray to keep them away….HA! Nothing is working.

  519. Ellie Says:

    Please send Racoon Fact Sheet for which I say thanks!

    My visitor has set up house in a high gutter and has chewed shingles and roof wood at the site.

  520. Michelle Says:


    I’m in need of help as well as the raccoons are tearing up our lawn on a daily basis.

    Thanks in advance,

  521. Jonas Minton Says:

    Please send us a fact sheet. Thank you.


  522. amy Says:

    Hi we need help with raccoons! Thanks.

  523. Harlan Says:

    Raccoon Fact Sheet. Please.

  524. Mandi Says:

    We had racoon’s and skunks living under our mobile home for a few years. Now we can smell the pee and poop coming up from the floors of the mobile home. It ever cabinet etc. Is this bad for our health?

  525. Bud Brinker Says:

    Please send a copy of “Racoon Fact Sheet.”

    Thank you. My lawn is a mess.

  526. Marjory Butler Says:

    I do TNR in my neighborhood. I take the food up at 10:30 PM and do raccoon patrol until then. I would like a Raccoon fact sheet as they are creating a big problem for me and I am afraid they will injure or kill one of the smaller cats. Thanks

  527. Robert Caldwell Says:

    I need your booklet on Raccoons. We woke up this morning and the front grass was all tore up. My neighbors was also to the east of me and also to the north of me. We live in Livonia Michigan 30 minutes west of detroit. I had no idea that in Mid November this would happen. Thanks

  528. Jerry Lone Says:

    I planted turf this last summer next to my new water feature with falls, but no pond. The grass looked great for a week and then began developing yellowbrown patches, followed by the death of the lawn in these areas. I re-seeded to no avail as new spots keep popping up. I think the racoons are peeing on the lawn and using the water feature as their own private spa… Send your tips please and any condolences you think appropriate…

  529. kevin Says:

    please send! I got racoon problems!

  530. kevin Says:

  531. Mika Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet. Raccoon is coming through dog door to eat food. If I am home, I lock the door. However, my indoor/outdoor cat would not like being in the house for days if I am out of town. Thanks!

  532. Beth Says:

    In the horse barn I volunteer at there is a short slightly angled roof inside the barn that the raccoons get on top of and poop on. The raccoons are dangerous for the horses as they can transmit disease to them so I ‘d like to stop them from getting up there. The roof is next to the horses so solutions like coyote urine are out of the question. There are about 20 horses so trying to keep food on the ground picked up is nearly impossible. Trash is covered and trash bags are closeted until time for disposal. Any suggestions?

  533. gretchen Says:

    I think the racoons are tearing up my yard, but the bigger problem is that they are pooping in my bird bath. How can I stop this?

    many thanks,

  534. Lori Says:

    Hi Gary,
    I also sent you an email. We’re having trouble with what I think is Raccoon excrement. I see your fact sheet includes the proper way to dispose of this. I’d really like to get them to stop leaving it on my deck. Please send me a copy of your raccoon publication.


  535. Kallie in FL Says:

    Raccoons pooping in pool:
    Months ago we had a trapper trap 5 crappers plus one possum ($50 each for humane removal. We floated a plastic alligator head and were critter crapper free until now…THEY’RE BACK! Guess he/she/they figured out that there is no such thing as a bodyless alligator. Yesterday we vacuumed the pool,loaded it with chlorine & blocked the entrance to the first step (where he does the dirty deed) We discovered this a.m. that our efforts were all for naught. PLEASE send your fact sheet a.s.a.p. Thank you…Kallie

  536. Shan Says:

    I have racoons eating my koi fish, even with an electric fence. All 19 of them were eaten!! Withs just heads and body parts left for me to fine.
    Please send me your fact sheet!!

  537. Penby Says:

    Hi, I live in Illinois and I have Raccoons living under my deck (just found them) and since I have a dog, I am very very worried (scared to death) about Baylisascariasis. We are starting to thaw from 20″ of snow and I can’t find any latrines. May I please have a copy of you fact sheet.
    Thank You!!!

  538. Monica Says:

    We love to see racoons and birds in our garden, but recently racoons are pooping in our pool. Not on the edge, but actually inside the shallower areas, i.e. steps in the water and a very shallow part of the pool – again under water.

    Do you know why they would do this, rather than just poop on the terrace or lawn surrounding the pool?

    How can we stop them.

    Hope you can help,


  539. Liz Kaiser Says:

    Raccoons are tearing up the corners of my roof! HELP!

  540. cp holesa Says:

    Would a raccoon tear shred a dead log looking for food?
    The downed tree is shredded clear in to the center in 4 areas each about 10 ” wide> If not a coon then what?

    Also, Please send a act sheet. Thanks

  541. June Green Says:

    I have raccoons under my house. Would you please send me your free book. Thanks.

    I recently requested this, but I must have done something wrong because I didn’t receive it.

  542. Judith R Gentry Says:

    We have 2 raccoons who are hanging out in our backyard every night. I’m concerned my dog (lab mix) will tangle with one of them. We live on the edge of a woods and marsh, so know they are in the area; just would like to keep them from the yard. We don’t feed our dog outside, they seem to be eating the squirrel’s acorns and maybe insects. I’d like your info sheet, thanks.

  543. Eve Murphy Says:

    Please send fact sheet!

  544. Jennifer Says:

    Please send the fact sheet. Raccoons are pooping on our deck several nights every week.

  545. jed snatic Says:

    looking for the raccoon fact sheet
    They are taking over my pool

  546. Barb Maher Says:

    I would appreciate you sending me a copy of your Raccoon fact sheet. We live in a wooded area in Ontario.The raccoons have been tearing up the back lawn for 2 years and I can’t take it anymore.Thanks for your help.

