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Meeting to save the beavers

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 at 6:12 am in Beavers.

If you care about the Martinez beaver family, please attend the Martinez City Council meeting.
The meeting is 7 p.m. Wednesday evening, Nov. 7, at the Martinez City Hall, 525 Henrietta Street, off Alhambra Ave.

The City Council is threatening to kill the beaver family because of concern that their dam will back up the water in Alhambra Creek and cause flooding to the downtown area.

There are other solutions besides killing these creatures.

Check out this video:

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  1. Susan Zahn Says:

    The beavers should absolutely not be killed! There are a few different options out there. Recently there was a show on the National Geographic Channel called “The Animal Extractor, Polar Bears in Peril” which had a segment about beavers and the flooding of a home. The solution was to put a long drainage-type pipe through the beavers damn therefore allowing the water to flow through as needed (I hope my explanation make some sense) This episode is showing again this Friday, November 9th at 12pm. I hope this info is helpful to save those wonderful beavers!

  2. Nicola Says:

    The City of Martinez’ web site says the beavers are to be “relocated” after a stint at Lindsay for quarantine. Is this for real or just a way to shut everyone up? Can you verify?

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