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Aquarium Toilet Tank?? Talking pet bowl??

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, November 28th, 2007 at 7:05 am in Crazy Press Releases.

Sounds like it’s time for another Bizarre Pet Product of the Week session.
Only this time I’ve got TWO of these weird things!

Press Release #1: “Fish n Flush Aquarium Toilet Tank brings decorative twist to bathrooms.

“(Westminster, California) — It’s a unique new product whose decorative appeal could turn the bathroom into the most talked about room in the house. The Fish n Flush is a clear two-piece toilet tank that replaces a standard toilet tank and cleverly contains a fully functioning aquarium inside. The Fish-n-Flush’s insert can be filled with water for fish or left dry for use as a terrarium for a pet reptile or house colorful plants or foliage.

“‘We wanted to develop a product that had a dual purpose — to serve as a proper, fully functional toilet and also as a source of entertainment and conversation,’ says Richard Quintana, CEO of AquaOne. ‘Fish n Flush is definitely an attention-getter.’”

You can find out more about this silly contraption at

I guess it beats reading the Sears catalogue.

Press Release #2: “High-Tech Pet Bowl Helps Keep Pets Company.

“VICTORIA, BC — Contech Enterprises, designer of the ScatMat pet training mat, today introduced a new way to help pet parents be with their pets — even when they can’t be at home. Designed by Jay Taylor, a dog owner who felt his dog would be comforted by the sound of his voice, ChatterBowl plays a recording of your voice every time your pet eats or drinks. ChatterBowl offers pet parents a fun and easy way to be with their pet, even when they’re away.

“The key to the stylish, contoured ChatterBowl is the unique, light-sensitive TalkBox located in the back of the bowl. Simply record a message on the TalkBox and every time your pet eats or drinks it’ll hear your message. You can record a new message as often as you like — try surprising your pet with a new message every day. Ideal for free-feeding or water, the ChatterBowl helps keep your pet company when you can’t be there.”

If I had one of those things, my fraidy-cat, Newman, would never eat or drink again.

If you’re a glutton for punishment and want to see more about this, you’ll find it at

OK, I see where this is leading. It’s time for a little contest.
What would you record on your ChatterBowl? You can respond here under “Comments” or send me an e-mail at

Funniest recorded message gets to make the rest of us laugh so hard we’ll fall off our chairs! /Gary

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