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San Francisco Zoo tigers are back … new Marin sewage spill

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, February 21st, 2008 at 6:38 am in Uncategorized.

Big cats at the S.F. Zoo are back on view to the public today for the first time since an escaped tiger killed a teenager and mauled his two friends on Christmas Day. The big cat grotto now has raised walls and glass barriers with electrified wires added to prevent another escape.

Oh boy, who wants to go to the zoo with me today and stand in front of the big cat grotto to see if the new walls work?

There’s also ANOTHER untreated sewage spill in Marin County that flowed into the ocean from a damaged pipeline on Monday, so say North Marin Water District officials. This time it’s only a piddling 250-gallon spill so hopefully it won’t kill too many birds or affect any humans.

San Francisco Bay and nearby ocean waters have experienced a FLOOD of pollution in the last few months:

** 50,000-plus gallons of toxic fuel oil from the ship that hit the Bay Bridge on Nov. 7.

** 5 million-plus gallons of sewage from the Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin on Jan. 25 and on Jan. 31.

** Another 1,500 gallons of raw sewage from Marin’s San Quentin Prison on Feb. 14.

** Another 250 gallons of raw sewage from the North Marin Water District on Feb. 18.

And these are just the spills we KNOW about.

Warning signs have been posted and I definitely wouldn’t go wading on Dillon Beach until the signs say it’s OK.

Too bad the birds and other wild creatures can’t read. /Gary

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