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By Gary Bogue
Friday, August 24th, 2007 at 7:25 am in Raccoons.

Raccoons slipping through your cat or dog door at night and raiding your kitchen cabinets?
The traditional pet door goes high-tech.

I just received the following press release. It sounds like this product might be the answer to an all-too-common raccoon problem:

** PetSafe, the company that introduced the first wireless fence back in 1998, has invented the Electronic SmartDoor — a battery-powered pet door that allows up to five dog/cat collar key codes, a smaller flap size, three modes and a weather tight seal. Using radio frequency, the Electronic SmartDoor identifies your pets, allows them to freely enter and exit your home while keeping other animals out.

A lightweight “SmartKey” is worn on your pet’s collar. It communicates through a radio frequency and unlocks the door as your pet approaches and relocks automatically as the pet enters or exits. It works like a garage door opener. The door comes in small and large sizes and fits standard doors from 1.5 inches to 2 inches thick. It’s not cheap ($149.99 for the small door and $229.99 for the large), but neither is the cost and effort of regularly cleaning up your kitchen after a raccoon has finished rummaging through your cabinets looking for something to eat.

You can check it out and see what it looks like at:

If you get one, please let me know how it works. You can e-mail me at

Good luck! /Gary

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3 Responses to “RACCOONS AT YOUR DOOR?”

  1. Scott Kuehner Says:

    9-21-2007 at 9:25 AM – PDT


    I am HIGHLY interested in obtaining an e-Mail copy of your “Raccoon Fact Sheet.” My parents back yard lawn is being torn apart by raccoons! We want them to just go away. (Especially since we have a pet cat. We do keep the cat in at night; however, we are still concerned.) The raccoons are living in our neighbor’s yard and “visiting” our back yard and another neighbor’s back yard. Thanks in advance.


    Scott Kuehner

  2. Pat Keadjian Says:

    Help!! Raccoons tearing up our lawn. Could someone send me an email copy of the Raccoon Fact Sheet from Gary. I thought that I would be able to find it on his web site but have not been able to locate it.

    Thank you so much…


    Pat Keadjian

  3. Melissa Odendahl Says:

    My husband and I planted 4 tomatoe plants, and as of 2 weeks ago had approx. 17 tomatoes on two of the plants that were together. Every few days we have noticed a tomato or 2 gone. This morning I counted only 8 left. We were told by a neighbor a block away that they’d seen a raccoon about a month ago, and my our next door neighbor about a week ago that they had seen one in their back yard. We also have a pond in the back yard. The pond up untill about 5 months ago was in our front yard, and we noticed many times over that we would just up and have fish missing from it, and a couple times find fish laying dead several feet from it. So far with this pond in the back we’ve not had any fish come up missing, but now can’t keep tomatoes on the vine, and they’re not even ripening yet! HELP!!! Please send your raccoon fact sheet, I’d like to eat some of our tomatoes!
    Thank you

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