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Are foxes raising cubs in your backyard? Check these photos!

By Gary Bogue
Monday, June 9th, 2008 at 9:19 am in Foxes, Gray foxes, Red foxes.


Seems like every spring I get more and more reports that red foxes and gray foxes are making their dens under our back decks, or digging them under our garden sheds and raising their kits in our backyards.

Is that true? Do you have “company” in your backyard?

I think it’s time for one of my impromptu little surveys to find out that’s going on.


Please take a moment to answer these questions (below), either under “comments” or “reply” below, or send me an e-mail to

Thanks! I’ll print the results here in my blog and in my column.



1. Are foxes denning and raising their cubs in your yard? Where did they put the den?

2. What kind of foxes, red foxes or gray foxes?

3. How many babies?

4. Anything interesting to report?

5. Please list your name, nearest cross streets to your house, city, and a phone number in case I have any questions.


Thanks for helping. As I said, this shouldn’t take you more than two minutes. I appreciate it. /Gary

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64 Responses to “Are foxes raising cubs in your backyard? Check these photos!”

  1. johana Says:

    I live in Pittsburg near Los Medanos College and I caught a grey fox crossing the street near my home about 5:00 am this morning.

  2. Maggie Says:

    I only wish I had foxes in my backyard! How cool! This person is very lucky. By the way, if anyone has issues with wildlife under their house, etc – don’t call a pest control company!!! Call your local wildlife center. WildCare in Marin even has a “wildlife solutions service” now that creates humane solutions for wildife conflicts: I am very proud to be a volunteer of WildCare!

  3. Jane Says:

    I have a cat out on-leash only in the back yard. Last evening he was 10 feet from a fox in the yard. They were eyeballing each other pretty good. I’ve cleaned up scat on my patio up close to the house. The foxes also use the fence as a super-highway along with squirrels, cats who need to get somewhere fast. We are about 4 short blocks from the Mount Diablo foothills. Would they harm an ‘indoor’ cat out on leash? He is not 5 years old and not declawed. I’m also concerned for my 1-year-old granddaughter that loves to play outside in the early evening (under our watchful eye, of course). Is there any way to discourage their visits?

  4. bhf Says:

    I once saw a fox play with a feral cat in a field in Walnut Creek a few blocks from Lime Ridge. At first I wondered why the fox was so playful when both were obviously hunting for the same food — field mice. Maybe it was just a young fox? I don’t think that the cat wanted to play.

  5. Tom O'Connor Says:

    Hello Gary,
    We live in Concord near the foothills at the Kaiser Quarry area. We hav 4 foxes that seem to have adopted our yard to live in. We have seen them go under our deck and come out with a squirll. They are very tame. I can get quite close to them. Animal Services suggested we call the Dept of Agriculture. Have not heard back from them yet.


  6. barbara Says:

    we have about 6 or 8 gray fox living under our deck in Lafayette. I hope they will not harm my feral cat.

  7. gina Says:

    We have a family of the grey foxes here. They had the babies next door under the deck. I am surprized at how unconcerned they are when they see us. The babies are so cute. What a treat to see them. I worry about our 8 pound fearless dog tho. No free wandering the yard for now. We live in crockett, it’s woodsy here, but we are not at an “edge” of town.

  8. gloria kopshever Says:

    Is there anything I should do about suspected den under our deck? There is considerable activity during the night.

  9. gloria kopshever Says:

    marin oaks drive and country club dr, novato, ca
    Anything we should do about suspected fox den under our deck?

  10. Rebekah Rivera Says:

    i have a grey fox kit as a pet, i got her when she was about two days old in Brownwood TX. as of right now she is 5 months old and is unique in every way

  11. Elise Lustig Says:

    I had a very exciting experience one night in the past week. I have lived in the area between Highway 24 and the Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church for close to forty years. I was getting ready for bed, and I saw our motion sensitive light come on, (it never bothers the raccoons, who just use it to see what they are eating out of our fish pond). I looked out and saw, not five feet from me, clearly visible from the aforesaid light and the full moon, a gray fox. I have seen red foxes periodically in the area, mostly around the Tahos Road/Highway 24 intersections. This was definitively not a red fox. My husband, who didn’t get to see it, thought it might be a coyote. I described very throughly what I saw. It was a moderate sized canine, with grayish fur, bushy tail, black tipped, some kind of stripe from the back of the head to the tail. Having only read about gray foxes, and recognizing red foxes from when I grew up in a rural area of Michigan in the summers, I knew it wasn’t a red fox or a coyote.