  547. Gerri Smith Says:

    please send me racoon fact sheet!

  548. Gerri Smith Says:

    They are taking over my back yard!

  549. John McFadden Says:


    I have a raccoon who likes defecating on my porch. Looking for a way to change that behavior. Would you please send me your fact sheet.

    Many thanks,


  550. Lizzy Says:

    Please send me your racoon fact sheet;
    he/she keeps pooping on our deck….ick!
    thanks so much!!!!!

  551. C K Says:

    Yesterday I noticed three baby raccoons in my window well. The mother comes by, I guess to take care of them. We are worried that the flimsy cracked window leading to our basement may break. Is there a way to encourage them to move, or are we better off just leaving them alone? How long to they keep a nest? They are very cute but we don’t want them to take over the lawn and the mother doesn’t like it when we are in our basement. She snaps at the window, so we keep the shade pulled. Montana.

  552. Risa V. Says:

    I can’t take it anymore. I have found a huge racoon twice in my kitchen which is next to the garage. There is an opening to the under crawl space which my cat uses to get in and out of the house. I actually caught a racoon trying to drag the cat food bag into the garage. I yelled and it dropped the bag and ran…cat food all over the place. I have heard them scream, scratch and cause all sorts of commotion under the house and it was really scarey. it sounded like somebody was trying to violently break into the house. I’m scared they are going to kill my cat, Thai. please please send me your fact sheet. This is getting out of hand. I can’t sleep anymore ( as I write this at 02:15 in the morning ). Thank you so much!! Ris~

  553. John Carlson Says:

    I would like to get a copy of your racoon fact sheet.

  554. Tim Hayward Says:

    I would like to get a copy of yur racoon fact sheet. We are having a terrible time with a racoon tearing up our lawn.



  555. ben Says:

    please send fact sheet

  556. Debbie Wright Says:

    Help!! Racoons are pooping all over my deck. Also, have had two of my cats attacked by racoons scratching thru my sliding screen door and coming in dining room. Please send me your fact sheet. Thanks, Debbie Wright

  557. Dave Johnson Says:

    I’ve just recently moved to a new location, with quite a bit of wooded land.
    I have 11 rescued cats/kittens, that really enjoy all this new space.
    I’ve installed cat doors on both entries(exterior & interior) to my mud room, where I have the cat food & litter boxes.
    Well, at least 2 raccoons have discoverd this bonanza. even to the point of entering into the house, itself.
    I’m going to try live trapping, but if I left a radio on, in the mud room, might that keep them away?
    My previous residence had a large coverd porch & I didn’t mind the raccoons(with their families), possums, or the 20 odd ferel cats, coming around. Everyone seemed to get along fine.
    I just don’t want them in the house or mud room. The covers for the cat doors are no challenge for them, plus it keeps my cats locked outside.
    Please send me a copy of your raccoon problem solutions, before my neighbor begins shooting.
    Thanks, Dave

  558. Abby Says:

    Hi there,
    I had heard about raccoons getting in through the cat doors, and sure enough it happened to us tonight. Would you please send me a fact sheet when you get a chance?

    Thanks so much!

  559. Danny Hammond Says:

    I have had raccoons for 5 years. trapped 5 and took them 20 miles away. They kept getting into my soffits due to the soft condition of my older shake shingles. The soffits must have a lot of old raccoon droppings. I’m getting a new roof. Do I need to remove all droppings? Is this a health hazard?

  560. Bonnie Breaux Says:

    I have spent a lot of time planting annuals; however, an animal continues to dig holes throughout the garden destroying many of my plants. I have used liquid “Repel” and also a dry substance that is suppose to deter all animals. This has not prevented or stopped them from invading my garden daily. Additionally, I have an animal(s) that pulls the mulch and scatters it on the concrete in front of the plants. I sweep it, but it continues to be a daily problem. Please answer if you have solutions for these problems. Thank you ahead of time for your help…

  561. Mischa Says:

    I’m another one with the racoon pooping on the deck problem. I’d love to get a copy of your fact sheet. Thanks for your help.

  562. yvonne Says:

    racoons on the deck & in the attic

  563. Nichole Says:

    In the past couple months racoons are knocking over our trash cans and pooping in our window wells. I have tried putting a heavy board & big heavy rocks on top of our trash cans and have tried sprinkling “Repells All” around, which seemed like it worked for a couple days but then it starts all over again. Our city will not remove them and I just don’t know what else to do. Will you please e-mail a racoon fact sheet please?

  564. Ann Roche Says:

    Racoons are digging up my pots on the patio and front porch, destroying plants as they go and throwing dirt everywhere. This has happened several nights this week. I have not had this problem before. Help!

  565. Nancy Field Says:

    Please send raccoon fact sheet – they are defecating in my window wells – which are cut into my deck – but the feces are huge – scary. Thanks

  566. Linda Byron Says:

    I’ve had 11 racoons 5 yrs ago who made a latrine under my deck. Now we spotted one this a.m. who left poop on the grass. Please send racoon fact sheet. Thanks.

  567. Pam Says:

    A raccoon keeps pooping in 2 particular spots in my yard – help. I do have 2 outdoor cats but the food is empty and cleared by evening. Please send a copy of your raccoon fact sheet.


  568. Donna Says:

    Please e-mail raccoon fact sheet! Thanks!

  569. Linda Says:

    Please send fact sheet

  570. Linda Says:

    I have a raccoon pooping on my pergola. I’ve never seen it, it just leaves it’s calling card, which I have to climb up to remove!

