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By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 at 9:10 am in Hot Weather.

If you’re too hot, how HOT are your pets with their fur coats?
Here are a few simple suggestions to help you keep your live-in animals safe during the present hot weather. Cut this out and stick it on your refrigerator door:

** Make sure your pets have a large supply of fresh, cool water available to them at all times. More than one dish of water is always a good idea so they will be easy to find when your pet gets thirsty. Remember — the sun moves — so please make sure the water dishes stay out of the sun all day.

** Your indoor and outdoor pets need to have cool places to get away from the sun and heat. You can hose down an area under the bushes so the dog will have a cool place to lie down. You can always give him/her a bath to clean off the mud later.

** Make sure the sun doesn’t shine on your bird cages or aquariums. Heat can kill caged birds because they don’t have a way to get away from it. And aquarium water lose oxygen when it gets warm … and your fish can suffocate.

** Rabbits and guinea pigs are VERY heat-sensitive. Put a frozen plastic 2-liter bottle of water in the cage to keep the animal cool. It can also still be too hot for rabbits or guinea pigs outside in some shaded areas, especially if there’s no breeze.

** Never — ever — leave pets or small kids alone in your car, even with windows down, even in the shade, even for a just a minute. It will kill them.

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