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More orange kitten photos. What a cutie!

By Gary Bogue
Monday, October 20th, 2008 at 7:04 am in Kittens, Orange kitten.


Here are a couple more photos of the new orange kitten that has taken over my house. My other beastly cat, Newman, as you might guess … is less than pleased.


Be sure and check my Tuesday column. I’m going to have a contest to name the kitten! Maybe your name will be picked. There will also be prizes for the person (or cat!) who picks the winning name!


Stay tuned! /Gary

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184 Responses to “More orange kitten photos. What a cutie!”

  1. alyse Says:

    Gary -Good Morning
    For you new kitten I had thought “Pumpkin” would be perfect then after viewing the pic’s “Tiger” might just fit too – so I am sending these two for your choice-

  2. alyse Says:

    hope my response wins!Love your articles

  3. beth gardner Says:

    I would like to submit the name of “punkin” for the orange kitten, as she was nurtured during the month of October. I can see by her recent picture that she is receiving excellent care at the Bogue household!

  4. Ernie Says:

    Hi Gary,
    it sure is a lovely kitty and I can understand your affection for it. The same happened to me about 4 years ago, we did send a note to at that time. It turned out that this cat is a Japanese Bobtail, and very intelligent too.
    Anyway, coming back to your present stray, we could name her “Rusty” since she has the appropriate color scheme.
    So, have fun with this kritter, she’s lovely…Ernie

  5. Rosemary Castro Says:

    How about naming the little cutie Pumpkin?

  6. Dan Linzmeier Says:

    I suppose if Newman is still bitter and annoyed around Nov 7th, he should be named “Jerry” or “Seinfeld”

  7. Debby Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I am a new reader and a cat lover. I used to have a female orange tabby that looked just like the little cutie you adopted. Her name was TC for TopCat. I think that since Newman is the top cat in your household it may not be an appropriate name for the new cat. I do not know how you came up with the name Newman for you Maine Coon, but how about calling the new kitten Woodward as in Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Also, since your little feral cat came out of the woods, she was a Wood-Ward. Don’t be surprised if you orange tabby learns how to fetch. I have always found that breed to be extremely intelligent.

    Debby in Pleasanton

  8. Glorya Nevius Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Isis and Tut had each other. I think Newman deserves a Kramer. When you open that door, does he slide into a room? He’s a cutie-patootie, I think he was sent to be your new owner. Kramer is my submission to your contest.

  9. anita kuntz Says:

    beautiful kitty, my name for her would be on theme–Nefertiti (shorten to Netty) or Selket. I have always love you column, even though I’m not that fond of the squirrels in the backyard teasing my dog, Punkin. Ah, but the beautiful autumn we are having with the family of 8 quail calling then walking quickly to the neighbors yards, who have the bird seed (we just plant sunflowers & cosmos..letting the birds find the seeds), the geese flying over head in v formation calling, calling………….Just love the change of season. hope I win!

  10. Raylene Says:

    How about “Patches” since you found her in the tomato patch…

  11. CATHERINE Says:

    Cheddar! That is a great name. I have a black cat who is absolutely hilarious. She plays fetch like a dog and she walks on a leash and my husband and I named her Cheddar. Everytime we take her to the vet they think she is going to be an orange cat.

  12. Kim in Danville Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Saw your name the orange kitty contest. When you asked for help in picking a good name for “this little monster”, I got my inspiration from you. How about Lim (li for little and m for monster)or Limmy (translated my little monster)or just plain Monster. Perhaps Newman would agree that a little monster fits and smile when he sees her name in your column!

  13. Sue Hanratty Says:

    I would call her Alice because she truly found Wonderland at your home.

  14. Ms. Red Says:

    I for one would go with Imp. You can just see the impish nature hiding behind those very bright eyes of hers! She is a sure lucky fur-baby and was obviously meant to find you. I am sure you will enjoy each other for many years to come!

  15. Lucia Minor Says:

    Hi Gary,

    My suggestion for a name for this cutie is Pip. She’s adorable and sweet looking. Just looks like a Pip.
    I have a male orange and white cat named Rusty. He’s a sweetie too.

    Have fun with her. Pretty soon Newman will be playing with his baby sister.

  16. Linda Mary Says:

    Hi! Gary:
    As your beautiful little one showed up so magically, how about naming her: Magix
    Just a suggestion from our silly and spooky Onyx.
    Be sure to give Newman a big belly rub from us!
    Happy Autumn

  17. Barbara Juni Says:

    I think you should name her Ketchup or Catsup since she came out of your tomato patch! Never miss reading your column.

  18. Cindy Grant Says:

    Hi Gary,
    She is so precious , I think the name Tangerine fits her personality.

    Have a good one,

  19. Vicki Says:

    My husband suggests “Jerry” (as in Seinfeld). That way when they pass each other they can greet each with clenched teeth and utter “Hello Jerry” and “Hello Newman”.

  20. rachel Says:

    i think you should name her “mater” because that’s where you found her in the “ta’mater” patch!

  21. Joanna Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Started reading your column about a month ago and truly enjoy it. I’ve been feeding a family of spayed ferals (four of them) for 8 years now, so I understand about cats and adore them. My submission for a name is Marmalade.

  22. Lisa Says:

    I think Ms. Palin would be a great name for her, because she is a sexy little kitten !

  23. Carol H. Says:

    I was going to suggest Newman’s Own, just to get him involved, but she really needs her own name. What kind of tomatoes are you growing? Roma, perhaps? That’s a possible name! Of course, there’s always that famous redhead….Lucy.