  571. Lola Kent Says:

    Please email your raccoon fact sheet. Raccoons pooping in the yard for the first time in 45 years. Help !!! Thanks

  572. Tamika Says:

    For the past month or so something has been eating our roses, digging in the freshly laid mulch, and pulling up the recently planted annuals in our front yard. Then we discovered that something had been in our screened back porch and destroyed a few of our chair cushions. A few days ago my husband found what we suspect to be raccoon hair and feces in our front yard. I have two young children who love to play outside every day. I am concerned about the health risks because they like to dig in the mulch and “help” us tend our flowers. Most of all I would like to know how to keep these animals away. We live on a golf course so we know they are going to be around. We just don’t want them setting up shop in our yard or our attic. Please send a copy of your fact sheet. Thank you!

  573. Jeannine Says:

    I have a large fish pond with very large Koi and 3 ducks (was four until a few weeks ago). What can I do to keep the racoons away?

    Please send me your fact sheet.

  574. Pete Says:

    We are having problems with raccoons on our back deck. They began getting into our bird feeders and pooping all over the deck. We removed the bird feeders, but they are now still pooping all over the deck. Definitely do not wants kids or our dog getting into their scat. Please send your fact sheet and any suggestions. Thanks.

  575. Marie Ann Meyr-Carolan Says:

    Please send me a Raccoon Fact Sheet.

    I live in Middle Village Queens NY near two cemetaries and now I have a raccoon and two babies living under my tenants balcony. I want to get them to leave humanely.


  576. Mairead Says:

    Please send me a copy of your fact sheet. I have small chilren and I am scared to leave them play in the yard, due to the fact that racoons are defecating in the yard. Thank you so much!

  577. Linda Bottom Says:

    The raccoons kept destroying my hanging bird feeder. Now I take it down before they come around in the evening. I have been putting some seed in a flat container on the ground for birds and squirrels during the day. I make sure there is some left in there for the raccoons at night so that they will not be destructive. Is this okay? Also something completely ate my one and only surviving hydrangea. At first I thought it was the rabbits. Could it be the raccoon? I would appreciate it if you would send me your fact sheet. I want to learn more about these interesting animals and how to protect my flora. Thanks.

  578. kathleen Romero Says:


  579. Diane Says:

    A raccoon keeps pooping on my deck. I guess he’s marking his territory (it’s always in the same spot,) but I’m not impressed! Please send me info.

  580. carolyn allen Says:

    Raccoons are disturbing my flowers and sleep.They pilfer on the deck at night and turn pots over.

  581. Maggie Says:

    Would like to find out how to deter the raccoons from using the latrine in my yard.

  582. Melissa Says:

    Please send me a copy of your fact sheet. I have had problems with raccoons for over a year now.. they seem to go after my cats.. last year one took one of my kittens up a tree.. ever since then, they keep coming around.. so I guess learning about themmore would be a good idea.. thank you for your time.

  583. Christina Doane Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet. Raccoons are digging in my pots on my deck and pulling up the plants. I don’t want to hurt them, I just want them out of my pots.
    Thank You

  584. Lola Silvestri Says:

    Is there any way of getting rid of a Racoon who has made a nest in my PatioRoom ceiling (this is a Patio Room attached to my house…they are not in my attic but in the ceiling of the Patio Room…I had a Pest Control come out but they do not do Racoons….Do I have to wait until Winter for them to leave?

  585. Sheila Woods Says:

    Sheila Woods

    I have one living under my deck, it roams around the yard whenever it feels like it too :)

  586. Robin Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet.

  587. Joe Says:

    Please send your racoon fact sheet. Thanks, Joe.



  589. Julie Says:

    My mom is having problems with racoons pooping in her yard.

  590. cind drinkwater Says:

    Please send e-mail about dealing with raccoons. Would like to deal with him before the tomatoes are ripe.

  591. Frank Mocarsky Says:

    A racoon has decided to use my swimming pool as a toilet. I paid to have two trapped and removed and two nights later more poop in the pool.
    PLEASE send your fact sheet as soon as possible

  592. DEDE HURLEY Says:



  593. Jessica Says:

    Every morning I am waking up to raccoon crap all over my deck (it’s small and wooden on the second floor of an apartment building.) I can no longer open the windows of my study because of the smell and I can’t sit out on the deck any more, it’s unbearable.
    Please help! I am losing my mind!

  594. Gail Says:

    Hi Gary,

    We have just figured out that it must be a racoon pooping on our newly built deck – 3 times in the past few weeks. We have no animals, but do have bird feeders and bird baths in the back yard. Please send your fact sheet! Thanks.

  595. Sam Palumbo Says:

    Please send me your raccoon fact sheet.

  596. Karen Burkhart Says:

    Dear Gary,

    I have been boiling the water when making feed for hummers and want to know if it is necessary to boil it, if I now have a water filter faucet at my sink. It would sure save a lot of time to not have to wait for the water to cool.

    Thank you for your fun, informative and sensitive column. I really like seeing that people are so kind.


  597. Jose Garcia Says:

    Hi Please send your fact sheet Im in Houston Texas and have a raccoon in the attic I know how he/she enters and the time, but dont want to close openings until I know if theres babys living also in attic, how do you know if is a mother nursing? I install a camera in the attic and have great view of the raccoon but can not see any signs (nipples?) that show me is a female Please help

  598. Frank Mocarsky Says:


  599. Svetlana Berg Says:

    Any ideas how to save my tomatoes? Thanks

  600. monique Says:

    I’ve got racoons going in our house through the cat door if we forget to close it up. I think they are even pooping in our yard and would love to know how to keep them away from our yard and home. My cat would be happy about that too i think!

  601. Karen Says:

    We live in a wooded subdivision and have raccoons attacking our birdfeeders, pooping on our deck and roof and now chewing or scratching on our newly painted wood-sided house. Please send all available info. Do the ultrasonic repellers work?


