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By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, September 4th, 2007 at 7:11 am in Wildlife.

It’s OK to care. That’s what life is all about

I’m starting a special fundraiser to help the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek.

Every year the museum and its caring staff and volunteers helps myriad injured and orphaned wild creatures that are brought to them by residents in the community who find them. Last year they treated nearly 6,000 animals. Through their special programs people can learn about wildlife and how to preserve it. Each year they serve nearly 100,000 people through classes, field trips, and programs for elementary school teachers and children.

Even with more than 300 dedicated volunteers, the cost of medication, food, housing and medical care for the wild animals alone adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The museum has struggled for years to maintain high quality programs and services while keeping fees affordable for families and schools. Their annual budget is met only with the help of generous contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations.

This year the City of Walnut Creek has added to their annual support of the museum by generously awarding an additional $150,000. However, in order to receive $100,000 of those funds, the City has challenged them to match that amount with new or increased donations from the community.

They need our help to do that.

The museum has a special place in my heart. I wouldn’t be writing these columns today if I hadn’t had the opportunity to spend 12 years as curator of the museum back in the 1970s. It changed the direction of a young man’s life and I’ve never looked back once.

The Lindsay Wildlife Museum also occupies a unique place in our neighborhood and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. There’s no other place like it in the world. This wonderful organization has given so much to the community and especially to you and me and our children, and the myriad wild creatures that live around us.

Let’s return that special favor and raise these funds to help give long life to that extraordinary place

** Please send your tax-deductible donations to: Lindsay Wildlife Museum — Gary’s Fundraiser, 1931 First Ave., Walnut Creek, CA 94597-2540.

Thanks for doing that!

You can learn more about the Lindsay Wildlife Museum at

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