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Invasion of the 5-pound orange feral kitten

By Gary Bogue
Monday, October 13th, 2008 at 8:03 am in Cats, Feral cats, Kittens.

The orange kitten gets introduced to her new home

(The post on poisoning ground squirrels is below this posting.)

Well, I did it. Friday afternoon when I got home from work I used all my worldly wiles and at great bodily risk … I CAPTURED the orange kitten and wrestled her into the house.

OK, OK … I reached down and gently picked her up and carried her to the spare bathroom and showed her the new place where she was going to live for the next few weeks. She purred all the way.

Our other cat, Newman, was sitting on the couch holding a pillow over his head. Not a happy trooper. He had to visit the vet last week and get his vaccinations up-to-date (“No, No, not the needle!”) for THIS? An interloper … an intruder … being brought into HIS house?

Dr. John Brisbin, DVM, decides the kitten is 5 months old after looking at her teeth.

kiki teeth age

Saturday morning Lois and I put the kitten in a cardboard pet carrier and took her to see our friendly local veterinarian, Dr. John Brisbin, DVM, at Benicia Cat Clinic. There she got her first feline distemper vaccination and a blood test to see if she had any nasty viruses like Feline Leukemia Virus (FELV) or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Fortunately the tests were negative. They also dewormed her and got rid of a few fleas.

She also got a complete physical. She weighs 4-lb. 15-oz. Yes, that’s pretty tiny. I figured she was about three months old because of her size. But when John checked her teeth, he said she looked to be about 5-months-old. She’s definitely going to be a petite lass.

The orange kitten is due back in a month for another feline distemper shot. We’ll also schedule her to get spayed.

Wow. I guess this means she’s a keeper. Newman is going to love this. I think I’ll make him an appointment with his psychotherapist when I get home today.


And so … the adventure begins. /Gary

(PS: I peeked in the Orange Kitty Bathroom on my way to work this morning. She’s using the litter box! Yahoo!)

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79 Responses to “Invasion of the 5-pound orange feral kitten”

  1. Mary Says:

    Congrats on the new kitty Gary. Very glad to hear the little one did not have FeLV/FIV. So often the ferals will present with these diseases and it really wrenches the heart. Your plan for keeping her inside is a good one. May she have a long and happy life with Newman and the rest of your household!

  2. tiffy Says:

    congrats! she’s adorable

  3. Karen Says:

    Congratulations, Orange Kitty! You did it! You wrapped Gary around your little paw. Don’t worry about living in the bathroom, soon you’ll be running around, tearing the place apart, and bouncing all over the humans at 3 am the way kittens are meant to do. Hint: check out the drapes, they’re such fun to climb! Oh, and that grown-up cat definitely needs you to cheer him up by pouncing on his tail.

    May you enjoy a long and happy life in the Bogue household.

    (Written by human Karen on behalf of felines Natasha, Rocky, and Paddy.)

  4. Kris Says:

    Well, you know kitties find us, we don’t find them. After our beloved Flo Jo passed away at 18 years,we became ARF foster parents. Our 17 year old daughter (at the time) had been wanting to do that for quite awhile. Long story short – we adopted a 4 month old kitten after fostering her. (We’re foster failures, their term :) Anyway, it felt weird to me to have a kitten in our house so soon after losing Flo Jo. I realized that it was meant to be, our new family member, Velveteen, found us, we know FJ had something to do with it. Congratulations Gary! Good luck Newman!! I’m sure you’ll be a great big brother!

    P.S. We also, last year, fostered a 3 year old VERY shy kitty for 2 months – you guessed it, Veleveteen has a playmate that is still shy but they run circles around each other. I’m sure Newman will enjoy his new friend!

  5. Vicki Says:

    Gary – read your column this morning and had to see the pictures. Kitty is adorable and how good of you to provide a nice, warm home!!

  6. Beverly Wolf Says:

    Dear Gary,
    All of my cats (except for one) adopted me. Enjoy your new mistress. (I thought orange cats were invariably male. I guess not.)

    I foresee a cat naming contest in your/our future. Yes?

  7. Margie Williams Says:


    Enjoy your new household member. Sounds like she was willing to trust humans early on.