  602. Pam Udovich Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet.

  603. Marie Says:

    I live in the city but there are woods all around so of course are raccoons, deer, and coyotes. So far Raccoons are the only ones that have come on our property. I have 2 dachshunds, a few nights ago when I let them out to do their duty I heard a lot of barking. I opened the door to see what was going on, 1 darted in the house, the other was chasing around a very large raccoon. It seemed as though they were chasing each other. I had a hard time getting the dog in the house. I fear a large raccoon could kill my small dogs. I have seen the raccoon and its few month old baby out in the daytime as well. What can I do to keep the raccoons from my yard so it is safe for my dogs to go outside? There are a lot of small kids and small animals in this neighborhood.

  604. Judy Says:

    Coons dumped my planters on the deck and front porch. What are they looking for? They come by and eat our outdoor cats food.

  605. Bob Hawkins Says:

    Coons pooping on my deck. Any suggestions.


  606. Karen Says:

    How can I stop Raccoon’s from pooping, everyday, in my flower garden?

  607. Pam Eseltine Says:

    Please email me your fact sheet Gary. Thank you

  608. Karen Givens Says:

    Please email me your sheet on Raccoon’s. They are in my yard and I think eating some of my garden items. They make so much noise under my bedroom window and drive my indoor cats crazy. I just want them to leave not hurt them. The one the other night was huge 2 times bigger then my big cat I was amazed how large it was. Thanks

  609. Melanie Says:

    Please send info on getting rid of raccoons.


  610. S. Marshman Says:

    My friend has recently re-sodded his back yard and is having big problems with Racoons. He lives near the creek in San Leandro and is accustomed to nightly visits from these furry bug eaters but they are not giveng his new lawn any breaks. He is a bit desperate to keep these guys away from his beloved lawn but does not want to harm them.

    Could you please email me your fact sheet so i can send it to him.

    Thank you very much-love your articles.

    Stephen Marshman

  611. Eleanor Di Marco Says:


  612. Dianne Says:

    My neighbor leaves wet & dry cat food out in order to attract cats, raccoons, and other wildlife, including skunks. All of these animals travel through my yard to reach the food left out by my neighbor and (primarily the raccoons) cause damage: I cannot plant new flowers, or keep the lawn from being torn up, or keep the pool clean, and cannot leave the pool sweep on without checking each morning to make certain the sweep is still in the pool. Lately, the raccoons also seem to be making a lot of noise near my bedroon. I would appreciate any suggestions you can offer on what to do about my neighbor. Also, please email me your fact sheet on raccoons. Thank you.

  613. Sue Morriss Says:

    I have a huge problem with Raccoons tearing up all the flowers in my pots, on my deck and ripping holes in my lawn.I live out in the country and there is a family of 5 large Babies,with a Mother who have ruined some beautiful plants and flowers. They run on my roof at night and make a lot of noise. I need help, any ideas on how to rid my yard of these Raccoons would be greatly appreciated.

  614. Merissa Says:

    Gary, we found a raccoon in our garage. We had a small automatic feeder for cat. This morning the whole feeder, which was full, is missing. Could it have really carried the whole thing off? Please send us your fact sheet.

  615. Karen Wolfe Says:

    Dear Gary,
    Please email your Raccoon Help fact sheet. They are using the roof of our storage shed as a communal bathroom. Disgusting. Thanks,
    Karen Wolfe

  616. Kathi Allee Says:

    My problems stopped when I quit leaving food and water out all night for my “outside” cat. The other night 3 of them came up on the back porch even though the light was on to scare them away. They were not afraid of me or of the light. Very beautiful creatures but I prefer they stay on the other side of my back fence. Please send me your fact sheet. Thank you.

  617. Louise LeBlanc Says:

    Hello Gary;

    Please email me your raccoon fact sheet. For 2 years now they have used the roof of my townhouse outside my living/dining as a bathroom. Disgusting, unsightly and unsanitary. I’ve tried a variety of things but none have worked.
    Thanks; Louise LeBlanc

  618. Ray Bartlett Says:

    Hello Gary,We have a visitor Raccoon coming in daytime to steal catfood,please send fact sheet.Thanks

  619. Cathy Says:

    I’ve got raccoons defecating in my yard every night and need to know how to put a stop to that. Please send your fact sheet. Thanks!

  620. JAMES Says:

    Please send the raccoon fact sheet.

    thank you

  621. Carolyn Says:

    We have raccoons climbing up our downspouts on our back deck onto our roof. We have no pets so food is not the issue. We have a steel roof so they are not getting into our attic. We have installed mesh over our fireplace caps and still they are getting up there almost nightly. Please send your raccoon fact sheet.

    Thank you!

  622. kelly Says:

    Please send your raccoon document.

    We have many that are coming to eat from our garbage can and swim in our pool. There is even a mom bring all her kids! I’m guessing, that if they continue to come, eventually we will have them living somewhere we don’t want them. Like in the house/attic/yard/garage/etc. I’m trying to prevent the trashcan diving leading to living in my house or yard. Thanks for the help.

    Also, i live in a neighborhood with 1/2 acre lots. But our neighborhood backs up to two large properties that are 40acres each. So they have plenty of “wild” area!!

  623. Linda Cody Says:

    Raccoons tore apart my backyard last summer. We hired an exterminator for $300. Captured 5 and took them away. This year has been better. As of last week, I noticed there were holes being dug in the yard. Here we go again! There is no vegetable garden in my yard nor are there any bird feeders. Does a radio on all night work? This never happened when my dog was alive, should I get a neighbor’s dog to come over and pee in my yard? Please help me find a solution for this problem. Please send your fact sheet. Thanks.

