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By Gary Bogue
Friday, July 20th, 2007 at 9:41 am in Pets & Quakes.

How did your pets react to the earthquake? I’m doing a column on pets and earthquakes. Use “Post a comment” below, or click on “Comments,” or e-mail Please include your city. Thanks/Gary

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  1. Dick Abreu Says:

    Have a question regarding Queen Bee’s —-these bee’s have been boring into my patio overhang, is their a solution to this problem,such as a spray ect.—-Thank you for any advice you may have —-

  2. jsabrahams Says:

    Yes, my parents’ dogs barked like mad during the quake.

  3. maureen Says:

    My cocker started barking before the earth quake, she gave me a warning.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    yes,my cocker started barking before the earth quake

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Yes all three cats woke up and ended up on the bed!

  6. Analisa Says:

    The earthquake scared my parrot and she ended up on my bed too.

  7. sonia Says:

    my dog jumped off our bed and was panting heavily and going back and fourth between bedrooms. she has never done that before. it really freaked me out.

  8. Stitch'es Mom Says:

    My dog “Stitch” was trembleing, panting and trying to hide.

  9. steve Says:

    i had a boa constrictor about six feet long. she was very easy going all the time. i tried to pick her up one day and she went crazy and almost bit me. then she layed there and hissed for like five minutes. about forty minutes later we had a small earhtquake. then she returned to normal. it was very obvious to us what had happened. the seals in california are a warning

  10. Daryl Bergman Says:

    We all slept through it …except it seems to have tripped our fire alarm which woke my husband.

    Yesterday, my dog, Emma’s best friend, Shasta and her mom came over to play. We sat by the pool per usual and observed them while we laughed at their antics. Usually, we keep our eyes on them – or each other. We both simultaneously looked up and saw a group of humongous black birds with massive wing spans, flying in a loose but cohesive formation . There were about 10 or -15 of them. We both looked at each other and said: “Oh my God, did you see that?” Neither one of us have EVER seen black birds of such massive wing spans before. The sun was in a position that it couldn’t have created a visual disturbance. Of course, I ran into the house and grabbed three bird books to figure out what these birds were. They were big enough to be swans but black swans are beautiful mutants so there couldn’t be a flock of them. The only black bird with such large wing spans on the West Coast are Brandts Cormorants or Double Crested ones. What do you think? Daryl Bergman, Concord. Did you know that there is a notice on your page that says: HEY, DOGFIGHTERS! PAY TO WATCH COCKFIGHTING ON THE INTERNET?……GO GET ‘EM GARY!!!!!

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