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You up for a fun little contest?

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 at 7:18 am in Kittens, Orange kitten.


It’s a “Name Gary’s New Orange Kitten Contest!” The prize is listed below.

I’ve already written about this in my Times column of Oct. 21. The following is excerpted from that column and meant for those of you who only read my blog:

If you haven’t been following my little adventure in my daily column, a tiny, scrawny orange feral kitten showed up in my backyard tomato patch over a month or so ago. After a few weeks of feeding and coaxing the kitten, I finally lured her all the way up on my back deck by moving the food dish a little closer every day.

Friday, Oct. 10, I was able to pick her up and stash her in our son Karl’s bathroom so we could start taming her down. (Karl won’t mind since he’s down in Antarctica and off on another adventure.)

The kitten went to our vet for shots, blood tests (all negative), defleaing and deworming on Oct. 11. And Lois and I have been spending a lot of time with her ever since and she’s tamed down quite a bit. (I discussed this, with photos, in my Oct. 13 blog entry.)

She now purrs loudly whenever we open the bathroom door. It’s a start.

Now, we’ve got to find a name for the little orange kitten — so I’m having a contest in my daily newspaper column — and here in my blog — to name the kitten. It ends on Friday, Nov. 7. Please list your suggested name(s) in “Comments/Reply” to this blog, no later than 5 p.m. on Nov. 7. Please include your name and e-mail address in your comment so I can contact you if your name wins.

Contest judges will be me, my wife Lois, and our son Karl. And maybe our present cat, Newman. Maybe.

The prize for the winning little orange kitten name is a unique autographed collection of five of my books, three of them out of print. (“A Christmas Story,” “It’s a Wild Life,” and “Isis” are out of print but I have a few copies. “The Raccoon Next Door,” and “There’s an Opossum in My Backyard” are still around and are illustrated by my friend the artist, Chuck Todd.)

Have fun! /Gary

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164 Responses to “You up for a fun little contest?”

  1. beatrice bitner Says:

    Hi Gary. Love your column (Kitty cute too). How about “Punk” for pumpkin?

  2. Debbie Byrnes Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Your adorable orange kitty looks very “Sassy” to me. The nickname is short for Sassafras.



  3. Kristi Quint Says:

    Good morning Gary! Seeing the picture of your new little orange kitty made me think of my dad. He always wanted a orange kitty named Chester, after a character in the Gunsmoke series. My mother & I gave him a cute, dark orange kitten that we found through a shelter. They assured us that the kitten was a male, since most orange cats are, and we took him home. As soon as my dad saw it, he smiled and said, “It’s Chester!” As Chester grew, it became clear that “he” was actually a “she”! My dad kept the name Chester, but often shortened it to Chess. Both my dad and Chess have passed on, but they were great pals and he really loved his little orange kitty.

  4. Linda Mosley Says:

    Hi, Gary,

    How about ‘SNEAKERS’. She just sneaked into your life!!

  5. Mary Christensson Says:

    Hi, Gary!

    Are you absolutely sure that you want to keep the kitten? As soon as you started writing about it, my heart started going into acquisitive mode (especially after losing two beloved cats within the last couple of months) I wanted to jump into my car, drive over to your place and rescue it. So, I am thrilled that you did the obvious!

    Anyway, of course, “Pumpkin” came to mind as a pretty obvious choice for a name, but it seems that many great minds think alike. It also seems that you have a flair for considering somewhat more exotic names that reflect the personalities that have had time to emerge while names have been submitted. So, I’ll put on my thinking cap and try to get back with a suitable monikker before the deadline.

    I do want you to know, though, how much my husband and I enjoy your column. We maintain our own little wild-life “sanctuary” in our filled to bursting with plants San Mateo yard. Growing up on a farm and nursery back in the Midwest was a great primary education in environmental awareness and general resourcefulness. Oh, and I also want to thank you for printing the letter about plight of Jeckle, the crow. Since reading it, I have redoubled my efforts to pick up plastic bags and other litter when I take the dog out for her walks or any other time I walk around the neighborhood.

    Keep up the great work! I will start looking for your books, too!

    Best regards,

    Mary Christensson

  6. janet dunlop Says:

    Hey Gary, how about “Lucy” after everyone’s favorite redhead. Since you have Newman, a funny character on Siefeld, I thought another funny tv character would be appropriate.

  7. Kathie Kyle Says:

    Hi Gary,
    On behalf of Newman, I have a great name for your cute little kitty, PITA. Years ago I was given a tiny little kitten. She was found by my maintenance staff hanging in a tree with wire around her tiny neck. She was determined to live and held herself up by her hind legs and she survived the trauma. She was a sweetheart but very mischievous and would definitely irritate my other cats. Lovingly I named her PITA, which stood for ( Pain in the A**). Hope you like it Newman, Good Luck on your new adventure! Love your column Gary. Kathie Kyle

  8. michael gallagher Says:

    Hi Gary,
    page A2 is the fisrt place I go to on my bart ride to work, love it. How about the name Bogie for little kitty.

  9. Robin Soffer Says:

    Your little kitty is very cute. How about “Tang” (or even “Tango” given the lovely orange color and the Tang/orange juice connection. But I have to admit that all of the other contest entries are excellent! Choices, choices!

