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Primal Rant: How can you dump a faithful old pet & replace it with a new one?

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, December 20th, 2007 at 5:50 am in Cats, Primal Rant.


Dear Gary: It saddened me to see the news this morning. It seems that somewhere someone put a 5-year-old, 25 pound cat up for adoption. The reason they did this was because they just got a new cat or kitten and were afraid that their old cat would smash the new little guy.

How can any caring person get rid of a faithful old family pet just because they want a new one? Next they will be abandoning the kids for smarter or prettier ones.

Every time we have acquired a new little bundle of fur, we made sure that they had their own space and were introduced slowly to the rest of the family. Over the years with love and patience this has worked.

People like that should not have any pets. These trusting little guys give us love without question. You just don’t throw them out because you want a new model. I wonder how many “Christmas” gifts will be abandoned in the next few months?

Thanks for letting me air my frustrations. A very Happy Holiday to you and all of your family from our family and all of our furry children.
Gloria in cyberspace

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  1. animal lover Says:

    It is sad to see people abandoning older pets for younger ones, or just abandoning their pets or abusing them and mistreating them. But, it’s like everything else we do. As someone once quoted…it went something like this “the soul of a civilization can be seen in how it treats it animals.” Sad, but accurate. Let’s try to change this by treating our fellow creatures with respect and be true stewards of the planet and not destroyers.

  2. Danielle in Concord Says:

    As a part of a family of four, mom, dad & two boys I find it terrible that someone would let their long time family pet go. We have a Queensland Healer who just turned 19 years old this month. Yes I said 19! Some kind of record I’ve heard. We would never, ever get rid of her for a new puppy. She has been a trusted and loyal companion to us, my hubby and my first baby if you will. Although we will be sad when she passes, we won’t just run out and get a new one!

    Anyway, thanks for posting this and letting us faithful pet owners make their voices heard.


  3. Barbara Says:

    It’s actually quite disturbing to know that humans have the capability of turning off compassion or love to such a degree. Apparently the philosophy of those who simply dump an animal that they once adopted is: “If I don’t see it, it no longer exists.”

    And, in interim, either before being re-adopted or meeting death, the animal either goes through depression, fear, confusion, bewilderment as to what happened to the human that it loves.

    How sad.

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