    About the same time you posted your first mention of the feral kitten in your column, we also were visited by a feral kitten in our back yard. (S)he would show up twice a day for food, but not hang around our yard. She was extremely skittish, and would barely tolerate having me sit nearby while she ate. I posted signs in the neighborhood and talked to several neighbors, most of whom had seen the kitten, but nobody knew who its humans might be. I was prepared to take care of the cat, even if it remained feral, by taking it to the vet, insuring it didn’t have a fatal disease, and getting it fixed. Unfortunately, it stopped coming by our yard just a few days before the vet appointment. My own ancient feline was not happy to be quarantined inside the house when Grimmy was eating food, but she got over it. I hope the feral kitten is OK wherever it might be.

    Regards to Newman, too!


  8. Bette and Don Spagel Says:

    Looks like you found a winner , and don’t be catjoled into calling her Pumpkin just because it’s that time of year!! We are so pleased to see you regularly in the Trib now–it’s the best move they have made in some time and will keep us subscribing.

  9. JOE and Lesle' Says:

    Orange cats are the smartest. We’ve had several. Punkin’ is the 20 yr’ old we recently had to finally say goodbye to. She was abandoned in my Jack-o-lantern the day after Halloween over 20 yrs. ago. She was a great cat. She slept at the foot of the bed everynite all those yrs. She was a hunter and loved to bring us surprises like live mice from the yard. She ran so fast up our tree in the front and jumped onto the roof where she could check out the entire neighborhood. We are looking for a new orange kitten. Know where we can get one ? I bet you do.

  10. Peg Marzo Says:

    Hi Gary..Great catch…Looks like a real cutie.Now, don’t you think it is time for a new Cockatoo??????


  11. Lucia M. Says:


    Loved the pictures of the orange kitten. Very cute.
    You are doing a good thing by giving her a home. Enjoy all the fun kitten games. I’m sure Newman will get plenty of exercise with that “little big boss” in the house. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Juli Says:

    At your first mention of the kitten in your column, I knew you were playing with “fire.” There was no way you would let this litt “spark” pass by. A kitten in your yard just after Tut has passed, it’s a gift.

  13. Lauri Ogden Says:

    Hi Gary! Good to see you again. Sure miss Lyon’s Restaurant where you sat on the counter so many years ago! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your columns and I am so happy that you got the kitty! Now Newman will have a friend soon, that is if he stops hiding under the pillow. The pictures of the kitten are so cute! She looks like a princess. Have fun with her, and one day she will surprise you with lots of love and will bring you many presents like my cat does. Enjoy her!

  14. Sandra Johnson Says:


    Orange kitty is beautiful. She looks just like my kitty “eeorr”. I recently adopted a multicolored kitten that I found under a car that I parked beside at Walmart in Antioch. I figure that the kitten took a ride in the engine or other part of the car, as she was covered with oil and terrified. After failing to find her owner at the store, I took her home and introduced her to the rest of the feline family at my home and they all are doing fine. If Joe and Lesle who recently lost “pumkin” are looking for a cute kitten around three months old, I would love to place her in a loving home. Bless you Gary for your compassion and good luck with your new friend.
    Yours Truly,

  15. Janice Linn Says:

    Purrrrrrrfect tail….();-) My feral Tigger is looking forward to more pics….

  16. Jan Says:

    Wonderful news that the orange kitten is free of those viruses that are so often infect the feral population. She seems quite calm for a feral cat. She will be in charge of the household in no time! Remember, dogs have owners and cats have staff.

  17. Debs Says:

    You know Tut is smiling on you and laughing at Newman. Way to go.

  18. Phyllis Says:

    What wonderful pictures. “Tommi” looks really sweet and happy. She’s found a wonderful home. I bet Newman will eventually have a new friend to spend his days with.

  19. Jan Jessup Says:

    I wondered how long it would take Tut to send you a new kitty. They have a way of doing that as I’ve experienced. Glad to hear she’s healthy. Should keep Newman on his paws. Those little orange ones are so smart and feisty. Tiger and Woods and I wish all of you the best. By the way, Tiger and Woods no longer chatter at the birds. Guess they outgrew it.

  20. judi Says:

    She’s too darn cute!! What afind. Rokky and Buffett send their best…orange kitties are great, my boys keep me on my toes. Good luck to the whole family.