  10. Michael Godwin Says:

    For several years now, my daughter and I have been making up stories as we take our dog for a walk down the Iron Horse trail and throughout the neighborhood. Amost all of the characters in these stories are animals, some real, some ours, some imagined. One of our lead characters, though imagined, looks very much like your new addition. She is smart, social, and jovial. She can run like the wind, especially when she’s in trouble. This is quite often given her propensity for playing practical jokes on her many animal friends. We would be thrilled if you have discovered our imagined character’s living namesake, Zephyr.

  11. Nadine Gorgen Says:

    How about Marmalade I Am 81 and read your column every time.

  12. Karen Mitchoff Says:

    Hi Gary, how about Catcher? A combo of capture, as in her pictured “captured” my heart, and catch her, which is what you had to do to bring her into your home. She also “caught” you and your family. She seems very special and was smart enough to select your home at just the right time given Tut’s recent passing.

  13. Patti B Says:

    Hi Gary,

    How about Ava (as in a Ava Gardener)?

  14. Nadine Gorgen Says:

    How about marmalade, I am 81 and read your column all the time.

  15. Peggy Simi Says:

    Hi Gary,

    How about “Blaze” for your little orange kitten?

  16. Nancy Caranica Says:

    Hi Gary,

    What about “Rascal”? Even “Raz” for short.

    Love your column, it’s the greatest.

  17. Madonna Datzman Says:

    I think “Tomato” would be a good name for your orange kitten. I enjoy your column.

  18. Jeanette Morton Says:


    How about ” Zefi “…..No particular reason just thought it was cute!

  19. Nancy Carver Says:

    I think “Pumpkin” since she is orange, and it is near Halloween

  20. Ruth McDaniel Says:

    Hi Gary,

    She looks like a little “RASCAL” to me!!

  21. Jane Burke Says:


    How about Snookums!

  22. Julianna Neitzke Says:

    Hello, Gary!

    Your little orange kitten is quite precious! I have decided to go along with the Egyptian-theme for a name! How about Neffertiti? She was a beautiful Egyptian queen. If you find it too long, you can shorten it up to “Neffi”, or “Titi”, or whatever you like!

    I love your column, and really, REALLY hope you love the name. I chose it as soon as I finished reading your story (about a week ago) about your new little friend!!

    Thank you!!!
    Fondly, Julianna Neitzke, age 12

  23. Jessica Abrahams Says:

    My grandmother used to have an orange cat named “Tangerine.” The original Tangerine was the offspring of a stray pregnant cat that my grandmother took in about twenty five years ago. As your cat is also a stray that was taken in with love, “Tangerine” seems to me to be a very fitting name for your new companion.

  24. Donna Taylor Says:

    Hi Gary, I like people names for animals. Your cute orange kitty looks like Allie, Sally, or Priscilla.

  25. Denise Evans Says:

    Your little orange kitten is very cute, and looks a
    lot like my little feral orange kitty. Her name, Fiona, may also suit your adorable feline. I hope Newman comes to appreciate her. Best wishes to you all.

  26. Shelly Hall Says:

    I think you should name him Cheeto =)

  27. Linda Leschot Says:

    Hi Gary,

    She is the sweetest looking kitten. I love her face. She looks like a “Butterscotch” to me. :-)

    Keep up the great work!


  28. Anna Fade Says:

    Hello Gary,

    I have two suggestions for you:

    Bastet (she was the Egyptian Goddess of cats)

    Miss Orange


  29. Sue Says:

    Hi, Gary!

    Well my family has 3 for you..
    The obvious!
    1. Pumpkin!
    2. Ginger
    3. Gable (mom’s choice)
    Good luck.
    Oh, another good one. Moe, for just one more kitty!

  30. Estelle Denison Says:

    Hi Gary
    Your new little baby looks like a Mandy to me.
    Estelle D

  31. Dorothy Seaman Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I’ve been away for two weeks and am just now catching up on “the little orange cat.”

    I think Mandy would be an appropriate name (for mandarin orange).

  32. Susan Harper Says:

    Sherbet (as in orange sherbet). Yum Yum

  33. Lisa Says:

    I think Athena the grek goddess is a great name for her!

  34. Tami Nebergall Says:

    I just love the name “Ginger”. Being that she’s orange and gingerly walked into your lives it seems purrfect! Enjoy her!

  35. joan stevenson Says:

    the little orange kitty should be named MARMALADE…joan

  36. Sandra Burns Says:

    Hi Gary,

    The minute I read about the wild little orange kitty popping into your life, I knew what her name should be.
    Now, after seeing her picture, what else could she be called? Just like a California Poppy, she is Wild, beautiful, and sprung up in your yard. And now, thanks to you, she in no longer “endangered”!
    Poppy is Purrfect!