    I grabbed the California Natural History field guide from the bookcase and opened it to foxes, and lo and behold there it was identified as a gray fox. I may never see another one in the years I have left on this earth, but I will never forget this one.

    Have you ever heard of a gray fox in this area. We do back up to a creek.

  12. joe Says:

    We live in Northwest Connecticut. We have 2 plus acres and are surrounded by woods. I have been seeing two red fox hanging out in the yard. In the summer,they turn a buff color and in the winter they are dark red with black legs. We have had a lot of snow this year, with about 15 inches on the ground. I think that they are looking for my cats. I have plenty of trees for my cats to climb, they only go out for a short time. But these foxes are sly little buggers. I know that they have to eat, but not my kitties!

  13. Vance Jackson Says:

    In the past several years, I have noticed both red and grey foxes making their home range and welping areas closer and closer to town. I live about 5 miles from town on a farm. The other night I heard a horrible fight of what sounded like dogs on the hillside above my home. I grabbed a light and investigated. As I approached the area, I saw four or five coyotes run into the brush. On closer inspection, I found a dead grey fox that had literally been tore to pieces. There was blood everywhere. One front leg was tore off and gone. When I returned to the site the next day with a friend, the whole fox was gone. Over the years, I have been seeing more and more coyotes in this rural area of West Virginia and a very serious decline in fox numbers. I think the foxes are moving closer and closer to town to get away from the coyotes.

  14. Liza M. Says:

    Hello. I live in a suburb of Baltimore. We currently have a red fox couple raising 2 litters in our back yard. They have 2 dens, one under a shed and the other under our garage. The first litter has 4 kits, and the second has 6. Our back yard is very, very busy, esp. at night ! We’ve been giving them lots of space and staying out of our back yard for now. We are amazed by this as we have houses all around us, altho. we do have a fairly deep yard and the houses are fairly far apart.

  15. Suzanne Williams Says:

    I live in the Oakland Hills and saw two gray foxes on my patio last week (about May 3rd) about 8 feet from the door. I had gone to investigate the strange sound which I thought was perhaps a racoon or skunk fighting with another animal. When they saw me they took a step or two toward me and then sat down to observe me observing them. I have no idea what size a fox is, but they “seemed” to be adolescents. Eventually, one got up and walked off into the shrubby and the other followed. Quite amusing.

  16. Thomas Says:

    We have 4 cubs under a deck close to our house. They are becoming very adventurous and I am a little worried about having out 3 year old play in the yard. Should I be worried?
    We live in north-east santa rosa on mark west springs road.

  17. Gary Bogue Says:

    Thomas: I would not let your 3-year-old out in the yard unless you are ALWAYS present. And then you should still be very careful. Frankly, I would not let a small child like that out to play in the yard at all until they are gone. Sounds like they are about ready to move out into the wide, wild world pretty soon. Once they leave, you should have the den area sealed so the foxes or other animals can’t come back. /Gary

  18. Ted Simmons Says:

    I live in Lakewood, CO up in the Green Mountain area.

    I have a den of Red foxes living under my deck. There are 5 red baby foxes, and one runt who is half the size of the others, is all black with a white tipped tale. My friend who is with the Sierra club told me they used to raise black foxes in Englewood, back in the 20’s. When the depression hit they released them, not many survived. but it is cute to see one.


    I live in maine. I have a red fox couple in my back yard raising 2 cubs, or at least that is what i have seen so far. I have 2 acres of tree clear all grass land which has 2 acres of wooded conservation land behind it which does have trees. my 2 acres is surrounded by about a total of 4 houses. these four houses circumvent my back yard. foxes have taken this space to raise their cubs. they are absolutely beautiful. Which means all 4 of my neighbors as well as myself get to see this beautiful family everyday as they raise their cubs who pounce around chasing each other while mom and dad cuddle together just watching them as if in true bliss. just beautiful. I mow my lawn twice a week they dont really to be frigtened by me unless i get within 20 feet then they just walk off slowly.