  21. Chris and Linda Kelly Says:

    Our 18 or 19 year-old Spooky must have looked much like your little orange friend when he was her age. He selected us after his family moved to a new neighborhood without asking his permission. He had been our 2 Manx cats best friend, and he figured our covered patio was the best spot for him to grow to a ripe old age. I told my 12 year old grandson in MN about your orange kitty, after giving him “Wild Things”, “Isis”, and “Racoon in the Backyard” for his birthday. He requested I clip your column and send it to him, which I am doing, as well as linking him to your blog. Did you ever turn your family portrait with Tut and Newman into a poster? It would be a great companion gift, since I’ll be sending him the one of Isis you signed for me many moons ago in Danville.
    We’ll be looking ahead to more great stories about Newman and his new buddy.

  22. Cat Mom Says:

    Ah, at last you have a new family member, and the cute little one found a good home, how wonderful, may God bless you all.
    Ah-Dee, Mimi, Wai-Wai, Coffee, Coco, Milo, Bobo and Joey all say “HI” to your new little one and to Newman too.
    Hoping to see more pictures.

  23. Sharon Murray Says:

    Your feral stray looks exactly like the stray that wandered by my house a few months ago — OK, not wandered by, but chose to stay here. It was a fight, but he (Dude) won. I now have four cats — three strays and one left to me by a deceased friend. How is it that I’m so lucky? Congratulations on your new cat — I knew you wouldn’t turn it away. Just don’t give it a stupid name like “Dude”. I had to give it some name before he saw the vet.

  24. Jennifer Regan Says:

    Oh, yeah…..I was hoping this would happen! You’re a big sucker Gary (just like the rest of us!). What a cutie she is. It looks like she’s pretty friendly with you…how on earth did you do that with a kitty that was feral? All I keep saying is “Awwwwww”. Congrats on the new addition to your family!

  25. Melinda Says:

    Apparently, my very smart orange boys beat me to your blog. They have been tromping around all day (of course, they normally sleep during the day, tromping around is usually reserved for dark.) Something about “Gary found a pretty orange girl!!!”
    I never knew orange kitties were so special until I had one, then two…
    They adore their Maine Coon sister and she loves it, so Newman should be just fine (with a little counseling).

  26. Claire Kellogg Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Congrats on your new daughter. I also have orange kitties…2 males that adopted me. Are you going to have a contest on naming this wee one?

  27. Joani Templeton Says:

    Hi Gary! I enjoy your column very much and couldn’t wait to read more about your new little bundle of joy. She’s adorable! Good luck with Newman adjusting to the new “little bundle of joy”
    Since the little one seems to have been on her own, she probably doesn’t know about the “cat rules”. To get her acclimated to her new life, you probably should get her a copy to peruse while she is temporarily in her bathroom home. Have fun in your nine lives little orange! You’ve got it made in the Bogue family!

  28. Pat in Antioch Says:

    She’s adorable Gary!! What a lucky kitty to be residing in the Bogue Household! Tell Newman to hang in there….it DOES get better! (Although after 2 years with Gracie I STILL have to remind Penelope of thet!! :-) Enjoy the new baby! (Does she have a name yet??)

    Pat in Antioch

  29. Stephanie Morris Girton Says:

    Hi, Gary.

    Congrats on your new “terror”.

    Fatherhood becomes you.


  30. Joann Says:

    She is so cute and so glad you are keeping her. What have you named her? Please put more in your column on her as I don’t really go on to blogs

  31. Maria Says:

    After you first mentioned the kitty, I knew she had a great home with you.She looks extremely comfortable in your arms. Thanks for the pictures and your column which is what I read in the newspaper FIRST everyday.

  32. Dorie Whitemore Says:

    Good job, Gary. She’s starting her magic winding of you on her dainty paw already!.
    As for the naming contest I still get to be the first one listed, with “Tomato”. It fits for many reasons, one of which is she’s gonna be a hot tomato…oops I guess the saying is Hot Tamale!
    Either way Tut always was a smart one and even after leaving his earthly form he shows his way by guiding her to you. Tut always did want to 1-up Newman!