  37. Mark Schmitz Says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful articles. I have a couple of names for submission.
    Since your cat Newman is a main character in this I thought of the Newman character on the show Seinfeld. As I am sure you are aware Newman and the characters Jerry, Elaine and George butted heads on a regular basis. Since your little kitty is a girl I think “Elaine” is a perfect choice.
    My other choice(s) are “Sunrise” or “Sunset”. I took this from the old saying, Red sky in the morning sailor take warning. Red sky at night sailors delight. So depending on your orange (kind of red) kitties disposition she can be either. Or you can just call her “Sunny” for short.

  38. Sharon Says:

    She is a survivor, so how about Molly (as in the Unsinkable Molly Brown)?

  39. Nancy Pimintel Says:

    Your orange kitty should be called Tangerine – after all he/she has the color. The kitty could be called Tangee also.

    You’ve gotten some excellent names!

  40. Marilyn Cheney Says:

    Hi! Gary , I have had many orange cats and have loved them all . I named my cats after royality. I think she should be named Victoria. Like the Queen. She was victoruous in geting her way into your life. You know her mother told her to come to your house . She new you were a good guy. Love the picture of her and wish she were mine. Our present Orange cat is 18 yrs old and we know he is not long for this world. I will be at the shelters looking for another orange kitty after he goes. Marilyn

    Orange cat, Yellow cat
    Safe in Gary’s arms Purr , Purr
    Happy to be held

  41. Judith Ward Says:

    You’re adorable new friend should be named Temporary because,after all, they all are.

  42. Pam Connelly Says:

    What a sweetie, such an intelligent face. I beleive animals, especially cats adopt us not the other way around, I believe Tut sent you this little one. She looks like a “Spirit” to me and I’m sure it will match her personality.

  43. Debbie Arbuckle Says:

    Hi Gary,

    My orange tabby Boomer just turned 20!! We love your column.

    I was thinking a good name for your little girl would be Tommi, since you found her in the tomato patch.

    Have fun,

  44. JoAnne McKinney Says:

    Hi, Gary…the first name I thought of when you wrote about the little orange kitten was “Julius” for the one-time (and still popular??) drink.

    P.S. Great vet…our cat owes many of his 9 lives to Dr. John.

  45. Elena Drummond Says:

    Hey Gary & Family,

    A New Little Orange Kitten What A Wonderful Surprise!!! Autumn Would Be A Cute Name For Her!!!

  46. Elena Drummond Says:

    Hey Gary & Family,

    A New Little Orange Kitty What A Wonderful Surprise!!! I Think The Name Autumn Would Be Perfect For Her!!!

  47. Cathy Ziegler Says:

    I love you new kitty. She is so cute. I think you should name her Nellie. Then you would have Newman and Nellie. She just looks like a Nellie.
    We have always had cats and all of them just found us. Our Vet. assistant once said that if she died she wanted to come back as a cat at our house. We had Geroge (Burns) and Gracie (Allen). Unfortunately Gracie is no longer with us so George is our only kitty right now–but just wait!

  48. Susan Foxall Says:

    Hi Gary,
    How about Vesta? Vesta is the goddess of the sacred fires of the hearth, the heart of spiritual and emotional stability in your home. I feel this fits your new friend as she is orange, like the flames of a fire and will ease the loss of Tut even if she temporarily disrupts the household.

    I have always enjoyed the royal nature of Isis and Tut and see this new kitten as following in the tradition.

  49. Karen Says:

    I’m copying and pasting this comment from the “More orange kitten photos. What a cutie!”, since I think the suggestions are still good.

    “Brassy” comes to mind, since she’s sort of that color. Someone mentioned “Roma” — it could be stretched to “Romana”, an elegant name, borne by a redheaded Dr. Who character played by actress Lalla Ward.

    Doris McManus commenting on “Invasion of the 5 pound orange feral kitten” also mentioned “Poppy”, and I think that’s a good name also.

  50. marlaine Says:

    Love your new addition. Tut was sure thinking of you when he sent her. Looks like a little “MINX” to me.

  51. Jacky Says:

    She looks like an Elke to me. Remember the beautiful Elke Sommer?

  52. Donna Says:


    Your feral kitten looks like a cutie. How about a name to go with her tabby colors like “Tangerine”?

  53. Sheila Mc Bride Says:

    Looks like a Lady Marmalade to me !!!

  54. Chi Says:

    Moxie 😀

  55. Leslie,Ireesa,Jessenia Beltran Says:

    Hi Gary,
    I have been posting names on another page. Are they both for the contest?

  56. Susan Says:

    Gary –

    Since you already have ‘Newman’, the new kitty should be ‘Jerry’ (only if you were a Sinefeld fan, of course). But that creates a problem since she isn’t a boy. Maybe ‘Jeri’?

  57. Susan Zahn, Oakley Says:

    Hi Gary,
    What a cute kitten that has found it’s way into your heart (and all of your reader’s too!).

    She looks like a “Clhoe” to me!
    Another possibility might be “Cinnamon”, “Cinn” for short.
    Or “Amber”, “Sierra”, “Jasmine”, and finally “Duchess”.

    Good luck with the name selection! You have a lot to choose from!! Can’t wait to hear what the winning name is!!


  58. Andrea Johnson Says:

    Hi Gary,

    How about Spunky, or Scamp? She looks like a spunky little scamp to me.

