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By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007 at 9:44 am in Whales.

How do you lose two BIG whales in a little river?
I was listening to the news this morning when they announced that they had lost the two humpback whales. They lost two whales??

Here’s what the Associated Press had to say about it:

By Marcus Wohlsen and Judith Prieve

Article Launched: 05/22/2007 07:20:13 AM PDT
RIO VISTA — Two wayward whales, last seen just south of the Rio Vista Bridge at 9 p.m. Monday, are still missing in action this morning.
Here’s the latest from the scene:
8:30 a.m. Flotilla awaits in Rio Vista.
A CHP helicopter will soon begin an air search in the area of the Rio Vista Bridge and beyond in an effort to try to locate the two wayward whales.
Earlier this morning, a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter failed to locate the missing duo despite repeated sweeps of the area.

Hey, you don’t suppose the whales finally escaped from that huge crowd of paparazzi during the night, do you?

While they’re looking for the whales, did I happen to mention that this week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week?

This has always been a special week for the PG&E meter readers. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Every day, PG&E meter readers, gas service representatives and other employees enter yards and homes to read meters, re-light gas pilots and provide other types of customer service. During National Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 20 through May 26, PG&E reminds customers to make sure their dog is safe and secure whenever a PG&E employee is scheduled to visit your home or business.

“Each year approximately 50 PG&E meter readers are moderately to severely attacked by dogs. Because of these attacks, PG&E provides meter readers the opportunity to attend a dog bite prevention course that informs employees about dog behavior and temperament, and how they can protect themselves in the event of an attack.

“PG&E recognizes dogs as pets and works with customers to keep animals safely away when employees are scheduled to visit their home or business. Customers can find out when their meter is scheduled to be read by visiting or by calling PG&E’s customer service line at 1-800-PGE-5000. These schedules are subject to change, so please re-check the day before a scheduled meter read.

“Here are some tips to provide a safe environment for your dog and PG&E employees:
** Restrain or relocate your dog when it is time for PG&E employees to read your meter.
** Confine your dog as necessary. If the employee is outside, keep your dog inside. If the employee is inside, keep your dog outside. If the employee must work near your dog, make sure it is secure. Dogs may become more protective in the presence of their owners.
** Post a Beware of Dog sign on your fence or house to avoid any surprises.
** Leave a note on your meter explaining that you have a dog and how it is confined.
** Be sure all vaccinations and inoculations for rabies and parasites are up to date.

“For more information about PG&E, please visit

Hey, they just spotted those missing whales about 3 miles north of the Rio Vista Bridge!

Now, back to our story …

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