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Beavers saved!

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, November 7th, 2007 at 7:25 am in Beavers.

Congratulations to everyone who worked together to save the beaver family.

** Thanks to Martinez Mayor Rob Schroder who contacted Fish and Game Commissioner Jim Kellogg, a Contra Costa resident, and asked for help to save the beaver family.

** Thanks to Jim Kellogg and the California Department of Fish and Game for making a special (and compassionate) exception in this situation, and issuing Martinez a relocation permit for the beavers so they can be moved to a new area … instead of a depredation permit to kill them.

** Thanks to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek for stepping forward to volunteer their expert wildlife rescue and rehabilitation services to help the beavers. Plans, reportedly, are for them to carefully trap the beaver family and quarantine them and make sure they’re healthy before later releasing them in an area approved by the state.

** And a very special thanks to the huge number of Martinez residents and others from throughout the Bay Area and beyond for standing up for the beaver family and refusing to allow them to be killed.

This was a community problem and everyone has worked together to come up with a community solution that shows our children that we shouldn’t just kill creatures that get in our way.

Nice going, everyone. Go beavers!

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  1. linda kozlowski Says:

    Yes, Gary, we are all relieved that the killing is off the table, but I would like to remind you that the relocation is still just an option. Technically, the matter will only be settled after the City Council votes this evening.
    There is a large group of Martinez residents who would like to see the beavers stay and the City consider different methods of dealing with the flood risk (pond levelers, emergency dam removal, etc.).
    The beavers have brought money into a town which has been looking for ways to revitalize its downtown.
    The city has been given a gift. It is my fervent hope that, with open minds, the City chooses to accept it.

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