  624. Wedding Etiquette Says:

    How do you know if it’s a racoon leaving poop on your front porch? How do you keep that from happening?

  625. melanie Says:

    Please send your racon fact sheet. I have outdoorr cats that I can’t. Leave food out if I go away for a week end. I have already boxed in my auto feeder,but I think one the racoons beat up one of the cats last night. I need to humanely get them out, the live trap system isnot working like I planned.
    melanie in. Cottonwood

  626. Stacy Solomone Says:

    Your raccoon problem sounds just like ours, only ours is the front lawn. Very frustrating. Would you please send a copy of your helpful hints for raccoons? We appreciate it very much that you have this to offer. Thank You and God Bless, Stacy

  627. Stacy Solomone Says:

    Please send me a copy of your tips on raccoons. We seem to have all the problems you mentioned, only to make matters worse it’s in our FRONT yard! Thank you so much for your helpfulness!

  628. gail Says:

    Have 3 raccoon coming to my backyard. Pooping on the deck and roof. Think they were after the grapes on the grapevine as nothing else to eat. Suggestions???Please email your 7 pages of raccoon ideas- would appreciate it.Can’t live trap as not enough strengh to pick the cage up and move.

  629. Kyle Says:

    PLease send me your “Raccoon Fact Sheet”


  630. P Taylor Says:

    Gary, Please send your Raccoon Fact Sheet to Thank you very much. I have received one a long time ago and have mislaid it and now they’re back.

  631. kandacyrobinson Says:


  632. kandacyrobinson Says:


  633. john Says:

    i have a raccoon (i think) turning over my new sod at night??? can you send me our fact sheet on how to get rid of them?

  634. john Says:

    fact sheet please…i need to get rid of my raccoon problem!

  635. Bill Says:

    Please send info on racoons. Got a few, need to get rid of them

  636. Roxanne Says:

    Please send the raccoon fact sheet. my sweetest cat has gone missing. we never see any predators but raccoons, and now I fear the worst. thank you

  637. Judy Says:

    I hope your fact sheet can tell me how to stop the raccoons from pooing and peeing right outside the door to our deck

  638. Barbara Chiari Says:

    I would be very grateful for your fact sheet on raccoons. We need to discourage some that have chosen a roof under a deck as a bathroom!
    Thank you!
    Barbara Chiari

  639. dennis warshal Says:

    thanks for your offer of sending the 7 page raccoon booklet. HELP! We have a tall patio fountain with a 36″ diameter water pool at the base and a raccoon (four toes and pad footprints) ate/ripped out all our floating water lettuce and water hyacinths…Okay, we cleaned the fountain,and did not replace the plants…now the racoon keeps coming back for baths, drinks—I don’t know what’s goiong on…but there is water everywhere, the pump is out of the fountain once a week, etc…I guess we won’t have anything in the fountain base anymore, but how can I discourage the raccoons from coming back? We live in Seattle WA. Thank you so much for helping! Dennis W

  640. Stacey Says:

    I have a coon pooping on my deck and now as of last night saw a possum too. I do not have any outside animals and the trash is locked down. I am afraid that they might live under my patio. How do I ger rid of them? He’s a big guy and my kids are afraid to sleep at night. Please help.

  641. Claudia Says:


    Please send us your racoon fact sheet.

    We live in Millbrae and last night we had 6, yes 6 racoons on our deck. My husband was yelling at them through the sliding glass door and our dog was going nuts. Three of them just stood there looking at them.

    Our dog is 85 pounds and my husband thinks they were coming to the house to gang up on the dog so they could get in the doggie door and get his food (we now lock the doggie door every night so they can’t get in?) I have never seen that many racoons (some were young).

    Would they attack our dog since there were so many of them? We did not let the dog out as we were worried for his safety.

    Thanks so much for your help!!!

  642. Marco Says:

    I believe this is a racoon issue…
    Every few days I have a new poo present on top of my shed. It really doesn’t look like cat poo (based on neighborhood cat still likes to poo in my garden bed in the front of my house). The present this animal leaves is a huge pile of dung and it seems to appear in the morning time. It seems to be climbing on top of the shed from the fence (same height as shed). What can I do to prevent this?

  643. Ria Tanz Kubota Says:

    Help! Some/body/thing is pulling out the natives I plant and carrying them away, lock, stock, and root. My neighbor suggests it is squirrels and they are likely culprits for the native strawberries since they disappear in daytime. Six of them live in my yard. Since the Richmond Tree Collards disappeared overnight I suspect the masked critters.

    A wonderful massive raccoon used to people watch in my bedroom. I’d hear a hoarse breathing sound and wake to see the raccoon watching me intently. When my husband made the cat door smaller she brought her litter to the door and they panicked crying piteously on seeing me, tore up things before they got back out. They never came back in.

    I can’t afford the loss of plants these days. Could I have the famous raccoon booklet online? Thanks!

  644. Ria Tanz Kubota Says:

    PS My “evil” cat, Tom-Tom loved the raccoons and was friends with them when he was living. Only thing in the world he ever liked. They played together chasing each other.

    I think their reputation is a lot worse than they are, but I’ve only lived with them for 40 years. There’s always something new to learn.

  645. Deborah Says:

    I have raccoons who come up and visit my deck (there is no food there) then poop on the stairs. If you have strategies that might help in deterrimg them, I would love to know. Thaanks.

  646. Suzanne Says:

    Please mail me your info. thanks.

  647. Ria Tanz Kubota Says:

    On day 4 of people pee aka human(e) urine treatments of the yerba buena herbs –around, not on–no more racoon assaults to report.

    No coyotes were harmed in this production.

