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Status of new pet laws in Sacramento

By Gary Bogue
Monday, August 18th, 2008 at 7:37 am in Animal Laws, Animal protection legislation, Cats, dogs, Farm Animals, Pets, Spay/Neuter, Wildlife.

Here’s the status of 2008 CALIFORNIA ANIMAL LEGISLATION in Sacramento, California.

If you like, or dislike any of these laws, write your legislators and the governor and tell them how you feel about it.

The address for legislators and Governor: State Capitol Bldg., Sacramento, CA 95814, 916/322-9900


AB 815 by Assemblyman Tom Berryhill re: Hunting/Fishing. Oppose.
Prohibits any city/county from enacting an ordinance that affects hunting or fishing. AB 815 was successfully amended to exempt trapping ordinances. Hearing: Senate Floor. Write: Your Senator. Tell him/her local governments should have the right to prohibit hunting/fishing in their own communities in the interest of wildlife protection and public safety.

AB 1634 by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine re: Spay/Neuter. Support.
Requires dogs/cats to be spayed/neutered about whom there have been complaints or impoundments. AB 1634 has been significantly amended from its original language that had required breeding permits. Hearing: Senate Floor. August. Write: Your Senator. Tell him/her dogs/cats who have been a source of impoundments are often unspayed and unneutered contributing to behavior problems.

AB 2132 by Assemblyman Guy Houston re: Hunting Dogs.
Prohibits removal of radio transmitting collars from hunting dogs and allows hunters to charge violators for any lost breeding revenues. A section mandating the Fish & Game Commission to consider allowing hunting dogs for deer archers was removed. Next Hearing: Senate Floor. August.

AB 2233 by Assemblyman Bill Maze re: Dogs in Cars.
Prohibits having a dog, or any animal, in your lap or arms while driving. Next Hearing: Senate Floor.

AB 2291 by Assemblyman Tony Mendoza re: Spay/Neuter. Support.
Adds a check off on state income tax forms to finance low cost spay/neuter programs. Hearing: Senate Floor. Write: Your Senator. Tell him/her pet overpopulation costs cities/counties millions of dollars and hundred of thousands of lives.

AB 2296 by Assemblyman Gene Mullin re: Animal Research.
Makes it a misdemeanor to trespass on the residential property of an animal researcher with the purpose of “chilling or interfering with the researcher’s academic freedom.” AB 2296 is intended to respond to the harassment of animal researchers, particularly the recent firebombings in Santa Cruz. Hearing: Senate Public Safety. August 11.

AB 2427 by Assemblyman Mike Eng re: De-Clawing. Oppose.
Prohibits any city/county from prohibiting anyone “engaging in any act that falls within the regulatory definition of that business.” Hearing: Senate Floor. August. Write: Your Senator. Tell him/her AB 2427 is an attempt by a special interest (Calif. Veterinary Medical Assn.) who opposes any local prohibition on de-clawing cats, such as the ordinance passed in West Hollywood. Special interests, including vets, who have influence on the state level, want to control local governments.

AB 2785 by Assemblyman Ira Ruskin re: Wildlife Corridors. Support.
Requires the Wildlife Conservation Board to designate and protect wildlife corridors. Hearing: Senate Floor. Write: Your Senator. Tell him/her wildlife cannot exist without access to corridors to prevent isolation, inbreeding, and endangerment.

AB 2911 by Assemblywoman Lois Wolk re: Oil Spills. Support.
Among many provisions, strengthens protection against oil spills and provides for the better use of volunteers to rehabilitate wildlife. Hearing: Senate Floor. Write: Your Senator. Tell him/her wildlife rescue and rehabilitation is dependent on the volunteers to act quickly in emergencies.

AJR 51 by Assemblyman Pedro Nava re: Off Shore Oil Drilling. Support.
Asks Congress not to lift the ban on off shore oil drilling. Hearing: Senate Floor. Write: Your Senator. Tell him/her to protect our coast and our wildlife.

SB 986 by Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas re: Pet Shops.
Clarifies existing law, AB 1347 passed in 2007, that the definition of pet shops for minimum standards does not include animals sold for agricultural purposes. A recent amendment changes provisions about pet shop employees killing “feeder” rabbits/rats. Hearing: Senate Floor for agreement with Assembly amendments.

