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Urban coyotes: Ever heard a coyote howl? here’s what it sounds like

By Gary Bogue
Monday, October 27th, 2008 at 7:31 am in coyotes, Coyotes howling.

coy howl1

I heard a coyote howling in Benicia last night. A high-pitched, warbling, soprano barking — Yi-Yi-Yi! It sounded like there were two or three.

It riled the other domestic dogs in the neighborhood and they started to bark. It was like the ripples of a stone tossed in a quiet pool as the barking slowing spread throughout the neighborhood. What a great sound to go to sleep by.

coyote howl1

This is a great Web site with all sorts of predator sounds. Scroll down until you reach the coyote howls:

Have you ever heard coyotes barking/howling before? Where was that? Just curious. /Gary

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3 Responses to “Urban coyotes: Ever heard a coyote howl? here’s what it sounds like”

  1. Bonnie Reeves Says:

    We live on Vargas Road in Fremont–a rural area. In the past few months a pack has moved in next to us. The howl almost every evening. Cute critters–unless I were a ground squirrel!

  2. Bonnie Reeves Says:

    Sorry–type “They howl…”

  3. Barbara Says:

    Up in the Martinez hills, west of the 680/4 interchange. It was a short-lived but really neat experience!

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