    I’m sure she’ll win Newman over before too long. When we got our Purrsia as a kitten, Psycho (who had until then been an only cat) didn’t like her at all. But it wasn’t long before Purrsia had Pyscho like a kitten herself.

    Btw, all our cats have been ferals or rescues who found us. In fact, Psycho literally walked into my kitchen and just stayed. Sadly, she passed on about seven years ago from cancer. But we now have four loving fur-children to keep us company.

  59. Shannon Says:

    May I suggest Minerva as a name for the orange kitty. Minerva is the Roman name for Athena, the greek Goddess of Wisdom.

    Her personality is still a bit of an unknown but perhaps Pandora would be more appropriate? The name itself means “all gifted”. Pandora was given that name as she was the first mortal to whom all of the gods gave gifts.

  60. Tammy Says:

    Hhmmmm….they sound like future nemisis, hopefully peaceful ones..

    So of course, it should be “Jerry Seinfield” but of course. I can just hear them now.



    or Kramer, if they are to be buddies..

  61. Kathy B Says:

    Gary.. “SPROUT” is the perfect name for a garden cat..
    second choice is “BUG” which fits with your e-mail perfectly !! both are short names to type and print since I know you will be writing about them in your colums.. The feral five ( Sparkle, Lucky, Maggie, Cookie,& Marco)

  62. Annmarie Finneral Says:

    Hi Gary, I’m a recent head over heels convert to your column. When I would read the phrase “little orange kitten ” it would do something to me, physically, no kidding. It’s that need to nurture I guess. So I suggest the name Lok,(L.O.K. get it?:))or Loki if you prefer.
    Now Loki mostly gets a bad rap in the Edda of Iceland but though he may be a trickster and a shapeshifter he (often she!)facilitated lots of the action for the Aesir or Norse gods.
    Especially appropriate, I think, is Loki’s designation as Sky Traveller. I remember kitten’s ability to startle themselves into jumping straight up in the air.
    Well, give it some consideration.
    Your fond reader. Annmarie

  63. Judy Johnstone Says:

    Gary, I think you should name her Poppy for our beautiful orange California poppies. She is a lovely girl!

  64. Anna Lum Says:

    Dear Gary,
    How about Valencia as the name for your cute orange kitty.

    Anna Lum

  65. Joanie Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Thought the name “Spice” would suit her. She’s sure to bring some flavor into your life

  66. Michele Widmer Says:

    I see someone already suggested “Lucy” for my favorite redhead.

    A stray cat wondered into my life and I named her “Loretta” as I am a big Rolling Stones fan. It is such
    a sweet name and it fit her so well. I would feel honored if you chose it.

    She is very cute and looks like she will be a real sweetie.

  67. Debra Batten Says:

    I think you should name the little orange kitty fern.

  68. Gay Tsuma Says:

    Hi Gary,

    From looking at her sweet little face, I think Annie fits her well.

  69. Jean Steffensen Says:

    Hi Gary. The kitten is so cute. My wife and I have been adopted by 3 feral cats. After 2 months of feeding and talking to them we were able to pet them. This is only the first thing in the morning at feeding time. After they eat they like to be petted then they leave us like a dirty shirt and lounge around the yard. Anyway, my mother called me and ask that I submit the name “Boo” for her.

  70. Edith Locher Says:

    Hello Gary,

    Since you found the cat in a tomato patch, why not name it Tomato? It’s nice of you to take it in.

  71. Janice Gracer Says:

    I, Janice Gracer, would like to name your orange kitty Ginger or Goldie. Those are perfect names for an orange kitty. Or marmalade.
    Janice Gracer

  72. Debbie Ginochio Says:

    Hi Gary

    My mom thought of a great name for orange kitty. I am submitting it because she “doesn’t do computers”. Her suggestion is Sunny. Orange, like the sun, warm and friendly, and with a sweet (hopefully) disposition. Good luck with your new friend.

  73. Janice Gracer Says:

    or daisy

  74. Dianne Barnard Says:

    Greetings from Bloomington, IN…..
    My good friend Pat from Walnut Creek sends me your
    articles. She even called to tell me about your
    “Orange Kitty”. You see, I have an orange kitty who
    adopted me, too. It took some time, but she is now
    a fulltime member of my 5 cat household. Your stories about trying to get her to trust you are very similar to mine. What did we name her? We tried several names, but she will only respond to Orange Kitty and Little Orange Kitty. Actually, I think she only responds to Kitty. So, my vote is to keep her name Orange Kitty.

  75. Linda Says:

    Hi, Gary,

    I think “Tangelo” fits her cute little innocent face.

  76. Jean Markosen Says:

    I didn’t read all the entries, but my choice is Ginger. I did like Lucy the best of the ones that I did read.

  77. Linda Says:

    Guess I don’t know how to blog. Thought my earlier comment was enough. Just want to suggest a name for the little kittie– Tangelo.

  78. Lezle Mott Says:

    Hi there,

    She is so adorable! I am thinking like some other people have suggested, but just a little different name and spelling…because she adopted your family so close to Halloween and she is orange…maybe “Punkin”? Love your column and so glad I can read it more than once a week now!

  79. Diana Says:

    She looks like a Snoopy!

