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Bears? On Mount Diablo?

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 at 7:06 am in Black bears, Mount Diablo, Wild pigs.

wild pig1

For the last month or so, about once a week I’ve been getting calls from people who claim they’ve seen bears on Mount Diablo.

Well, what they’ve been seeing may have LOOKED like bears, but they’re not. What people have been seeing is WILD PIGS, like the one in the above photo.

When viewed from a distance, those big, fat, dark shapes look just like bears … but they’re actually wild pigs. There’s over 100 wild pigs wandering over the sides of our mountain. They’re shy and keep their distance from people, so when we see them it’s usually from afar.

So be aware. That’s not a bear. /Gary

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