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We need stronger humane laws! Animal abusers have too many loopholes

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 at 6:15 am in Uncategorized.

This is as bad as it gets:
“Santa Cruz Animal Services officers confiscated 38 dogs and puppies Saturday after finding ‘more dead dogs that we could count’ and dog heads hanging from trees.”

Some crazy guy in Santa Cruz County, Calif., is found to be abusing dogs. Animal control officers discover an unknown number of dead dogs and rotting carcasses and dog feces throughout his house … starving dogs chained with no food or water … body parts everywhere … decapitated dog heads hanging from trees … puppies …

And in spite of all this …
“While animal services officers are doing their best to care for the animals in their control (38 dogs they confiscated), they don’t know if they will be able to save any of the dogs.”

An animal services officer says: “While we are caring for them right now, they are legally his (the guy who killed and abused the dogs) until the DA decides whether or not to prosecute.”

Humane laws in California should be written so that in horrendous situations like this the District Attorney would have no choice in the matter and would HAVE TO PROSECUTE.

“Maybe he (the guy who killed and abused the dogs) will want to surrender some of the animals to us,” said the animal services officer. “Hypothetically we will be able to put them up for adoption.”

Hypothetical baloney! Surviving animals should automatically be confiscated from individuals who cause such abuse.

Anybody else want to jump in and comment on this mess? /Gary

Here’s the whole story by Julie Copeland of the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

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