  24. Lori Says:

    How about Tang? Orange and sweet with a peculiar aftertaste………

  25. Linda A. Says:

    Hi Gary,
    I love your column — you’ve helped me so much with birding info over the years. Your new “little orange kitten” is precious. I immediately thought “Pumpkin” would be a great name, but after reading your blog, seems like everyone else thought the same! So, my second choice is “Goldie” as she’s definitely more golden than orange. Can’t wait to see what name you choose for your new boss, ooopps….cat!

  26. Marla Says:

    Congrats on the new kitty! She is truly adorable. As soon as I saw her, she reminded me of my own little spitfire, Spot, who had the same coloring and markings. I suggest SpitFire (or Fire for short) and Spice :)

  27. Jennifer Jones Says:

    Dear Gary, Lois and karl,
    Your new kitten is adorable. I would name her Cleo, for Cleopatra. That would be in keeping with the royal names.
    She is one lucky cat. She hung around the right tomato patch. Enjoy her!
    Jenni J.

  28. Rosalia Poynter Says:

    How about “Tiger Lily” as a name for your new orange kitten? She lived wild as a tiger until she adopted you and is now a gorgeous lily. The photo of her hugging the wall while she was still insecure is priceless–you can see she is more comfortable now.

  29. Gloria Says:

    Since your beautiful new cat shoed up in your tomato patch I think a good name for her would be Gardener.


  30. Gary T. Says:

    I would name the little cutie Sunshine. It seems she has brought you and your wife sunshine to your home with the resent passing of Isis.

    I love your column and read it every day.

  31. Monica S-F Says:

    Dear Gary-
    Since you found your kitten in your tomato patch, I thought Roma might be a catchy name. Newman and Roma sounds aristocratic.
    The kitten is very cute. I have raised(bottle fed) 4 feral cats and I understand how it is so easy to get attached. They make the best pets.
    Monica S-F

  32. Deborah Says:

    I’m amazed how quick she became attached to you! I have a black cat outside I’ve been feeding for over a year and he still won’t let me touch him, even though the other ones outside do. I have a couple ideas for a name… Sunny for so many obvious reasons or Jardin since she came out of the garden (it’s the spanish name for garden). I like Sunny better though!

  33. Kim Says:

    Hello Gary, Lois & Newman (get over it Newman, she’s only little!!)

    I knew that little kitten would “tame” you eventually and let you become her “housepet”

    I think she looks like a “Pippa” or “Poppet” (English term for “little love/darling/cutie”, it’s what I call my daughter)

    But here’s something else I thought you might be interested in, along the Egyptian theme. In Egypt Bast was the Goddess of cats, initially she was portrayed as a fierce warlike cat, but her image softened over time and she became strongly associated with domestic cats. Bubastis was developed as a center of worship to Bast.

    So she could be called Bubastis(Boo for short) or Bast.

    Have fun….

  34. Anita Cleveland Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Being the mother of several ferals, all of whom I’ve named, I have a few suggestions for your newest addition: Hatch, Catcher (I assume he/she had been subsisting on whatever it could catch), Rockie, Penny due to its color, and Jazzy. Hope you pick one of these. Anita

  35. Monica S. Says:

    Since my first two suggestions were already taken, (Marmelade and Cleopatra) How about Ginger or Marley?

  36. Gary T. Says:

    Gary, sorry I mentioned Isis rather than TUT…but SUNSHINE is a perfect name.

  37. Rebecca P. Says:

    My daughter adopted a kitten who was found wandering alone down the street. She named him Spartacus for the little warrior he must have been. Of course, we call him Sparty or the little ‘cus’.

  38. Pat J Says:

    Continuing the Seinfeld theme, how about Elaine? The little orange kitty is a girl, after all. Elaine on Seinfeld was a little wild, goofy and unpredictable. Seems to fit.

  39. Maria Says:

    How about Gingersnap? Big name for a little girl, but she’ll grow into it.

  40. nancy west Says:

    Hi, Gary,
    You and your “better half” are so kind hearted. I thought of a couple names for your Little Orange Kitten. Perhaps LOKKIE (for L-ITTLE,O-range, K-itty)and a different take on “Lucky”… or Tommie for the tomato patch discovery or… maybe Newman likes PIA for pain-in-the-????
    Hunney is another,and I’m sure your wife will share the nickname…. How about BOGIE? ( Bogie Bogue has a nice ring to it…)
    Well, back to work and keep up the happy columns!!!

    Very meowerly yours,
    Nancy West

  41. Mighty Woman Says:

    I always let my cats name themselves. After a few days their personalities would indicate their names. For instance, the black & white Maine Coon who came mooching around my back door became Moochie. Lefty was named when I notice he had a grey spot on his white boot and that he lead with his left paw when playing.

    Our orange tabby became George when we notice he was curious about everything (Curious George?) and that he thought he was king of the jungle (George of the Jungle). Squeeks earned her name because she squeeked instead of meowing. Buster was a tough guy and reminded us of the one of the bulldogs in Warner Bros cartoons. Our first orange tabby was named Jonesy after the orange tabby in the movie Alien. Little Butt….self-explainatory.

    Since you found your cute little guy in your tomato patch, seems as though he should somehow be named with a reference to that. I see from the postings that others had the same thought. I like ‘Mater and Catsup. Very clever and more original than tomato or patch which were my first thoughts.
    Mighty Woman

  42. Susan Mahler Says:

    Hi Gary,
    I love your column. I think Ginger would be a good name for this kitten. Isn’t it something how another kitty comes along when you lose one. Somehow they seem to know that there is a place for them. Enjoy her!

  43. Mary M. Says:


    I think the name of Izzie would suit her perfectly, and it is different. Newman will come around. It took my black cat Max 2-3 months before he accepted a feral, Beans, I trapped once.

