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Help stop legislation that’s harmful to animals

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, August 28th, 2008 at 6:33 am in Animal Laws, Animal Politics.

I just received a newsletter from Animal Place, a farm animal sanctuary, asking for help in stopping legislation that’s harmful to animals and those striving to protect animals.

Below are two bills that need action taken.

AB 815 & AB 2427 — Oppose

Both AB 2427 and AB 815 are on Governor Schwarzenegger’s desk for signing. Please take action TODAY!

AB 2427 (Assemblymember Eng) takes away the rights of cities and counties to enact a multitude of animal welfare laws. It is sponsored by the California Veterinary Medical Association, who has been vigorously trying to overturn West Hollywood’s ban on the painful declawing of cats.

AB 815 — Hunting and Fishing -(Assemblymember Berryhill) takes away the rights of cities and counties to enact local wildlife-related laws. If signed into laws, the ONLY entity in the state permitted to make regulations regarding hunting and fishing in California would be the Department of Fish and Game.

Contact the Governor at and ask him to VETO both AB 815 and AB 2427.

Thanks for caring! /Gary

You can find out what a wonderful place Animal Place is at

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3 Responses to “Help stop legislation that’s harmful to animals”

  1. MarjiB Says:

    Hey Gary, this is Marji from Animal Place. A big thank you for spreading the word about these two dangerous bills. I really hope people take a couple minutes to contact the Governor and encourage a veto!

  2. Darryl Says:

    Sorry – but I think everyone SHOULD support AB 815. The department of fish and game SHOULD be the only entity making regulations related to hunting and fishing. They do it based on science rather than emotion – and managing the states wildlife has to be done on a statewide basis to be effective.

  3. bhf Says:

    I take the middle road of the comments of the two previous writers. While it would be nice for cities to enact policy toward urban wildlife, in my experience, I have found that they generally don’t. Fish and Game have their jurisdiction and the cities and counties should have theirs. But, I think that a clear message should be dictated as to what each city and county needs to consider for its residing wildlife. Any policy should be reviewed by Fish and Game so that any redundancy can be eliminated. Then, the people of the cities and counties where they reside should insist on wildlife friendly approaches the perceived conflicts that we always hear about.

    The only danger I see in any of this is that not enough people get involved at any level to make sure that enacted policies are wildlife friendly. Also, science is important, but empirical data is only one way to stimulate our minds. Emotion often tells us if we can trust the limited data that is presented to us.

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