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Dog & Cat food made with … wild game

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 at 7:41 am in Uncategorized.

I can’t believe I found this press release in my mail this morning!
“Years of domestication have turned your pets from fierce predator to best friends. However, modern science proved that your dog or cat still share the DNA of the wolf or wild cat. Taste of the Wild Brand Dog and Cat food offers your pet a diet dictated by his genes. It provides your pet with the kind of natural, balanced diet he could find ‘in the wild.’

“Now you can satisfy your dog or cat’s instinctual cravings with Taste of the Wild.

“Choose from High Prairie Canine with roasted bison and roasted venison, Pacific Stream Canine with smoked salmon, Wetlands Canine with roasted wild fowl (duck, quail) and Rocky Mountain Feline with roasted venison and smoked salmon.

“Made with real roasted meats … Your pets crave a taste of the wild. Go ahead and give them one. Give your pet the kind of natural, balanced diet that he could find in the wild.”

As if your dog or cat cares. This is designed to appeal to a pet’s carnivorous human provider.

What’s next, California Condor Cat Food? /Gary

** Check out: “Lead bullets: Is it time for a nationwide ban on the use of lead for all hunting and fishing?” just below …

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8 Responses to “Dog & Cat food made with … wild game”

  1. James K. Sayre Says:

    Dear Gary,

    Thanks for alerting us to the latest corporate stupidity, fueled undoubtedly, by good old corporate greed. Humans need to start eating fewer species of animal, not more. Humans also need to cut their reproduction rate from 90% to 99% to save what is left of this fine planet for the health and wellbeing of other animals and plants.

    Merry Christmas,

    James K. Sayre

  2. Maggie R Says:

    “Made with real roasted meats … ”
    Gee, I didn’t know wild cats and dogs could build fires to roast their food! I’ll just run right out and buy these over-priced cans of cruelty!

  3. Bubba Says:

    PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals: or in our pets case, Pets Eating Tasty Animals

  4. Michelle Says:

    Wow you people are missing the whole point. Actually it is true if you do your research that dogs do descend from the wolf family and they should only eat wild raw meat period. Never should they eat cooked or dry dog food but since it’s very hard to go out and kill animals everyday to feed your dog you have to mix it up some with a dry dog food and if you read the ingredients on the Taste of the Wild dog food you will find that it is much better than your local store bought kibble (dry dog food). The reason behind the flavors are for those who do feed their dogs real raw meat sometimes such as Duck, Deer, Bison etc., So they want to get it as close as possible. Illness in your dog is caused half the time by the crap food they are eating that is processed and bought in your local stores. This type of dog food (regardless of the name)has omitted alot of those ingredients that are unhealthy for your dog. Still not as good as the real thing (raw meat)but better than Iams etc.,

    Humans are not made to eat raw meat but more plants and vegetables as James stated but dogs are meant to digest the animals bones and all!

  5. Samantha Says:

    I agree with Michelle. It is very difficult to provide your dog with the natural food that they should have. I feed my two dogs Taste of the Wild because the ingredients are one of the best dog foods and have as close to a natural diet as they can. No dogs don’t care about what the labels say, well because dogs can’t read and they would eat anything that tastes good. Healty or not. Those advertisements are to introduce us to the benefits of their dog food. Sorry for those who are offended that dogs eat meat and that an animal must be killed to provide it. Hello…we are omnivores and should eat meat too. They “roast” or cook the meat in dog foods to eliminate any deadly parasites that may be in the meat. I don’t understand why people call dog food “cans of cruelty”. You don’t want to feed your pet “animals” then go buy a cow.

  6. bryan Says:

    I was in Africa and locals were pissed off at US corperations for killing Elephants for dog food. The people were pissed but the corperations write the laws now a days I guess. So they do this leagally and more than 2,000 elphants supposedly go into dog anually. I didn’t know there were so many elephants but I guess they can be quite a problem when they go crashing through cities, cattle fences, etc. My question is Has anyone heard of such a thing? I search the web and find nothing about it. Are the local Africains just making up these tales or are the true?