  20. SL Meyer Says:

    I live in the Missouri Ozarks and I have a fox (fox family)living on my farm. I think it’s den is in an old groundhog burrow that runs along and under my very old barn. It also comes up into the barn a bit, under some old, heavy equipment that gives good shelter. A barn that is home to lots of mice and other critters that would make easy eatting.

    Looking for one of my outside cats, I walked out my into my yard and saw a small doggish/cattish creature staring at me through the fence that’s between my yard and barn (I was about 15 away). It then called to/at me. I walked up to the fence and it watched and waited until I was about 2 feet way and then called at me again. It then darted through to the other side under the brush that surrounds the barn area.

    I went online and found several fox sites that had calls and found that I got the “Territory” bark.(Warning! This is MY Territory). In the last 3 months, the old groundhog burrow area has lately taken on a musky smell that it never had before. My barn is on a hill, overlooking twin ponds, wood and wildlife aboundant. So add me to the fox family list.

  21. Gary Bogue Says:

    SL Meyer: You’ve been added to my list! What a great place you have! /Gary

  22. Pete Beck Says:

    Gary – just saw this post of yours. i live on the PH/Martinez border and have had a fox napping in the sun on my deck, off and on, for the past few weeks. pictures can be found here:

    years ago we had one raise a litter of four babies in our yard. i remember one day she came back from hunting with a three-foot long snake, dropped it for them and walked away — so that they could practice hunting it. it was one of the most amazing things i’ve seen.

  23. Bob Cook Says:

    I live way out in the Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County CA. I believe a family of foxes have established a den in the woods somewhere around our house. There has been a sighting every day for the past four days. They seem as interested in looking at me as I am of them. I’ve only seen one at a time but there is a noticeable difference in size so I know there are at least 2. As near as I can tell from these photos they are Grey fox although the red bellies are not as pronounced. I thought Greys were nocturnal but I have only seen them during the day. Never climbing and I’ve not heard a sound out of them.

    I’m all for letting them raise a family here. All the gophers you can eat don’t y’know, but we do have two terriers (neither one has any interest in the gophers). One is big enough to take care of herself but the other is about the size of a rabbit. The yard is securely fenced but things happen. Is this a cause for concern?

  24. Gary Bogue Says:

    Bob: Anytime you have a small dog (or cat) and there is a nearby wild predator (fox, coyote, bobcat), you should be careful. Gray foxes tend to not be as aggressive as the larger red foxes (which do hunt small dogs and cats), but there are always exceptions. Foxes are normally nocturnal, but have a lot of daytime activity when they have cubs. The youngsters are up and about day and night.
    I’m not sure I’d leave your dogs outside in the yard alone, at least un til the fox cubs have grown and the family has moved on. Certainly not outside alone at night. /Gary

  25. Bren Says:

    In our back yard on the other side of our chain link fence I saw 3 foxes just last evening around dust. There is a mama one, red tailed and two smaller gray ones. I was shocked to see 3 of them. I remembered seeing the mom last year about this time & someone told me she probably had cubs nearby.
    I usually water my flowers planted along the fence line in the evenings, but will not now..they are wild animals and I am afraid of them. I wish there was a way to make them move on!
    We live in Athens Georgia.