  80. Phil and Serina Says:


  81. Maxie Says:

    She looks like a little snooper – Snoopy!

  82. Mary Christensson Says:

    Hi, Gary!

    It’s me again. Darn, she is tooooooo cute! Smart, too, because she obviously knew what she was doing when she started hanging around your garden. Not only are cats supposed to have nine lives, I am starting to wonder if one of their primary “senses” is ESP. My husband and I were total dog people until a little over ten years ago when a handsome stray tuxedo cat aimed his Cupid’s arrows straight into our hearts. We were astonished at how well Oliver Felix (as he became known) adapted not only to living with the dogs, but to the amazing way he communicated with us. There was at least one instance when he saved my life, and there were several uncanny instances when he alerted me to potentially life-threatening situations. Unfortunately, he was short-changed in the nine lives category; he died very suddenly a couple of months ago at the approximate age of 12. He was a completely indoor cat and seemed to be in perfect health. Our vet believes that he was a victim of feline cardiomyopathy. We are still absolutely devastated.

    Anyway, I came up with a couple of name possibilities for the orange kitten: Sphinx, Tawny, and Saffron. I must say, though, that there have been a lot of other really great suggestions.

    Best wishes,

    Mary Christensson

  83. Diana Sangston Says:

    Three names come to mind after seeing the cute photos:
    1) Terra (for earth-tones)
    2) Marmalade
    3) Spice (my favorite suggestion)

    What a cutie! A lucky kitten!

  84. Sue Service Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I like the name “Miya” which means sacred house.

  85. Debbie W. Says:


    I think God and ‘Tut’ got together and placed a little ‘gift’ in your garden. Since God put this little orange kitten in your garden, what other name could there be for her except, ‘Eve’!

    Faithful reader, Debbie W.

  86. Kathy Sarconi Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I thought of the name Tonto before I knew your new kitten is a little female. It’s from the movie “Harry and Tonto”, about a man who’s displaced from his home and goes on the road with his orange kitty, Tonto. Not very feminine, but it’s got spirit, like she does.

    I love my middle-aged kitties, but envy you the joy and amusement of a new kitten…

    Kathy in Walnut Creek

  87. Karen L. Says:

    I can’t stop thinking of cat names for your new little orange kitty! How about Greek and Roman goddess names that are connnected with nature? Some that come to mind are:
    1. Rhea (Ray’ah), The Greek mother of the gods and the earth
    2. Cybele, the Greek nature goddess
    3. Diana, Roman goddess of the hunt. In one myth, she transformed herself into a cat to escape a dragon-like creature.
    4. Artemis, the Greek version of Diana
    5. Gaia, Greek goddess of the earth
    6. Terra, Roman goddess of the earth

    In a complete different direction, cute names for a little red-headed kitty:
    1. Bridget
    2. Maisie

  88. Linda Goodwin Says:

    My mom lives in Fremont. I live in Denver, Colorado.
    She clipped out the article from her paper and sent it to me.
    Thought I might like to join in……I do.

    I think Frito would be a good name. Not only because of the color, but because
    once she settles in, you just know her warm little pads are gonna smell like warm fritos.

  89. DJ Whaley Says:

    Hello Gary,

    I can see by the previous posts that my suggestion is perhaps not so novel. But I propose a variation on one of those names: Brigid (pronounced Breet or Breed). She is a Celtic goddess, associated with fire, which seems apt for an orange kitty.

    Did she know, when she chose you, that she would become a celebrity? 😉



  90. Richard Kurzberg Says:

    Gary –
    I always find something new and enjoyable reading your column. Now you show up with this little orange fellow. Being a Syracuse grad I think you should name him after our orange mascot – Otto – that ought to get his attention. Regardless of the name, good luck with you new addition.

  91. Ken Rishell Says:

    “Zest” as the kitty will bring your household including other four legged kitty.

  92. John P. Says:

    Gary – When I saw your cat, the name “sassafras” with a nickname of “sassy” immediately jumped into my head. I then went to the posting area and saw that someone else had already taken that name, as well as the nickname.

    Is this a sign of an appropriate cat name? I think so.

  93. B.J. Britton Says:

    Your new little kitten looks like a Lucy to me, like in “I Love Lucy.” Newman would probably say she is more like a Lucy in Peanuts. My son, John, says she is Early Girl (like in Early Girl tomatoes).

  94. Dennis Butler Says:

    Hi Gary!
    What a cute feral kitten that’s found you and, being feral, I’m surprised you have been able to trap it.

    In any event, I also had a cat that looked much like your striped kitten and we called it “Sandy”.
    Hope you and your family will also like the name….

  95. Nancy Michelli Says:

    Hi Gary, I have a new 5 1/2 month Maine Coon kitten who is absolutely gorgeous, sweet, mellow and smart. I also unexpectedly ended up with him after losing my older cherished Maine Coon rescue to cancer. So you and I seem to be on a similar path! I have not been able to decide on a name for my kitten. Usually names come easily to me and I just know that they are the “perfect” name. However a name for this one is eluding me.