  44. Debbie Garcia Says:

    What a cutie!! How about Missy since she has an M
    on her forhead!! I have a black and gray tabby
    named Mo. He also has an M on his forhead. Also
    have a black kitty named Mia.

  45. Sharon Says:

    Gary, my son and daughter-in-law adopted a little orange stray kitten a few years back. He’s adorable, but never got over his shyness and pretty much stays hidden under the bed. Their alpha cat “Murphy” doesn’t seem to mind that he has no competition from the new comer and considers himself an ‘only child.’

    They also thought and thought of the perfect name for the new kitty and eventually just settled on the interim name, simply “Orange.” You might want to consider just going with the obvious too!

    Enjoy your new kitty–I know your readers will!

  46. priscilla Says:

    Hi Gary. My name suggestion would be Camille, she looks like a Camille! Also, wanted to say I am thrilled that I can read your column more than one day a week, love it! I also adopted 2 feral kittens that were running wild in the neighborhood, and befriended the mom cat, then had her fixed too. Now all 3 wild ones get along splendidly with my 2 babies, although I will admit, it was touch and go at first! Newman WILL get used to her, on his own schedule of course!!

  47. carol Says:

    I think she should be called Alani which is the Hawaiian word for orange.

  48. Sallie Says:

    It’s GOT to be Pumpkin!!



  50. Karen W. Says:

    Today was the first time I saw your adorable little kitty story. She makes me long for one of my own. I had a cat years ago who looked exactly like yours I named her Penny – bright, shiny and really smart. I’m also thinking Autumn, Apricot or Citrine.

    Thanks, Karen

  51. Lori Olmstead Says:

    What a cutie…I think a good name would be “Elaine” or “Bennis” (since that was Elaine’s last name on Seinfeld)…and we all know that Newman had a crush on Elaine! Maybe that would help him to like her! You never know!

  52. Justine Says:

    Hi Gary
    If you’re willing to use a “recycled” name, my vote is for Pumpkin. My Pumpkin cat was the best ever. I got her this time of year, many years ago. She was so small she barely fit in my palm, but she had a big attitude and a big heart. She was always ready to great me when I got home, but let me know in no uncertain terms if I had been gone too long.
    If you want to get sentimental, you could name her Leona in memory of the Mountain Lion from Lindsay Museum.
    In any case, she will lead you to her name.

  53. Susan Peck Says:

    How about Oliver? When I saw your new family member I was reminded of a story from my childhood. It was called Orange Oliver. The poor kitty lived on a farm but could never catch the milk from the cow like the other kittens. To make a short story of it, Orange Oliver ends up getting glasses. No more milk in the face!

  54. Janice Linn Says:

    How about Spanish for out CA history, and Tomato for her history….or Tomate

  55. Nancy Goodman Says:

    Hi Gary,Lois and Karl

    I believe it was yours or maybe the kitty’s “DESTINY” to a part of your family, afterall she found you or maybe even Tut had something to do with it.”Destiny” is a great name, same as my dog’s.If you want to add some spice in your family “Oregano” is another good name since she was found in your tomato patch or “Patch”(“Patches”)

    Nancy Goodman

  56. Phyllis Says:

    How about Tomatina – Tomi or Tina – since she was around your tomatoes.

  57. Pat and Joe Says:

    It’s obvious! She should be named “Pumpkin”. We rescued a kitten from the animal shelter a few years ago and she put on such a great performance to get our attention (worthy of Celine Dion) that we had to name her Celine. Hope you enjoy your new kitten as much as we have enjoyed ours.

  58. Chris D. Says:

    Hi Gary,

    What a cute kitty! How about Salsa for her name, since you found her in the tomato patch. Salsa can be sweet or spicy. Have fun with your new baby!

  59. LeeAnne Boles Says:

    Hi, Gary – my boyfriend had a beloved orange cat that he grew up with, his family is Czech so they called him “Zrzek” which means Rusty in Czech! It’s not as hard to pronounce as it looks, just add an “e”, it’s “zerzek”. So now every time we see an orange cat we say it’s a “zrzek”. I don’t know if there’s a feminine version of this word. I also have a big orange tomcat named Caesar, because he rules the household empire!

  60. Karen Says:

    Brassy comes to mind, since she’s sort of that color. Someone mentioned Roma — it could be stretched to Romana, an elegant name, borne by a redheaded Dr. Who character played by actress Lalla Ward.

  61. Jacquie Wood Says:

    I would name her “Poppy” she is golden like the California Poppy flowers that have been one of my favorite flowers since childhood.

    She is gorgeous and those eyes are stunningly beautiful, OK, so how about “Sunshine”, or “Gold Dust”?

  62. Mary M. Says:

    She is definitely an Isobel or Izzie.

  63. dana Says:

    since she was found in the tomato patch the first thing I thought of was ‘Mater. then I looked at her again and thought Squirt….she looks like a fisty little squirt.

  64. maddy klein Says:

    The orange kitten looks like a “Cleopatra”. And she can be called Cleo for short!

  65. dana Says:

    oops…that should be feisty little squirt…sorry…

  66. Leona Rosenmeier Says:

    Given the season of the year, it seems a natural that an orange kitten be named Pumpkin, or, if you like to be less formal, Punkin.

    Whatever her name, she’s a cutie.

  67. Leona Rosenmeier Says:

    I have just seen that someone else voted for Pumpkin, so I’m not alone.

  68. Laurie Says:

    How about Cheezit?

  69. Mary B. Says:

    Orange kitten. How about Roughy?

