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Got deer in your yard? Please answer this quick survey

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 at 6:56 am in Animals, deer, Survey, Wildlife.


I’m getting more and more reports from people who have deer visiting their yards.

I think it’s time for another one of my impromptu little surveys to see how big this problem is. Or if it really is a problem at all.

If you get deer visits please take a moment to click on leave a comment/reply below and answer these questions:

1. How often do you see deer on your property?

2. How many deer do you see and what are they doing?

3. How often do you see them and how long do they stay?

4. What city do you live in?

5. Nearest cross streets? (I’d like to plot these deer visits on a map.)

Thanks for the information. I’ll compile your answers and give the results here. /Gary

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8 Responses to “Got deer in your yard? Please answer this quick survey”

  1. Bob Carlton Says:

    1. every day
    2. between 3-6 eating grass, flowers etc.
    3. if not disturbed (e.g. no dogs) 30 min. or so
    4. Walnut Creek (Rossmoor)
    5. Tice Valley & Rossmoor Parkway

    We don’t consider it to be a problem.
    p.s. lots of fawns this year

  2. Peter Whitbeck Says:

    1. At least once a day — usually more.
    2. Three to four — eating, drinking (we are on a creek) or moving about.
    3. I see them throughout the day. Usually stay 10-15 minutes at a time.
    4. Lafayette.
    5. Springhill Road/Pleasant Hill Road.

  3. Nancy Schick Says:

    1. Morning and evening—sometimes after dark
    2. three or four with two fawns.eating grass and plants.They like violets and Moreas.Our back yard is fenced but there is space on the outside for them to get through to open space areas They often lie down under the Pine trees behind our fence.
    3. Sometimes they only stay for a short time but when it is hot stay longer under the trees.
    4. Moraga–Sullivan and Arroyo Dr.

  4. Dave Says:

    1. Once every week
    2. One or two deer
    3. A couple of days usually hidden in the bushes
    4. El Toyonal/Vallecito

  5. Debby R Says:

    1. Several times a week, at dusk or at night.
    2. Usually two at a time, and they are munching and then crossing the street.
    3. When I drive by they are startled and start to run away.
    4. Montclair, Oakland
    5. Merriewood Drive, near Thornhill – two blocks from my home.

  6. linda Says:

    1. every day (they see my car in the car port)
    2. mother and daughter deer, sitting under a large pine tree
    3. they stay all day, until dark
    4. rossmoor, walnut creek, ca
    5. ptarmigan

  7. jerry prola Says:

    1. everyday
    2. 2-3-4 eating and walking the hill
    3. 2X a day – 20 minutes if our dog does not notice them!
    4. oakland
    5. sobrante and thorndale

    we figure that we are living in their territory – but i did put up netting to keep them out of my wife’s plants!

  8. Kelly McLaughlin Says:

    1. Every couple days
    2. Anywhere from 2 to 4. They are eating and walking the property (I believe they nest in the shrubbery on the neighbor’s property). Every year we have at least one mom with twins regularly coming through. It is rare that we will see a young buck on the property. In 11 years, I’ve only seen one 6-point buck hang around and eat for a day.
    3. When they come – usually once a day for about 1/2 hour. Twice a day when the mom(s) have babies.
    4.Gualala, CA
    5. Fish Rock Road & Highway One

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