Budget re: Unfunded State Mandate on Shelters.
The budget committee has “deferred” the Hayden law on shelters, meaning the mandate stays but cities/counties will not be reimbursed for their costs until next year’s budget. The Hayden law has, thus far, cost the state over $120 million.

PROPOSITION 2 re: Farm Animals. Support.
Requires poultry, pigs, and veal calves to have room to stand up, lie down, turn around, and stretch their limbs. This ballot proposition will be voted on in November 2008. For more information and how you can help, contact


AB 2098 by Assemblyman Paul Krekorian re: Downed Animals. Support.
Strengthens existing law prohibiting auctions and state inspected slaughterhouses from receiving or dragging downed animals.

AB 2949 by Assemblyman Mark DeSaulnier re: Abandonment. Support.
Requires property owners such as banks and real estate agencies to notify animal control when they find abandoned animals.

AJR (Assembly Joint Resolution) 41 by Assemblyman Ted Lieu re: Polar Bears / Penguins. Support.
Asks US Fish & Wildlife Service to extend the Endangered Species Act to cover penguins and polar bears, both suffering from global warming.

AJR 49 by Assemblyman Pedro Nava re: Whales. Support.
Asks California Fish & Game Commission to declare gray whales endangered and asks US Fish & Wildlife Service to survey habitats and threats.

AJR 62 by Assemblyman Mark Leno re: Sea Turtles. Support.
Asks the National Marine Fisheries Service to deny “shallow set longline” swordfish permits off the California coast which have been prohibited since 1977.

SB 685 by Senator Leland Yee re: Pet Trusts. Support.
Strengthens pet trusts for animals in wills to provide for their lifetime care and provides oversight of the money.

SCR 118 by Senator Abel Maldonado re: Sea Otters. Support.
Declares the last week of September to be Sea Otter Awareness Week.

Will create special license plates with proceeds to fund low cost spay/neuter programs. More administrative details are expected as to how the money will be expended.


AB 1938 by Assemblyman George Plescia re: Spay/Neuter. Support.
Would have allowed credit on state income tax for spay/neuter costs of dogs and cats.

AB 1969 by Assemblyman George Plescia re: Police Dogs /Horses. Support.
Would have increased penalties for harming/killing police dogs/ horses.

AB 2253 by Assemblyman Alberto Torrico re: Poultry. Support.
Would have required California Dept. of Food and Agriculture to establish criteria for use of the term “California Certified Free Range” for poultry (chickens, turkeys, etc.).

AB 2281 by Assemblyman Pedro Nava re: Dog Fighting. Support.
Would have strengthened existing penalty for attending a dog fight to a felony.

AB 2602 by Assemblyman Cameron Smyth re: Hunting. Support.
Would have declared the Legislature’s intention to prohibit public schools from supporting hunting/trapping of wildlife. AB 2602 will be dealt with administratively.

AJR 103 by Assemblyman George Plescia re: Dogs. Support.
Would have declared June 20 as “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”

SB 200 by Senator Dean Florez re: Slaughterhouses. Support.
Would have required video cameras to monitor handling of animals in stockyards.

SB 908 by Senator Joe Simitian re: Global Warming. Support.
Would have required environmental education to include climate change. Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed SB 908.

SB 1121 by Senator Carole Migden re: Cloned Animals. Support.
Would have required animal products from cloned animals to be labeled.

SB 1205 by Senator Sam Aanestad re: Veterinarians. Oppose.
Would have weakened the power of the Veterinary Medical Board to discipline veterinarians and weaken the Registered Vet Tech Committee.

SB 1773 by Senator Ellen Corbett re: Pet Food. Support.
Would have required pet food companies to have Web site addresses on their labels that include the countries of origin of the ingredients.

SB 1775 by Ron Calderon Re: Dog Fighting. Support.
Would have allowed the forfeiture of property of anyone guilty of dog fighting.

For copies of bills:

Compiled by Virginia Handley 415-474-4021

Paw PAC, PO Box 475012, San Francisco, CA 94147, 415-646-0622. See 2007 Voting Chart and 2008 endorsements.


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