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Alaska aerial wolf kill means $$$ for the state

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 at 6:47 am in Alaska, Hunting, Killing wolves, Wolves.

Aerial hunters have killed 124 wolves this winter in Alaska’s predator control program.

State wildlife officials believe that translates to more than 1,400 moose or almost 3,000 caribou being saved — or some combination thereof. The number of wolves killed, however, is far below the goal of 455 to 670 wolves, but it’s more than the 97 wolves taken last year.

The program, which is still ongoing, is an effort to boost moose and caribou numbers.

Wolves have high reproductive rates and some biologists question the effectiveness of the hunts. Even if 40 percent of the wolves in a pack died over a winter, pack sizes could be rebuilt by the start of the next winter, according to studies on the Kenai Peninsula by biologist Rolf Peterson of Michigan Technological University.

Theoretically, dead wolves are supposed to mean more $$$ for the state.
What they’re not telling you is that those 1,400 moose or almost 3,000 caribou that are supposed to have been saved by killing all those wolves … means there will be more moose and more caribou for human hunters to shoot.

Attracting hunters to Alaska means LOTS of revenue for the state. /Gary

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  1. miami native Says:

    Can anyone imagine such a person, that cares nothing for the environment, only big money for the State from big game hunters, as she and her husband are… in charge of our country? In charge of our environment? In charge of our Federal Lands? In charge of the wild horses and burros? In charge of our endangered species? (She sued the Federal government to prevent us from putting Polar Bears on the endangered list even though their extinction is predicted for 2050.)

    After 8 years of Bush’s appointees, who only want to transfer wealth from our pockets to them and theirs, including our natural resources, 4 more years of McCain and Palin?

    Someday not so far away our kids and grandkids are going to want to know how this could happen.

  2. Diana Campbell Says:

    The public needs to know that she has supported this aerial wolf hunting program before she gets elected as vice president. Empty nesters and married couples with no kids (DINKS) care about the environment just as much as those with 5 kids (and grandchildren). For most, animals are our life…if you expose this (and I hope you will), then Palin’s ratings will go down amoung these groups. Stop the inhumane killing and let nature take it’s course.

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