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One million dogs hit by cars each year.

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, September 11th, 2008 at 7:43 am in Cars, dogs.

It is estimated that more than 1,000,000 dogs are hit by cars in this country each year, and another 60,000 are lost or stolen.

Seems like if more dogs were kept confined in their backyards … fewer of the dogs would run away and get lost or stolen … and fewer dogs would get hit by cars.

This isn’t rocket science, it’s just common sense. Think about it. /Gary

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4 Responses to “One million dogs hit by cars each year.”

  1. Mary Says:

    I agree, I can’t tell you how many times I am taking my neighbors dogs back to their homes, They are lucky that they like to come down to say hello at my house

  2. Janice Says:

    I know a lot of people with fenced yards. However, dogs are not stuffed toys. :) They have minds of their own. A digging earth dog or a large dog, or any motivated dog can make fast work of most fences. I had a rescue dog that turned part of a chain mesh dog run into bits of wire spaghetti and had started on the fencing around our property when I found him. He was too powerful for a crate. The only thing that contained him was a heavy duty towing chain. (yeeps)

    Code enforcement and HOA do not approve of some variations of Doggie-catraz a person might invent.

    Everyone I know fences their dogs in but sometimes kids leave a gate open, or service people do not latch it, any number of things can happen. Some use invisible fence in order to comply with local codes, and that has failures too. So I do know responsible people, including myself, who have lost a dog to a car due to storm, kids, fence failure and any number of reasons.

    Poor folks cannot afford good fences and sometimes need to stake their dog out. This too is being made illegal by ‘animal lovers’ who want to set the bar hight enough so that some of the population cannot own dogs/pets. Not everything is linear.

  3. Jaelyn Says:

    Hey i also agree

  4. Chris F. Says:

    Last Saturday I was on my way back home from taking my dog to the vet to get her annual rabies shot when I approach a dog wondering on the side of the road. I slowed down and yeilded as not to hit the dog, but I looked in my rearview mirror when I witnessed that dog wondered back on the highway and hit by a truck going extremely fast, instantly my heart sank and started to cry. The truck never yeilded or slowed down, he kept on driving. So I gave my dogs big hugs when I got home.

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