  26. Ilga Pubulis Says:

    7/26/09. Live in Mission Bay Senior MobileHome Park, approx. 1/2 mile from Heron Bay. First, saw a large grey fox, who let me approach slowly within 6 feet. Then I made a sudden motion. He stopped washing his face, turned and trotted around the juniper bushes in neighbor’s yard. Later saw a smaller fox with lots of red on face, curled up sunbathing in neighbor’s raised bed, about 3/4 of the male’s size. She was more timid, did not permit approach of more than 1 step. Trotted with some speed around junipers. The next day around noon saw a kit scampering in my carport. I called him kit,kit… and he promply trotted up to me, very curious, not afraid, which makes him very dumb. He was woolly dark grey, with markings underneath, long scrawny tail, darker than both parents. Had a rounder face and looked thin. I went inside, and got an egg out of the fridge. As I went back out, I called him and he promptly trotted after me. Saw me putting the egg near garbage can and leaving. Kit found it, crammed it in his mouth and proudly scampered away around the neighbor’s house. Eggs are a part of fox’s diet, though not a xtra large fertile range-free hen laid. The family may live under the house next door, but a fox is preferable to skunks. Would there be more than one kit? Also, do grey and red foxes interbreed? The female may have been a hybrid! Though she was mostly grey, but with lots of red. Do foxes eat apples? There is no cat problem, because they are prisoners in their homes. Therefore, there is a rodent problem, that foxes may eliminate.

  27. Gary Bogue Says:

    Ilga: Foxes usually have 2-4 young in the springtime. Gray and red foxes don’t interbreed. Gray foxes often have a lot of red, tho. They eat rodents, reptiles, birds, fruit (yes apples) and dog and cat food when people leave it outside at night for their pets. Yes, they DO help with rodent problems. /Gary

  28. Ilga Pubulis Says:

    Apparently, foxes may leave the marshes due to coyote influx? Since gray and red foxes are closer genetically than dogs and coyotes, I would not exclude interbreeding. When I lived in Lake Hills above Riverside, there was a coydog family living in the canyon below. Saw two coydogs. The first one, possibly an adolescent, was eating a hamburger in Kaiser parking lot. It had the build of a young coyote, with the high legs and bushy tail, with the reddish tan, black saddle and tail of a German shepherd. The other one was larger than a coyote, brindle colored, medium length fur, with a long tail with its tip curling up. Too slender for a dog, too large for a coyote. A month later our local paper described the genetic quirk, which allows, albeit rarely, these matings to produce offspring. Riverside had 2 known families of coydogs. According to my neighbor, her fake Lab always ran with the coyotes in the morning. Anyway, it is nice not to smell skunk anymore. I hope Kit survives on a natural diet. There is an old folktale (Latvian), that if you call a wild animal by his name (you have to guess it right), he will come and be your friend. Must have guessed correctly, that it is Kit. Ilga

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    […] Are foxes raising cubs in your backyard? Check these photos … […]

  30. terry Says:

    theres a bunch in my yard in cameron pk…………a big one and 2 little guys,getting worried because I have a sweet 12 year old dog.I called some trapper with animal control,but they said they kill them,which is really awful,since there is many open spaces in eldo county,yard is fenced,thats why they love it,they sleep right out in the open,late afternoon,what can I do…..cant risk my doggies life,he was parents….help…..terry

  31. karen mcclellan Says:

