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Animal rights terrorists must be stopped!

By Gary Bogue
Monday, August 4th, 2008 at 7:22 am in Animal Activists, Animal research, Animal rights, Domestic terrorism.

SANTA CRUZ — Firebombs were intentionally set on a porch and in a car belonging to two UC Santa Cruz researchers in separate incidents early Saturday in what police have classified as acts of domestic terrorism.

Police are calling one of the bombings an attempted homicide.

In one incident, a faculty member’s home on Village Circle off High Street was intentionally firebombed about 5:43 a.m., according to police. The residence belonged to UCSC researcher David Feldheim, a neuroscientist who works with mice. He was one of 13 researchers listed in threatening animal rights pamphlets found Tuesday in a downtown coffee shop.

In the second incident about the same time, a car parked in a faculty member’s driveway on Dickens Way on campus also was firebombed, police said.

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Eric Mills, coordinator for ACTION FOR ANIMALS in Oakland said it best:
“Call it what you will, I call it TERRORISM. Such actions put people in danger, and do nothing to help animals, or further our cause; indeed, they are counter-productive, and will serve only to make things more difficult for the law-abiding.

“I think we, as a humane movement — both organizations and individuals — need to speak up loud and clear in condemning these tactics. We all deserve better, humans and non-humans alike. Which is not to condone animal research — I hate it. Even if it were to save the entire human race (which, of course, it won’t/can’t), I am opposed to invasive research on animals for ethical and moral reasons, as well as for the ‘bad science’ involved.”
— Eric Mills

These Animal Liberation Front terrorists are W-R-O-N-G in their misguided attempts to stop animal research by firebombings and other physical intimidation. For every two steps forward by animal welfare organizations, these self-defeating acts of domestic terrorism send us THREE steps backward.

What they are doing is far WORSE than the invasive research they are trying to condemn. It must be stopped.

And while we’re on the subject, the Santa Cruz police REALLY blew it. As the story above reports, “threatening animal rights pamphlets” were found in a Santa Cruz coffee shop last Tuesday, listing the names of researchers they planned to attack. So why the heck didn’t the police have the homes of those researchers staked out … waiting for the terrorists?

They could have captured the terrorists and prevented the fire bombings. Not too swift, were they? /Gary

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  1. Maggie Says:

    I agree – these extremists are hurting animals more by their actions because many will paint all of us who strive to help animals with the same extreme brush. I hope they are caught. It’s completely hypocritical to firebomb a house full of people – including children! I am disgusted and embarrassed that these people would claim to help animals!

  2. Raj Says:

    There is a great book on this topic called THE ANIMAL RESEARCH WAR. These attacks are actually pushing scientists out of research. HOpefully people will wake up.

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