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Animal rights activists cry foul over city’s deal with cockfighters

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 at 6:33 am in Animal Cruelty, Animal fighting, Cockfighting.

This is from the Associated Press on Monday afternoon:

“HONOLULU — Animal rights activists are calling foul over Honolulu’s decision to contract members the Hawaii Gamebreeders Association to remove feral chickens from private residences.

“The Hawaiian Humane Society says cockfighting is a type of animal cruelty and no one involved with blood sport should be responsible for the animals. But Hawaii Gamebreeders say they have the experience to chase down the feral fowl.

“Honolulu licensing administrator Dennis Kamimura says many breeders sell their fighting cocks and don’t necessarily engage in the illegal, gambling sport.”

But if the breeders sell their fighting cocks to cockfighters who are engaged in the illegal gambling sport … doesn’t that automatically involve them in the illegal cockfighting activities?

There can’t be any cockfighting without fighting cocks. Seems to me the fighting cock breeders are not only INVOLVED with illegal cockfighting … they’re an INTEGRAL part of it. /Gary

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