    I am glad to find your site because tonight I had something occur that answered a few questions from years past. I live in Sonoma County, Windsor, Ca., same family property for almost 50 yrs. now. There is approx. 3/4 acre surrounding my own home, backyard is fenced w/6′ redwood fencing + 2′ lattice on top.The surrounding area is subdivision & development w/a major adjacent old redwood hwy. 101. Over the past approx. 4 yrs., I have had several pet bunnies,(2) found beheaded, after this situation, I fenced w/hard wire the underside of decking where I located burrows & the carcass, missing head, of one bunny, another one disappeared.I barely saw the tail of the predator once, big fluffy tail, that was it, that was several years ago, that time, I rescued my bunny and the predator was quite elusive, I had researched extensively, on the possibilities but couldn’t place the creature.I have been quite successful the past (2) years keeping my bunnies safe in eves, knowing whatever did this, seemed nocturnal. I allow them to run the yard during the daytime, they have free reign & I leave all backyard lights on once it is dark & they have access to the garage thru the door. The entire backyard/deck area is fenced in, however, there are trees overhanging into yard. Tonight I heard a loud commotion right outside my screen door & the horrible blood curdling scream that bunnies can project when in distress. Disturbing sound. I ran out, apparently freaked the creature out, who had my bunny on it’s back, by the neck – the little bunny got away, ran in one direction, the creature quickly ran the other way, attempted to run up the fence at one end of fence, I heard a thud, guess it couldn’t make it up that side, attempted another side of redwood fence, couldn’t scale that side, then finally ran across the deck, right in front of me, I had a flashlight, & finally was able to watch this grey fox, rather large, run off to back area of deck, up the tree & gone. I have never in the almost 50 yrs, living on this same property, seen or known of foxes in this area. I was shocked, actually. I had assumed previously, when the bunnies were decapitated, it was possibly a weasel or raccoon or something, but a fox?? Anyway, this seemed to answer the questions from history w/my bunnies, that in fact, by the way it attacked the bunny by the throat, very clearly may explain the past circumstances of finding my bunnies beheaded, rather than the entire carcasses being drug off due to their size, perhaps? Anyway, I am curious as to where the den, if any, could be. Also, my cat is quite the hunter by night – voles, moles, gophers,mice etc. so I am all for any predator that will eliminate these annoying rodents that destroy my yard & garden (not my domestic bunnies, though!)we also have king snakes which are awesome for rodent control. I would never hurt or even consider injuring another animal, in fact, I don’t even like to kill rats etc., it disturbs me tremendously.I was actually fascinated and in awe to see this beautiful animal run away right in front of me, so clearly! I would like to know, however, if this fox would attack my cat who seems to enjoy being out all night, sleeping during the day when not much activity going on in the orchard? This fox was ALL gray, face etc., anything defining a female/vs.male coloring? would this be a female? If they birth in the spring, will they stay around or could this be a grown cub? I am not at all familiar w/the lifestyles of these creatures. I am quite familiar w/the behaviour of opposums, which I have lots of around here, but foxes, ???? This is totally new to me. Oh, yes, I will be bringing my bunnies is prior to darkness now, & my little mini lop “Dusty” did survive the attack, somewhat in shock, but unharmed other than a slight scraped/bloody nose, hiding under some bushes, he is safe & sound w/his buddy in my garage, locked in. I am glad to know finally, what has been lurking in the backyard, as I could never figure it out previously, they are quite quick & elusive & apparently, around here, only out in the darkness of night from my experience now of never, ever seeing one in the daytime hours. I am quite curious about these foxes & will be doing my part to eliminate any reason for them to “conquer” my bunnies by keeping them inside & away from harm, but I would love to know more about the grey fox in this area & particulary about the possible danger to my kitty. Oh, I have had my kitty even longer than any of my bunnies, perhaps 6 yrs. now & raised entirely on this property & always an indoor/outdoor cat, always on the hunt in the evening hours & I have never observed any injury or attacks on the kitty over all these years. karen in windsor,sonoma county, california

  32. Liz Venditti Says:

    Lately when I let my three Labs out for their last bathroom break at night, they have been barking alot. I couldn’t figure what they were barking at all time. This moring when I went to put them out, I noticed a grey fox in our neighbors yard on the other side of our fence. I couldn’t beleive my eyes! You see Red Fox around here at night once in a while, but this is the first Grey Fox. I walked up to the corner of the yard and noticed a whole going under their shed. This must be it’s den. The house was unoccupied for one year due to foreclosure. New people just bought the house. I’m afraid to tell them because they might harm the fox. As an animal lover, I cand wait to see it again. I am located in Dutchess County, NY.

  33. charlie Says:

    I was just looking in my backyard and saw a gray fox, I’m very afraid because I have small children who like to play outside, will they eat the kids?

  34. Lisa Says:

    I have a fox and one baby living in or under the shed in my yard. I live in south central Connecticut and my property is bordered by several hundred acres of a game club. My 4 year old likes to play in the yard, and I’m afraid that the fox might go after her..I’m always out with her, but is there anyway to keep them away from my grass area? right now, they are in the wooded part of my property-and they seem to love the chipmunks that have over run my yard….any suggestions??? will they eventually move when the baby is old enough??

  35. Jane Kinley Says:

    We live in a small town in Southern Illinois. For the past 2 years we have noticed more and more red foxes. We now have a baby fox living in our storm drain. He is very cute and doesn’t seem to be afraid of humans, but we keep our distant.