  33. Judy Mears Says:

    Hi Gary — My last cat was herself once a small orange kitten. My then boyfriend brought her to our apartment in a huge cardboard box that she couldn’t climb out of. He set the box on the floor, and then gently tipped it on its side, and the kitten dashed out and immediately ran behind the sofa to hide. And that’s how she got her name — Sophie. She grew up to be a very elegant, very loving, “lap kitty” (and she was certainly a “lapful”. Smile). All I can say about how she appeared in your yard is that there must have been an Underground Railroad by which friendly critters (who knew you and your soft heart) helped her find her way to you. Newman will adjust, and will soon realize that love is not a zero sum game – he won’t get any less love now that Orange Kitty (OK?)is getting some, too. Judy

  34. Cindy Silver Says:

    Great photos…..I have Orange 3 year old brothers, Chips and Salsa!…Enjoy your kitty!

  35. Sue Says:

    So glad you got a girl. I’ve had males all my life, but got females 12 and 11 years ago. I’m really enjoying them.

  36. Anne Woods Says:


    Way to go with your cute little orange kitty! You need to give her a name – I’m sure Newman has some thoughts about that! Amazing, isn’t it, how these feline kitties find their way into our hearts and homes. One of our cats was a rescue and our daughter and her family were also “chosen.” Please keep us posted on your kitty’s progress (with pictures too!) and let us know how Newman is adjusting. I’m sure he lets you know on a daily basis! Anne

  37. Deborah Says:

    How perfect looking you two are together!! Congrats! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the tale!

  38. Linda Robinette Says:

    Hello, Gary. How is PUMPKIN today? What a little cutie. Since it is October and you found your little kitty in your garden “patch”, it is like a little Pumpkin grew in your heart. Of course, you could call her PATCH, but I think PUMPKIN fits better. (And it is fun to say.) Test it out…call the little kitty…Here Pumpkin. Come on Pumpkin. Hey, there Pumpkin. Awwww…what a cute little Pumpkin Pie. (How about PUMPKIN PIE?) You might still call her Pumpkin for her nic name. Ok…kiss Pumpky on her little head for me.

  39. Lori Brooks Says:

    Dear Gary,
    We also have a female orange cat that was feral with the ear clip to prove it. Her name is Thomasina or Tommy for short from the Disney movie The Nine Lives of Thomasina. I think she still has 8 left since she followed me home. Good luck and God bless.

  40. Lola Hutchinson Says:

    (FYI)Sparlo is a combination of my beloved
    cocker “Sparky” in heaven & my name.
    1.Orange Kitty name. How about “Sunshine” since she seems to bring so much sunshine to your column since you lost Tut. Someday even Newman may notice the sunhine she adds to his life too (maybe). I also liked “Punkin” because of her color & time of year, but someone else has sent that in already. Good Luck with your new sweetie. 2.In my back yard we have a small mouse that lives under the decking. My Maltese “Ruby” thinks she can make friends with mouseie. When the sliders are open with the screen doors closed, she runs from the living room to the bedroom door back and forth trying to get a better look. At night she’ll lay at the door staring at mouseie area. When ever Ruby goes out to potty, she always goes over to check out mouseie before coming back in. About 3:00 AM I heard her running back and forth from door to door. playing with her toys.and barking. When I got up at 7:00AM, Ruby had 6 or 7 of her toys at the slider door in my bedroom. I have no doubt she way trying to share her toys with the mouse because that door is 3 feet from mousie & Ruby likes to share toys. The mouse enjoys playing “cat&mouse” with Ruby from door to door. I’ve seen it.

  41. Janet Brown Says:

    Hi Gary, Long ago we lived for a few yrs on the central coast next door to a retired gentleman with a backyard filled with orange cats–they were all feral & he said he only fed the orange ones…never figured out how he accomplished that, but the orange ones kept to his yard & I fed all the rest! Ive had 2 orange beauties in yrs past: Tom Dooley was a large tomcat & Bengal matched our Irish setter puppy & they grew up together, good times!
    Thanks for your column, I’ve learned alot from you!!

  42. Christine B. Says:

    Hi Gary! Congratulations to you and your wife on your new little girl and to your sons Karl & Newman on their baby sister! My thoughts on names would have to be Julius (as in Orange Julius). Though it is a males name you could call her Juli for short. How about Paul (as in Newman)? The two names would go great together! Don’t ya think?!?!? 😉 Best of luck in finding the purrrrfect name.

