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2008 California Animal Legislation — What’s up in Sacramento

By Gary Bogue
Monday, June 16th, 2008 at 7:32 am in Animal Laws, Animal Politics, Animal protection legislation.

Animal bills for 2008 as of June 13.

Many of the following bills have not yet been assigned to committee or set for hearing. More bills may be discovered. We’ll let you know if and when they are.

This information has been compiled by Virginia Handley of Paw PAC, PO Box 475012, San Francisco, CA 94147, 415-646-0622 (voice mail). See their Web site,, write or call for a copy of the 2007 Voting Chart.

To see actual copies of these bills go to


AB 815 by Assemblyman Tom Berryhill re: Hunting/Fishing. Oppose.
Prohibits any city/county from enacting an ordinance that affects hunting or fishing.
Hearing: Senate Natural Resources. No date set.
Write: Senator Darrell Steinberg, Chair. Tell him local governments should have the right to prohibit hunting/fishing in their own communities in the interest of wildlife protection and public safety.

AB 1634 by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine re: Spay/Neuter. Support.
Requires six month old dogs/cats to be spayed/neutered. Exempts show and hunting dogs, research, law enforcement, search/rescue/service dogs, dogs/cats too old or sick. Breeders have to have permits, but allows one dog litter for one year.
Hearing: Senate Local Government. Possibly June 25.
Write: Senator Gloria Negrete-McCloud, Chair. Tell her pet overpopulation costs cities/counties millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives.

AB 2098 by Assemblyman Paul Krekorian re: Downed Animals. Support.
Strengthens existing law prohibiting auctions and state inspected slaughterhouses from receiving or dragging downed animals.
Hearing: Senate Public Safety. June 17.
Write: Senator Gloria Romero. Tell her downers should not be taken to slaughterhouses or auctions but should get vet care or be humanely killed on the farms.

AB 2291 by Assemblyman Tony Mendoza re: Spay/Neuter. Support.
Adds a check-off on state income tax forms to finance low cost spay/neuter programs.
Hearing: Senate Revenue and Taxation. June 25.
Write: Senator Jenny Oropeza , Chair. Tell her pet overpopulation costs cities/counties millions of dollars and hundred of thousands of lives.

AB 2427 by Assemblyman Mike Eng re: De-Clawing. Oppose.
Prohibits any city/county from prohibiting anyone “engaging in any act that falls within the regulatory definition of that business.”
Hearing: Senate Business and Professions. June 23.
Write: Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas, Chair. Tell him AB 2427 is an attempt by a special interest (Calif. Veterinary Medical Assn.) who opposes any local prohibition on de-clawing cats, such as the ordinance passed in West Hollywood. Special interests, including vets, who have influence on the state level, want to control local governments.

AB 2785 by Assemblyman Ira Ruskin re: Wildlife Corridors. Support.
Requires the Wildlife Conservation Board to designate and protect wildlife corridors. AB 828 of 2007 on the same subject was vetoed.
Hearing: Senate Natural Resources. June 24.
Write: Senator Darrell Steinberg, Chair. Tell him wildlife cannot exist without access to corridors to prevent isolation, inbreeding, and endangerment.

AB 2911 by Assemblywoman Lois Wolk re: Oil Spills. Support.
Among many provisions, strengthens protection against oil spills and provides for the better use of volunteers to rehabilitate wildlife.
Hearing: Senate Environmental Quality. June 23.
Write: Senator Joe Simitian, Chair. Tell him wildlife rescue and rehabilitation is dependent on the volunteers to act quickly in emergencies.

AB 2949 by Assemblyman Mark DeSaulnier re: Abandonment. Support.
Allows property owners to seize abandoned animals to take them to animal shelters.
Hearing: Senate Judiciary. June 24.
Write: Senator Ellen Corbett, Chair. Tell her animals are being abandoned due to economics/foreclosures. AB 2949 will enhance the existing law against abandonment.

ASSEMBLY JOINT RESOLUTION 41 by Assemblyman Ted Lieu re: Penguins and Polar Bears. Support.
Asks the US Fish and Wildlife Service to extend the Endangered Species Act protections to polar bears and penguins.
Hearing: Senate Natural Resources. No date set.
Write: Senator Darrell Steinberg, Chair. Tell him rising temperatures caused by greenhouse gases decrease the sea ice upon which polar bears and penguins depend. The recent federal declaration of endangerment of polar bears is full of loopholes.

