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It’s tarantula time on Mount Diablo

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 at 7:36 am in Mount Diablo, Spiders, Tarantulas.

diablo tarantula3

If you’d like to get a look at a tarantula in the wild, now is a good time to go for a pleasant hike on Mount Diablo. The mountain is one of the best places in the Bay Area to see these giant spiders.

Just be careful when driving up the mountain … there could be a lot of tarantulas crawling on or across the road. (Brake for tarantulas!)

These large hairy spiders, while looking fearsome, are actually very gentle creatures … and quite fragile. A drop of 2-feet could kill them. Yes, tarantulas will bite if mishandled, but the bite of our local tarantula is like a bee sting. It can hurt, but unless you are allergic to insect or spider bites, it shouldn’t be a problem.


Every fall in the months of September and October, male tarantulas crawl out of their burrows to take off on their annual fall migration to search for female tarantulas so they can breed.

Actually, you might call it more of an annual fall ramble. Enjoy. /Gary

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4 Responses to “It’s tarantula time on Mount Diablo”

  1. Carmen C. Montufar Says:

    beautiful creatures, thank you.
    Ray Mengel is my son in law, wonderful creature too.

  2. Patricia Brubaker Says:

    We have found two of these in our house in the last 24 hours. One had apparently fallen into a tupperware containor and was stuck. Both spiders were carefully taken outside and let go. How can I keep them from coming into my house when I do not know how they are getting inside in the first place. Any ideas?

  3. Elaine Shaw Says:

    I live on a wooded hillside in Orinda. I was shoked to find a large brown hairy spider in my BEDROOM (worst possible place) this evening. It’s body was huge and the legs very hairy. I’d say it was a good three to four inches diameter. I checked on-line and am pretty certain it was a tarantula. I remember visiting driving up to the top of Mt. Diablo one October day several years and witnessing a mass of tarantula’s crawling down the hill side.

    Does this sound credible? Is it common for a tarantula to enter a home? My house (rented) is filled with lots of perfect spider habitats, due to poor construction, neglect, etc. I would like to know whether this is a rare event, or whether its reasonable to think it may be a repeat phenonema.

  4. vanessa Says:

    Can you show or send a picture to me of a picture of
    a trantula breaking into a lot of peices.

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