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These pelicans need your help!

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 at 7:13 am in International Bird rescue research Center, Pelicans, Waterfowl.


Crisis continues for brown pelicans along Northern California coastline.

The International Bird Rescue Research Center’s Northern California rehabilitation center in Fairfield has received 137 injured pelicans this year — and 115 of those pelicans have come in since June 15!

Most have been weak young birds that are learning how to hunt … but … recently, many have been brought in suffering from injuries from fishing hooks and from being entangled in fishing line.

IBRRC has the largest facilities and most advanced program for pelican and sea bird rehabilitation on the west coast. Each of their rehabilitation centers is equipped with 100-foot long pelican flight aviaries. Each aviary can hold up to 75 birds and both are in full use right now.

As you read this, brown pelicans in IBRRC’s Northern California center in Fairfield and in their Southern California facility at San Pedro are receiving treatment for fishing tackle injuries and other problems.

Each pelican eats up to 5 pounds of fish a day. That means each of the huge birds will cost (conservatively) $200 to rehabilitate. And that means that IBRRC needs your help and financial support to help them get through this crisis situation.



You can find out more about the problem and how you can help/donate here:

You can see videos of the problem on IBRRC’s blog:

The International Bird Rescue Research Center is made up of the good people who cleaned the wild birds that were covered with oil from the recent oil spills in San Francisco Bay … and returned most of them back to the wild where they belonged.

You can return the favor by donating funds to help them deal with this present brown pelican crisis. THANKS FOR CARING! /Gary

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  1. Maggie Says:

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention Gary! IBRRC is a wonderful organization. Fishing line causes so much devastation to wildlife! I wish people who fish would be more careful…I’ve seen line hanging in the trees around lakes. Several years ago WildCare created a fishing line recycling program, based on a successful effort in Florida, for Marin County. We got a grant from the CA DFG Wildlife and Fisheries Council to start the program. There are now fishing line recycling bins around the lakes on Mt. Tam and in some other spots. We hope it is helping to cut down on line just let loose to kill animals. Would be nice to see this program expand to other Bay Area counties!


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