  70. Mary Durantini Says:

    I think you should stick with the Egyptian names – Amisi means “flower” or Kepi – “tempest” (although she seems pretty mild mannered) or the cat-headed goddess Bastet (but I like Amisi best).

  71. Jan Says:

    How about Magic since her arrival was just that!

  72. Stephanie Says:

    I think her eyes are “Amber” and her fur “Saffron” or “Ginger”, even “Mango”. She looks a bit spicy! I love the way she found you, perhaps Tut sent her.

  73. Jan Jessup Says:

    She looks like a Toots or a Taffy to me. My first cat looked just like her and showed up in my flower garden instead of a vegetable garden. I named her Taffy and still miss her a lot after 35 years. She was the smartest cat I ever had. (no offense Tiger & woods).

  74. Julian Says:

    How about “MAGI” short for Maggie from “Magic”. Previous
    post from Jan had similar theme idea. Also, “Slinky or
    Merlin” for her stealth and otherworldly appearance.

  75. Donna Roberts Says:

    How about the name Jewel for your little “diamond in the rough”? My first thought was Julius, as in orange julius or Julius Caesar, but you keep referring to the kitten as a her. Julia or Juliette could be possibilities as well. Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

  76. Anne Kelly Says:

    You say she’s a “monster”? How about Mylok? (mylittleorangekitten)

  77. Marian Says:

    My suggestion for the yellow girl’s name comes from my recent trip to Tibet. I learned that the Tibetan word for “cat” is “shimee”, and I saw a little yellow one at one of the temples in Gyantse. Since Shimee sounds feminine to me, I think it would be a fine name.
    My best to your newly extended family!

  78. Ruth A. Says:

    I thought of Pumpkin right away as so many others did too.

  79. Bob Carlton Says:

    Hi Gary,

    How about something exotic like “Mandu” (as in Kat-mandu).

  80. Barbara Says:

    Dear Gary,

    You say Newman is coal black and the new kittie is orange? These sure are basisc Halloween colors and orange kittie appeared close to Halloween……how about Hally for the kitten and renaming Newman Weenie? No, don’t suppose Newman would go for that!

    Love your column, Barbara, Walnut Creek

  81. Judy Allen-Rodgers Says:

    Hey Gary,
    That is one cute kitty! Since it is so close to Halloween, and so many have already mentioned Pumpkin, I am suggesting “Spooks” or “Boo”
    We have a very handsome orange tabby named Max,(short for “Max-a-Million” who is smart and spoiled and ….was once a feral cat too!

  82. Sue C., Brentwood Says:

    Hi Gary;
    I’m a regular reader of your column and you’ve kindly published my queries several times. The new kitty is adorable! I have several names in mind for her; Persimmon(or Purrsimmon), Lady Marmalade, Ginger or Spice, Copper or Penny, and lastly a name I’ve just always loved for the sound of it; Hermione. Hope you like one of these!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  83. RAMONA Says:




  84. Doreen Says:

    Poppy~~~~~after our State Flower~~~~since she is orange.

  85. Ginger Says:

    She is adorable! She looks like a famous redhead that had a great personality; mischievious but cute. LUCY!

    Livermore, CA

  86. dee peterson Says:

    Hey Mr. Bogue,
    We think your new kitty looks cool. Don’t worry about Newman, he is probably ready for a new pal even if he has an “attitude” right now. we recommend Scarlett if kitty is a girl (we’re movie fans) or Oliver if a guy (we like to read Dickens too) and the cat did keep coming back “for more please!” We are 3 rescued superior cats in San Ramon.
    Archie and Thatcher (as in maggie) from Persian Rescues and Pepe from Mexican restaurant roof

  87. Susan de Wit Says:

    Howdy! I am a lover of all animals and appreciate what mother nature has given us. I love your column. You touch on so many interesting and varied animals. The questions from your readers are great. I love your sense of humor. I feel God had a hand in sending you your little orange kitten to fill a hole. I know your and your family will enjoy having new adventures. The name I am putting forth is Marmalade. If female, Lady Marmalade would do. Have fun picking out the perfect name. Susan, Concord

  88. Helen Says:

    Dear Gary – how about TIGER? Or MISS-T ?

    She is so beautiful :)

    Always love your column, Gary!
    Helen, Concord

  89. Dave Says:

    Hi Gary,
    How about Tabitha, seeing that the cat is an orange tabby and reminds me of a tangerine. Tangerine+orange tabby = “Tabitha”.

  90. Betsy Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Since your new cat appeared in the your garden she should have the name of a fruit or vegetable.
    I hope you will name your new cat FIG, you will have
    Fig and Newman

  91. Donna Feral Says:

    How about Amber? Or Curry? Or Amber Curry (first and last name)? Donna Feral is our cat.

  92. Toni Says:

    I adopted an orange feral male cat who we named “Nacho”.
    My niece adopted a crazy little kitten a year ago and named her “Phoebe” after Phoebe on Sinfield. She is still a little Phoebe.

  93. Miriam Pierce Says:

    “Marigold” would be my suggestion; named for the little, bright-orange autumn flower. She is a little beauty!

  94. Jennifer Palmer Says:

    Since this little kitty may have arrived out of nowhere, how about “Tang”.

  95. B. Kehrli Says:

    Oct 21, 2008
    Dear Gary,

    Your little orange kitten is adorable. So glad she’s
    a keeper. I’d like to suggest the name CATSUP for obvious reasons.

    Sincerely, Barbara K. Walnut Creek

  96. Mike P Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I would like to sugguest for the name for your new orange kitty to be: Sherbet

  97. Sheryl Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Congratulations! The little girl is gorgeous, although I might be easily influenced! lol I have an orange and white male kitty (his name is Popeye), and I’m totally gaga over him.