ASSEMBLY JOINT RESOLUTION 49 by Assemblyman Pedro Nava re: Whales. Support.
Asks Calif. Fish and Game Commission to declare the gray whales endangered and the US Fish and Wildlife Service to conduct a survey on their habitats and threats.
Hearing: Senate Appropriations. No date set.
Write: Senator Tom Torlakson, Chair. Tell him Gray Whales suffer from sonar sound, pollution and lack of krill resulting in malnourishment and unsuccessful calving.

ASSEMBLY JOINT RESOLUTION 62 by Assemblyman Mark Leno re: Sea Turtles. Support.
Asks the National Marine Fisheries Service to deny “shallow set longline” swordfish permits off the California coast which have been prohibited since 1977.
Hearing: Assembly Floor. No date set.
Write: Your Assembly Member. Tell him/her that Leatherback and Loggerhead Sea Turtles are easily ensnared by the fishing lines and face possible extinction.

SB 200 by Senator Dean Florez re: Downed Cows. Support.
Among other provisions, will be amended to mandate video cameras and prohibit electric prods on downed cows in slaughterhouse yards.
Hearing: Assembly Agriculture. June 18
Write: Assemblywoman Nicole Parra, Chair. Tell her downed cows should not be going to slaughterhouses for humane and health reasons. If cows go down in transit, they should be euthanized upon arrival. Dairies should take responsibility for sick and injured.

SB 685 by Senator Leland Yee re: Pet Trusts. Support.
Strengthens pet trusts for animals in wills to provide for their care and provide oversight of the money. Mandates care for animals for their lifetime even if over 21 years, such as parrots and horses.
Hearing: Assembly Floor. No date set.
Write: Your Assembly Member. Tell him/her animals deserve the care and protection their people provided for them in their wills.

SB 908 by Senator Joe Simitian re: Global Warming. Support.
Requires environmental education to include information on climate change.
Hearing: Assembly Appropriations. No date set.
Write: Assemblyman Mark Leno, Chair. Tell him environmental education is not correct or complete without information on climate change.

SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION 118 by Senator Abel Maldonado re: Sea Otters. Support.
Declares the last week of September as Sea Otter Awareness Week.
Hearing: Assembly Floor.
Write: Your Assembly Member. Tell him/her that sea otters are among the most imperiled marine mammals whose populations continue to drop,

STATE BUDGET RE: Fish and Game Wardens. Oppose.
Among many cut backs, the budget reduces the number of Fish & Game wardens.
Write: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tell him wildlife depends on enforcement of laws to protect them and habitat. Wardens are already understaffed and underpaid. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. WE DO NOT HAVE NEARLY ENOUGH GAME WARDENS! /Gary

AB 1938 by Assemblyman George Plescia re: Spay/Neuter. Support. Failed.
Would have allowed credit on state income tax for spay/neuter costs of dogs and cats.

AB 1969 by Assemblyman George Plescia re: Police Dogs /Horses. Support. Failed.
Would have increased penalties for harming/killing police dogs/ horses.

AB 2253 by Assemblyman Alberto Torrico re: Poultry. Support. Dropped.
Would have required Calif. Dept. of Food and Agriculture to establish criteria for use of term “California Certified Free Range” for poultry (chickens, turkeys, etc.) including shelter, outdoor areas, vegetative ground cover, nesting, shade, and retreats.

AB 2281 by Assemblyman Pedro Nava re: Dog Fighting. Support. Failed.
Would have strengthened existing penalty for attending a dog fight to a felony.

AB 2602 by Assemblyman Cameron Smyth re: Hunting. Support. Dropped.
Would have declared the Legislature’s intention to prohibit public schools from supporting hunting/trapping of wildlife. AB 2602 will be dealt with administratively.

SB 1121 by Senator Carole Migden re: Cloned Animals. Support. Failed.
Would have required animal products from cloned animals to be labeled.

