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SPAIN: Tough new law, restrictions for pit bulls & other “dangerous dogs”

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, March 6th, 2008 at 7:32 am in Animal Laws, Doberman, dogs, Insects, Pets, pit bull, Snakes.

A reader forwarded this little story from SUR, a newspaper in Southern Spain.


Law reiterates and clarifies dangerous dog restrictions
A. Nogues

“The new law also includes a long chapter devoted to the ownership of potentially dangerous dogs. In this section the Junta de Andalucia has included all the breeds listed in the national legislation (Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, Argentine Dogo, Fila Brasileiro, Tosa Inu and Akita Inu) and has added the Doberman.

“Furthermore the dangerous dog category can also be applied to any dog that has been trained to attack or that has been certified as potentially dangerous by a vet due to its weight, size and aggressive character.

“These animals will have to undergo a training course and must be walked on a lead of no more than one metre and wear a muzzle, says the regulation which also bans this type of dog from areas such as children’s playgrounds. More than one dog of this kind must not be walked by any one person at the same time and documents to prove the animal is correctly registered must be carried at all times.

“Owners of dogs classed as dangerous must obtain a license from their local Town Hall and register their pet on the Andalusian Animal Identification Register (RAIA) through authorized vets. The owner must be over the age of 18 and able-bodied, pass a psychological test, be free of convictions of serious offenses and take out a civil responsibility insurance policy with cover of at least 175,000 euros.” (That equals $266,017 U.S. dollars)

I did a little checking on the Internet and discovered that the dangerous dog regulations in the story above also contain some interesting laws for other types of “dangerous pets” in Southern Spain.

For example:
“Under the new system, large reptiles, poisonous insects and large primates will not be allowed in Andalucian households and people who flout the law could be hit with a fine of 115,000 euros ($174,811 U.S. dollars). People living in the region who already own such pets will be given a six-month period to take the forbidden animal to their local city hall and hand it over … “

Owners of dogs, snakes and other “interesting” pets would probably be wise not to share this little story with their local animal control department, humane society, or SPCA. You might give them some silly ideas. /Gary

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  2. David Palmer Says:

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  3. Vera Says:

    We live in an apartment in Tenerife the Canary Islands which comes under Spain,the apartment underneath ours own 2 American Bull Dogs, they are kept on the sun terrace which is above our apartment,they are very large dogs and sound very heavy when they are running about above our apartment,the femail one has just had 12 puppies I would like to know if they are allowed to breed and keep such dogs in an apartment and on the roof terrace as they are beoming a nuisance as we loose sleep form them barking and running about up there

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  7. Gary Bogue Says:

    Glad to be of service! /Gary

  8. Frankie Says:

    at least you CAN bring your pit bull into spain. im happy to oblige all taxes, fees, certifications, tests etc. there are so few parts of europe where you (im american) can bring your pit bull. i am beginning the process of relocation, and happy to learn all about spanish culture. i chose spain for their open-mindedness when it comes to pit bulls. im so happy that they recognize that animals are animals, and that as long as we are responsible owners, there should be no reason for us to not have our animals with us when we relocate. THANK YOU for providing this webpage. i will be using it as the start in the process of relocating!

  9. april Says:

    so u can bring a pitbull from america to spain? do u have to live ont he military base. we are not military but we need our pitbull at least in europe. we live in germany but if we can get him in spain and bring him over….. frankie i would like to talk more aobut this to u i hope u get back on!!

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  11. Guevara Says:

    I’m reluctant that the Pit bull needs a specific type of operator…these dogs, no matter how ‘caring’ still have teeth, are nevertheless creatures not having moral concepts and if they DO bite, won’t let go. As in all creatures…some tend to be additional suseptable to instinctual habits and time and time once again, this breed tends to complete just that.

  12. Sarah Wilson Says:

    Can anyone help me? How can I get my pitbull to Spain? No airline will carry them over 6 months. I have a 2 year old, sweet female. Please, please, please can anyone help me?

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