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Need a nearby low-cost spay/neuter clinic?

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 at 6:05 am in Spay/Neuter.

Here’s a quick and easy way to find it!
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has set up a special Web site with a searchable database designed to provide you with updated information about low-cost spay/neuter programs in your community.

It’s quick and it’s easy.

Try it:

After asking you for your zip code, and how far you’re willing to travel to get your pet(s) spayed or neutered (5 miles? 10 miles?) … the database will show you ALL the nearby discounted spay/neuter clinics.

This Web site is updated regularly.

Ed Sayers, ASPCA president and CEO, says:
“Spaying and neutering is the proven most effective method in reducing pet overpopulation. By reducing pet overpopulation from the ‘supply side,’ we limit the need for euthanasia as a means of population control.”

Check it out. This is a VERY handy Web site! /Gary

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3 Responses to “Need a nearby low-cost spay/neuter clinic?”

  1. Robert Christensen Says:

    I would like to make an appointment to neuter my 7 yr Rhodisian Ridgeback,am willing to drive 40 miles,thank you.

  2. sandy Says:

    iam in big need of help
    iam traying to find a low-cost or free neuter before april 25th is their a place i can go to a list of places i can reach iam in the city of victorville ca.
    iam in a tight situation and can afford very little but realy care about my dogs well being and helping decrease the amount of un wanted pets please kindly reply

  3. Edward Mollohan Says:

    I live in Lucerne Valley, Ca. I recently adopted a stray female dog that has recently had a litter of puppies. The puppies have been given away, and I would like to get her spayed. I am willing to drive to the Victorville area.

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