  43. pat waller Says:

    Cute cat! I think Punkin would be a good name. I’m not orange, but that’s what my dad called me. His Punkin.

  44. Vito D'Addabbo Says:

    My suggestion for a name for your new kitty, either GOLDIE or COPPER!

  45. Judy Says:

    I read todays column about finding a name for your orange kitty. How about naming her in the memory of the beautiful cougar that recently passed away at Lindsay Wildlife? I looked for her name but couldn’t find it.
    Since they were both rescued.

  46. DIANE Says:

    She’s adorable, so lucky to be adopted. Your column today, October 21, said you wanted some help in naming this cute little kitty. Well, I think the perfect name for this kitty should be “PUMPKIN”. How appropriate, seasonwise and also the color of her namesake! We love your column, keep on writing.

  47. Casey Bolls Says:


    My name is Casey Bolls. I’m 14 years old. My mom gave me an orange tabby kitten as a birthday present. I named him Oliver after my favorite Disney movie, Oliver and Company. I think a great name for your cat would be Polly and my mom thinks Priss or Prissy Cat. Thanks,

  48. Christa Brazier Says:

    Hi Gary How about Fergie, named after one of the most famous redheads in the world, Sarah Ferguson, Duches of York. I have two pure black rescue cats and named them Amos & Andy!!!

  49. Doreen Says:

    I think Poppy would be a cute name for her.

  50. Pat Bennett Says:

    My black kat, Kofee, just came up with another name. She says to call the cat Lilly (short for Tiger Lilly) a very beautiful orange flower. (from the world’s oldest realtor)

  51. Kristen Simpkins Says:

    I like the name Chaos, based on her first few weeks.

  52. K.C. Cole Says:

    Hi Gary, How about naming you new young one Dandylion since she sprung up wild in your garden and she does seem to be such a dandy lion. K.C.

  53. Carol Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I just read you column and enjoyed the pictures of your new baby. Our Orange demons are now 4 yrs old. The twins as we call them, boy and girl, were also feral. Tex was the first to decide he wanted more out of life, he insisted his very shy sister, Tymm (the timid one)join him. The two of them moved in nicely with our two older cat’s after a few false starts. Tymm now thinks our bed is hers and is very fussy about how clean her litter box is. She explains this to my husband when needed as he is in charge of the box. Thankfully she explains it to him on the rug that is washable.
    I was thinking of Mandy, as in Manderian Orange or Princess, or Queenie.
    Thank you so much for your column.

  54. Pru Bartlett Says:

    Dear Gary, My grand daughter and I have been enjoying the photos of your new baby and she is so absolutely adorable in every way. So I let Lindsey pick out a name to submit since she loves kitties so much. I know your little girl has the best home a ferel cat could ever select.
    Our name for her is Tinkerbell.

    Hope you keep your readers posted on her progress.
    A devoted reader-Pru

  55. Natalie Says:

    Gary, how can you look at that cute little redheaded girl and not call her “Lucy?” I envy you. Wish she were mine. Natalie

  56. Patricia Brubaker Says:

    What a beautiful little kitty! She is so lucky to have found you.
    My suggestions for names are as follows
    Madeline, Marmalade,or Cheetos.

  57. Dolores Says:

    Dear Gary;
    I love your new kitten!
    My mom adopted a fixed male kitty from the
    Antioch Animal control center last month.
    His name is “Teddy” and he looks quite a lot
    like your new kitty!
    I think a good name for your new litle girl
    should be “Goldie” as she is as so beautiful!
    Good Luck with your new kitten.
    \I’ll contiue to read your column every day.
    You do a wonderful job!
    Take Care!

  58. Lewis Greene Says:

    Reading all the remarks and stories here, surely the free conference call “Pet Tales” Thursday 10 am after calling in 1-877-237-9339 punch in Code 27 when asked and enjoy fellow cat and dog lovers company for half an hour. I invited Gary to attend too.

  59. Mary Mackey Says:

    Felines are elegant animals deserving of an elegant name. “Camille” is a perfect name. Just close your eyes, imagine your darling kitten all grown up a few months from now, and say the name “Camille”…..out loud, slowly….. She’ll look at you and smile. Then she’ll rub her nose on your cheek while purring out of sheer happiness that you didn’t name her Cookie, Muffin, or Mimzie…..(btw….Mimzie’s not bad for a fun name.)….that would be my 2nd choice.

