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Sarah Palin, Republican VP choice, a concern for environmentalists

By Gary Bogue
Friday, August 29th, 2008 at 9:50 am in Alaska, Alaska oil drilling, Wolves.

Friends of the Earth Action president Brent Blackwelder just e-mailed me the following statement in response to this morning’s announcement that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be the Republicans’ candidate for vice president:

“Sarah Palin’s record is not extensive — just two years ago she was the mayor of a city of less than 10,000 people — but what her record indicates is troubling. This spring, she opposed the listing of polar bears as a ‘threatened’ species. She supports the brutal aerial hunting of wolves. And she has been a friend of Big Oil, opposing a windfall profits tax on the oil industry that could fund affordable clean energy for more Americans. Palin’s husband works for BP.”

Friends of the Earth Action’s mission is to promote a clean, healthy and just world and to ensure that we have lawmakers who will work to protect the environment. More at

Just what we need. A vice president who endorses the aerial hunting of wolves. Yipes. /Gary

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  1. bob jones Says:

    Typical liberal response. Big Oil, guns, hunting. Go back to saving squirrels.

  2. Dave Says:

    Does Mccain really think Sarah Palin will bring him woman voters?! Wishful thinking by republican strategists. Only Pombo supporters would welcome this choice.

  3. railwaybob Says:

    Women will not vote for an animal killing oil drilling person no matter who they are. Bad choice.

  4. PMW Says:

    From a Wall Street Journal profile of Sarah Palin:

    “After handily winning, her popularity in Alaska soared as she went on to sack political appointees with close ties to industry lobbyists and shelved pork projects. Gov. Palin has shown similar fearlessness in going after Big Oil, whose money has long dominated the state. She appears, for example, to have forced Alaska’s dominant oil producers, ConocoPhillips and BP PLC, to finally get serious about a natural-gas pipeline–without making any tax or royalty concessions.”

    Perhaps Friends of the Earth Action President Brent Blackwelder should do a little more research and a little less hand-wringing and crying the party line. But that would put him at odds with his partners in the Democrat party. Oh, and the political appointees that Sarah Palin sacked — from her own party…

  5. rykart Says:

    Palin is filth from the sewer.

    She should be FED to wolves!

  6. Justin Says:

    Now I feel sick to my stomach. He just had to pick Sarah Palin the Governer of Alaska. Sarah Palin is a disgusting person who supports aerial shooting of wolves and bears which is something that the news media is failing to tell the national public. The only reason why aerial shooting of predatory wildlife is allowed in Alaska, is only to artificially boost caribou and moose populations for scumbag trophy hunters and the freaking hunting lobby wants this disgusting and inhumane practice to go on in the lower 48 of the U.S too! If Mccain and Palin win, we will not be able to get the PAW Act signed into law banning aerial shooting of animals from all 50 states, and if Mccain and Palin win this November, its all over for our wildlife aswell as the enviroment becuase like Mccain, Palin also supports widespread oil drilling instead of funding for alternative fuels.
    If Mccain and Palin win, I am packing my bags and leaving the country! I am sick and tired of scumbag people like this being elected!

  7. Holly Says:

    I think that Palin is an absolute disgrace!!!

  8. Terri Says:

    McCain lost my vote when he elected Sarah Palin as his vice president. He could not have picked a worse candidate for animal welfare. She obviously has no compassion whatsoever for animals and even appears to enjoy the torture and suffering of these innocent creatures. It is beyond me how anyone could get enjoyment out of seeing any living being suffer, especially the ones that can not fend for themselves. I am still in disbelief that McCain could have made such a choice, considering that he has voted favorable towards animal issues in the past. With Palin as his counterpart, the poor animals won’t stand a chance. I believe it is imperative for all people that care about animal welfare to be informed of Palin’s character because if they are, it will swing alot of votes just as it has mine.

  9. Sunday Says:

    I am very disappointed in McCain’s choice. No, he will not get the women’s vote because of having Palin as his running mate. I would like to see future generations of children see animals other than in a zoo. We are ruining the balance of nature everyday with the animals that are being taken out for greed. How can someone who is pro-life be so cruel to the creatures that were here first and put here for a reason by someone superior to us and to her. (I sure she would not agree) Shame on you McCain; money is not everything. Please, let’s find another source of energy other than oil.

    We need our jobs back, we need the economy fixed, we need the money paid back to China and other countries that we owe so much to,we need to work on protecting this country, we need to get back to being the strong country we once were. YOU DO NOT HAVE MY VOTE.

  10. Chris Says:

    Lets see, the Friends of the Earth Action releases a press release with bad information, which people believe and expand on with the benefit of facts or research. This remind me of the childhood game of Telephone. All the hunters I know care deeply about animals, their welfare, and their environment. They also enjoy the sport of tracking, stalking, shooting game. Most, including Palin, eat what they kill. A clean kill shot is celebrated, while a poor wounding shot is to be avoided at all cost. Worst of all, is an animal that is wounded, and gets away. Hunters generally will spend hours tracking a wounded animal to put them out of their misery. BTW, that meat in the grocery store also came from live animals, and is much less healty for you then game meat.
    Further, why can’t we drill, AND look for alternative energy at the same time. This is the USA, and I believe we have the expertise, money, and resources to do both! No one said we can only do one or the other, except Obama!

  11. Mike Says:

    The speech writer chosen to help moderate and steer Sarah Palin’s focus away from the topic of guns and killing was Matthew Scully, GOP speechwriter and author of the animal rights book-
    Dominion: The Power of Man, The Suffering of Animals, and The Call to Mercy. No mention of animals or guns in her acceptance speech. They know it’s a hot topic. Hopefully her views will change as she gets exposed to the bigger picture and deeper wisdoms about animals. Perhaps Scully painted the first layer towards that change.
    But, upon hearing that McCain had chosen Palin as a running mate I felt a very strong gut feeling that McCain would loose the election. I was scared that McCain might possibly win. I’m really scared for animals in ANWR. It’s so interesting how some people use the price of oil as a reason to drill for more oil. There’s got to be a better path for this country to take than to mess up the planet even more. Thanks for your blog and column Gary.

  12. David Says:

    As someone who likes the facts, and avoids the unbiased tabloid fodder; I viewed Mrs. Palin with an open mind. Granted, I will not be voting Republican simply for the many ills they have unleashed upon this great nation for the last eight years. Being a staunch supporter or wildlfe conservation, the more I read about Palin’s track record, the more I began to fear for species all over this country. Shooting innocent wildlife from the air?? Wow, there’s a fair fight. I wonder how many “real” hunters would want this unfair advantage. I find it so hard to believe that someone who claims to love the great outdoors can be so callous towards it? Or does she believe that the great outdoors exists simply for her pleasure and now, her gain? I almost find it comical when I hear the comments from Rep. and their supporters about drilling in the ANWR. Go in, set up shop, drill, and look like you were never there. Interesting concept. Can someone show me any drill sites that doesn’t have large equipment, men, vehicles, or anything that won’t leave more than a “footprint”? Let’s be real. Can we leave some areas untouched on this planet? Or shall we continue to ruin them so that we Americans can fill up our gas guzzlers? Do we not have the wherewithal to look for alternative means of energy? I don’t want to preach but so may things worry me about this Palin pick for VP. As bad as Bush has been for all things environmental, it seems she may be WORSE.

  13. Joanie Says:

    Even before I had read this blog, I saw pictures of Palin posing with her small daughter and a dead caribou that she had just shot and killed. That was enough for me not to vote for her! Now I really will never vote for her.

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