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OK to feed hummingbirds in fall — they’ll migrate if they want to

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 at 7:57 am in hummingbirds, Migration.


Hummingbirds will migrate when they feel the urge, whether you’re feeding them or not.

I’ve received a few e-mails lately from readers who are concerned that if they keep filling their hummingbird feeders, it will prevent those tiny flying flowers from taking off on their winter migration. That’s not true. Birds will migrate if and when they want to.

Those who feel the need to migrate will take off, while a few will usually stick around. Since the San Francisco Bay Area has fairly moderate winters, a LOT usually stick around, but the weather has been pretty weird this year, so I’m not making ANY predictions.


Basic rule of thumb on hummingbird feeding:
It’s OK to keep your feeders full and to be feeding hummingbirds as long as there are any hummingbirds around to be fed. /Gary

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  1. warren jensen Says:

    I see in your 10/8 column that your son will be leaving for Antarctica. My son-in-law is leaving 10/19 for Punta Arenas, Chile for boarding the research vessel Gould or Palmer and my daughter will join him later. I wrote you about their years of experience in the AA program including the South Pole.

    Is your son, by chance, heading for PA, Chile or New Zealand?? And in what capacity? Would be interesting if they were to be on the same vessel.

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