  60. Connie Tracy Says:

    I knew that that little ray of sunshine would warm your heart and that you would keep her. So happy that she has convinced you that you will be her slave. Sorry about that Newman. Newman does not know it yet but she will be his forever sweetheart. Wish I could come up with a name, but think that ultimately she will name herself. Thank you, Gary, for being there for all of us when we need you. Connie

  61. Doris McManus Says:

    Dear Gary,

    I suggest you name your beautiful little orange kitten “Poppy” after the beautiful California wild flower.
    Doris McManus

  62. Barbara Hendrickson Says:

    Regarding your advice for the person whose garden has become a toilet for feral cats. There is now a much easier solution, just recently arrived at. A bag of cocoa shells can be bought at your local nursery. Used as a mulch on the garden, they stop the cat from digging, because the edges of the shells are sharp and hurt the cat’s feet. The cats who were using my garden as a toilet have totally stopped doing it, though they’re still around. I can’t tell you what a relief this is for me.

    Barbara Hendrickson, Fairview district in the county

  63. Art Vallero Says:

    Hi Gary!
    Been reading your columm for years…
    I have a beautiful Main Coon female named ” Jenapurr ”
    Such a wonderful breed of cat to be your pal!

    I am looking into adopting a kitten or young cat very soon.
    As I write this or should I say, type this my four scub jays are fighting over the peanuts I just put in there dish in the apricot tree… I don’t know if they are a family or not as they are all full grown but I so enjoy the wild live in my back yard and from my PC I don’t miss anything!

    As for the name for your pretty little girl… I think Pumkin is a nice name.
    Off the top of my head I am thinking … Maybe call her: sparky?? Really I think Pumkin is better!

    P.S. I work for the City of Clayton and I am sad to find out that they are indeed poisoning ground squirrels… Also rattle snakes are really everywhere right now because of the lack of water in the hills, they are coming down into peoples yards and we are finding them in storm drains quite often as we clean them! People just be aware of your surrounding at all times when hiking and walking the trails around Mt Diablo.

    Thanks Gary!
    Keep up the great work you do!

    Art Vallero

  64. Rebecca Lane Says:

    I was hoping she would work her way into your house and heart. I think you should stay with the Egyptian theme and name her RA, after the sun god……..she is orange, bright and warm. My cat is named Baxter, after the cat on the tv commercial ….hope you can do better than that. Good Luck.

  65. Sue Service Says:

    Hi Gary,
    She is sooo cute…. Looks just like the “Friskees” cat.
    I also have two orange cats. Our first is Madeline, the mature one. I was turning forty and decided I needed a third child. We adopted her from the pound in Martinez, a stray from Oklahoma!… (not really, but my son was confused when he wrote a paper about his pet! She is from Oakley, and now twelve!
    Our second was a stray-feral kitten found next to the dumpster at Benicia High . She looks just like your new addition…. Sprocket is her name. My husband said we could keep her if he got to name her! They initially told us she was a male, but we had a slight change of plans the day she was to be nuetered!!! We now call her Sprocky. She definitely has her own personality which is not always pretty! She has been a biter since day one, still chases and harasses Madeline, started jumping off the deck (after being an inside cat for over a year after our move.) Looking on the bright side, she follows me constantly, is very social with company (I tell them to keep an eye on her tail, she warns us when she is overstimulated!) and is forever entertaining us!
    Is it true about there being more males than females in the orange breed?
    I have come across many orange females over the last couple of years.
    Love your column.
    P.S. How about Miya for a name?

  66. Linda Says:

    Hi Gary! I really enjoy your newspaper column! I agree that Pumpkin would be an good name for your cute little kitten cause the orange color, the fall season & ect. Hey, how about a different twist. Pumpkin Pie.

  67. Diane Greany Says:

    Dear Gary,
    I am entering the “Name the little orange kitten
    contest”. I would like to name the kitten “pumpkin”
    because I think its a cute name for such an adorable kitten. Thanks.


    Diane Greany

  68. Heather Says:

    Hello Gary.