    I do however have a suggetion for name for your kitten.
    How about Lady Marmalade. She is the color of marmalade and looks like quite the “lady” of the house already. And she came from the streets just like the song.

    Even if you don’t pick this name I wish you the best with this new little ball of furry love. The quickly work their way into your heart don’t they?

  96. Debbie Says:

    I think you should name her Pumpkin, or Sammy!
    We found our Tilly about the same way!
    Thanks Debbie

  97. Debbie Says:

    I just thought of another name. I am sure that Newman will treat her like royalty (haha). How about Princess?

  98. Maxine Says:

    I think a great name would be “Tangerine” – “Tangie” for short! It is a feminine and orange name!

  99. Heather Says:

    Hi Gary.

    Such a beauty!

    My Gabby & Willow vote for Fiamma which is flame in Italian. Charlotte and Violette think she’s spicy and so Piccante would suit her just right (they‘re both formerly feral so they know about these things). Jenny-bear says only Tabitha will do. To me however, she is your sweet little Tess.

    No matter her name…she is one very lucky kitty!

  100. Jim & Elaine Says:

    Hi Gary,

    As with most cats, the name she is going to think she has is “Dammit”– as in “Damn it, get off the table”, or “Damn it, stop scratching the couch.” But I’m certain you would not scar this cat with such a name. It likely isn’t an acceptable name to put on the vet registry.

    The little cat has some similarities to the character in Lucy Montgomery’s children’s book, Anne of Green Gables– an orphan, red hair (fur), and a knack for getting into trouble. (Also, in the story, the adoptive parents are initially determined to send Anne back to the orphanage– sound familiar?)

    Anne or Annie comes off the tongue easily enough, and wouldn’t be cause for embarassment as other names might, if the neighbors overhear you calling for the cat.

  101. Sherri Hedman Says:

    Hi Gary:
    Lots of my obvious choices have already been picked, like Pumpkin or Lucy, but I really like:
    “Wild Won” or “Gotcha”
    because of course she did get both you (and poor Newman!)from the first moment you laid eyes on her!

  102. M. Martin Says:

    A lot of good suggestions in here…I would not want to be the one to have to choose the name. I think Tut sent her into your lives. He sent you the first little angel that came his way…so how about Angel. She’ll probably turn out to be a little devil though… I posted this in the other page, but wasn’t sure if the other page is part of the contest….
    I think Topaz also suits her!

  103. Patti B Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Do you like the name “Pomo”? This would be short for Pomodoro which means tomato in Italian.

  104. Sue May Says:

    I may be the only one who likes this name for a little kitten that managed to find the right person and place, but I like it a lot, so here it is: Journey.

    Sue May

  105. Frank D Says:

    Hi Gary,

    How ’bout simply “Lucky” to be living with YOU in YOUR house! My second choice was “Lazarus” since it looked like you saved her life but then again, she never was in any peril living in your back yard was she? I doubt those 2 big spiders were any threat…

  106. Joanie Says:

    Another name my hubby thought of would be Persimmon, maybe Persy for short..
    Also, like Cinnamon or Honey

  107. Mary Milton Says:

    I think a lovely name for an orange girl with cattitude would be Papaya.

  108. Mary Milton Says:

    How about Papaya?

  109. Cathy L. Says:

    She looks like Ms. Marmelade to me.

  110. leo j Says:

    call him ….”O.J” or ” Orange Juice”…

  111. Lynne Berg Says:


    Love your column and this is my first visit to your blog! But won’t be the last.

    How about naming the kitten CITRUS!

    My folks had a big old cat by that name who loved people and especially children. At about 18 pounds little kids really had to struggle to pick him up but he was tolerant of their efforts! Citrus came from a feral mom!

  112. Linda D Says:

    I have a few suggestions as I have been trying to think of a name for my new orange/black kitten also:


    and my favorite – Cheddar

    good luck with your new kitty

  113. Virginia Ludwig Says:

    Hi Gary-
    I love your new kitten – she is so pretty. I suggest the name Persephone, Percy for short. A tribute to her persimmon color as well as her feral nature which can be both good (goddess of the earth) and naughty (goddess of the underworld). Enjoy the new addition to your family!

  114. Urania Arauz Says:

    What a lovely kitty! I love her orange stripes. It sounds like catching her brightened up your day; I think a beautiful name for her is Sunshine.
    Another suggestion would be Autumn.

  115. Michael Gopez Says:

    I think another good name is Butter Scotch or Angel.

  116. Urania Arauz Says:

    I am sending another suggestion because perhaps the perfect name for your kitty is a name that is already dear to you as you have used it in one of your books. The name is Isis. I see her as Isis!
    Enjoy her.

  117. Mary B Says:

    Fun contest and some great names suggested. Hmmm, some of my favorites seem to be taken. My red-orange/white mix, also formerly feral, is named Beallt (pronounced byelt) a name which I am told refers to fire. Little miss does not look as red as my kitty though. Another good one might be Orangina. You could call her Gina for short.

