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RSPCA quits Crufts (world’s top dog show) over “deformed” pedigree dogs

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 at 7:53 am in Dog Show, dogs, Pedigree dogs.

RSPCA quits Crufts over controversy surrounding “deformed” pedigree dogs

“The RSPCA cut its links with Crufts yesterday as a leading charity warned the organizers of the dog show that they must act to prevent the breeding of ‘deformed and disabled’ animals.

“The BBC, which has broadcast the show for 40 years, is also thought to be on the verge of deciding whether to continue its coverage.

“The RSPCA’s decision to relinquish its stand at Crufts in March next year follows a BBC documentary, broadcast last month, that highlighted the genetic side-effects of intensive breeding programmes. Some unhealthy, inbred animals have won prizes at the show, the programme suggested.”

You can read the rest of story here at TIMESONLINE:

The above story was e-mailed to me this morning by my friend Pat Keeble of Martinez, CA:

This is BIG news in the British press tonight. Crufts is the world’s most prestigious dog show. Not only the RSPCA, but BBC and, according to the story, even Pedigree, the show’s main sponsor, are thinking of pulling out. BBC has been televising it for 40 years.

If Pedigree pulls out of Crufts, can it do any less for Westminster?
Pat Keeble, Martinez

We’ll find out about Westminster in February, 2009, won’t we.

What a mess. Possibly the end of the big-time dog show world as we once knew it. I pity the dogs. /Gary

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3 Responses to “RSPCA quits Crufts (world’s top dog show) over “deformed” pedigree dogs”

  1. Annie B Says:

    Pedigree dog shows are as bad as beauty contests for little girls: the “stars” have no real say in being there while any sane person knows that dogs and small children should be rolling around in dirt and playing ball.

  2. Annie B Says:

    Oh, for balance, here is the UK Kennel Club’s official response to the documentary:

    The most interesting statement in their response is that 90% of purebreeds will grow up without health problems. Implying that “only” 10% of these dogs are born deformed. I wonder if this number is arrived at before or after the culling of puppies that don’t make the grade. (Note that they don’t say directly that 90% are born healthy.)

  3. Janice Says:

    I dislike conformation shows, but they do have their value. I also dislike boneheaded pet people attitudes about purebred dogs.

    I also think the RSPCA is extremist and unbalanced in this decision but it’s another factor in the ‘new world order’ of code regulations, legislation, and nannyism controlling what everyone can do or think. The key is simplistic use of negative public profiling of entire populations of pet owners. Everyone’s got a belly button.

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