    How about calling this cutie Dreamsicle? You could call her Dreamy for short. She sure as beautiful as a dream, and her color sure evokes that luscious frozen treat that so many of us remember from our childhood…

    Keep writing those wonderful columns!

    Sheryl, Union City

  98. Denise Says:

    Hi Gary –
    Very cool. Took me awhile to find the comment section.
    I think the little girl should be ‘Stormy’. Two-syllable words are conducive for training and the name does not imply typical names for tabbys.
    Good luck!

  99. Patty Stamps Says:

    What a cutie! My name suggestion is KEEPER.

  100. Phil DiGirolamo Says:

    Hi Gary,
    We like one syllable names and it seems fitting to name the new little one in you life LOCK. Little Orange Cute Kitty.
    She obviously has a lock on your heart! Whatever name you select I’m sure she will have a wonderful life in a very caring household.

    Pat & Phil DiGirolamo, Livermore

  101. Barbi Says:

    All these great names!

    I like the names”Mater” and “Lucy.”

    She’s such a little gem, how about “Topaz?”

  102. june d. Says:


    Have a problem….need some ideas. Mom in Modesto has 8 or so outdoor cats she feeds every day, but at 97 asked me to get rid of them…. They are outdoor cats….some adults and some 6 or 7 mos old kittens. If we catch them and take them to local city pound they will be destroyed. Talked with Alley Cat Guardians…they spay and neuter and then give back. Can buy a cage but what to do after we catch them. Any humane ideas about what to do with these cats. Someone suggested posting ad in local paper to see if any local farmers want cats for their mice. Any ideas. I have a stray cat myself but she is not feral and is house trained. June

  103. Claire Kellogg Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Foxy or Daisy would be cute names for your lil kitty.

  104. Karen L. Says:

    What a cutie! She’s very feminine and I think she should have a girlie name to balance Newman. How about Sissy? Or Susie? Susie and Newman just has a kind of ring to it!! (sounds like the couple down the street who you invite over for potluck dinners) Or maybe Chloe?

  105. Sharon Quick Says:

    Hi Gary,

    How about Elsa (after Elsa the lion in Born Free).

  106. Lori Cianfichi Says:

    Hi Gary,
    I read your column everyday and have really enjoyed hearing about the orange kitty that you found in your tomato patch. In keeping with this theme my cats Snickle and Fritz thought that Tigrella was the perfect name. It is the name of a tomato variety with orange stripes! My beagles Chocolate Chip and Freckles concurred (although they did not have much say in the matter). They know who rules the house!

  107. Linda Brown Says:

    What a cute kitty. I wanted to suggest “Pumpkin,” but more than 10% of the people have already suggested it. Another idea might be Jackie-O, short for Jack-O-Lantern. :)

  108. Trinka Courtemanche Says:

    What a cute kitty. I just want to give her kissess all over her little face. That’s what I do to my orange kitty. He acts like he doesn’t like it but I know he does. I like Pumpkin for the kitty’s name too. I sometimes call my Joey Pumpkin Head cause he’s orange and has a Pumpkin Head. It is that time of year after all. I’m so happy you have a new baby in your home Gary. Congrats.

  109. Stacey G. Says:

    I’ve always wanted to name a cat Orion (the hunter) or Loki (the trickster). Enjoy your new alarm clock.

  110. kris Says:

    Dear Gary, Lois and Karl,

    Definitely a Pumpkin – look at her eyes in the last pic!! (Just like a Halloween pumpkin face). Punky for short. Cutest kitty ever! Enjoy, they seem to grow up so fast… :)

  111. M. Martin Says:

    A lot of good suggestions in here…I would not want to be the one to have to choose the name. I think Tut sent her into your lives. He sent you the first little angel that came his way…so how about Angel. She’ll probably turn out to be a little devil though…




  113. Linda Erickson Says:

    I remember a book from when I was a child named “Those Cats”, (I still have the book)(copyright 1947). There were two cats and one was orange and named “Marmalade”. I always thought that would be a wonderful name for a cat. Anyway, we ended up getting a grey and white kitty and named her “Tinker”. She lived for 18 years. Would love it if you would name your little kitten “Marmalade”.

  114. Toni Mayer Says:

    Dear Gary, Lois, Karl and Newman,

    What a little beauty! We have friends who have a theory about “The Dispatcher”, who sends cats to people when the time is right and it sounds as if that’s true here. When we adopted our “pound kitty” about 9 years ago we named him Harry after the Harry Potter eyeglasses-like marks around his eyes. Hermione might be a euphonious name for your intelligent looking little redhead.

  115. Leslie Says:

    My daughters (ages 5&4)and I came up with so many ideas.Is there a limit?
    Ohno(as in oh no another kitty)
    Leo-na(like Leo the Lion)
    Cali (as in California)
    Reecey(after the orange peanut butter candy wrapper)
    Canta (cantalope)

    sorry…the girls keep goin!!! this was fun!!

  116. John Says:

    I have to keep saying to myself…babies are from cabbage patches….kittens are from tomato patches…babies are from cabbage patches…kittens are from tomato patches. Certainly don’t want to confuse the two!

