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“I Chihuahua!” Do research before buying a Chihuahua, or any dog!

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 at 7:34 am in Chihuahua, dogs.

Dear Gary:
I’m writing because I’m sure you’ve heard about the new movie coming out soon entitled “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” My concern and the concern of other rescue groups is that everyone will want to rush out and adopt a Chihuahua for their family only to realize a few weeks later that the dog doesn’t have the right temperament for their lifestyle.

We’ve rescued so many Chihuahuas in the last few months because of the economy and the housing market. I hate to think what will happen once this movie is released. I understand this happened when “101 Dalmatians” was released.

So many dogs are already being euthanized. I hate to think how long the euthanasia list will get if this movie creates a sudden surge in popularity of this breed — and then after the “shine” has worn off, they’re surrendered.

There should be a public service announcement! “Don’t adopt a pet until you educate yourself about the breed!”
Cris Tarozzi, White Kitty Foundation

Dear Cris:
Your point is well taken. I remember when “101 Dalmatians” first came out … there was a huge rush to run out and adopt a Dalmatian. And then when some people found out that a Dalmatian wasn’t the perfect dog for them … there was another big rush to turn a lot of those Dalmatians in to the local dog pound.

Dear readers, please take the above advice and do some careful research before you adopt any breed of dog (or cat)!

Don’t just rush out and adopt a Chihuahua just because it looks like a fun dog in the movie.

I was poking around on the Internet and saw one Chihuahua ad that said “Hurry Up and get yours now, before the movie comes out!” It appears that some people are definitely going to try and take advantage of this, I’m sad to say.

Dogs are not toys. They are not point-of-purchase items to buy like toys just because they look good in the pet store window (or the movies). A dog becomes a family member for life. It takes responsibilities, care and feeding, and lots of love.

Dogs are not toys just to be tossed aside when they’re not fun anymore. Thanks for caring. /Gary

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3 Responses to ““I Chihuahua!” Do research before buying a Chihuahua, or any dog!”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Gary is right, please do research before buying any kind of pet, as for each and everyone is different. You need to be patient and find the right one, or let the pet find you as you shop around. Meaning if the pet comes to you and you “click” then you know this one is for you. There is enough pets in the pound and do not need more there. We took our time finding our precious and glad we did, she is perfect for our family.

  2. Janice Says:

    We preach to the choir. It is usually those people that are not dog folk that ‘fall in love’ without doing research.

  3. Suzie Says:

    Just wanted to say that I have a Chihuahua/Fox Terrier mix that is 2yrs old. She loves everyone. She is playful and full of energy. She is so friendly especially with children. She loves to see little ones in their strollers. Just dont try to get her to do anything she doesnt want to. She becomes a vicious mean snarling demon possessed creature!!

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