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Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin promotes aerial hunting of wolves & bears

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, September 4th, 2008 at 5:25 am in Alaska, Governor Palin, Hunting, Wolves.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican nominee for vice president, promotes this barbaric practice, exploiting a loophole in the Federal Airborne Hunting Act to allow private wolf killers to shoot down wolves using aircraft.

Please watch this powerful one minute video by Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund.

WARNING: This video is extremely disturbing. It contains graphic images of aerial hunting of wolves.

Sad. /Gary

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10 Responses to “Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin promotes aerial hunting of wolves & bears”

  1. Maggie Says:

    She is so offensive and her selection is an insult to the intelligence of Americans, especially women. This obvious pandering and cynical selection of a blantantly unqualified person will not sway anyone who engages in critical thinking. Sadly most of America does not. I also find it offensive that she has subjected her young daughter, and disabled son, so this kind of exposure. I don’t care about her family life, but she’s putting them in my face and then whining about how unfair the media is. She said last night, in her speech, that the differance between a soccer mom (i.e., her) and a pit bull is lipstick. Got a big laugh and loads of applause. So, she’s also an insult to pit bulls.

  2. Idiot liberals Says:

    You liberals will stop at no end to bash a perfectly fine lady. Enjoy being shut out of the White House yet again.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Maggie, is very sad person if that is the way she is interpreting VP nominee Sarah Palin. I am sure the liberal media had nothing to do with this. I am sure the political process escapes your bitter mind, but us Americans (who think for ourselves), are offended by the attributes of people like you- Maggie

  4. Neil Says:

    How Very Sportsmanlike. Shooting wolves and bears from aircraft initiated a boycott during the Clinton administration! During the Republican convention there was no mention of the words: Health Care, The Economy, and her foreign-policy experience is that last year she got a passport. She’s never been anywhere.
    I suppose this The International House of Pancakes is her foreign-policy experience, then were in for even harder times.
    We’ve had enough of the GOP semi-Christian philosophies!

  5. thomas Albert Says:

    To the three posts below,
    I sit here thinking up possible retorts to those postings which oppose my ideolgical and philosophical beliefs. And then I remember that a major part of my philospohy is to create a world of more unity and of peace. What I say and how I say it shapes the world and therefore I must be aware that I am partly responsible for creating the type of worl I live in. Despite my frustration and anger with those who oppose my views, deep down I want a better world, not a divisive one. So therefore, I will forego my usual sarcastic response and, at least for this post, wish you all peace and I will pray for greater consensus because I truly believe that the majority of people do want a better world.

  6. Sarah Palin Is No Animal Lover » Teri Stoddard Says:

    […] source   […]

  7. Wildlife Lover Says:

    You say she is a perfectly fine lady and that I am too liberal by being offended by aerial hunting of wolves, I see. Well let me tell you Sarah Palin is no mother. A true mother would never knowingly cause pain to any child human or otherwise. A mother would never subject her teenage pregnant daughter to the pain she will surely endure. Nor would she subject helpless baby wolf cubs to die from starvation since there mother was just killed by an aerial hunter. Your definition of a lady escapes me!
    If I had to pick a side, I will stick with Maggie not the idiot or Jeff. I’m sure we will also have the offended soccer Moms and Sarah’s husband on our team as well.
    However, the upside is beauty queens only reign for a year. Live it up Sarah.

  8. Brian Says:

    Hunting wolves, or any other species of animal from aircraft has been banned for over 30 years in Alaska. What you are referring to is predator population control and is strictly regulated by the Alaskan fish and wildlife service. They only remove enough animals to maintain the balance of predator-prey populations. Human encroachment means continuously fewer prey species, therefore predator species have less food available. She supports this because she understands that we control the numbers of animals as humanely as possible, or starvation and disease will do it. You pick which you’d rather see a video of.