  117. Carolyn Says:

    Hi Gary and family,

    Love your column and your dedication to all animals….
    The little orange kitty is so cute!! He looks like a George to me!!! If you keep with the Seinfeld theme!
    Besides that issue….he has the sassy/curious/playful look of a Georgie Kitty!!!!
    Send pics of Newman too!!
    I have a 19 year old Beau Kitty and a 5 year old Joey Kitty….plus a 4 year old Shih Tzu frm Texas- Dixie Lu Lu and last but not least, Clayton, an 8 year old Morgan/Quarter Horse!! They all bring me much joy and laughter!
    Carolyn von Husen

  118. Carolyn Says:

    Hi Gary and family,

    Love your column and your dedication to all animals….
    The little orange kitty is so cute!! He looks like a George to me!!! If you keep with the Seinfeld theme!
    Besides that issue….She has the sassy/curious/playful look of a Georgie Kitty!!!!
    Send pics of Newman too!!
    I have a 19 year old Beau Kitty and a 5 year old Joey Kitty….plus a 4 year old Shih Tzu frm Texas- Dixie Lu Lu and last but not least, Clayton, an 8 year old Morgan/Quarter Horse!! They all bring me much joy and laughter!
    Carolyn von Husen **OOPs, Georgie can still work for a female…. :)

  119. Beverly Zamolo Says:

    Hi Gary, My Coon cat and I discussed the name issue for your new kitty and came up with our two choices which are: Blossom because Rocco loves to sniff the orange blossoms in our yard and Willow since she came to your house and thought… will o won’t you, will o won’t you, won’t you be my dad!

  120. Kim Says:

    Hi Gary,
    I have heard that orange cats are the “sweetest” and found that to be true with our cat, Rusty. I think a great name would be “Goldie” short for the tomatoe Gold Dust, which has an orange skin. Another possibility is “Tigre” short for Tigrella which is a tomatoe with red and orange stripes.

  121. Trina & Rick Fleer Says:

    Congratulations Gary on adding to your family! If you are counting votes, mine goes to “Pumpkin”, but my husband says “Tabitha”, or “Cucumber” because she is just that cool. All our cats found us, except one we got from the pound. I have always liked the name “Harriet”, but I think of that as a long hair, and your new one is a short hair. She is a cutie and I hope Newman will take her in just like you have.

    Trina & Rick Fleer

  122. Jeanne Barredo Says:

    Back in the 70s, a friend brought me a kitten from the Oakland Shelter and it was an orange kitten, much like the one pictured. My sons were into the 70s Mopar cars so they named the kitten, “Hemi Orange”. It seemed to fit him perfectly…and he answered to “Hemi”. He was with us for many memorable years.

  123. Kris Says:

    Wow, so many names to choose from. There are a lot of great ones. I was thinking of “Harvest”, because the name invokes images of the fall – the beautiful colors of pumpkins, autumn leaves, squash, maize. It also is a time to bring things into your warm and cozy home before the first frost. Whatever her name may be, she certainly is adorable, and I look forward to hearing about your many new adventures with her in your home!

  124. Carol Gustafson Says:

    Hi Gary –

    Love a lot of the names, but how about AMBER?

    Thank you for your column – I read it every day and aloud every day over the phone to my sister who lives out in the Mojave Desert. It doesn’t fail to brighten our day.

  125. Barbara R. Says:

    My choice is “Bella”. Being on the small side, she will need a strong name to hold her own with Newman.

  126. Chris Says:

    I love what you do and I love that you have taken this cute kitten into your life. When I look at her all I can think of is “Parkay”. Keep informing the public about what you know about wildlife and animals in general. I was saddened by the clip from Lindsey about the death of the mountain lion. He was such a joy to see.

    Chris Sandoval

  127. Erin Says:

    I’ve been following your story and just love the pics of the new kitty. I myself got adopted by an orange kitty last year. My name suggestion is Lily, no particular reason just liked the name. Good Luck picking a new name you have lots of good ones to choose from. Enjoy your new housemate and I hope Newman comes around soon.

  128. LouAnne Says:

    When you first began telling us about her, I thought the name should be “Flash” because you were catching just a flash of orange in your garden. Now that I see her lovely eyes, I would like to suggest also “Hazel”. And, although I like Pumpkin because of her coloring, what about “Saffron” or “Ginger?”

  129. Angela Says:

    My suggestion is Creamsicle since she’s orange and white like the classic frozen treat.

  130. Ferne Brown Says:

    Dear Gary,
    My suggestion for a name for orange kitty. “Pumpkin” was the first name to come to me, for obvious reasons. However in keeping with your Egyptian theme i.e. “Tut’
    and “Isis” I thought “Sahara” would be better. Kitty’s color matches the color of the Saharan sand. Ferne

  131. Robin Says:

    I too thought of Sunshine or Sunny, since she brought a ray of sunshine to your home (ok, so Newman doesn’t think so).

    OR if you want to go the Egyptian route, “Re” is the sun god … you could call her Re (or ReRe).

    I must admit “Cheezit” cracked me up!

  132. Joan Says:

    We found our Punkin many years ago hiding under the cars across from our house. It was his Siamese type yowels that we couldn’t ignore. After a chase, a neighbor scooped him out of the engine compartment of his SUV where he was hiding. The vet guessed 6 weeks old. That bedraggled yellow kitten kept us company for the next 17 years, so I’m fond of Punkin, but my second choice is Ginger. Hyacynth, Chrissy and Meisha all want their names put into the pot,too!

  133. Jan Says:

    Dear Gary,
    How lucky you all are to have this precious orange baby choose you to live with her. Lots of great names submitted. i would like to suggest Amber because she is a real gem with matching amber colored eyes and coat.

  134. Jennifer Avalos Says:

    How about Tiger Lily or Sheba?

  135. CINDI WARN Says:


  136. Linda Says:

    Hi Gary,
    What a cute kitty. How about naming her Ginger?

