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Wild Turkeys: Any humane ways to keep them out of yards?

By Gary Bogue
Friday, August 1st, 2008 at 6:55 am in wild turkeys, Wildlife.


I’m getting a LOT of mail about wild turkeys waddling into backyards and gobbling up everything in sight — gardens, lawns, flowers — and of course leaving BIG messes behind.

Does anyone have any humane solutions for dealing with this problem?

Nothing to hurt the turkeys in any way, just keep them out of yards. Thanks. /Gary

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2 Responses to “Wild Turkeys: Any humane ways to keep them out of yards?”

  1. Ann Says:

    Sometimes the solution is to change your mindset. I like that my child is going to remember growing up surrounded by deer and wild turkeys rather than by perfectly manicured lawns.

  2. Steve Says:

    I recently visited a friend that has problems with Deer in his yard. He set up a motion detector on a sprinkler system. When deer step into the path, the Rainbird sprinklers go off and the deer leave. My thoughts is this could work for turkeys. I’m planning on using this technique to keep the human turkeys that feel like they can gather on the hidden side of our property to smoke dope.

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