    Thanks. I needed that.

  648. David Mackay Says:

    Please mail me youe sheets – I have racoons pooping on my deck



  649. cliff egan Says:

    Please send me a copy of your “Raccoon Fact Sheet. On (or two or three or four) just ruined my front lawn last night. Thank you. Cliff Egan

  650. Jennifer Says:

    I would like a copy of the fact sheet. We have a recurrent latrine problem by the side of our house. The raccoons live in a tree (mother and babies) and we have been in touch with exterminators who suggest that removal is not a good option. Given that the only problem is the latrine – the raccoons stay out of our house and other areas – the exterminator suggested that we let sleeping dogs lie. In the summer, a motion detector sprinkler keeps them away from their latrine site, but once the water supply is cut off in the fall and until it’s back on in the spring, we have to deal with the feces. Is there a way to keep them out of the rocks? The latrine is, unfortunately, by a window which we keep closed but ….


  651. nick mitschkowetz Says:

    We,ve had Racoons out i Discovery Bay since we’ve lived here. They were never much of a problem when our first cat was able to use an automatic cat door triggered by her magnetic collar.

    However, the two rescued cats who replaced her are not “collerable,” so the Garage now unrestricted. Normally we close the cat door as soon as it gets dark and the current troop (of 7) Racoons are kept out.

    The problem is when we leave town for a few day the door stays open 24/7 and sometimes the Raccoon troop gets in and makes a hell of a smelly mess.

    Recently i’ve tired putting the cat food on top of the washer and dryer when we’re away, on the theory that Racoons cant jump up that high and are unable to climb the glossy steel finish.

    I would like to spray some sort of repellant around the cat door. Could you please e-mail me a copy your 7 page raccoon fact sheet.

    Thanks in advance, Nick

  652. Jeannie Says:

    Please send me the raccoon fact sheet. I am hoping to find some advice to discourage them from using my deck as a bathroom

  653. Thom Eddy Says:

    We have a raccoon coming thru our pet door at nite. Does keeping a light on or radio help with the problem.
    What can we do without closing the door. Our pets need to be able to come in and out as they have been raised that way for years.
    Please send me you raccoon fact sheet

  654. Lynda Guthrie Says:

    We have a gravel path at the back of our house which the raccons use as a toilet-please send me your fact sheet.

  655. Charlie Says:

    I have racoons pooping on the deck – it started when we switched to a bird feeder that they couldn’t get to. Please send me your information packet. Thanks!

  656. LaVonne McConnico Says:

    Please send fact sheet on racoons, they dug up all the day lilies planted the day before.

  657. Ria Says:

    Two weeks after beginning marking with er umh urine in a circle around yerba buena “ground cover”/crop, no signs of any furry or feathered invader. My human neighbor declines any shared tea, however. Thanks for the help!

  658. Joy Zeidler Says:


  659. Joy Zeidler Says:

    Please send your fact sheet on raccoons. They are tearing up an established lawn. Also using a waterfall pond as a bathroom.

    Thank you for the help.

  660. Yoko Says:

    Please send me the raccoon fact sheet. They keep pooping on my deck which makes me crazy… Please help me. Thanks!

  661. Kathy Jeffries Says:

    Hi Gary…love your column. Some animal is tearing up large areas of my lawn. In the morning, the sod is laid back with the bare soil exposed. I carefully put the sod back and the same thing happens the next night. What can I do to end this? Please send me your fact sheet. Thanks!

  662. Liz Says:

    Hi Gary, please send me a copy of your raccoon fact sheet!

    My new lawn is being ruined!! Help!

  663. Tom McDonald Says:

    We have a pet door that we used to leave operational at night for access to the backyard for our Cat and Dog. We lock it now since the Raccoon started coming through it to get to the cat food dish. We removed the cat food of course and locked the pet door so now the raccoon shows up every night and is slowly ripping the locked pet door out of the door and trashing garden ornaments etc. which gets our dog up and waking up the whole house barking at 3:00 am every night. Any advice on getting the raccoon to give up on breaking into the house is appreciated.


  664. Fred Says:

    I would like the raccon fact sheet. My lawn is getting torn up every morning I find new pieces pulled back. My neighbors however are not having the same problem. How can I stop them!>

    Help! Thanks!

  665. pat thomas Says:

    Racoon poop all over my back storage area. What can I put out to keep them out. Also, they are magicians getting into our bungee closed trash cans.

  666. Jean Hall Says:

    Raccoons tore up my lawn last night and the night before. I need your fact sheet. Thank you!

  667. Kathryn Centers Says:

    Please send your fact sheet on raccoons. I have been waking up to a destroyed lawn, in Danville, every morning for the last couple of weeks. Thank you!

  668. Ann Petersen Says:

    I have a problem with racoon/s pooping on my deck and stairs every night. I’ve tried moth balls and bleach. I do not have pets. Have lived here for 7 years WITHOUT a problem! Please send your racoon fact sheet. Thank YOU!

  669. Ellen Says:

    Please send fact sheet.

    My neighbour refuses to deal with the family of raccoons in their roof. The lip of my skylight has become their latrine. I have a dormer that lets me out to that level of my roof, but I’d rather not have a deck beside the latrine. What will deter them from using that spot?

  670. Brian Says:

    Pls send fact sheet.
    Like so many others, we planted sod in the back yard, only to wake up and find the edges rolled back. I layed coke cans in the areas with rocks in them. Thinking that would scare them away. I believe I heard them laughing one morning at this.
    We need some ideas. Thanks

  671. Debbie Says:

    Please eamil me your raccoon fact sheet!
    THANK you!

  672. Darla Says:

    coon poop all over deck help!