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  7. Julie Says:

    I understand peoples reaction to the use of wild game in dog food as being cruel. After all, those wild animals were “just walking through the woods minding their own business and were killed”. I used to think that way too until I married a hunter. Now, before you go off on hunting let me tell you my thoughts. It has taken me years to look at the WHOLE picture. I eat meat. I do not eat red meat because I do not like the flavor. I have a sister who is a vegetarian. She, after many discussions, understands my views and supports them to a degree. She would rather her pets be vegetarian but understands that they ARE NOT. There are people in the world that eat meat. They will always eat meat. Your pets SHOULD eat meat because that is how they are made. They are meat eaters. Now, that being said, there are plenty of vegetarians who understand that their pets need to eat meat and do provide their pets with foods that contain meat. I am sure that there are many who look into all natural free range products because of the health benefits and the ethical treatment or lifestyle of the “consumption” animal. I understand that it would make a person feel better to support a company that treats the “consumption” animal ethically. Now, here I go, I have spent many days on a free range, all natural cattle ranch in the state of Oregon. The family that runs it has strict rules on how their cattle are treated. During round-up the cattle are not to be pushed beyond a walk, not to be chased or frighted, not to be yelled at loudly, etc. It is a very quiet, calm process to get the cattle to pasture to be given shots and a physical check. However, the cattle still need to be pushed into a chute to be tended to. This process is still a very frightening process for these wide eyed cows. I have even seen (and I know it is very rare but it does happen) a cow drop dead of a heart attack in the chutes. It doesn’t matter how quiet you are. The fact that the cows are “free range” makes them more of a wild animal so contact with humans is a very scary thing. This part of the free range cattle’s lives is all well and good BUT, the free range cattle still go to a slaughter house! I don’t know how many people look into the “killing process” of the animals that are in their “all natural, free range” pet foods but if it makes you feel better not to think about it then you should stop reading now! First off, just the gathering and transport of an animal that has limited human contact puts a huge amount of stress on an animal. Arrival at the slaughter house is pure terror! I HAVE seen what happens in a slaughter house. I am sure that there are some ethical and some not so ethical. The not so ethical start carving on animals before they are dead. They are treated like pet food while they are still alive. Believe me, it is UGLY! No matter how ethical a slaughter house is it is still the most terribly frightening final hours of an animals life. Now, on to hunting. I don”t hunt. I don”t think I could kill an animal unless I were starving. My husband is a bow hunter and that is why I have spent many hours thinking this through. A wild animal is the ultimate free range organic meat. It is the healthiest meat you or your pet can consume. An ethical hunter will stalk the animal patiently and quietly and after taking their shot will sit quietly without moving in on an animal before approaching it. This ensures the animal, IF still alive, does not feel panic or pressure from the hunter. I have seen deer and elk who were shot with an arrow jump straight up in the air and turn and look to see “what the heck that was” and not run! As if they don’t know they have been shot. I have seen deer flinch when shot and will continue eating! I have see animals die so fast that they are dead before they hit the ground. I KNOW it sound like a terrible thing but compare that to the lengthy, terrifying process of a slaughter house! For those of you that are saying, and I know there are some of you, that you shouldn’t take the life of an innocent wild animal. What makes you think that a cow is not innocent or that it’s life is worth less than a wild animal? I can tell you that a hunter works hard for the meat that they consume and if the rest of us had to work that hard to put meat on the table there would be a lot more vegetarians in the world. I can tell you that the wild game in our freezer DOES NOT go to waste or get thrown out because it went bad or got freezer burned! It takes so much effort for a hunter to hump his butt up and down mountains, through snow, across rivers, fight altitude sickness, bugs, weather and other animals that may want to consume him. The meat in our freezer is like gold and the animal that lost it’s life to feed us is NEVER taken for granted! EVER! So, for those of you who feel that wild game is “cans of cruelty” then tell me what cans of beef are?……..HUH? I think that there should be a group who’s concern is for the ethical treatment of consumption animals. Because, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ANIMALS CONSUMED weather you like it or not. If you are at all concerned with their ethical treatment then maybe we should all support hunters who quietly go about taking animals without terrifying them first! Or, you can keep your heads in the sand about how your pet food is made and continue harping on others because you haven’t really thought things through. It would be a lovely world if nothing had to die, but, guess what, things will die to feed other things. That is just the natural way that the world is. YOU have no right to decide which animals lives hold more value than others.

  8. T Christine Allen Says:

    Im sorry why cant we get Taste of the wild in canada find it so unfair I have a puppy whose part Wolf / Husky suggested any substitutes for this fabulous dog food lucky u s dogs!

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