  137. Fred Walker Says:

    Gary: I see that someone’s already mentioned “Punkin'”, which is what I was going to say. Just in case it makes your finalist list, I’ll tell you why I like it.
    I’ve rescued rabbits for several years now, and a few years ago I adopted the cutest little 2 pound dwarf you could ever hope to see. She and my other male dwarf were a hot item for a month or two, until she suddenly started attacking him when he approached their food dish. A couple of days later I found her dead in their cage, which was a tragedy.

    I didn’t even have any pictures of her yet, but out of respect have avoided naming any of my other creatures after her. I’d like to see her name carried on, so if the name fits, I hope you’ll use it.


    PS-Another idea might be “Pumpkinseed”, or “Punkin’seed,” if you will.

  138. Pat Rouleau Says:

    I see that my choice has been entered already, but Cleopatra would be a great name for that little princess who follows Tut. Call her Cleo. She is a darling, and a lucky cat to be adopted by you.

  139. Virginia Blair Says:

    Aren’t you lucky to be the chosen one!!
    Since she seems to like the garden I suggest
    Toma (Toe ma) or Mato

    Virginia Blair

  140. jeannette vonkonsky Says:

    Hi, Gary, Lois and Newman(Karl is out of town.
    I think that the little orange kitten should be Sissy.
    Newman will be the older, abused brother and Sissy
    will be always be around to keep him in line. Jeannette

  141. Barbara Gessner Says:

    Hi, Gary:

    I have a few suggestions for your kitty’s name:

    Spice Girl or Spicy
    Marmalaide (Marm for short)
    Lucy (for Lucille Ball with red hair)

    Best wishes!

  142. Maria of Concord Says:

    How about Milo as in Otis and Milo (the dog and orange cat movie). I also have a Milo. Or else Marmelade.

  143. kelly&cec Says:

    Gary,how about Tangy (Tan-gee) short for Tangerine

  144. Kathy Allphin Says:

    How about “Tig”. She looks like a tiger.

  145. Loriann Dealba Says:

    My name suggestion for your little orphan kitty is “Little orphan Annie” I think that this is appropriate because both are orphans and both are redheads.Anyway good luck with naming your adorably photogenic cutie!

  146. Tina Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I think her name should be “Mata” pronounced like Mata Hari, but meaning “we found her in the toe-matahs”

  147. Nina Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Love your column and the new Kitty. Can’t resist sending in some names…
    She looks like a “Sunny” to me just like the bright color of her fur resembles the sun.
    Of course, a 2nd choice is “Fleur” because she has a hint of the French designer outfit in her wrap.
    Every kitty should have more than one name perhaps one for each of her 9 lives…

  148. Sue Says:

    Hi Gary,
    How about Simba, one of the characters from the Lyon King? Also, I think Amber would be a great name. She looks just like my spoiled brat Tigger who recently went to kitty heaven (maybe) that I really miss.

  149. Kathleen Says:

    Your orange kitty is precious! How about “Marmalade”?

  150. JOE and Lesle' Says:

    How about SKIPPY or APRICOT. ???

  151. JOE and Lesle' Says:

    SKIPPIE for a girl. ???

  152. Leslie,Ireesa,Jessenia B. Says:

    We have already submitted the long list of names above(I forgot to put my daughters names as they had so many suggestions) I did put Iris in my list above( we actually came up with my daughters name Ireesa from it) Anyways, I was just doing some research and would like to make yet another suggestion for a name.

    Irisi (which is an Egyptian name meaning “fashioned by Isis”)

  153. Cindy Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Our family loves cats and over the years have taken in 7 strays. They all have been a great source love, excitement and companionship for us. My son,who is 10, has suggested two names. First, Einstein because the cat was smart to find you and second, Firepaw, after a charactor in a book he read.

    Enjoy your new little girl!

  154. Elizabeth Martin Says:

    Hi Gary,
    This little one is going to be a delight!! What fun for you! Since she is orange and brings sunshine to the family, Sunkist seems a great name. Thanks for sharing the pix…nothing more appealing than a kitten!

  155. Jorgensen Girls Says:

    Hi Gary,
    The 6 girls in our family (2 of the feline persausion)
    like the following for your adorable kitty.
    Pele (fire goddess), Autumn, Ariel, Pudding, and Tiki.

  156. Judy Mears Says:

    I think a good name for the new kitty would be “Tomatina” (Italian for “little tomato”), and you could call her “Tina”. (I also liked Cleopatra, but I see someone else already suggested that). She looks like a sweetheart.

  157. Pam Connelly Says:

    What a sweetie, such an intelligent face. I beleive animals, especially cats,adopt us not the other way around. I believe Tut sent you this little one. She looks like a “Spirit” to me and I’m sure it will match her personality

  158. Judy Utikal Says:

    How about Annie, as in Little Orphan Annie. She has the right color hair or should I say fur.
    We lost our “Mittens” at age 23 and within 24 hours of her death, our own little orphan showed up hanging in a bush behind our house. Only 24 hrs. old and no mom in sight. We never did find out where he came from, other than heaven. I thought to name the orphan Annie also, until my husband returned from the emergency 24 hour vet to tell me “Mittens” had decided to come back as a guy. We have had “Andy” now for 13 years. Makes you wonder about all that reincarnation stuff.

  159. Susan Jackson Says:

    How about “Gingersnap”? If she’s anything like my female kitties, she’s bound to be a bit “spicey”.

  160. Debbie Arbuckle Says:

    My original suggestion is on another page. I thought of “Tommi” because she was found in the tomato patch. Lots of great suggestions. I like”Roma” too. How will you ever chose?!?