  36. susan hirsch Says:

    We have two kits under our garden shed who occasionally come out to play among the pansies in the flower pots.
    Mom is vigilant, mostly seen at dusk hunting for dinner.

  37. Celicia Says:

    Just watched two young kits in my backyard this morning. I live in Westminster, Colorado. They’d caught a ground squirrel, and kept playing with the carcass, then later I saw one of them in my front yard with a dead robin.

    For what it’s worth, we also have raccoons and skunks. Maybe the foxes will chase them away! :)

  38. Judy Reinsberg Says:

    Today is the 4th of July, and we woke up early and I took my labradoodle outside (on a leash) to go potty. We live in Moraga at the top of the hills, with open space above us that goes over the hills to Canyon and beyond. The dog stopped and stared into the hill and there was a beautiful gray fox. At first I thought it was a coyote, but then realized that the bushy tail and narrow face were definitely those of a fox. He made a loud screeching bark and my doodle barked back at him, or her. The fox then moved into the protection of the bushes. The dog would not move. In another couple minutes, another fox appeared with more color in its coat, not as gray. Oh how I wish I had had my camera. We are the last house on the street and it is very quiet around here. Maybe we will check around the house to make sure they are not living with us!

  39. Judy Reinsberg Says:

    Today is the 4th of July and we woke up early, before 6:30, so I took my labradoodle outside, on a leash. We live in Moraga at the top of the hills, with open space above and to the side of our home. My dog stopped and stared out into the hill…coming out of the bushes was a gray fox with a bushy tail. The last few days we have heard a screeching bark coming from the woods. Neither my husband nor I recognized the sound, but the fox screeched at us (probably at my dog) and then ran into the trees. Seconds later, a second fox appeared, stared at us and then followed his mate or friend into the trees. Maybe we will check around the house to make sure these two have not set up housekeeping under our house.

  40. David Jordan Says:

    I live in Sausalito and there are two grey foxes that keep coming in my small backyard. My small dog, Boston Terrier is going nuts as she smells them or their markings in my backyard. I need to get them out of there…

  41. Pamela Masloff Says:

    I live near Hwy 12 at the border of Sonoma & Agua Caliente in the wine country of California. Two springs ago we discovered a mama (grey?)fox and her 5 pups basking & playing in the sun on the upper portion of our 3/4 acre yard. She would brings the pups out at approx. the same time each day, mama fox would lay in the sun while the pups played near-by. She would seemingly gather them up and take them home, (her den?) each time. The following year, my sons would go on the hill to climb their tree-fort & almost every time they did, they would find two foxes sleeping in the fort before being awaken by the noise of my sons and then scampering off. This morning we saw two foxes hanging out in the sun on the same hillside part of our yard & I think they may be the same ones that hang out in the tree-fort. My question is, are these two littermates from the year before? Or are the mama and papa of the first litter we saw two years ago? I searched and search on the net but could not find the answer. Do grey foxes select one mate for life? And also, will they breed with one of their own litter-mates? Just trying to figure out who’s living up on my hillside…

  42. staci Says:

    I live in Sausalito of Bulkley and there are two grey baby foxes that sleep on my patio mid day when the sun is shinning. The first one started showing up in July and now has a friend or sibling. I can’t tell if they have built a den anywhere and I am wondering if they will enter the house since I leave the sliding patio doors open when I am home and I have a 3 month old baby. Should I be worried?

  43. debbie Says:

    I have a mom, dad and 6-7 baby foxes living under my shed. they are adorable and we are enjoying watching them. we live about 20 miles north of NYC so it is really hard to believe that these animals are so close to the city. The only problem for our family is our 7 year old silky terrier who loves to wander the yard…right now I keep him inside, only out on a leash since I’m concerned that the parents may see him as a threat to their babies.

