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Bush administration wolf-killing plan

By Gary Bogue
Friday, January 25th, 2008 at 7:21 am in Endangered species, Wolves.

A new federal rule would allow state game agencies to kill endangered gray wolves that prey on wildlife in the Northern Rockies.

Excuse me, but isn’t that what wolves and other predators do naturally? They prey on other wildlife to survive. It’s what happens in … natural … ecosystems.

An estimated 1,545 wolves in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana are scheduled to come off the endangered species list in coming weeks, which would allow public hunting of the predators for the first time in decades.

The rule released Thursday (Jan. 24) is a separate action that would give the three states more latitude to kill wolves even if their removal from the endangered list is delayed. (In other words, to violate the Endangered Species Act!) The rule would empower state wildlife agents to kill packs of wolves if they can prove the animals are having a “major impact” on big game herds such as elk, deer or moose.

Ah, now I understand. These states feel the wolves are competing with human hunters that spend a lot of money in the states when they come to shoot and kill elk, deer and moose. Too bad the wolves don’t have any money to spend.

The rule also would allow hunting guides and others (???) to kill wolves caught harassing dogs or stock animals on public land. Previously, only cattle or sheep ranchers whose animals were being harassed could legally shoot the predators.

Critics contend officials in Wyoming and Idaho — spurred on by anti-wolf livestock interests — are gearing up to kill hundreds of the animals. Those critics say that could knock down the animal’s population in the region by more than half, undermining a decade-long restoration effort that has cost taxpayers (that’s you and me, folks) more than $24 million.

“There’s just no biological justification for killing that many wolves,” said Suzanne Stone with Defenders of Wildlife. “It’s politically driven.”

As my friend and wild canid expert Camilla Fox says in this note:
Gary: Wolves are getting hit across the U.S. In addition to this insanity happening in the Northern Rockies, Wisconsin just proposed a wolf hunting season (where there are fewer than 400 individuals) and Arkansas is seeking a state sponsored denning program (where wolf pups are killed in their dens) (do they still pour gasoline in the dens and burn the cubs to death like the old days? /Gary) and less than 50 Mexican wolves remain in New Mexico and Arizona after the feds have killed off dozens because of depredation.
And how many millions were spent to “recover” these wolves?! And so the cycle is repeated …
Camilla, Larkspur

You can read more and find out what you can do about it … if you care … at:

Thanks for caring! /Gary

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  1. takeiteasy Says:

    Too bad we continue to be subjected to Bush and his disgusting administration in 2008. Our leadership is nothing but a bunch of inhumane, brutish, ignorant, murdering, oafish scum. I can hardly wait until he is out of office. For the sake of our fellow human beings in other countries, the earth and its inhabitants, let’s hope the 2008 will go by quickly and that we will all become activists against this mindlessness.

  2. Rachel Says:

    What these hunters don’t seem to understand is that Wolves keep game herds healthy by killing only the sick, injured, old and young. They don’t take down what the hunters want…the biggest, healthiest specimens.

  3. Bette Says:

    How do you know that they only kill the sick, injured, old and young? A pack of wolves killed my dog, aged 6 years, several years ago. Do you ever watch the Discovery Channel, they will go after what ever animal they can catch. They go after the slowest, obviously. Controlling the population makes sense, not eradicating them, no one wants that.

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