  673. Chris Says:

    Please email me your Raccoon Fact Sheet. They are destroying my lawn and pooping everywhere.

  674. Suzy Jakson Says:

    Don’t relly know what the problem is in my lawn. one to two small holes then the lawn is tore up and laid back under my maple tree. Could be a raccoon, skunk, mole, gopher I just don’t know. Whatever data you can send on these pests I appreciate. Suzy at 408-356-8291

  675. derrell sanderson Says:

    please send me your racoon fact sheet.

  676. Melissa Says:

    We woke up this morning to a corner of our lawn, peeled back. We have seen raccoons in the back yard on previos occasions. Any help you can offer would be great.

  677. Marlene Says:

    The only suggestion that the gentleman at my local nursery gave me was to “leave out plenty of dog/cat food (dry) so they won’t feed on my lawn”. Sounds a bit drastic to me and nothing like inviting them over permanently???

  678. Jill Says:

    We have a racoon under our house scratching right where we keep our kitchen trash can. We did have dog and cat treats in the same area, but removed them as soon as we heard the scratching. But the racoon comes back every night and does the same thing. We are worried he’s causing damage under the house.

  679. Shannon Ericksonh Says:

    Please send a raccoon fact sheet. Thanks!

  680. Lila Spiegelman Says:

    We have been having a problem with Raccoons for several months. They are tearing up our new lawn. They don’t come every night, and 2 weeks can go by without them. But back they come and we’re are tearing our hair out. Pleas help ASAP


  681. anita Says:

    A raccoon is trying to claim my deck as it’s latrine. Please send your info!


  682. Robert Toomajian Says:

    Raccoons are eating my orange crop. How can I deal with this problem. Thanks.

  683. eliseseene Says:

    What is the best way to stop raccoons from pooping on our roof. We have quite a problem with that. Thanks.

  684. eliseseene Says:

    Please send a raccoon fact sheet

  685. Vicky Says:

    Happy New Year to you! And thank you for providing information to the public. I am a wildlife volunteer at a local shelter and am very interested in your fact sheet. Please send me a copy.
    Thank you so much.

  686. Paul jones Says:

    please send fact sheet . We have a small cabin on the coast that one of the vents rusted enough that raccoons and skunks have gotten under the cabin. I don’t want to trap anything under there, so how do I get them out before replacing the vent cover?

  687. Lynda Says:

    Please send your raccoon fact sheet the corner of our backyard is a raccoon latrine.

  688. Chris Artz Says:

    Help! Please email me a copy of your Racoon Fact Sheet asap! Our back lawn has been destroyed by our little night marauders and we’d like to curtail this problem before spring arrives.


  689. Susie Krepel Says:

    Please send the raccoon fact sheet. There are (supposedly) raccoons in our attic chewing up our wiring and causing power outages in our home. A humane removal company is setting humane baited cage/traps, but so far no raccoons have taken the bait, but two SKUNKS have. So now the poor skunks are being relocated and they’re not causing the problem! Help!

  690. PR Friend Says:

    Please email us you fact sheet. Thank you.

  691. channi Says:

    pls send me your fact sheet. thanks!

  692. Vince Says:

    I have raccoons living in a crawl space between floors.
    Please email me your raccoon fact sheet. Thank you.

  693. Patti Dunn Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet. Thanks

  694. Holly Alcott Says:

    Please send me a fact sheet. Thank you

  695. mary rennie Says:

    pls email me with your fact sheet. thank you

  696. Elizabeth First Says:

    Please email fact sheet! Multiple raccoon probs here. Thanks!

  697. Pam Says:

    Please send me the raccoon fact sheet-we have baby ones swimming in our pool in Pleasanton, Ca

  698. Connie Says:

    Hi, I have raccoons defecating on my roof. It has been going on for years and every few months I clean it up. Now, I’m trying to figure out what to do to attempt to prevent them from continuing to do it. I heard ammonia is suppose to be a good thing to was the are after removing the feces. My roof is flat and has the pebbles over the tar. I live in San Francisco and near golden gate park. I was also thinking of putting something over the area where they have been defecating (like bricks or something that isn’t as suitable of a surface. Would love your fact sheet and any advice that you may have. Thank you so much!

  699. Naomi Wilson Says:

    Raccoons are living in my neighbor’s attic and I have seen them in my back yard and front driveway. I think they may be damaging my front yard lawn too. Please send my the raccoon fact sheet. Thanks.

  700. Carmen Says:

    Please send me the raccoon fact sheet, we have raccoons defecating on our roof. Thank you.

  701. Maria Says:

    Every other night I see a raccoon in my patio. My son and I are scared to go out at night. Please send me the raccoon fact sheet.
    Thank you!!

  702. Susan Brittain Says:

    We have a new roof, rubberized over plywood, after cleaning up flooding over hoarding, over a huge racoon incursion in the attic. My mom was old, and unable to maintain the house. I didn’t know that some of the damage in the roof, when we replaced it, was due to racoon’s chewing. So now they’re back, and have chewed up the rubber on the flat part, and have been attempting the under the eves entrances also. We need to solve this continuing problem, which I thought was solved with the new roof. Please send your sheet, we’re having a horrid time. the tree they climb to the roof is half again as tall as the 3 story house, and we can’t afford to take it down. Will the capsaisin discourage them? I hear choc will make them sick, and they will remember that, and not come back. Please help. thanks very much

  703. Pat Says:

    Need your Raccoon fact sheet. Thanx

  704. Paul Tortorea Says:

    We have a mobile home in a campground in Erie PA. Our mobile home ceiling tiles have been destroyed, there are holes with insultation hanging out the holes, we had an exterminator come and he said it was raccoons (we have never seen them)because the insultation was hanging out of the hole and was matted down! Our camground is closed for the winter season, so we are only there from April thru October. The smell from urine is terrible we have not seen feces but we have not torn down all the ceiling towels. Having hard time finding someone to come and clean the trailer tear out ceiling. I really do not know if this is raccoons, I did have chipmunk in trailer last year. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank You

  705. Sherry Williams Says:

    Please email me info about this. I have a chain link fence up but my cats have been refusing to go outside. Not sure why but am thinking it may be the coons. I feed them outside BUT only during the daytime. I do not leave food out. Thank you!