  44. Gary Bogue Says:

    Debbie: You’re right, the foxes may see your dog as a threat. While the foxes are living under your shed, you should continue to only let the dog out on a leash. After the foxes leave, things can go back to normal. After they leave, you might want to block the hole under your shed to keep them from coming back. They can cause a flea problem for the dog (and you!). Also make sure your dog has been vaccinated for rabies. /Gary

  45. Nancy Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Today I looked over at the tree in my backyard where I spread Bark Butter for the birds. I thought “now that’s the oddest looking cat stretching up that tree. Then I did a double take and it was a gray fox. Pretty small, maybe a juvenile. I live in Hercules and while there is open space all around I live in a residential neighborhood. It would have had to travel through the neighborhood and from the street thought someone’s yard to get to the easement area behind my house. I tried to take a picture and some video but it ran off. Then as I was getting ready to leave the house I went over to close the slider and it ran out of the yard into the easement again. It was sitting up on the fence. Not sure if it smelled the bark butter or was hunting for squirrels? I have feeders nearby and plenty of squirrels too! If it comes back I will try to get pictures/video to send to you! This is the first time in the 13 yrs at this house that I have seen a fox in my yard! When I lived in my condo before I moved here it was next to a lot of open space and I regularly saw coyotes, foxes, snakes, etc. but not here.

  46. Nancy Singelyn Says:

    I just yesterday saw 4 baby red foxes frollicking in my yard near our shed and then saw them darting underneath it, so I guess that is the den. They are so cute and addicting to watch, but I don’t feel it is safe to have them so near to the house and I am afraid to have family over with children. What do you suggest??

  47. Sharon Says:

    We have a pair of gray foxes and 3 kits in our backyard. Roanoke, TX

  48. Gloria M. Says:

    A grey wolf is coming to my rural/forest backyard and eating from the floor bird feeder. Mostly it comes at night but yesterday he/she showed at dusk and stay for about twenty/thirty minutes. He/she seems to be alone. Her coloring are gray and beige around the neck and his/her lovely tail is bushy with a black streak

  49. deanna Says:

    We came home from vacation to find the Fox family had evicted the Raccoon family out from under our deck.
    There is mom, dad and 4 baby gray foxes. We live in Austin, TX, South part of town, on a residential street that backs up to a greenbelt and there is quite a bit of new construction near. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

  50. Paul Says:

    I have a pair of red foxes living under my barn. It is awesome. I am hoping there is\will be babies. We live at the edge where city meets county.

  51. Doug Says:

    We’ve had a mom and three kits under our deck at time over the last couple of weeks. At first it was just the mom, but now the babies are here. There are two cats who live on our deck too and one of the cats got into a tussle with the tiniest baby fox one night. Neither got hurt. Mostly they just growl at each other. The cats/foxes are killing gophers and squirrels and leaving them on the deck. Do foxes eat cat food?

  52. Jeanne Says:

    We have two families of gray foxes living in our neighborhood in Alamo (a total of 11 individuals). We see them in our yard at night carrying prey such as rats or gophers, which makes them very popular with the humans in the area. We’ve been supplementing their diet, mostly with trapped dead gophers and meaty table scraps, and recording their antics on our game camera every night. We also watch them in person every evening right after sundown. Once they stole a flannel sheet that we had draped over a lawn chair and started playing tug o’war with it on the lawn. That was fun to watch. We hope they take up residence here permanently!

  53. dave Says:

    Just saw my first gray fox from my backyard along Ignacio Blvd. in Novato,CA the fox was walking a trail above the creek. He seemed to be alone. I took a few steps to get a better look, and he turned around, went down and across the creek and up the other side…I’ve lived here almost four years.

  54. Alison Says:

    I just noticed one fox about a week ago in my backyard on the ramp of my shed. Today I just saw another one. I am very scared since I use that shed alot in the good weather. How can they safely be removed or will they end up just going away on their own? Not sure if there are cubs or not. This is a residential area but my backyard is sournded by arbivates trees. I am really uneasy about this. Can someone please help?

  55. Helen Says:

    We just moved to Pine CO a couple months ago. We noticed a fox den in our yard with 2 foxes about 2 months ago & now they have 4 babies. They are adorable! We did call animal control to ask some questions & they referred us to wildlife services. They recommended that as long as they are not bothering us we should not bother them. We watch them from the deck or the window, the mother watches us & we do not feed them or go near them. We were told once the babies are grown they will probably move to another den. We do not have outdoor pets & were told that they only hunt small animals like mice & squirrels.

