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Pig murder case

By Gary Bogue
Friday, September 21st, 2007 at 7:51 am in Animals.

HONOLULU — The judge in the felony trial of a man accused in the killing of a pet pig has declared a mistrial.

So yesterday I’m writing along here in my blog about a Los Angeles Times’ story that asked, “do you think we love animals more than people?” … and this morning as I’m browsing through the Associated Press State wire, I come across this little story slugged, “Mistrial declared in pig murder case.”

Can a man murder a pig?
I looked up “murder” in my copy of Webster’s NewWorld Dictionary: “mur-der (mur’der) n. 1. the unlawful and malicious or premeditated killing of one human being by another.” It certainly doesn’t seem like a man can murder a pig. He can kill a pig, but by definition, he can’t murder the animal. Humans can only “murder” humans.

The story I wrote about in yesterday’s blog suggested that “Owners are treating their animal companions more like humans” these days. This story about a “murdered” pig certainly seems to suggest that, doesn’t it?

I wonder if the reporter who wrote the pig murder story is a pet owner, and if the editors who edited the pig murder story are pet owners, and especially if the copy editor who wrote the “Mistrial declared in pig murder case” headline for the pig murder story is a pet owner?

Here’s the rest of this little pig tale:
“Judge Richard Pollack says that after two days’ deliberation, the jury couldn’t reach a verdict on the charges against pig hunter Joseph B. Calarruda V.
“Calarruda was charged with felony theft of livestock.
“The pig’s owners accuse him of following his dogs onto their property and watching them kill the 6-year-old pet pig named Porky.
“If convicted, the accused would face up to five years in prison. Bail in the case had been set at $50,000.”

Only $50,000? If this man is being charged with the murder of a pig, don’t you think his bail should at least be as high as O.J.’s? ($125,000) Hey, you know I have pets. /Gary

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