  118. sharon meindersee Says:

    I like the name Autumn for the orange kitty after this time of the year.Pets are a wonderful thing.They bring such joy to our lives. Sharon

  119. Karen Says:

    How ’bout Wonder Kitty? I admit it, I pulled a Roget on “oddity” and came up with wonder. It’s so unusual to find a female orange cat, and she landed at *your* house? What kind of odds? Ok, maybe Lucky Kitty…

  120. Patti B Says:

    Good morning Gary,

    I also like the name Sekhmet (Lion headed godess of the heat of the noon day sun. Daughter of Ra.)

    Take care,

    ps: may peace prevail on earth

  121. Loeta Rogers Says:

    My suggestion for your orange kitten is:


    That’s Greek for honey, the kitten’s color. And there are underlying meanings to the name too. Honey, of course, is sweet, and “honey” is a term of endearment. Perhaps she’ll live up to her name if you continuously reinforce her positively with her name.

  122. Loeta Rogers Says:

    Should have indicated how “Meli” is pronounced: It’s a short “e” — like “elly” with an “m”, i.e., melly but written “Meli”

  123. Nancy Ann Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I emailed my orange kitten name selection to you but I thought I would leave them here as well. She is so very cute!

    How about Annie after little orphan or course. She also had red hair!

    How about Karlie as a wink and a nod to your son Karl. I bet he would like that.

    Thanks for the fun contest. Hope one of these will work for you.

    Nancy Ann

  124. Elizabeth Says:

    I have to agree with other posters: Pumpkin…orange, October…and she looks like a ‘lil’ pumpkin’. Then you wouldn’t have to dress her for Halloween.

  125. Sue A. Says:

    How about “Mimosa” for the combination of color and sparkle she brings into your life???
    Your Fan,

  126. Sue A. Says:

    Or for a second choice “Lava” for the bright orange eruption she has come into your life.

  127. Loeta Rogers Says:

    Another possible name for your orange kitten (she looks more golden than orange to me): Ember

    I have two orange female semi-feral cats who spilled over from the neighbor’s yard when they moved and abandoned them. They’ve been spayed through Fix our Ferals and are named Portokali (Kali for short) which means orange in Greek, and Ali which means other (and rhymes with Kali). They’re mother & daughter.

  128. Maxine Says:


    Many, many years ago, we were “adopted” by a beautiful Orange feline.
    It was a difficult time in my children’s lives.
    “Tigger” landing on our doorstep was a miracle.
    There will never be a kinder and more loving family member to care for my children.

    I am sure the new member of your household will be just as loving. Maybe she is a “Tigger”.

    The wonderful thing about tiggers
    Is tiggers are wonderful things!

  129. Nancy Ann Says:

    Hey Gary,

    How about Shirley? After America’s little sweetheart Shirley Temple. Your orange kitten sure looks like a sweetheart!

    Nancy Ann

  130. Joanne Capling Says:

    How about the name Marmalade since I’m sure she is as sweet as she looks and she resembles the luscious orange jelly!She is such a cutie!She reminds me of my friend’s beloved orange kitty named Kitsy that recently passed away. She brought such joy to me and my friend’s life as I am sure this little has brought to you and yours!

  131. Rodney Says:

    Hi Gary,
    How about Libby or Zena?
    From Runtbutt and Stimpy and Rodney (Rodney’s their servant)

  132. Ashley Says:

    I think a good name for your orange kitty is “Buttercup”.

    A long time ago, my brother and I were at the park.
    (My sister was playing soccer) We found a little orange kitty in the baseball dugout. She was exactly like yours. She seemed very, very lonely.

    My mom said we could not take her home.

    But, the next morning, after delivering the newspapers, (It was officially my sister’s route, but on Sundays everyone helped, because the papers were so big.), my mom took us back to the park to check on the kitty. (My mom was a real softy.)

    We got there and the kitty was gone.

    My brother and I decided to call for the kitty, (we had named her as soon as we found her, but my mom did not know.)
    We called very loudly for “Buttercup”. The orange kitty came running out of the bushes from the hillside.

    She knew we were her family.

    I am sure your little kitty knows you are her family and is very happy you rescued her.

  133. Lisa T Says:

    How about LOK (for Little Orange Kitty)…I also think she looks like an Izzy. Adorable!

  134. 1 week to go in Name Gary’s Kitten Contest. See new kitten photos here! - Gary Bogue - Pets and wildlife Says:

    […] You up for a fun little contest? […]

  135. Nancy Michelli Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I think if Newman had his way he might call her Truder….short for Intruder!

  136. Dennis Butler Says:

    I grew up with a cat that looked very much like your feral kitten We called ours “Sandy” and thought maybe you’d like the name for your kiten too!

  137. Rita Ranger Says:

    Midas as in King Midas. Since you have a Tut, Midas would fit right in.

  138. Claire Kellogg Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Your little orange cat is a hot little number! How about calling her Cali, short for Caliente?

  139. Connie Butler Says:

    Hi Gary,
    What a little cutie you have there. When I look into her little face I see a determined,strong,soft & loyal soul. I like the name Katie Scarlett. That way you have a choice of which one. She sure looks like a Katie to me & she has to have alittle Scarlett in her to help her survive & win your heart over. Looks like you got a real pip there for all to enjoy.

