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By Gary Bogue
Monday, July 16th, 2007 at 8:24 am in Animal protection legislation.

Status of some of the California animal bills in Sacramento as of July 16
To express support or opposition for a particular bill, please write or call the bill’s author, committee chair and members of the committee where the bill will be heard (see committee list below), your own Assembly member and Senator, and the Governor.

The address for all Legislators and the Governor: (Name), State Capitol Bldg., Sacramento, CA 95814.

Phone Directory: 916-322-9900. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger: 916-445-2841.

Assembly Appropriations Committee: Mark Leno, Chair. Mimi Walters, Anna Caballero, Mike Davis, Mark DeSaulnier, Bill Emmerson, Jared Huffman, Betty Karnette, Paul Krekorian, Doug La Malfa, Ted Lieu, Fiona Ma, Alan Nakanishi, Pedro Nava, Sharon Runner, Jose Solorio.

Senate Appropriations Committee: Tom Torlakson, Chair. Dave Cox, Sam Aanestad, Roy Ashburn, Jim Battin, Gil Cedillo, Ellen Corbett, Bob Dutton, Dean Florez, Sheila Kuehl, Jenny Oropeza, Mark Ridley-Thomas, George Runner, Joe Simitian, Darrell Steinberg, Mark Wyland, Leland Yee.


*** AB 449 by Assemblywoman Audra Strickland re: Trapping. Support.
Requires trappers who trap animals for a fee (such as raccoons, opossums, coyotes, etc.) to follow American Veterinary Medical Assn. guidelines if animals are killed. Clients must be informed of options, including releasing the animals on the property.
Next Hearing: Senate Appropriations. No date. Tell the legislators trapped animals should be released and if it isn’t possible they should be killed humanely. The list of animals covered should be expanded to include bats and other animals already included in the training and testing for Fish and Game trapping licenses. See AB 1477.

*** AB 821 by Assemblyman Pedro Nava re: Hunting with Lead Shot. Support.
Enacts the Condor Preservation Act to prohibit lead shot within condor habitat.
Next Hearing: Senate Appropriations. July 16 (that’s TODAY!). NO TIME FOR MAIL, YOU NEED TO CALL. Tell them condors cannot survive against lead shot. It is banned for waterfowl hunting and should be banned for all hunting.

*** AB 828 by Assemblyman Ira Ruskin re: Wildlife Corridors. Support.
Requires the Wildlife Conservation Board to determine what areas are most essential as wildlife corridors and utilize the California Comprehensive Wildlife Action Plan to protect those corridors.
Next Hearing: Senate Appropriations. No date. Tell the legislators wildlife corridors are essential to allow migrations and prevent isolated populations.

*** AB 1477 by Assemblywoman Nell Soto re: Trapping. Support.
Requires trappers who trap animals for a fee (such as raccoons, opossums, coyotes, etc.) to have continuing education courses, release non-target animals, take injured/sick non target animals to a vet, animal control, or wildlife rehabilitation facility, and inform their clients of non lethal control options.
Next Hearing: Senate Appropriations. No date. Tell them non target animals should be immediately released and trappers should have continuing education. Non lethal methods to avoid wildlife conflicts are best for everybody. See AB 449.

*** AB 1614 by Assemblywoman Audra Stickland re: Rodeos. Support.
Lowers the definition of rodeo from four events to three in order to cover all rodeos under existing law requiring a veterinarian, or a vet on call, to treat injuries to animals and report those injuries to the Veterinary Medical Board. AB 1614 also requires a conveyance for injured animals so they are not dragged and bans electric prods.
Next Hearing: Senate Floor. No date. All rodeos should be regulated equally and all the animals deserve equal protection and veterinary care.


*** SB 353 by Senator Sheila Kuehl re: Restraint Orders. Support.
Authorizes the court to add animals to restraint orders to protect them from possible harm from domestic abuse.
Next Hearing: Passed Senate and Assembly. Write Governor Schwarzenegger. Tell him animals, like other family members, are victims of revenge and abuse.

*** SB 880 by Senator Ron Calderon re: Kangaroos. Oppose.
Removes the protection, since 1970, of kangaroos by allowing the importation of their skins (used for athletic shoes) and meat (possibly pet and/or livestock food) into California as long as the kill quota is not raised in Australia.
Next Hearing: Assembly Floor. Tell your Assemblymember and Governor Arnold Schwarznegger kangaroos need California’s continued protection from cruel killing and the danger of killing/importing endangered species of kangaroo. Since the killing never meets the quota, hundreds of thousands more kangaroos can be killed for the California market. Sponsored by Adidas, they have spent over $435,000, thus far, to pass SB 880. (Kangaroo skin shoes?)

*** California Budget re: Fish and Game Wardens
Requests $3 million to fund “relocating and expanding the Warden Academy, improving the warden hiring system and pay for overtime.” It will not be spent on hiring additional wardens.
Next Hearing: Tell Governor Schwarzenegger wildlife depend on the enforcement of hunting, trapping, and fishing laws and the protection of endangered wildlife and wildlife in captivity. Fish and Game wardens are underpaid and understaffed.

1416 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

*** Turtles and Frogs in Live Animal Markets.
In August 2006 the Commission voted to “go to notice” to pass a regulation to prohibit the importation of turtles and frogs. But no action has been taken.
Write: California Fish & Game Commission. Tell them to protect our native wildlife from non-native turtles and frogs who are imported by the hundreds of thousands and commonly released depleting populations of native wildlife such as the Western Pond Turtle and the Red Legged Frog.

Many thanks to Virginia Handley of PawPAC* for compiling this information.
*PawPAC is California’s Political Action Committee for Animals. You can reach PawPAC at 415-646-0622;;

You can obtain official legislative information on ALL bills by going to this web site: By entering the number of the bill, you can access the bill text, status, committee analysis and roll call votes.

NOTE: Your non tax deductible donation to Paw PAC, PO Box 475012, San Francisco, California 94147 helps makes these alerts possible. Thanks for caring.

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