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Got raccoon problems? Here’s help …

By Gary Bogue
Monday, October 1st, 2007 at 8:21 am in Raccoons.

Looks like it’s “that” time of year again.
I’m starting to get lots of calls about “torn up lawns,” “big holes in the yard,” and other raccoon-type problems. Does this sound familiar? Maybe you need a copy of my free 7-page Gary’s Raccoon Help.

It is filled with lots of humane ideas on how to protect your yard and get along with your wild neighbors at the same time. These ideas have been used successfully by my readers to humanely solve raccoon problems for years. It also explains what is going on with the raccoons and why they’re doing all this stuff.

You can get a free copy of Gary’s Raccoon Help by sending me an e-mail at

I’ll send you one back by return e-mail. (I’m also putting together a Gary’s People Help for the local raccoons.) /Gary

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4 Responses to “Got raccoon problems? Here’s help …”

  1. Sue Nelms Says:

    You can get a free copy of Gary’s Raccoon Help by sending me an e-mail at


  2. julie Says:

    could i please get a copy of “gary’s raccoon help”?
    thank you!

  3. Lory Pittman Says:

    Gary, My neice has a raccoon family living under her shed, an area she is unable to get to. She has two boys 3 and 5 years old. In the near future her retreiver will be returning home along with her mother’s chow (the chow has been sprayed by a skunk 3 times in the last 2 months – she’s 2 years old and very nosy, busy, and wants to play with any animal – she’s not choosy when it comes to playing). We cannot afford to hire someone to remove this raccooon family. Do you have any suggestions? I would appreciate you sending me “Gary’s Raccoon Help” Thank you. Lory in Bay Point
    Lory in Bay Point

  4. Berrie Says:

    Dear Gary,

    For some reason I cannot access you at your website, to request the free e-mail for “Gary’s Raccoon Help”,and boy, do we need it!


    Many thanks.

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