  706. Sherri Monti Says:

    Would appreciate receiving a copy of your raccoon fact sheet. Our front lawn is covered in yellow spots and we are pretty sure it is because raccoons are peeing on our lawn. We take great pride in keeping our place nice and the grass looks atrocious! Hoping your fact sheet can help.

  707. Amy Says:

    We have racoons that are using our window well as a latrine. I seriously suspect they are living under our deck. Our property borders a large field where coyotes have stated to roam, so I suspect they have come to live under our deck for safety. How can we get rid of them humanely?

  708. Eileen Says:

    I would appareciate it if you would send me a copy of your racoon fact sheet. Racoons have been leaving droppings at night in the same spot on the deck of our pool. Help! Any way to deter them?

  709. Vanessa Says:

    We’ve had a wildlife company put metal fencing around the perimeter of our deck with a one way trap door to get the racoons out….They’ve now ripped a chunk of lattice fencing to get back under. We live in a semi and my neighbor has complained of a scratching noise under her kitchen every evening. Please send me your fact sheet. We’re desperate to get rid of theses creature that even a wildlife company couldn’t seem to help with.
    Thank you,

  710. Linda Says:

    Please, send me your racoon fact sheet. We are exhausted and desparately trying to stop a latrine situation around our pool grounds and sometimes on our deck. The darn racoon actually will poop on our net covering the pool. We have tried coyote urine, Repels All product and that confuses him for a few days but then he poops near the cleaned-up site. We have chased him out of the yard late at night but can’t stay up all night. Thanks and desparate.

  711. Pat Says:

    Please send a fact sheet. We have a raccoon under our sunroom. We think she is preparing a place to have her babies.

  712. Bob Wagner Says:

    I would much appreciate receiving a copy of your Fact Sheet

    Thank you.

  713. James McCusker Says:

    racoons are devastating my palm tree. they tear off the stumps of cut fronds on one side (away from the house) and it looks awful.
    what can I do?

    thanks for your help.

  714. Kathy Says:

    I live in a mobile home. The area which has been destroyed by critters with even having aluminum skirting is about 3 ft. I also have an acre of property behind me. I believe it it rac coonons, and possums. Their are aslo ground hogs around. At night is when the noise and disturbances happen and my jack Russell runs back and forth checks the vents and stays right there. Do raccoons tunnel?

  715. Mike Says:

    I have a serious racoon issue. they are coming out at day and gettinginto trash. (Night also).
    I have small children and pets. How do i get rid of these? please help

  716. laura Says:

    Please send any info! i have raccoons on my porch and climbing up onto my roof and getting into the chimney i believe. but i have Pomeranians and dont want them to get hurt by them OR wake up to a raccoon in my kitchen! thanks so much

  717. Dave Says:

    Could you please send the Raccoon fact sheet, these little (& very smart) little rascals are tearing up my deck planters no matter what I do. Thank you, Dave

  718. Sandi Says:

    I have raccoons pooping in my window wells Help!! Please send me a copy of your fact sheet. Thanks

  719. Nancy Says:

    Please send me your fact sheet…… thank you

  720. Mary Ann Says:

    We have lived here for 17 years and have always had raccoon problems – they like to party on our roof – mostly poop but have been, for the most part, non destructive. We feed cats and they come by to eat cat food as well but have never gone after the cats or kittens. My new problem with them is they have decided to begin pooping on our deck. After all these years, why they are moving to the deck is beyond me. Please send me info to help rid this problem! Thanks

  721. kathy Althoff Says:

    I am waking up to someone(s) pooping on my deck and tearing up one of my flower pots. The flower pot does have sweet potato plants in it. The flower pot has been torn up twice now, however, the poop is there almost every night. I thought I fixed the problem by leaving the light on overnight on my deck – and I didn’t see poop for about 4 nights, but then it started again. This is the first year this has happened. I didn’t even put any bird seed out this winter. And there is no food anywhere on the deck. We do have a gas grill on the deck, however, it is rarely used. Please help.

  722. jeff clark Says:

    I would much appreciate receiving a copy of your Fact Sheet

    thanks jeff

  723. Mel Says:

    We have a mother racoon and two babies living under my kids playhouse. The kids are afraid to play in the yard. I don’t want the mother to be separated from the babies. How do I get them out and keep the family intact?? Do I need two large traps?

    Please send your fact sheet.


  724. Barb Maher Says:

    We have put down new sod and every night it’s being turned over.
    I bought a trap but they are able to go in and get the food and happily leave on their way.
    I’d like to be able to outsmart them.
    Please send your Fact Sheet.


  725. Patti Koehne Says:

    Reading the comments from others, my problem is basically the same. I have seen a huge raccoon in my beautiful back yard in the dead of night. My yard ends up looking like the posted picture. I laid some sod where he destroyed my lawn, hence the sod’d pieces never get the chance to root. They seem to love rolling up the grass looking for grubs. I would like you to send me your booklet through snail mail, as my printer is no longer working. I live in Antioch, Ca. and my address is 2815 Gentrytown Dr. I would be happy to reimburse you any postage cost. Thank you, Patti Koehne

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