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Martinez beavers

By Gary Bogue
Friday, February 8th, 2008 at 6:49 am in Beavers.

On Feb. 2, an e-mail from Bob Carlton of Walnut Creek in my column in the Contra Costa Times mentioned he had seen a “huge cage in the back of a city truck” one day when he went to observe the Martinez beavers and the beaver dam. I responded, “kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?” The inference being that the cage might have been there for the beavers. (There’s been concern in some areas that the city might relocate the beavers.)


I received this e-mail from Joe Becker of Martinez on Thursday (Feb. 7):

Dear Gary:
It was just brought to my attention that a City Employee and a City truck were seen at the dam with a huge cage in the back of the truck, according to the blogs in last Sunday’s paper. Just for everybody’s information, that was my personal truck with my dog carrier for my Lab. I was just driving by when I noticed fellow crew members working on the dam when I stopped to see them.

Whoever made the comment about my truck and cage needs to grow up. I have attached a picture of my truck and cage, and it is very clear that the truck (it has no city markings /Gary) does not belong to the City. Maybe Mr. Carlton should get his eyes checked. I do not understand why we, the maintenance crews, are being harassed. We have done everything to help with “Beaver Lovers, Haters, merchants, etc.” We are just doing what we are told. People need to get their facts before they make their comments, and before they are in print.
Joe Becker, City of Martinez, Maintenance Lead Worker

Sorry, Joe! /Gary

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2 Responses to “Martinez beavers”

  1. Bob Carlton Says:

    Gary: I’m sorry that Joe is upset about this, but he could have expained without being insulting.

    I re-checked my original letter and I never claimed that it was a city truck.


  2. Joe Becker Says:

    Mr. Carlton, I do apologize for making the insulting comment. You do have to understand my frustration. I also re-checked the blog. It was acually Mr. Bogue who reffered to it as being a City Truck. However; for you to even make that comment about the cage, and myself, not even wearing City fatigue’s that day was totally uncalled for. I have been on both sides of the fence through this whole situation and do not deserve the criticism that I have been recieving.

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