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Endangered California condors need your help

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 at 7:34 am in Condors.

Fish and Game Commission meeting on THURSDAY (Oct. 11) and FRIDAY (Oct. 12), at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cedar Room, 45 John Glenn Drive, Concord.

Please ATTEND and make a statement at the Public Forum supporting a ban on the use of lead bullets on the endangered California condor refuge. These birds are dying from lead poisoning when they eat animals that have been shot by lead bullets (they ingest the lead fragments).
The Public Forum is the first thing on the agenda. If you can’t stay long, please at least make a statement supporting the lead ban in the condor refuge. This is VERY important and numbers (those who support the ban) count. The commissioners need to see a LARGE audience of lead ban supporters.

Items on the Thursday 10 a.m. agenda include: PUBLIC FORUM, Receipt of Public Comments RE the Revised Draft Master Plan for Marine Protected Areas; Request by City of Oakland for Commission Consideration to Prohibit Sports Fishing in All Freshwater Creeks, Streams, and Waterways within the Oakland City Limits; Possible Emergency Action to List the Longfin Smelt as an Endangered Species; and more.

FRIDAY, OCT. 12, 8:30 A.M.:
Items on Friday Agenda include: Receipt of Public Comments, orally or in writing, on all options proposed re the use of lean ammunition in condor habitat; receipt of Public Testimony on Proposals re the Prohibition Against Feeding Big Game Mammals; and more.

PLEASE at least make a quick statement supporting the ban on lead bullets in the condor refuge at the 10 a.m. Public Forum on THURSDAY. The condors need your support. Thanks. /Gary

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  1. Larry Ward Says:

    This is another idiotic enviornmental wacko proposal. By deamonizing lead, the anti-gun nuts believe that they have taken one more incremntal step toward banning guns and ammunition. Let’s be honest, this is another feel-good meddling idea. What are the actual odds that a hunter will use lead in any form to shoot a game animal and then just walk off and leave it to that a condor will find the carcas before other scavengers get to it. Then consume exactly the right amount of the dead animal to cause the death of the Condor. Perhaps one in 100 million to one?? Please, leave the shooters alone. They will just go to bismuth or some other heavy shot replacement. Stick to your cute back yard stories Gary and leave the wacko politics to the enviro-nuts.

  2. Fred Says:

    Gary: This was a bad decision by the governor, he should have vetoed this legislation. Unleaded ammo is not available in all cartridges unless you reload your own ammo like I do. The state should pay for the extra cost that hunters have to absorb and I hope that most of the hunters thumb their noses at this stupid law, a bad laws worst enemy is non compliance.

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