  161. Leslie,Ireesa,Jessenia Beltran Says:

    Hello again Gary!
    The whole family has goteen in on the “name game”. We thought of a few more names last night. My youngest is allergic to cats but wishes for one so she is having a fun time with the names (she likes Banana!!)
    Here are our newest additions:

    Ferralynne (for ferral)

    I hope I am leaving these on the right page.I saw another page too.

  162. Carol Says:

    She’s darling! Reminds me of my daughter’s new kitten. I think she looks like a “Tinkerbelle” :)

  163. Diana Says:

    So many excellent names that have already been submitted……… Pumpkin was the first that came to mind, then Lucy (for the famous and wacky redhead),
    Then Marmalade (marmie for short) and Sahara is beautiful and feminine.
    Have fun with your selection Gary…a lot of good ones out there.

  164. Mary DAdddabbo Says:

    Hello, you will have your hands full when she becomes less shy. How about Matara to go with the definite M on her forehead.

  165. Danny Beltran Says:

    How about Luna?

  166. Nancy Says:

    “Tart was she as a quince
    Living in a fairy land.”

    -Robert Service

    Your kitty is the color of a flowering quince and her temperament seems to match its tartness. I would name her “Quincy.”

  167. Pat Rishell Says:

    “Hope” is a wonderful name. Hope for the wonderful kitten and hope for your family of a new friend.

    Always enjoy your articles.

  168. Pat Rishell Says:

    “Hope” would be a good name. Hope for a wonderful kitten and a new friend.

  169. Debbie in Benicia Says:


    I am certain that God and ‘Tut’ sent you a little ‘gift’ from heaven, and placed your little orange kitten in your garden.
    She should be blessed with the name,’Eve’.

    Thank you for your wonderful columns! Debbie in Benicia

  170. Mickey Mergy Says:

    Dundee Scotland is famous for making marmalade. Since marmalade is orange, I think you should name her Dundee or marmalade. I use to tame feral kittens and she is certainly not feral. She has to be very smart as she picked your home to be rescued!

  171. Denise Gianni Says:

    Hi Gary! What a DARLING kitty she is! Her striping is gorgeous! What great name suggestions your, and the kitty’s, fans have made!
    I know that you enjoy poetry, so I wrote a Haiku for you:

    A red kitten comes
    Newman is mad at her now
    She will win his love!

    I see that others thought of Lucy for her name; that was my first pick, because when you get home you can call, “Lucy, I’m home”! Another suggestion is Binoux. My French Canadian grandma named all her cats that! It’s pronounced ‘Binew’. I think that Autumn is a nice name, for her, and my husband likes Sparky. Good luck with choosing a name! You, your wife and son have your work cut out for you!!
    Denise, Richmon

  172. Robin in Newark Says:

    A great name for your new addition to consider:
    Cheeto! Although a snack food of sorts, the color is accurate and they can be irrestable! Newman and Cheeto does have a nice ring!! Please run it by Newman and see what he thinks.

  173. Heather Says:

    I vote for Willow. Flexible and sweet.

  174. Kari Meidlinger Says:

    I love orange kitties! I have 4. There are so many great name selections here! I have a few for you:


  175. Leslie,Ireesa,Jessenia ,Danny Beltran Says:

    Hi gary
    I just read that we were to put our city (as well as name,email address)
    We did not put our city in any of our posts

    We are from Fremont,Ca

    (10/22 Leslie–,
    10/23 Leslie,Ireesa&Jessenia B.
    10/24 Leslie,Ireesa & Jessenia Beltran
    10/25 Danny Beltran

  176. kd3569 Says:

    Hi Gary, how ’bout “Marmalade”, as in orange Marmalade, or Marmalade skies, from the old Beatles song. Whatever you call her, she’s definitely a cutie girl!

  177. R Gonzalez Says:

    Hi Ga I want to say thanks to whoever is responsible for adding your column to the Daily Review.

    There was a very big empty space when Mr. Ray Orrack retired.

    My wife and I love animals and your column is the first thing we go to.

    We had a cat for 17 year’s. He’s name was C-4-Cat. He was a fun cat and, we had a lot of fun with his name. The first time we took him to the Vet the receptionist ask us for his name. When we answer C-4-CAT she ask. How do you spell it?

    When I said Capital C dash number 4 dash CAT. All the people in the waiting room chuckle.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  178. Barbara Haiges Says:

    My name suggestion is “Orange Crusher” – Crusher for short.

  179. Karen and Barbara Lundstrom Says:

    My cousin Barbara and I had fun coming up with the following names:
    My favorite: Nehi – you hae to be a boomer to get it
    Barbara’s fav: Cheeto
    Other favorites: Mango, Clementine, Ginger, Pumpkin, Penny, Poppy, Golda
    Have fun with your new cutie!
    Karen L.

  180. Alicia Says:

    Scamp. Because that’s what the little orange kitten sounds like when you described him jumping on poor Newman’s tail and then poof, he’s gone.

    And besides, that’s what my new 4 1/2 month old maine coone brown patched tabby told me to write. His name is Henbane! And he’s already bossing me around!

  181. amanda Says:

    i looked at those pictures, and that cat is so darn cute. I have a cat at home similar to the cat. Oh and by the way is a a him or a her? I’m just wondering?

  182. Gary Bogue Says:

    Amanda: She’s a female … Jasmine, or Jazz for short. /Gary

  183. Katherine Says:

    Sorry guys, Not sure if this goes with the content context but I have a cat which is about to give birth and I have no idea.. Can anybody help or guide me please?

  184. Rosaria Kohli Says:

    Hello just stumbled your blog and been browsing around some of your entries and just wondering why you selected a WordPress blog dont you find it impossible to do anything with? Been thinking about starting one.

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