SB 1205 by Senator Sam Aanestad re: Veterinarians. Oppose. Failed.
Among many provisions, would have weakened the power of the Veterinary Medical Board to discipline veterinarians and also weaken the Registered Vet Tech Committee.

SB 1773 by Senator Ellen Corbett re: Pet Food. Support. Failed.
Would have required pet food companies to have their websites on their labels which must include the country of origin.

SB 1775 by Ron Calderon Re: Dog Fighting. Support. Failed.
Would have allowed the forfeiture of property of anyone guilty of dog fighting.

Looks like it’s going to be another interesting year of feuding, fussing and squabbling in Sacramento.

If any of the above bills look good or bad to you, please follow the instructions and write a note asking them to support or NOT to support the bills. Thanks for caring. /Gary

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4 Responses to “2008 California Animal Legislation — What’s up in Sacramento”

  1. Teri Shore Says:

    Thanks for your support of AJR 62 West Coast Sea Turtle Protetion. It sailed out of the Assembly and will go before Senate Natural Resources on June 24. It’s not too late to send support letters to Chairman Darrell Steinberg, fax 916-323-2232.

  2. Alfred Troy McBride Says:

    I want to see legislation that prohibits cities from making an ordinance that prevents people from having chickens or turkeys in an R-1 Zone. Chickens are smaller then dogs! Every founding father of our country was invovled with the husbandry of chickens and Ben Franklin wanted the turkey as the national bird! It is un-American to only allow the Rich with 20,000 sq feet to have chickens and turkeys! That is not what America is about! Presidents have retired and became chicken farmers! Presidents have promised every American a chicken dinner in every pot! Yet small minded city counsels think they have the right to take your property rights away because you are not rich or educated. My child can have a chicken! Just like the Rich kid down the block! This is the land of the FREE but you wouldn’t know it because city counsels run cities like they are giant prisons to be controlled!
    We are a free people that are allowed to have guns why not chickens! When you ask for one they tell you all about the healh concerns but if you have a 20000 sq ft property those concerns are not even raised! Chickens are raised better at home, and having just 6 chickens to have eggs for personal use (not roosters) is every Americans Right! But again City Counsels abuse of American rights is allowed by the State legislature unless they make a law that prohibits the cities in California from making an ordinance that prohibits chickens of more then (6) chickens or turkeys or a mix of both then we will all live in Agricultual tyranny!

  3. Troy McBride Says:

    I live in the City of Palmdale CA, and the Planning Commission voted 5-0 against changing a local ordinance that affectively banns chickens on a 6000sq ft R-1 Zoned property. Note that our Founding Fathers were subjected to simular agricultural tyranny! My issue is that I feel that “Banning” them on my property while there are other Cities in California that do allow them on a simular situated property R-1 zone is a violation of the Equal protection of the law by the State Constitution and the bundle of rights. If some cities allow this then all citys being equal in law must allow the free American to have them. Otherwise we have tyrants and in this case Agricultural Tyranny! All of our founding fathers and fact every signer of the Declaration of Independance was invovled in the husbandry of chicken farming, and Thomas Jefferson educated his children and grandchildren in the natural science with chickens, while also giving them to his friends. Also, Benjamin Franklin advocated the Turkey as the national bird! Our nation was founded for the very purpose to protect our property rights! and I think Thomas Jefferson would turn over in his grave if he heard that a common American could not have a few chikens qty of(6)on his property. The animal is not a visous animal it is quiter than my dog and provides fress eggs and education to my children of where thier food comes from (not the supermarket!) Also I think by banning them on my property the Zoning commission is making unfair competition using zoning codes. Eg. If I could have my own chickens maybe the store would lower their prices verses raising them. So gentlemen, can I have some food fowl (for eggs) personal use or will you affirmatively vote against our children, their education, property rights, and the very ideas, and ideals that founded this very nation? I want the State Legeslature to pass a law that specifically tells the Local ordinance makers/municipalities that they can not pass any law or ordanience that banns chickens in thier cities as chickens belong to every free person in this great state of California. (Note that cities can limit the quantity (regulate) to a minimum of (6) chickens on an R-1 property.

  4. Russell Says:

    i always enjoy coming back and reading the articles and coments i found them interesting and informative

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