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Happy Birthday, American Humane

By Gary Bogue
Monday, September 17th, 2007 at 7:49 am in Animal welfare.

The American Humane Association is celebrating its 130th anniversary on Oct. 9. This organization has done much in its 130 years for animal and child welfare.

In 1874, a handful of animal welfare enthusiasts in New York City joined together to come to the aid of Mary Ellen Wilson, a 10 year old girl who was being abused, beaten and neglected. The horrors they discovered prompted them to form the first Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children. But their history as animal advocates also made them realize something bigger: Cruelty is cruelty and humanity is about a lot more than just humans.

Three years later, this bit of wisdom produced the American Humane Association, an amalgamation of child and animal welfare organizations that banded together to become the voice for the voiceless.

Some AHA successes include:
** Improved care for animals in entertainment via the creation and continuing oversight of the “No Animals Were Harmed” end credit at the end of movies and television shows. This credit, which has become a must for movies and television programs, is an American Humane program.

** The development of Red Star Animal Emergency Services, a program where American Humane volunteers march headfirst into disaster sites to rescue abandoned pets and other animals. During Hurricane Katrina, American Humane and partners helped recover 10,000 animals.

** Founding the National Resource Center on The Link Between Violence to People and Animals, a one-of-a-kind information center that provides resources, training and technical assistance to organizations and community agencies searching for methods to prevent violence.

** Creating Free Farmed, one of the nation’s largest certification programs to guarantee the humane treatment of livestock animals.

You can learn more about this organization at: Click on the 130th anniversary link.

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