  9. Maggie K. Says:

    There are a number of species not on the endangered list that are good hunting and good eating. Wolves are not an animal any but the starving would eat, the meat is generally too stringy and they being carnivours themselves would not be very good meat. The same can be said of bear. Most people who kill these animals do it purely for the sport of it so they can brag to their friends and fellow hunters, “I bagged meself a bear Bud! You get anything good today? Maybe a wolf you can mount down at the lodge alongside my Griz? Awe maybe we aughta keep em for our own trophy walls.”. I don’t think bear or wolves are to the point of starving due to over population and a lack of natural prey or sustenance. Unless it is we who have driven them to it by over hunting THEIR natural prey. Which does not include cattle or small children or family pets for the most part. Wont say a cat, dog or cow arent occasionally caught in the crossfire. I would like some of you smart (I wont use the word intelligent), folks who make some of the uneducated comments or are totaly ignorant of the Federal laws prohibiting these practicing of Bait trapping bears of all species, or aerial hunting of wolves and bear. There is a loophole but it is being misused by Mrs. Palin and her good ole boys. That law was put into place for the Native American Alaskans who may or may not hunt for their food. That is really back dooring it putting it nicely. Ask those same NATIVE AMERICAN Alaskans how many of them actually hunt their food or even a portion of what they consume. My guess is even if all of them did, the number of Elk and or Carribou they NEED to FEED their Families, is much less than Sarah’s State funded Wildlife and conservationists, as well as HER State funded biologists, claim. The number of elk and carribou actually hunted and sustained The true Natives of the region are not enough to implement the predator control laws. They are, in otherwords liars who care only about profitting from these obscene
    slaughters. Also keeping up with the Jones’ number of reasonably low, (currently), wolf trophies, Griz, black bear etc. trophies they can acquire. Study your political go public records to reputable sites and get your numbers instead of believing any and everything Big Brother does as long as you profit from it.
    You people make me sick. I am a conservative/liberal, I am all for the right to bear arms, I am all for population control, as in the case of White tail deer in Indiana. But those numbers are closely monitored. The hunting is also controlled. Only so many kills per hunter. And you have to kill in season. Muzzle loader,
    Shot gun, bow, Doe, etc. Even in Squirrel hunting, rabbit, pheasant, turkey. There are rules and our Indiana conservation, fish and game, and wildlife employees do a fabulous job. We have many acres of forest land, many species that were in years nearly extinct in this part of the midwest, have been brought to more than sufficient numbers. We have wetlands in highly human populated areas, that are untouchable.
    We take care what is ours, the American Bald was recently delisted by the federal govmnt. because it’s numbers are far beyond what we could have hoped for.
    So dont wave your conservative finger at me. You people hide behind that mask simply to shirk any responsibilities you like. The Liberal, I didnt say far left. The Liberals have a conscious,not only when it is in OUR best interest, but in the best interest of all concerned. Even the four legged ones, WE ARE THEIR VOICE!
    Maggie K. (different Maggie!)

  10. al.V.erie Says:

    I don’t take issue with hunting for food. But to hunt a creature for the sport of watching it die? That is another thing altogether. If one person kills another just to watch them die then we are all shocked, saddend and outraged. We DEMAND ‘justice’, that, that murder be himself executed. Yet, we have no compassion for the other creatures that inhabit this world with us. We believe that we are the only beings that matter. Is it then no wonder that our planet, our ecconemies, our world relations are so stressed? We have deluded ourselves into believing that just because we can we should.
    How sad for us as a species. I don’t really see myself as a “bleeding heart”, but rather as someone who tries desperately to use some logic in looking at these issues. To what point or benifit does chasing down to exhaustion, terriorizing to the extreme, then murdering an animal that is so stressed, so exhausted that it can’t even move; please someone explain this practice to me.
    If you wish to hunt then hunt- one on one. Use your skill, your tenacity, your ingenuity to hunt your quary. But to shot something that has no chance, animals that are just baerily holding their own on the planet, that’s not hunting that’s murder by lazy cowards. What’s next shooting poor inner city kids from out the window of aircrafts? Would anyone care? Or if you spoak out against “that” would you just be seen as aome “f..n bleading heart”?
    Just something to consider?

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