    Alison I would not be scared, they are more afraid of you I would recommend calling your local wildlife service & ask them questions to make you feel safer. If you do decide to have them removed please do it humanely.

  56. Linda Peters Says:

    I have a red fox in my back yard making her den along with the ground hogs under my pool – she has 5 babies (dark gray in color) they are about 4 weeks old, she is still nursing them…will they leave on their own, what do I do with them – I had a gray fox two years ago with three kits, but they left….any help ill be appreciated.

  57. Susan Novak Says:

    South of Manassas, VA – Red Mother and at least 3 cubs under the neighbor’s shed. The cubs look to be about 6 weeks old. They play like little puppies. She hunts, brings the cubs food and goes back out. The back of both their shed are on a slight grade so they’re open. After the foxes leave lattice might work to seal them.

  58. Laura Stein Says:

    I’m new to this and am not sure if it’s a gray or red fox. They’re tan. There were two cubs and i never saw adults. I saw both cubs for a day or so and then for the past two days i’ve been seeing only one cub–several sightings, so it could have been two. Now i just found one cub decapitated. Needless to say I’m distraught. It was a very clean cut and no sign of the head. I don’t understand what animal could have done this. It’s a private house, no access to outsiders. We have deer fence around our backyard. I did see one fox in our driveway, so it was able to either get through a hole in the fence or climb over it. We see racoons in the area but this happened mid to late afternoon and aren’t racoons nocturnal? I’ve never seen one during the day. If you could shed any light on this I’d be most grateful. I’m so upset. I buried the fox and it wasn’t even stiff yet. It was heartbreaking. Thank you so much.

  59. Russell Cole Says:

    We have been seeing 2 gray foxes (adult) almost daily for the last few weeks. Today however I heard something under my house, got out a flash light and checked on the source. It dodn’t take long to locate the suspect, opened a door to the crawlspace there he/she was, a gray fox about 15 feet away just sitting still and staring me down. i when to get my wife and show her, but the critter was gone when she looked.
    No kits have been sighted yet, but I have afeeling they are going to show up soon.

  60. Russell Cole Says:

    Forgot to tell you where we are. We are located in Boulder Creek, CA. in the Santa Cruz mountains, about a mile from town, near Bear Creek Rd.

  61. Janet Says:

    My husband and I just bought property in Woodbridge VA and we enjoy the wild life in our back and front yard. They most playful bunch is a red fox and her 4 cubs. We watch them play on logs run and play all day while red fox watches overe them and us. We also have dear a family of 4 white tail deer graze in morning. Squarls prance through the trees of the drive to the house makes me want to put a sigh up that says causion squarl crossing! I love living in the country and hope to one day have a horse. Gotta love country living!

  62. alice Says:

    We have a grey fox pair living (we think) under our house. It’s an old house (not on a foundation) with many access points. We live in a rural area of the Sierra Nevada foothills. We also have raccoons, coyotes, and mountain lion. Also deer. I have twice witnessed close hand, one of these foxes hot on the heels of a cat. Didn’t see it caught, but there couldn’t have been two inches of separation. They were running all out. Hope the cat made it! We have a 50# Aussie. I hope her size protects her. She’s not allowed out after dusk without a leash and me with a flashlight, but we see these foxes out in plain sight during the day! Also heard about a missing chihuahua in the neighborhood, but then, we’ve always had the coyotes. Love to watch them, though. They don’t seem to have much fear. Would really love to see some kits!

  63. alice Says:

    Would they deter rattlesnakes?

  64. Pat Says:

    Redlands, CA.
    we had a California grey fox family living under our backyard deck for the last 2 months; Dad, mom, and four kits. they were very active and played and hunted all over the neighborhood. After seeing them many times throughout every day and night, we last saw them about 4 days ago, so it appears they have left us now. Unfortunately they have left us with a flea infestation. it appears that they left because of the flea outbbreak. Be warned and watch out, wild anomals come with wild vermin and parasites.

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