    I need help with my new feral cat, Charlotte. She’s loving and playful but very small although my vet tells me she’s 4. The thing is, my sweet but large Maine Coon, Jenny, who’s also 4 turns into Godzilla whenever she sees Charlotte. I’m not kidding. This gentle giant’s clawed a hole in the screen door and banged full-force into glass windows trying to get out so she can seemingly tear Charlotte from limb to limb. The transformation is absolutely amazing! Charlotte stays outside during the day and keeps her distance when Jenny’s out back but when the nights are cold I bring her into my spare bedroom and close the door. I also have 2 16 year-old cats but they just shrug and get on with life. Do you think Jenny will ever let Charlotte be? Got any suggestions? How’s Newman handling your new little orange Popsicle?


  69. Mrs B Says:

    I also like the name Tomato. Not too seasonal, and will always remind you of where she was found!

  70. Lynne Cameron Says:

    She’s adorable. Ginger and Pumpkin would be obvious name choices. I really like Jardin, French for garden, since you found her in your garden. Also, Jardin has a soft, feminine sound to it. You could also name her Marmalade and call her Mandy for short. Another garden related name in recognition of her orange color would be Persimmon. I still like Jardin best. Good luck with your new kitty.

  71. a schulz Says:

    name for kitten TANG as in orange tang space drink

  72. Dot Wedemeyer Says:

    Love your orange kitty! She should be named TAFFY
    or PENNY !! She is adorable – and I will keep watching
    the paper to see what name you have chosen !
    P.S. I too have an orange tabby feral that found us
    almost 19 years ago – – and he is the love of our

  73. Kathy Says:

    Hi Gary,
    One of your readers stated they were looking for a new orange kitten. My sister, bless her heart, feeds all of the ferals around her home. Its expensive, but she does it anyway. She is on her own and gets no money from the feral groups. A little orange kitten was coming to her home a month or so ago to eat, then suddenly dissappeared. She recently reappeard, extremely thin, and with one eye missing. The cat seems somewhat tame, although scared. She has called the cat rescue’s asking if they can help get the eye fixed, and so far has received no help. Would one of your readers be interested in this kitten? She seems to be a sweetie and needs some love and veterinary care – but mostly someone who can love her. If there is someone on the list who would like to adopt her, please call me at 510 579-3344 ASAP.


  74. sue Says:

    I got bitten last night by a semi-feral kitten. The kitten looks healthy and we got her from a reservation.
    Can you email me back with your opinion about this. I live in Ontario. The kitten is about 5 weeks old.


  75. Gary Bogue Says:

    I am not a veterinarian or a medical doctor, so you need to check with experts in this area. You should check with your doctor and your local health department to see what they suggest on this. Rabies is always a concern when you get bitten by a wild, unvaccinated animal, but I’m not trying to frighten you. I can’t recall the last time there was a problem with a wild cat being rabid in my area, but I’m not familiar with the rabies problems where you live. That’s why you need to check with your local people. /Gary

  76. Chuckie in Virginia Says:


    Congratulations on being adopted by such a neat kitty. And you could not have taken her to a better vet. We moved from California to the East Coast and still call Dr. Brisbin at the Benicia Cat Clinic for consultations. Thanks for the great pictures!


  77. Jill Bugni Says:

    I just received your article from my cousin in Nevada City. Her message stated Cousin Johnny. I started reading the article at first thinking that she sent it because it reminded her of my brother Johnny, a cat veterinarian. Then I scrolled down and saw a picture of my brother in his cat clinic examining your kitty. I will have to pass this on to our other relatives. That was pretty neat.
    Great vet choice by the way!
    Jill (Brisbin) Bugni

  78. Barbara (Brisbin) Bell Says:

    My sister, Jill Bugni, sent me your column about your new orange kitty. I am also a sister of your vet, and practice medicine on people in Wisconsin. However, we have no children, unless you count our two kitties, Cleo and Isis (both are 16 years old). I just know that Newman will eventually get over his “new kitty in the house funk”. I’d be surprised if they don’t become good buddies. I just know that John Brisbin will take the best care available of your furry family, and will help keep them happy and energetic. Good luck to all of you!
    Dr. Barbara (Brisbin) Bell

  79. Irish Setter Says:

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    Interesting Irish Setter info….

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