  140. M. Martin Says:

    I’ve already made another suggestion but I wanted to mention my kitty’s name. When we got her from the SPCA the staff told us how sweet she was and purring all the time. We got her home the 1st night, she jumped in bed with us and was purring so loud my husband complained he couldn’t sleep. So we decided her name would be Purrl (pronounced Pearl).

  141. Vito D'Addabbo Says:



    Nice kitten!

  142. Mrs B Says:

    Woodland, Ca

    Hi Gary!

    My Auntie has recently introduced me to your blog. She has been an avid fan/reader of your’s for years! I have been enjoying the great reading from your archives!
    Here is my contribution to your contest:
    A shortened version of tomato….Mato.
    Or Nesbitt, after the orange drink.

  143. Mark Schmitz` Says:

    Hey Gary & Family I have one more name to go along with my Oct 23rd suggestions. “Patch” as in tomato patch. A place were she was found and entered your life.

  144. Carol Simons Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Your little kitten is so cute! I think she looks like a Tinkerbelle.

  145. Pam Molder Says:

    What a beautiful round face she has! How about Momo? Japanese for “Peach”
    A Halloween kitty, maybe “Boo”
    And don’t forget to remind Newmwn that Love doesn’t run out, it just gets bigger.

  146. lily jarrell Says:

    How about Sundance or Sunny for short. Before Jerry there was Butch!

  147. Lola Landis Says:

    I would like to suggest “Marmalade”. Sweet but with enough tartness to be lovable. From an 83 Year old former cat hater who has been converted by Hobart!

  148. Wanda Liu Says:

    Suggested names for the little orange kitten:

    Tangie (Short for Tangerine); this is my favorite

  149. Cheryl Hauck Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Most of the initial names I thought of have already been submitted, so how about NEMO for the orange and white clown fish.

  150. Judy Ma Says:

    We have two orange cats, both male. One is named Beanee and the other Velcro.
    I love the name Velcro. the little orange kitten should be Velcro; she sticks to your heart like velcro.

  151. Michael Wiest Says:

    Clementine- after the little orange.

  152. Carol Benedix Says:

    The obvious name is Punkin (not pumpkin). Punkin is much more friendly and down home. And if she is a “naughty” girl, you can always call her Punk. When she is really, really naughty, you may want to refer to her as P.U.

    The feral tortie that we courted for weeks and finally rescued from the park years ago, we called Aloysius (as in aloysius you’d come home with us), actually of Latin origin meaning Grace. Ali is now almost 17 years, is in good health and still rules her house and our lives.

  153. Kathy Says:

    Hi. She looks like a Cherry Pop to me. I had an orange cat named Cherry Pop and he was the best cat!!!!

  154. shirley bartlett Says:

    a wild orange kitty found in the garden……..tigerlily

  155. Julie Dempster Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I have two ideas for names. They are both varieties of heirloom tomatoes, since you found her amoungst your tomaotes.

    Aurora (a variety that is reddish orange)

    Hazel Mae (a variety that is more yellow)

    A little feral orange cat came into my life 18 years ago and is still with me. Good luck with your little orange kitty.


  156. Betty Bryant Says:

    I just lost my tortoise-shell calico cat to kidney failure last summer. Her name was Clawdia for all the usual kitty reasons. I’m sure your orange kitten will live a long and happy life no matter what you name her.

  157. Linda Slevin Says:

    My choice would be Maxine. We have a golden retriever, Max, who has similar coloring and we love him to death. I think your little kitty looks like a Maxine! Good luck with her. She’s a doll!!

  158. Carol Benedix Says:

    Thought of a couple more names.

    You might consider Fuyu or Hachiya ( for the persimmon color) or Marigold if you want to be more formal,

    but Punkin is still my favorite.

  159. Debra Bass Says:

    Not sure how to get a name suggetion for the ‘little orange kitten’ to you so will try here. How about an anagram, like LOK pronounced lock; or Aurum (gold)as she looks to be a treasure?

  160. aleta Says:

    how about Marvel as he is simply marvelous.

  161. joanne capling Says:

    Gary, I think a great affectionate name for the new little orange kitten would be “Scratch” in honor of the recent turn of events that you wrote about in your column! Good luck in the healing process!(Ha!Ha!)

  162. Marilyn Couch Says:

    Hi Gary!
    Oops! I missed your deadline! I was thinking of this for a name–
    G. Nocker
    for “Gary’s New Orange Kitten” who knocked on the door.
    Marilyn Couch

  163. LaDonna Says:

    Hi Gary,
    I just found your blog. I read your column daily and really enjoy it with my first cup of coffee.
    About two years ago two itty bitty feral cats were born in my yard. I don’t know what happened to the mother but we started feeding them. They were so cute they would hiss all the while we tried to pet them but they were hungry so they tolorated it. We took them to a vet we know and did all the necessary adjustments and shots. I am very alerigic so they can’t be house cats but are very happy to stay in the yard and garage but at dusk we bring them in the garage for the evening for their safety. They love the routine.
    Ruthie and Itty Bitty are sisters and are just the best pets. I’m happy we gave these kitties a home.
    I’m glad you gave Jazz a home also.

  164. Pam Says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! Sooooooooooo cute!!!- Pam

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