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How do you keep neighborhood cats out of your yard?

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, November 1st, 2007 at 6:21 am in Cats.

Do you have a humane way of keeping neighborhood cats from defecating/urinating in your yard and garden? Please share this valuable information so I can pass it along to others. Thanks. /Gary

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  1. Anne Colao Says:

    If your yard is already fenced in with a wooden fence then Cat Fence In might do the trick. Not only does it keep your cats in your yard, but it keeps other animals out of your yard.

  2. Jennifer Francis Says:

    Gary, Yes, I do — In lieu of Tiger urine, my husband used to urinate in key kitty travel spots when the neighbors weren’t looking, or would pour it around the lawn, etc. Urine of a superior animal/person helps because the cats are leery of intruding into a higher-level animal/human’s territorial markings.

    Thanks for saving the Beavers!!! If it wasn’t for you, I swear, it wouldn’t have happened. I need to write you of a very urgent matter and will address it to your mail box. I need help urgently.

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